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Careers Guidance Report

Private and Confidential

28th March, 2002

Mrs Alberta Anderson The following assessment has been produced by It uses a combination of validated psychometric measures and has been written to assist you in your choice of career and occupation. You should find that this report is a valuable aid, as are all psychometric measures, when used in conjunction with other sources of data. It is not intended to be used in isolation. One of its greatest benefits is to pinpoint areas of strengths which you should follow up. The report is divided into four sections. The first is your personality profile, summarising your personality in relation to your workplace. The second section summarises of your occupational preferences, based on your reported interests. The third section reports your aptitudes as measured by the questionnaires. Finally, the report makes recommendations on the fields of endeavour that you should investigate. These should be pursued at the levels indicated in the career preferences section of the report. The report shows remarkable accuracy if the questionnaires have been answered honestly. Even if one or two errors have occurred, the measures have been designed to minimise their effect. The report however will be invalid if there has been a deliberate attempt to deceive. Good luck with your career!

PERSONALITY PROFILE You are direct and decisive, confident and friendly. You are an individualist who likes to get results through an independent approach. You are good at creating and maintaining enthusiasm in others providing the job carries the authority to act without precedent. You have little time for detail and may not tie up all loose ends except when a result depends on it. You are assertive and you react quickly to a challenge. You are restless and strive to succeed and you can become impatient when things do not go according to plan. You are not particularly compliant, but you can be opinionated and defiant. You dislike being beaten or losing at most things, and you are always anxious to try new ideas.

You are a self starter, you can be impetuous at times and you are normally aggressive in both your work and social environment. You want freedom from controls, supervision and detail. You prefer a wide scope of operation involving new and varied activities. You seeks power, prestige, position and authority, you want an opportunity for advancement. You require freedom of speech and preferably a democratic relationship.

CAREER PREFERENCES Your aspirations are high. You are interested in preparing yourself for occupations that require post-secondary or academic education, but you would be willing to settle for a lower level of training. Your first preference is to work in occupations connected with communications and culture. Your second preference is to work in the civil service or in a large organization. In addition, you are interested in working in occupations with a business orientation.

APTITUDE Your ability to grasp two-dimensional figures, to understand diagrams and to see the whole picture on the basis of the diagram is excellent. You can immediately visualize the whole structure without the need for hints or additional explanations. Your ability is similar with regard to three-dimensional figures. Your analytical skills are average in comparison to the overall adult population. With a certain degree of effort, you are able to dissect a problem into its component parts. In addition, you are sometimes able to analyse and understand the steps required to achieve a solution. Your intellectual abilities are rated as high in comparison to the overall adult population. You have good problem-solving skills, and can deal with most problems that are presented to you.

SUMMARY & SUGGESTIONS You work best and are motivated by situations which allow you to have power, authority, freedom and recognition for the work that you are doing. You want to do things in a systematic, logical manner. Security and clear objectives are important to you.

Your choice of occupation or field of interest is only partially crystalised, and it is likely that you will still find it somewhat difficult to work towards completing the necessary training in order to realize your aspirations. In view of the above we suggest that you concentrate on the following areas: Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, etc) Ecology Public Administration Political Science

Personal Profile Analysis Private and Confidential

19th July, 1997
Albert Williams This report, produced by the Marksman Testing System (M.T.S.), is a combination of validated psychometric measures which have been created to assist in the selection and development of personnel. This report will show remarkable accuracy if the questions have been answered honestly. Even if one or two deliberate, or non-deliberate errors have occurred, the tests have been designed to minimise their effect. The report however will be invalid if there has been a deliberate attempt to deceive. This report should be a valuable aid, as are all psychometric measures, if used in conjunction with other sources of data and as part of the interviewing procedure, and is not intended to be used in isolation. One of its greatest benefits is to pinpoint areas of strengths which can further be investigated.

PERSONALITY PROFILE SELF IMAGE Albert is friendly, personable, assertive, mobile and alert. He has a strong self-image and is often seen as verbally aggressive and unconventional. Albert dislikes close supervision, detail and the nitty-gritty and can get bored with routine tasks. However, when a successful result can depend upon it, Albert can apply himself to working with detail for short periods of time. Albert is a good leader who is quite strong and who is capable of taking decisions even if they are unpopular. He attempts to persuade rather than push until the chips are down, but in the final issue, he will either steamroller his way through or go it alone. Albert is extremely competitive but, in normal circumstances, works within the broad rules and parameters of the organisation.

Generally positive in attitude and approach, Albert can be opinionated and show a defiant independence, particularly when being thwarted by what he considers to be unnecessary red-tape. He likes the limelight and wants authority and the respect that goes with it. Albert is a self-starter who can turn an idea into a practicality. He dislikes postmortems and prefers to get on with the job rather than to seek to apportion blame. He likes travel and a variety of assignments and, in the main, he sees the bright side of most things, most of the time. Albert can be impatient of more thorough and accurate individuals and likes to be at the sharp end. He tends to be over concerned with his own popularity and dislikes to lose (particularly face). Superiors should be wary not to attempt to "steal his thunder" be it intentional or otherwise. Socially aggressive in every respect, a good leader, promotor and enthuser. Albert has lots of energy and can be somewhat impatient with less energetic people. He likes a variety of tasks and situations which involve him in manipulating and motivating others. Albert is not a particularly good administrator and therefore will require a certain amount of administrative back-up. A good communicator with natural leadership abilities. Albert needs to be careful that his tendency towards verbal aggression does not offend others, particularly superiors. SELF MOTIVATION Wants room to move, favourable exposure, authority to act, to be liked, status, social activity, action and variety, a loose but structured environment, tangible goals. JOB EMPHASIS Influencing and Managing Others The main function of Albert's job should be that of influencing or inspiring others to achieve a purpose. The job should be free of detail and routine, rules and parameters. There should be responsibility and pressure to obtain specific goals, and authority to act both independently and quickly without having to refer to others. Travel, where possible, should be included on a regular basis. The function should, where possible, be oriented towards influencing others to act favourably. It is important that the job should carry authority to act and freedom to use initiative. DESCRIBING WORDS Verbally aggressive, independent, mobile, alert, social, outgoing, talkative, driving, enthusiastic, optimistic, lacks follow-through, asks "what" and "who".

HOW OTHERS SEE YOU (Work Mask) In the current work situation Albert modifies his characteristics slightly from that indicated in the self-image. This naturally active, eager and restless individual attempts to slow his pace and be seen as more steady, thorough and persistent.

It must be said however that the degree of change is very minor and will hardly be noticeable, he is still likely to be seen by others as impatient and restless.

BEHAVIOUR UNDER PRESSURE As a result of the rise in the dominance factor, it is clear that in pressure situations Albert becomes even more assertive and positive than that indicated in the selfimage. The suggestions are therefore that he would take authority very seriously, be even more determined to achieve and is likely to give a better result when placed under a little pressure.

GENERAL COMMENTS There are indicators within Albert's profile that he has some minor personal problems. Whilst these are not likely to affect work performance currently, we do recommend that the situation is carefully monitored to make sure the problems do not increase. Job performance could adversely be affected if the frustration were allowed to grow into major stresses. Albert is motivated by power and authority, challenge, money and material things, and an opportunity for advancement. Popularity, freedom of speech and democratic relationships are also important. Ideally his boss should be either a democratic or direct leader, with good people skills, who is prepared to communicate well with this individual and at the same time set fair but very objective tasks which ideally should be negotiated on a person to person basis. Albert enjoys being challenged by difficult assignments.