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Author's Note
Hello guys! It's been a long while since I managed to release a PDF guide. As you know, I've been a fan of JRPGs ever since I started gaming and writing. Tales is a solid series for me so whenever there's a localized version released, I'll be sure to play it. I'll try to cover most of the stuff in the game, especially the main walkthrough and future arc. With the game's immense amount of extras and stuff that I can't handle alone, I have relied on various references and forum posts which really helped a lot in getting this guide going. I'll make sure to give credits to the authors of those references and also include the links of their original posts in the guide and in the credits section of this document. If you're a returning reader that may have seen my work before, thank you for your continued support. If you're a new reader that just stumbled upon this guide, please let me know what you think if you see anything missing or lacking. I'm open to suggestions and as long as I have the time, I'll be accommodating them. Also, take note that I played this game using an ASIAN PS3 console. That said, the Circle and X buttons are interchanged so if you find something something confusing (like pressing Circle to attack with your A-Artes), please take that into consideration and don't flame me for it. Lastly, you can find me on Facebook. My Facebook page is where I post most of the updates and also linked to my Twitter account.

Table of Contents
I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. Basics: Menu and Gameplay Basics: The Eleth Mixer Basics: The Library Menu Basics: Dualizing Basics: Battle and Combat Basics: Shards and Qualities Basics: Status Ailments Basics: Accel Mode Characters Walkthrough: Childhood Arc Walkthrough: Adult Arc 1 Walkthrough: Adult Arc 2 Walkthrough: Adult Arc 3 Walkthrough: Adult Arc 4 Walkthrough: Adult Arc 5 Walkthrough: Adult Arc 6

Basics: Menu and Gameplay

Back Artes Menu Here you can view the artes learned by your characters. The character on top of the list will be the one you'll control and his/her artes are automatically set to semi-auto. Here, you can assign up to 4 burst (B) artes to execute by pressing the corresponding directional button and B-arte button. Assault artes are fixed and can be executed by pressing the corresponding directional button and A-arte button. Items Menu You can view all items in your possession in this menu. Items are divided into the following categories:New, Consumables, Food, Materials,Weapons, Armor, Unique Equipments, Gems and Valuables. You can only keep 15 of each Consumable, Food and Material. You can increase the consumable and food limit to 30 by purchasing a Grade Upgrade when starting New Game+. Equip Menu You can manage your characters' weapon, armor, accessory, gem and title here. Take note that not all characters can wear the same type of equipment. Their accessories however, are unique to themselves. Gems are where your status ailment prevention charms go, as well as the dualized gems, extracted from tempered armor and weapons. Status Menu You can view your characters' statuses from this menu. Aside from that, you can also change their costumes here, as long as you have acquired their costume titles and learned the appropriate skill. You can also have your characters wear attachments here. Unfortunately, there are only three attachments in the game. Mixer Menu Please see the Eleth Mixer section for more information. Option Menu You can change various game options here as well changing the game difficulties on the fly. If you feel that the battles are too easy or hard, adjust them accordingly. Take note that higher difficulties yield higher rewards and better drops. You can also set the option to increase the speed of messages and skip scenes. Strategy Menu This is where you can specifically set the behavior and combat strategies of your AI-controlled allies. Titles Menu Characters can learn skills by acquiring titles, equipping them and earning SP. Titles allow your characters to increase their base stats, learn new artes, unlock new costumes, and learn new skills. Learning a skill is permanent so you can swap for another title once you're done. There are also several titles which will teach the same arte. You can learn the new arte from any of them and by learning the same artes, you'll get stacked bonuses to damage, steal probability, healing effect, casting time, etc. SP is earned by winning battles and completing Inn Requests. You can also change the option to have the game automatically equip titles for you, say after reaching a certain rank or after mastering it. This is convenient as you don't have to worry about wasting SP after forgetting to manually swap the titles after mastering one. Titles also have this equipped effect bonus which only active if you have the corresponding title equipped. This is very useful in situations when you need to constantly hit an enemy with its weakness or by further increasing your steal probability. Mastering a title will further boost its effects. Skits These are short, optional conversations between your party members that can be triggered after story scenes,

