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Hard times have reached us!

In the years of the financial crises, as a group of people we decided to create a multipurpose place, a spot of meeting and a touchstone of all those who love the heart of the town , book lovers and also new visitors , writers , actors , artists , musicians , students , all those who could enjoy their coffee or their drink and at the same time they could flip the pages of their favourite books , and participate in a series of events. ARTiria , Multipurpose Place of Art and Culture was created so people would come end be entertained and amused listen to music , watch exhibitions , and live the rest of the artistic activities in an ''interactive'' way . We are mainly interested in the people to come in touch with forms of art of a more contemporary and up to date cultural expression. And that is why we give a chance of expressing themselves to new creators, without of course underestimating the most important presence of the already successful and famous artists.

ARTiria is an artistic organization which functions in the form of a civic non - profit company. The purposes of this company are regarding to culture , learning , education , research , communication , and activation through the Art . It is a place of coexistence of arts , constantly changing and varying , inconsistent , unsorted , and of alternative intentions .Ideal combination of cultural and educational activities , it has the ability of mounting and hosting festivals , platforms , seminars , summer schools etc. The achievement of all the above it approaches with seminars, lab education events , concerts , presentations , theatrical and dance shows , exhibitions , movie projections , tributes , lectures , and with a constant encouragement of artistic creation , through the c o existence and cooperation of different people. In addition , in relation to the exchange (residency) it hosts -free of chargeartists from all the world who have the possibility of research , creation , and presentation of their work through the labs , seminars , lectures , exhibitions , screenings and shows.

After two years of existence and work of the ARTiria multipurpose place in the city of Kavala and the mounting of tens of events, (theatrical plays , movie projections , debates , books and writers presentations , painting and photography exibitions , bazaar of musical instrumants and books , musical performances and presentations of artists , concerts etc) the ARTiria team decided for reasons due to the financial crises which bedevils Greece, the labour and financial survival, but also due to domestic origin of the members of the team who founded it and support it's existence and it's functioning, to search better financial conditions

and a more favouritable environment for the continuation of the activities and the operation of the club . So , it's relocation to the island of Crete was decided , and especially in the town of Agios Nikolaos. In this effort of change and relocation, having no other funds except the monthly assistance of our members once we are settled and started , we need your help, your aid . We estimate that we will need 5.000,00 (Five Thousand) euros for the transport company, the rental of a new building, and the main works of facility installation. Hopefully, with your help, we can achieve that within two months. Thank you for your response !!!