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WORD FORMATION OF ENGLISH 8 I. Em hy cho dng ng ca t in hoa hon thnh cc cu sau. UNIT 1 1. She has short curly hair.

. 2. She's beautiful with a____________ smile. 3. ____________, the barber cut my hair too short. 4. Each of my friends has a____________character. 5. Nam is very ____________kind and generous. 6. My uncle often spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local____________. 7. People in my country are very warm and____________. 8. An ___________ is a home for children whose parents are dead, 8. L.A. Hill is ____________ a writer. 10. Im ____________sorry for the delay. 11. She looks more ____________than her sister. 12. They were very____________ to survive a shipwreck. 13. I love the ____________of summer evenings in the countryside. 14. Those cats look____________. 15. Bao is very____________, kind and generous. 16. Each of my friends has a ____________ character. UNIT 2 1. Trung and his brother like____________movies very much. 2. Bell experimented with ways of transmitting ___________ a long distance. 3. Bell __________ demonstrated h invention. 4. Mr. Phong made an __________ to see us at two oclock. 5. Thomas Watson was Bells _____________. 6. Ill make ____________ for the meeting tonight. 7. There was still no____________on what to do next. 8. Ho Chi Minh City is an important____________center. 9. Michael Faraday made a lot of____________in the field of electricity. 10. Were thinking of____________to Australia. 11. There was an____________of paintings at the Art Gallery. 12. Your order is ready for____________. 13. This old man is____________ in one ear. 14. Thomas Watson was Bells ____________, wasnt he? 15. He was ____________in demonstrating his invention. UNIT 3 1. Shes always worried about the____________of her family. 2. Dont leave the light on. It wastes____________. 3. Most teenagers like taking part in____________service. 4. This river is very____________for swimmers. 5. The ____________of atom bomb is very terrible. 6. Hard work always brings____________. 7. Those clothes are____________for cold weather. 8. You must put all medicines in____________cupboards.