arriving at savepoints, discovering new discovery points and such. There are also titles related to the number of skits you've viewed so do you best to find them all. World Map You can pull up the world map by pressing R3. Here, you can view the towns, dungeons and field locations you visited. You can also view the equipment and items sold in each town, as well as their inn's active requests. Dungeons and certain field locations also show the enemies you can find there, as well as their drops, uncommon/rare drops and items that can be stolen. This is a very important menu especially when tackling Inn Requests as you'll have access to helpful information. Shuttle Mode Later in the story, you'll eventually obtain the flying transport called Shuttle. This will allow you to fast-travel to any known town or field location. This is very convenient and will practically replace the turtlez transport system. Requests Inn Requests are considered as side quests in the game which will usually request you to find certain items, cook dishes, dualize materials and items with specific qualities. You'll always get an SP bonus as your primary reward along with either gald or new items. Stamp Cards This is the customer loyalty system of the game. Buying, selling or dualizing from the same store will allow you earn stamps. Collecting stamps will increase the store's stamp level and will allow you to buy their items from their secret inventories. Since some materials needed for request items are available only through certain stores and at an appropriate stamp level, it is always a good idea to farm for materials whenever you have the chance, dualize them and sell them. This is the fastest way to earn gald and increase the store's stamp level at the same time. Back

Basics: The Eleth Mixer

Back The Eleth Mixer is a very helpful tool that provides various benefits. It consumes eleth to generate items, cook dishes in battle or post-battle, or activate spellbook effects post-battle. It starts with rather measly amount of eleth but it's capacity is upgraded through cooking dishes. The higher eleth cost of the cooked dish, the faster your capacity grows. There are also spellbooks that will allow you to cook two dishes after battle, boost your mixer capacity growth after cooking dishes, or just by simply equipping it in the mixer. The number of items you can set in the mixer is also limited from the start though you can increase it by continuously generating items. There are spellbooks that will increase your chances to generate items, enable your mixer to generate two items at a time or just by simply equipping it in the mixer. Item Reproduction You can set any (non-valuable, non-unique) items in the Eleth Mixer, even if you don't have a copy of that item. As long as it gets registered to your Books, there's a chance to reproduce it. Take note that generating items depend on their production chance. Higher-grade materials or items often have a lower production chance while the common items have higher chances. Cooking and Cooking Conditions Dishes have various recovery rates and bonuses. Some provide temporary stat bonuses in addition to restoring HP during battle, some increase your tempering rates, some even provide additional EXP, SP and chance to acquire shards after the battle. You can only cook one dish per battle but by equipping a certain spellbook, you can cook up to two dishes.

Spellbook Effects Aside from dishes and items, you can also equip Spellbooks in the mixer. These books provide support effects, like increasing chance to acquire shards, items, exp, sp and many more as discussed above. Unlike dishes, you can have multiple spellbooks equipped and enjoy their stacked effects. Back

Basics: The Library Menu

Back The Library allows you to view the assortment of records you have acquired and discovered. You can use triangle or square to switch between various books. Collector's Book This book keeps track of every item you have acquired. Discovery Book This book keeps track of the discovery point and locations you have visited and discovered. There are 85 discoveries in the game. A majority of them can be found during the main story while some can only be found in the game's Future Arc. User's Guide This book contains all the helpful tips and pointers which you can review later on. This menu also contains the Dualize menu that keeps track of all the Dualizing recipes you have discovered. Back

