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addendum Engineering No.

Construction Size drilling and blasting mining method coal seam coal thicknessm strike length(m) incline width(m) mining height(m) specific gravity(t/m3) daily cycle drivage per cycle(m) output per cycle(t) daily output(t) coal recovered(10 kt) remarks drivage n. driving place,developing face stoping n.(stopeing) development n. mining n. total planned drivagem mining team No.1 developing team No.2 Subtotal Total Grandtotal Working face ID detail list, breakdown

Contents Chapter section General situations Overview Traffic and location Natural geography Enterprise type Preparation basis Status quo and forecast of mineral demand Coal price analysis General situations of mineral resources Minefield structure and geological feature Mining conditions and Hydrogeology conditions Mineral resources reserves Comments on Geological survey Report Construction Plan Mining Plan Water prevention and control program Prevention of the gas and coal dust explosion Mine fire prevention Minefield development and mining Mine characteristic and development principle Minefield development underground mining Coal processing Coal quality Environmental protection Major sources of pollution and pollutants Ecological changes caused by mine development

Designed with environmental protection standards Preliminary plan of pollution control Development Plan Brief Conclusions Available reserves of mine design, design duty and service life product scheme Mine industrial field location and scheme of mining and development Brief assessments for engineering project Issues and suggestions attached Document entrustment letter Record-Keeping Certification Review Opinions on Report for Attached drawings attached file Surface and underground map of plane map section map Mining area Geological and Topographic map General Layout Plan of geographic coordinate Its traffic is comparatively convenient Topography and landform The mining area topographic dissection is intense dry season rainy season private enterprise minable coal seams one-third(1/3) coking coal 1/3 the raw coal ash contents are between 15% and 25% 15%-25%

the total sulphur contents of raw coals are between 0.2%-0.5% 0.2% and 0.5%. production product civilian use Coal preparation plantCPP Preface be administered by the authorities of workloadworkvolume commissioning shaft bottom working face haulagewayhaulage roadway main haulageway main roadway track transport, track haulage trackless transport track roadway air-return roadway roadway shaft incline, inclined shaft shaft, vertical shaft vertical shaft development mine construction mine construction volume district roof floor false roof immediate roof

main roof roof stability working face coal mining method blast-winning technology mining level longwall mining on the strike advancing mining retreating mining upward mining downward mining belt transporter extensible belt transporter belt belt roadway transfer transfer point transloader coal mining caving the roof inclined roadway level workinghorizontal working shaft sinking and drifting setup room adit tunnel shaft mouth main shaft air shaft,ventilating shaft synchronize

roadway support shieldsupport chock-shield

coal winning machinery coal cutter cutter-loader coal winning machine shearer,shearer-loader trepanner continuous miner conventionally-mechanized coal winning face unit fully-mechanized coal winning face unit machine height cutting height web,web depth working mechanism cutting drum cutting unit haulage speed internal(external) spraying safety winch

+ +

road heading maichinery,driving machinery roadheader shaft boring machine, shaft borer

raise boring machine

drilling machine down-the-hole drill roofbolter air pick electric coal drill electric rock drill hammer drill drill carriage bit, bore bit drill rod

loader coal loader conveying track transport trackless transport mine car man car belt conveyor extensible belt conveyor drum armored face conveyor (AFC) drive unit drive head unit drive end unit

winch overhead monorail cage skip single or double skip effective skip capacity mine winder, mine hoist winding drum friction hoisting drum winding main rope tail rope head sheave, sheave wheel headframe hydraulic support, powered support single hydraulic support shield chock-shield sublevel caving hydraulic support head lamp, cap lamp operation instruction Air-return shaft boilers coal stock yard dormitory heaters machine repair shop main inclined shaft, main incline material warehouse service inclined shaft

sewage treatment plant power equipment site discussions, discussions on site storage bunkers bunkerage surface production system winch room office building locker rooms and bathhouse conference room living quarters run-of-mine, ROM, r.o.m.coal raw coal coal preparation plant (CPP) gravity concentration jigging coal flotation clean coal middlings tailings yield recovery coal sample coal for coking coking coal non-coking coal oxidized coal weathered coal International Classification of Coal in Seam low rank coal

medium rank coal high rank coal coal grade high grade coal medium grade coal low grade coal Chinese Coal Classification meagre coal meagre lean coal lean coal primary coking coal fat coal 1/3 coking coal gas-fat coal gas coal 1/2 medium caking coal long flame coal weakly caking coal non-caking coal humic acid proximate analysis of coal total moisture ash volatile matter fixed carbon total sulfur apparent density tar yield

10% 10%20% 20%30% 1/3 1/2

char yield coal blending coal modification mining area capacity feasibility study for mining area exploitation general design of mining area general surface layout of mining area (underground)mine field boundary (underground)mine field size production scale of mine surface mine capacity thin seam medium-thick seam thick seam flat seam gently inclined seam inclined seam steep seam mine feasibility study surface mine feasibility study mine design surface mine design preliminary mine design preliminary sruface mine design mine construction design surface mine construction design designed mine reserves designed surface mine reserves workable mine reserves

workable surface mine reserves reserve factor of mine reserves designed mine capacity designed surface mine capacity coal-seam production capacity mine life, service life surface mine life mine development design surface mine development design mining-district design, panel design

mine field development vertical shaft development inclined shaft development drift development combined development areas development horizon horizon interval inclined length of horizon mining level subsidiary level lift, level interval shaft deepening preparation in district district, panel sublevel district sublevel

