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  Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Learning Centre   C C h ha a r ra
  Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Learning Centre   C C h ha a r ra

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1. Good Organization


2. Preparation


a. Speak from clear, comprehensive lecture notes.

b. Practice your presentation for voice, language, and timing.

c. Do not read your presentation.





Do not begin with an apology for your knowledge or your English. If you lack confidence in yourself, the audience will perceive it and lose confidence in you, too.


b. Be thoroughly prepared and familiar with your material; preparation creates confidence.

c. Pause occasionally. Never be afraid to stop speaking for a moment.

d. Speak at a normal, slow rate. Do not rush.


4. Responsiveness


a. Start your presentation with a smile. You will put your audience at ease.

b. Make eye contact with members of the audience. Do not talk to the back wall, the table, or your

notes. Find a few friendly, encouraging faces in the different parts of the audience and talk to them.

c. Check to see whether the audience is following you.

d. Make sure you talk with, not at, your audience. Talking at an audience comes across as talking

down to them.

5. Clarity

a. Be sure the organization of your talk is clear to the audience.

b. Make short, simple and specific statements.

c. Strive for a smooth transition from one point to the next.

d. Use visual support to illustrate and clarify difficult points. Visuals should complement the oral

presentation. Visuals should not be used as substitutes for commentary, nor should they require overly complex explanations.


6. Enthusiasm


a. When something is important, say it slower and louder.

b. Try to communicate to the audience your own interest in and enthusiasm for your subject; enthusiasm

is contagious!


This information has been compiled and/or adapted by the Learning Centre. Please Drop by AS 234 and meet the assistants. Revised 2004