Basics: Dualizing
Back Dualizing is basically producing a new item by combining two items in your possession. You can dualize items at any items shop, and it's a good idea to do so whenever possible. Combining Combining is a form of dualizing where you combine two materials or one ingredient and a material, to produce a new item. This is a good way to create cashable items which you can sell for profit. Cooking cooking is a form of dualizing where you combine two food ingredient, or one dish and one ingredient. You can make wide range of dishes with helpful effects so it will be a good idea to discover as many dishes as you can to equip to your mixer or to use the dishes as is. Enhancing Enhancing is a form of dualizing where you combine a shard with a piece of equipment that doesn't have a shard yet. Doing so will transfer the effects of that shard to the enhanced equipment. Using the gear in the battle long enough will temper it, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Extracting You can dualize two tempered weapons or armor to extract a Gem from them, which will carry the first two effects of the tempered equipment. This gem can be equipped directly to a character, thereby providing direct bonuses that the enhanced equipment once had. Once extracted, the formerly tempered equipment returns to normal, losing their previous tempered effect bonus and their extracted effects. The good news is that you can enhance the same equipment again, increasing its base stat again. You can do this multiple times to create multiple gems and to enhance your equipment stats considerably. Converting You can also combine a specific material with a piece of equipment, to make an entirely new piece of equipment. Any enhancement the original gear possessed will be partially carried over to the end product. Fusing You can combine two gems to make one containing the most powerful effects of the previous two. Depending on the qualities of the gems, the effects carried over may change. The rank of the new gem may also increase or decrease, depending on the ranks of the gems you have combined. Merging You can combine two charms to produce a charm that has the protective effects of the two. Depending on the effect's strength, you may even regain HP when an attack inflicts the relevant physical ailment. Back

Basics: Battle and Combat

Back Take note that I played this game using an ASIAN PS3 console. That said, the Circle and X buttons are interchanged so if you find something something confusing (like pressing circle to attack with your A-Artes), please take that into consideration and don't flame me for it. Chain Capacity All actions require CC to be performed so higher CC means more actions and longer combos. You can increase your CC by attacking enemies, waiting, moving or guarding. The more hits your attack lands, the more CC you'll be able to use in the current battle. Guarding and evading attacks will also increase your CC. CC Range Your minimum and maximum CC values are initially defined by your equipped weapon. Your CC can be increased further by getting new weapons, getting new gear or enhancing them. Battle Start CC Bonus If you engaged an enemy from behind, you'll start the battle with +1 CC. Make it a habit to attack an enemy from behind as an additional CC for everybody can give considerable advantage to your team. Take note that attacking enemies this way will also also provide you with extra eleth for the battle's eleth gauge, making it easier to enter Eleth Burst mode to further decimate enemies. Attacking You can press circle to approach the enemy and attack with your A-artes. Pressing it consecutively will allow you to perform an attack combo. The number of actions you can make depends on your character's Chain

Capacity. Pressing the X button will allow you to execute B-arte attacks. These attacks can be used in tandem with A-artes for maximum effectiveness. Guarding You can guard against enemy attacks by pressing the square button. Guarding will decrease the amount you take from the enemy's attacks and will protect your from being staggered. You can also activate auras and restore CC at the same time. This will also give you ample time to find an opening and counterattack. Take note that there are some enemy attacks that can't be blocked or can easily crush your guard, leaving you vulnerable for a second or two. Avoid these situations by looking out for the red exclamation point that will appear above the head of the aggressor then quick-step to avoid it. Blue Aura If you continue holding the guard button, a blue light will surround you. While in this state, your critical gauge will increase. Green Aura When you continue guarding while in a Blue Aura, the next aura that will trigger is the Green Aura. Attacking an enemy while in this state will trigger Iron Stance, a short, temporary effect where enemy attacks won't stagger you when launching your artes. Iron Stance is very beneficial to spellcasters. Red Aura When you continue guarding while in a Green Aura, the next aura that will trigger is the Red Aura. Attacking while in this state will allow you to break an enemy's guard and prevent it for attacking. Since charging for a red aura is longer, your CC will most likely be full as well, allowing you to perform combos after breaking through. Changing Targets If you want to change your current target, you can pause the battle by holding R1 and then use left analog to manually select a new target. You can also tap R1 to change to the target closest to you. Changing Characters Use the DPADTo change characters in battle. Their position in the directional pad depends on their positions in the main menu. Charging Artes Some B-Artes require time to change . If you hold X and use L-analog while casting, you can change the arte's target. If you continue to hold X after casting is complete, you'll activate a blue charge, which lets you choose when the arte is unleashed. And with a certain skill, you can activate a red charge, which adds additional attributes to the arte! Quicksteps Guard and use the left analog sticks to perform quick-steps. This is a good way of evading attacks and counterattacking. Backsteps This is a quickstep that will make your character move back. This is a very effective way of dealing horizontal attacks. Forward-Steps If you're being pelted by enemy projectile, you can close the distance without taking too much damage by dashing or forward-stepping. Not all projectiles can be dealt this way so feel free to experiment. A-Artes 101 Assault Artes, or A-Artes, are your basic attack artes, If you press Circle continually, the A-Artes that you use will increase in both class and CC cost, starting from 1CC and increasing to 2 CC, 3CC, and finally 4CC. As you learn new A-artes, the variation can be performed by using the L-analog stick during the combo. The damage you'll deal with A-artes is based on your P. ATK (physical attack) stat.

