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Physical Reality Does Not Exist By Patrick Cowett in Bashar*Inspiration (Files) Edit doc

This is from something I discovered/perceived/experienced today while watching a Bashar video (Rising From The Ashes)...

Everything that appears to be physical reality, that which is perceived by the senses, is not actually real. It is perception only, a projection of consciousness. Reality is not in the projected illusion of external reality, but in the vibrational energy you experience. Thus when an external situation happens and you "react" to it in a certain way, the external situation is not real, the meaning your mind gives it is not real either. What is real is the energy you feel, your vibration, your feelings that you may tend to project as being "about" the situation, this is what is real. Let's say someone gives you a message that is supposedly "the truth". Now lets say you recognize that the message given in the illusion of physical reality is in fact not the truth, perhaps it is a lie, a deception, or some other bullshit.

The message that alleged to be "the truth" was not the reality, but the feelings it brings up within you as you react, that is real. Recognize that and deproject. That is turn your awareness away from the projection, away from the situation, away from the messenger, away from the message, away from what you think it means, away from invalidating or judging it, away from trying to figure it out or analyze it or understand it. And turn your attention to the reality of what you are feeling, what you are experiencing inside. Just be present and aware with what you are feeling. Whatever feelings are coming up, whatever thoughts are coming up, whether positive or negative, validate them, accept them, they're yours, and just let them be. It is your perspective. And recognize that those feelings are not in any way actually because of that message or the situation, those feelings are not because of anything. They are simply there. What is, is. And notice the feelings within you as being sensations. They are not even your response or reaction to anything, just feelings, just energy you are experiencing now. There is no "why", it simply is. There is not past or future in reality, there is only now.

Now as you recognize the negative energy within, you will notice your awareness opening up to its positive counterpart. Since you can obviously see what you are not (the reason why it feels "bad"), you can thus recognize what you are. And with this new opening, turn your awareness onto what you do prefer on who you are. And the perspective you gain from that, what you discover about yourself by first discovering what you are not, and the contrast of the two - THAT was the ACTUAL message, the REAL message from the person delivering you what the external projected illusion of reality labeled "the truth". This is true, not only for projected external-reality messages being delivered to you, it is true for all projected external-reality situations. Thus these "messages" are not communications from other beings to you, nor are they communications from separated parts of you to another part of you. They are simply synchronous reflections of other aspects of your own consciousness which you are perceiving, multidimensionally.

There are no other people, no other places, no situations. There is only your own energy which you, in this physical realm, may tend to project onto the illusions of other physical people, places, and situations. And once you deproject and become aware of your own energy within your own consciousnes, as your awareness expands, you become able to recognize that all other people, places, things, and situations in the illusion of physical reality are merely external projections of your own consciousness. And thus your consciousness includes you and everything you perceive "in" physical reality. To sum up as Bashar says is, a sign of ascension is the recognition that you ~are~ the reality you previously thought you existed ~in~.