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Boardwalk Green Plus towels and tissue are designed for comfort and functionality.

Products utilize high-quality 100% recycled fibers and are certified by Green Seal, Inc. as environmentally preferable. Select Boardwalk Green Plus towels and tissue are manufactured with innovative ATMOS technology. Simply put, ATMOS is a flexible paper making process utilizing carefully chosen structured fabrics and 100% recycled fibers to produce high-quality Green Seal certified products designed for enhanced performance and appearance. This innovation allows Boardwalk Green Plus towels and tissue to provide unmatched softness, strength, absorbency and brightness while also supporting sustainability.

Boardwalk Green Plus

Clean, bright white for a premium look Plush, cloth-like feel Superior absorbency and strength Green Seal certified Ideal for a wide range of facility applications

Boardwalk Green Plus Roll and Folded Towels

Boardwalk Green Plus features a unique weave pattern creating strong and highly absorbent towels so fewer are needed per hand dry. This is important in facilities such as: office buildings, lodging establishments, health care facilities, restaurants, and colleges/universities. Designed for performance, Boardwalk Green Plus towels are made from bright white 100% recycled fibers and feature Green Seal certification.

Boardwalk Green Plus Bath Tissue

Boardwalk Green Plus tissue features rounded quilt and floral embossing for a high-end appearance. Tissue is designed with a unique Fusion formation process providing exceptional plushness and softness for discerning users 1. Green Seal-certified Boardwalk Green Plus tissue is ideal for any establishment seeking to elevate the image of their building while also meeting green purchasing initiatives.


Description Boardwalk Green Plus White Roll Towel Boardwalk Green Plus White Multifold Boardwalk Green Plus White C-Fold Boardwalk Green Plus Fusion Formation Bath Tissue Boardwalk Green Plus Fusion Formation Bath Tissue Boardwalk Green Plus Double-ply Bath Tissue

Size 8 in. x 1,000 ft. 9.125 in. x 9.5 in. 10.125 in. x 13 in. 4 in. x 3.75 in.

Package 250 twls./ 16 pkgs 150 twls./ 16 pkgs. 500 shts./ 96 rolls

Units/Case 6 rolls 4,000 towels 2,400 towels 48,000 sheets

Case Cube 1.91 1.89 1.88 4.68



4 in. x 4 in. 4.375 in. x 3.75 in.

550 shts. / 48 rolls 500 shts./ 80 rolls

26,400 sheets 40,000 sheets

2.37 4.26


Green Plus BWK 24GREEN tissue item is not made utilizing ATMOS technology or Fusion formation.