B-Artes 101 Burst artes are considered as the special attacks or magic attack in the game. The damage is based on your C. ATK (cryas attack) stat. Linked Artes You may have noticed that certain artes are grayed out in the artes list. To activate these linked artes, you must hold Circle while moving through the A-Artes paths in battle. It can be tricky when you need to make split-second decisions on whether or not to use a certain arte, but once you master it, you'll be able to deal more damage and land more hits while effectively maximizing your CC usage. Eleth Gauge During battle, the gauge on the left side of the screen shows the eleth being produced. The blue portion is for your party which increases when you attack, take damage, guard, or evade an attack. The red portion so for the enemies, and works in similar manner. Some enemies though, especially bosses, tend to accumulated eleth faster, thus able to fill their gauges quicker. Eleth Burst Once your eleth gauge is full, it will be released and your party will enter Eleth Burst state which fills your CC and making it unlimited as long as the E.B. mode is active. You can attack without getting interrupted though you can still take damage as normal. Enemies can also enter a similar state like this so be careful. Mystic Artes These are special attacks that can only be performed during an Eleth Burst. These are learned by acquiring appropriate titles. While in Eleth Burst, you'll see a Mystic Arte Gauge in the left side of the screen. You can fill the gauge by performing combos and using artes with high usage count. Press L1 during an Eleth Burst to trigger a mystic arte. Characters can learn up to 3 mystic arte levels and the gauge can be filled up to LV3. Simply speaking, a LV2 gauge will only allow you to trigger LV2 mystic artes and so on. Eleth Breaks This is the enemy's counterpart for Eleth Burst. In this mode, you won't be able to stagger enemies and will allow boss enemies to use their own Mystic Artes and other special attacks. The Nova Barrier Enemies with the Nova attribute have the ability to create a Nova Barrier that reduces all damage to 1. To destroy these barriers, you have to attack with your own artes with the Nova attribute. Later in the game and as part of the story, you'll be able to obtain a title for everybody which will enable any arte to break Nova barriers. Back

Basics: Shards and Qualities

Back When dualizing equipment with shards, the increase in stats is based on the qualities of the gear. Rarer qualities tend to have higher stat increases, though there are qualities with other benefits, such as ones that allow you to sell the dualized piece for a higher price. You can increase the rank of a quality by dualizing. One thing you might notice is that if you dualize two fiveletter qualities, for example it usually leads to a six-letter quality. If you combine a five-letter quality to a 4letter quality, most of the time the lower quality is ignored and the five-letter quality remains the same. This methodology is very useful when producing specific equipment needed for inn requests.

