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Delphix Server

Database Virtualization: Accelerate Innovation, Consolidate Hardware

Provision virtual databases (VDBs) in a few clicks Automatically refresh Sync with production databases via standard APIs Manage performance with quality of service policies Roll back to any point in time Offload production workloads Quickly access or recover tables and objects to repair production Reduce storage requirements by over 10x Replicate for high availability and offsite development Deploy and configure in <1 hour Install on standard x86 servers, SAN or DAS storage

Databases are at the heart of the information economy and require careful handling and management. Fixes, upgrades, updates, and changes to applications or databases often have to be tested on copies in order to protect production environments. Provisioning or refreshing a physical copy of a database can take days to weeks and requires redundant and expensive hardware infrastructure. Database virtualization streamlines the time, complexity, and infrastructure required for maintaining production and rolling out new application capabilities the largest opportunity for consolidation and cost savings in many of todays datacenters.

Using innovative Database Virtualization and Storage Optimization technologies, technologies Delphix dramatically reduces database storage rage requirements by over 10x, driving down hardware footprint, power, cooling, and costs.


Once linked to a production pro database, Delphix can be configured to maintain an ongoing history of file and log changes called a TimeFlow. Businesses can provision VDBs from any point along a TimeFlowwithin within seconds of the latest transactions or at a specific point in the pastdown down to the second. Once a VDB is launched, it becomes its own entity; new retention policies can be set for its own TimeFlow, or it can be easily deleted if no longer in use. Because VDBs can be quickly created without additional storage requirements, businesses s can afford to pursue parallel or destructive testing, increasing application ication quality and reliability. At any time, VDBs can be easily refreshed from a production TimeFlow, so developers can work with the latest datasets and schemas, further reducing program risk by providing a more relevant, up-to to-date working environment. With Delphix, businesses can reduce ce application rollout times by as much as 50%, by eliminating the time needed to set up, tear down, and refresh environments.


Instead of creating multiple copies of databases on redundant hardware, Delphix software creates virtual databases (VDBs), all served from a shared hardware footprintwithout requiring any changes to the production database stack. Businesses can easily sync production databases with a Delphix Server, a virtual environment where fully populated instances of databases can be quickly provisioned or refreshed for development, testing, QA, staging, tuning, and operational reportingin just a few clicks.


When it comes to databases, Delphix virtualizes the core: the data files and logs of a database. Delphix Server has three key technology components:

Database Virtualization: abstracts database snapshots and log files to present a fully functional, highperformance, read/write VDB to the database server; Storage Optimization: efficiently manages the underlying storage to minimize the amount of capacity necessary in a shared VDB environment; Management: web UI enables selfservice VDB provisioning and ongoing management.

must be key considerations in any environment. With fully integrated roles, privileges, and authentication, Delphix properly safeguards and enforces security inheritance from physical databases. Secure information (e.g. credit card information) can be automatically masked through support for custom scripting, and Delphix software ensures end-to-end integrity checkingfrom database inputs all the way to disk storage. Furthermore, the architecture maintains coherency and consistency for each and every VDB, so changes or deletions cannot accidentally propagate to production or across VDBs. Delphix can be easily replicated for high availability, offsite development, or disaster recovery. In addition, Delphix rd can be backed up with all major 3 party backup solutions via NDMP.

and has no agents, Delphix is nondisruptive to production databases. VDBs look and behave like full, physical copies to database servers and applications.

Delphix wraps mature cloning and snapshot technologies with a Database Virtualization layer to provision multiple VDBs from a shared storage footprint. Delphix Storage Optimization typically reduces initial copies and snapshots by up to 4x through compression and filtering of temporary, unused, or empty blocks. Through global caching across VDBs, Delphix maximizes consolidated performance, which can be magnified by the use of solid state disks (SSDs). Finally performance levels can be guaranteed through intuitive quality of service settings, allowing businesses to consolidate with confidenceknowing that minimum performance can be guaranteed for developers or other users of VDBs.

On average, businesses create seven copies of each production database. Provisioning and refreshes often require complex coordination across DBA, server, storage, and backup teams. Delphix consolidates infrastructure power, cooling, footprint, and costs by up to 10x, while reducing provisioning or refresh times from 10 days to a few clicks. As a result, Delphix provides a clear and fast return on investment. Contact Delphix sales for a tailored ROI analysis: roi@delphix.com.

Delphix Server software installs on standard x86 servers Supported databases: Oracle 10 & 11 on Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX. Storage support: SAN or DAS storage. Contact us at: sales@delphix.com.


Delphix software is designed for easy deployment and adoption, and runs on standard x86 servers with SAN or DAS storage. Because it uses standard APIs


Databases often contain confidential information, so security and integrity

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