strip advancing mining upward mining downward mining development roadway preparation roadway gateway, gate blind shaft, staple shaft draw shaft chute cross-cut district cross-cut main cross-cut main roaway main haulage roadway, main haulageway gathering main roadway main return airway rise, raise dip main rise main dip district rise district dip district station, district inset crossheading coal pillar coal mining method working face

development face gate development face exhausting type ventilation system diesel generator back-up system exhaust fans service incline main incline service incline waste rock hoist vt. Coalbed Methane Qinglong transformer station at 110 kV 110kv facility equipment mine surface facilities coal mining technology longwall face (LW face) 50m shortwall face 50m wall mining height open-off cut face-end, face end mining starting line terminal line gob, goaf haulage gateway, headgate, belt gate return airway, tailgate, air-return gate coal cutting blast-winning technology conventionally-mechanized coal winning technology (Con-Mech ) ( )

fully-mechanized coal winning technology fully-mechanized longwall face(FM LW face) blasting loading working cycle advance of working cycle fully-seam mining slicing room, chamber room mining room and pillar mining

shield mining horizontal slicing longwall mining with sublevel caving drawing interval drawing sequence virgin rock surrounding rock mining-induced stress roof floor false roof immediate roof main roof roof stability


strong strata, hard strata weak strata, soft strata fractured roof caving the roof initial caving forced caving face width caving interval roof fall partial roof fall rib spalling roof caving frictional prop hydraulic prop single hydraulic prop prop-setting angle roof bolting with bar and wire mesh roof ripping floor dinting supporting shaft and drift supporting temporary supporting permanent supporting advance supporting combined supporting bolt, rockbolt roof bolt rib bolt


bolt supporting guniting bolting and shotcreting bolting with wire mesh bolting and shotcreting with wire mesh Mine ventilation system air-intake air speed

coal bed methane (CBM) mine methane gas methane gas emission relative gas emission rate methane gas emissions on a relative basis absolute gas emission rate methane gas emissions on a absolute basis gas explosion gas content in coal seam gassy mine low gaseous mine coal (rock) and gas outburst mine gas drainage


mine dust coal dust rock dust airborne dust dust concentration coal dust explosion dust suppression in mine water curtain

coal science coal technology coalfield mining area mine field mine coal mine surface mine surface coal mine coal geology coal exploration mine surveying mine construction coal mining underground mining surface mining mining system engineering model of mineral deposits model of mining system optimization

coal mine machinery mine mechanical engineering mine transportation, mine haulage mine hoisting mine ventilation, underground ventilation mine safety coal environmental protection caol processing coal utilization, comprehensive utilization of coal coal preparation coal chemistry coal conversion clean coal technology

surface coal mine open-pit overburden mountain surface mine pit mine pit limit pit slope final pit slope working slope working slope face non-working slope face slope angle pit bottom surface boundary line

floor boundary line foot slope top slope end slope stripping waste stripping ratio overall stripping ratio pit-limit stripping ratio economic stripping ratio peak of stripping operational stripping ratio stripping balance dump external dump inner dump bench berm bench height bench slope bench edge bench toe bench angle working berm haulage berm safety berm cleaning berm surface mine development main access external access

internal access duouble side ditch hillside ditch pioneer cut ramp permanent ramp mining sequence mining by areas mining by stages front parallel advance fan advance pit deepening discontinuous mining technology continuous mining technology semi-continuous mining technology combined mining technology loading cut block cut width working face up digging down digging level loading upper level loading lower level loading bench group limit grade dumping

dumping plough capacity of surface mine slope slide slope stability slope reinforcement

compound coal dry-cleaning machine motor-driven single-girder crane dry separation, dry cleaning air jig The flowchart of the FDC coking plant as follows The flowchart of the FDC CPP is shown below coking coal fat coal clean coal power coal lump coal tramp iron removal refuse silowaste middlings clean coal bunker a rated capacity of heavy media cyclones (HMC)

rock bunker silomiddlings bunker

froth flotation 100,000tonne capacity raw coal stockpile area feed to coal preparation along with overflow underflow moisture filter press dewatering covered screen be sufficient to horizontal centrifuge approximately install be shipped to Liulin County Power Generation plant be disposed of discharge landfill sites expansions and restructurings take over commence recommence dewater drain off water pit bottom


development crew Gate development follows the mine floor horizon Gates are 24 m apart, with crosscuts spaced every 100 24m100m m. General gate dimensions are a width of 4.0 m and a height 4.0m2.8m of 2.8 m. roadheader idle temporary water sump resign from BOYD was informed that bolt mesh W-shaped steel belt W cable the recently completed main line belt conveyor gate half stone-lined and half shotcrete lined A minimal amount of raw coal is raw coal stockpile refuse front-end loader rail loading facilities at Qinglong Station. No. 307 National Highway 307 welfare production maintenance fee Safety Fund Fee Sustainable Development Fund Environment Recovery Guarantee Fund Subtotal - Mining Costs - Depreciation Operating Costs

Mine Cash Cost Material Usage cost introduction of Introduction of Foreign Investment sublevel caving FM LW face with sublevel caving breakdown of raw coal production review mine plan engineering data provided by submit to local and provincial regulatory bodies memorandum(Memo) The mining right area extends 2.7771 sq. km. 2.7771km2 Nahagou is adjacent to the Zhaiyadi Mine on its eastern flank. eastern flank be integrated into be adjacent to respectively be located, lie drill and blast development face water inflow production shifts maintenance shifts barrier pillar projected output levels lay out (v.) layout (n.) central distance of walking supports spacing n.

be divided into be divided by Single direction cut is used for shearer. from AFC rear AFC rectangular shape detecting scale