For more helpful information about qualities, I'll refer you to the links below: http://tales.namco.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=3358741&sid=d96a1bbecb721a8c51e9a82d23cfd15d http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/604158-tales-of-graces-f/62417923 Back

Basics: Status Ailments

Back Status ailments can be annoying and will endanger your party's survival if left untreated. Use Panacea Bottles to get rid of them or use recovery artes to do the trick. Equipping charms will also help though you may want to stick with your gems in general battles unless a specific location is dreaded by status-ailment-inflicting enemies. Poison HP will continue to decrease while the ailment is active. If left untreated, the affected character's HP is reduced to 1. Paralysis There is a chance that you'll get stunned each time you perform an action. This is rather annoying especially to healers as their recovery and healing artes may get interrupted. Freeze A frozen character will be rendered immobile. An enemy hit can break the ice but the damage will be extensive, sometimes enough to kill in one shot. Burn This ailment increases the length of time you're staggered when you take damage and will prevent HP recovery. Petrify This will render your character immobile as well but the main difference with Freeze is that your character will remain petrified when attacked, as well as taking damage continuously. Slow This ailment slows down your movement, CC recovery rate and prevent your from using quicksteps. Arteseal This prevents you from using A or B artes, making your character a deadweight or meatshield for a short time. Curse This will cause random effects such as instant KO's or getting walloped. Weak This will decrease all your stats. Though not as annoying as the other ailments, you have to take care of it quickly. Back

Basics: Accel Mode

Back This mode is unlocked as part of the story in the Lineage and Legacies (Future Arc) portion of the game. You can activate Accel Mode by pressing R2 once the Accel gauge is 50% full. Aside from the common effects shared by all characters in the party while this mode is active, each character also has his/her own unique abilities that can restore CC, increase combos or even stop time. If a character faints in battle, a substantial amount of his/her Accel gauge is reduced so it will be a good idea to keep everybody healed, especially if you're aiming to trigger Accel Mode as often as possible and increase your Accel Finality's (LV4 Mystic Arte) usage. There are some equipment that can provide Accel-related benefits. Some can help boost the Accel gauge recharge rate or even the duration of Accel mode. You can even dualize and temper these equipment then extract them to gems. You can later further enhance the effects by dualizing them or by polishing them. Accel Finalities If you activate Accel Mode at 100% gauge, you can press L1 to perform an Accel Finality. This is a unique mystic arte that can only be triggered in this mode. These Finalities increase in damage as you use them often. Since building your gauge to 100% takes time, set your strategy to use Accel Mode only at 100% gauge. Accel Mode Mastery When you activate Accel Mode, you'll be invulnerable for about one second, as well as cured of any physical ailment you may have. You can trigger it even while taking damage, making it a real lifesaver when you're about to be knocked out. Back


Asbel Lhant

Age: 11 (child) , 18 (adult) Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs Height: 175 cm / 5'9" Weapon: Sword Asbel is one of the main melee combatants in the party. He's a well-balanced swordsman with combos and moves that has effective crowd-control and deal considerable damage per combo to a single target. His assault artes are quick, but have a shorter range. In case you're surrounded during a combo, press X to draw your sword and Asbel will perform a wide slash will hit any nearby enemies. Since burst artes use Cryas Attack power (C.ATK) to attack, so they can be more effective than A-Artes against foes that possess high Physical Defense (P. DEF). Remember that you're a sitting duck while sheathing your sword. One option is to sheathe the sword as soon as you defeat an enemy, while another is to backstep before putting the weapon away. When Asbel draws his sword, he enters the Iron Stance state. However, he's limited in the number of hits he can absorb in this state. You can restart the counter by sheathing and drawing his sword. Accel Mode: Spiral Surge Enemies can be staggered even if they're downed A surge of flames surround Asbel, damaging enemies and provides added protection Enemies are launched in the air when struck


