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Clubs & Committees Cell Inter Institute Competition Committee

Welcome to the IRF RISING STAR CHALLENGE 2013! The challenge invites team entries from top management institutes to submit detailed Business Plans (with Executive Summaries). The 3 best teams selected by the jury will get the opportunity to present their Business Plans in a 15 minutes presentation at the IRF stage on 25th September 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai. 1) THE CHALLENGE TOMMY HILFIGER PRESENTS IRF RISING STAR CHALLENGE: BUILDING THE NEXT WAL-MART OUT OF INDIA A comprehensive strategic presentation to create an Indian Retail Giant as iconic as WAL-MART All it takes is high expectations, capital investment, innovative strategy and its effective implementation and you are bound to make it right in the retail business. But to make it BIG, you need to have a VISION! Sam Walton once said, Capital isnt scarce, Vision is. Living up to his own wise words, he dared to think big and the world got WAL-MART. Now, our question is Do you have it in you to be the next Sam Walton and make a WALMART out of India?

Indian entrepreneurs and professionals have never shied away from thinking big! Think TataJaguar Land Rover, Infosys. We set the challenge to the brightest minds from top B-schools to develop a full-fledged strategy which will have a Wal-Mart coming out of India in the next ten years.

2) WHO CAN PARTICIPATE (ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA) a) Participation is open to post-graduate students of all Management Institutes in India.

b) Participation in teams is mandatory, with each team comprising of THREE STUDENTS and a Faculty member from the institute as the teams Mentor.

c) Multiple entries from a single institution are acceptable, and encouraged.


a) To showcase your winning strategies and transformational ideas at a national platform and make a mark on the biggest names in the retail industry. b) Opportunity to rub shoulders with the whos who of the industry at the largest and most exciting Retail Conference in this part of the world (three top teams will get the opportunity to make their presentations at the India Retail Forum 2013 in Mumbai). c) Vie for the IRF RISING STAR CHALLENGE 2013 Trophy, Winners Certificates, and a number of attractive prizes and gifts. Additional opportunity to get Press Coverage as a large number of leading business journalists would be present. d) Three Finalist Teams get an all-access invitation pass with unlimited access for both days to the main Conference + Exhibition + Gala Awards Dinner (Institutions / teams would have to bear the associated travel / accommodation costs).

4) UNDERSTANDING THE CHALLENGE a) The Case study being selected should be pertaining to: A retail business chain having a minimum annual gross turnover of Rs.1000 crores in its last year of operation and presently operating in India, which the participants identify as a winning proposition, and build a case on scaling it up and growing it profitably to make it the next Wal-Mart coming out of India within the next 10 years.

b) Participants need to select an imaginary brand name for their retail business chain. c) No actual case / real company name to be used. All data and company names to be imagined on own, and put into effect on a hypothetical basis.

d) The retail business chain selected should not be more than 10 years old. e) The selected retail business chain should be currently functional only through one retail store format. Participants can select from the following formats of retail:

Hypermarket Supermarket Supercentre Department Store Discount Department Store Cash & Carry Specialty store Category killers

Further, they may grow their business to include multiple formats or may stick to a single format as per their proposed business plan. e) E-Commerce / Online Retailing / e-tailing is specifically excluded from the scope of this competition.

f) Only original business plans will be accepted. Any form or extent of plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.

g) Participants can grow their retail business through acquisition, international footprint, scaling up, expanding to multiple retail formats explaining how value would be created through these and their subsequent management.

h) Proposed business plans should be practically viable and comply with the existing government policies.

5) HOW TO REGISTER Participants desirous of entering the competition should email the completed Registration form duly signed by the Faculty mentor and bearing the Institutes seal on or

before July 25,

2013 to:
bhawnasrivastwa@imagesgroup.in gurpreetwasi@imagesgroup.in Coordinator from ABS (Students can collect registration Form from Student coordinator of IRF Rising Star 1/Mr. Nandu , kondapalli1989@gmail.com, 9810992004 Faculty Team Leader 1. Ms Swati Bhatnagar , sbhatnagar@amity.edu ,9899110417