Weight: 39 kg / 86 lbs Height: 148 cm / 4'10" Weapon: Bracers, Gauntlets

Sophie is a powerful, close-range fighter with devastating combos and attacks but with meager crowd control abilities. She has the ability to charge her attacks to deal massive damage when released and when it connects to the target. Sophie can also act as a backup healer since she has both average recovery and revival artes. While Sophie's range tends to be short, she can still land multiple quick attacks in a short period of time. Since most enemies will tend to hit her upfront before she can move within attack range, Sophie can deliver her brutal punishment by attacking enemies from the rear and from the sides. Accel Mode: EX Boost CC recovery rate is increased Continuous HP recovery Forward-steps will allow her to spin around the enemy and attack it from behind

Hubert Ozwell

Age: 10 (child), 17 (adult) Weight: 62 kg / 137 lbs Height: 171 cm / 5'7" Weapon: Dualblades Hubert can attack enemies up close, in mid-range or long-range, thanks to his dualblade and dual pistols. He can effectively change from A to B artes effectively and even link their attacks to deal more damage. He can also provide basic healing and recovery artes as well. Hubert can use short-range dualblade artes with circle, and long-range twinshot artes with X. His dualblade's critical gauge fills slowly and since his defense and HP stats aren't that high, you need to strike quickly and with perfect balance to avoid getting surrounded completely.

When trying to build a large combo, it's better to use Hubert's 2 CC A-Artes before switching to the B-Artes. If the target moves out of range, don't fret. Hubert's specialty is to continuously attack his attack at any range. Hubert is often vulnerable after using his artes. That said, save some CC after attacking so you can perform a quick-step if necessary. This will allow you to avoid attacks then counterattack immediately. Accel Mode: Arrow Squall Hubert calls upon a rain of arrows that will last until his Accel Gauge is depleted. He can still move around while the arrows fall, allowing him to build combos faster and land more hits in a short span of time.

Cheria Barnes

Age: 11 (child), 18 (adult) Weight: 47 kg / 104 lbs Height: 160 cm / 5'3" Weapon: Daggers Cheria is the main healer of the party. Her wide selecting of healing, revival, recovery and support artes ensures the survival of the party, especially during boss fights. She can defend herself using long-range attacks with her daggers and she possesses good, AoE burst artes as well. Cheria is a master of wide-range healing artes but these artes have a high CC cost. Whenever there's a chance and if you're controlling her, have her join the fray for a bit and land a few dagger hits to replenish her CC supply. Cheria can also learn the Effect expansion skill, which increases the area of effect of her recovery artes. Use her artes frequently to gain titles and keep learning those expansion skills! Support artes like Insight have the added effect in raising the target character's critical gauge growth rate. After stunning a foe with a critical hit, use those second to attack with low-level A-Artes and restore CC. Accel Mode: Temporal Rift Cheria freezes time until her accel gauge runs out. This is a very helpful skill as it is enough to buy time to perform much needed healing, revival or just simply build combos and perform a Finality.

Malik Caesars

Age: 40 Weight: 76 kg / 168 lbs Height: 186 cm / 6'1" Weapon: Bladerang At first glance, you can easily mistake Malik to be a melee character. His signature weapon, the bladerang is a long-range weapon that can be thrown to foes. He's also a very potent offensive spellcaster and very effective crowd-control artes even at long distances. His strength lies in attacking with his bladerang and casting a spell while the weapon is in mid-flight. However, he's not much good when surrounded by hordes of enemies. Effectively controlling Malik may be a bit challenging for starters. You must master his positioning while his bladerang is in the air. You may need to cancel a combo or follow an A-Arte with a B-Arte to eliminate openings for the enemy when the bladerang comes back. It's also possible for Malik to follow up a B-Arte with an A-Arte. It's also possible to attack the moment the weapon returns to Malik's hand. Quick-step to shorten the pause that occurs when he catches the weapon, then press Circle to immediately throw it again. Accel Mode: Harsh Lesson Malik unleashes a flurry of kicks followed by a punch until his gauge is depleted. It's useful to use if an enemy is approaching you while casting or if you want to land a finishing blow to a critically injured enemy. While casting, entering Accel Mode will cause the arte to launch instantly.


Age: 22 Weight: 45 kg / 99 lbs Height: 155 cm / 5'1" Weapon: Shotstaff Pascal is another offensive spellcaster in the party, capable of unleashing very effective offensive spells. The only problem is that most of Pascal's Burst artes are short-ranged with medium-large area of effect. This makes her vulnerable against enemy attacks and interruption. However, Pascal's shotstaff allows her to safely deal physical damage at long range since it acts as a rifle. With long-distance A-Artes, and B-Artes that form cryas glyphs around her, Pascal's fighting style is considered as a high risk, high reward one. However, her artes are among the most powerful in the game so just move in, cast and pray that the enemies don't target her while casting. Once Pascal has learned a particular skill, you can press and hold X while casting an arte to initiate a blue charge. While in this state, press Circle to use a high-rank arte in place of the original one. It can be quite useful as the casting time for the new arte will be decreased by the amount if time spent casting the old one. One useful strategy for Pascal is to unleash a long-range shotstaff arte, then forward-Steps toward the enemy and fire off a glyph arte. Keep in mind that quick-stepping during an attack can increase the amount of time an enemy is staggered (not just for Pascal; this applies to everybody else as well) so try and use this to your advantage Accel Mode: Runic Shield Any party member inside the range of Pascal's cryas glyphs can guard against all attacks while making their own attacks unblockable.


Age: 12 (child) / 19 (adult) Weight: 67 kg / 148 lbs Height: 178 cm / 5'10" Weapon: Rapier Richard can only be played as party member in the Future Arc (Lineage and Legacies) portion of the game. He uses a Rapier as his choice of weapon and he can deliver fast, deadly attacks with average crowd control. He also has a good balance of thrust assault artes and darkness-based burst artes. Accel Mode: Arcane Vigor While in Accel Mode, the casting time for all Richard's B-Artes are reduced by half. He also recovers CC after each attack, opening up various combo possibilities. Back

Walkthrough: Childhood Arc (Chapter 1)

Back You'll start the game with the young Asbel and Hubert in your party. You can check the menus if you want. If you need further clarifications, you can consult this guide's Basics section. Start by moving forth and check the chest to the left for Apple Gel x3. Continue along the path and you'll find a well nearby. Approach it for a skit (Wellspring of Deceit) You can also examine the wellspring to fully recover your HP.

Continue to the right to find another chest containing a Glassphere. Go up the path to find a savepoint. There's a chest hidden behind a bush to its right containing a Life Bottle. Save the game then continue up to the next area for a scene.

Once in control, leave the meadow and save your game. You'll also have the chance to trigger a skit (Rebel without a Cause). Leave the area when you're ready. North Lhant Highroad You have to return to Lhant by heading east. (Press L1 to display the markers). Lhant is just a few steps to the east but before going there, head west a bit and check out the shining object on the grass along the road past the guards. You'll find similar shining objects along the roads and picking them up yields random items, even Carta Cards. (These are used in a mini-game later in the game) There's another Glassphere inside the chest further up the road. That's all you can do for now since the path further ahead is blocked. Backtrack a bit then continue heading east to reach Lhant. You'll finally see a savepoint just outside the town. Go there to trigger a skit (Seek the Sparkles). Enter the town when ready.

Lhant You need to head to the manor after the scenes. Before going there, you can do a few stuff in town first. Start by entering the house near the windmill. Talk to the old woman to get a Pickled Plum, talk to the dog to get an Apple Gel then examine the closet under the stairs to get Pork x2.

Exit the house then cross the bridge to the south to trigger a skit (Poor Choice of Words). Talk to the guard in the northeastern road after crossing the bridge. He'll give a quiz to you. The answers are Wolf Pup, Wooly Boar and Giant Bee. You'll receive 100 gald for getting the questions right. You can purchase a Manual Manual key item from the item shop for 500g which will enable you to set your battle actions to Manual.

Once done, head to the manor to continue with the story. After that, enter the manor and go to the savepoint for a skit. (Family Ties) Save your game then head to the second floor bedroom to the right. There's a skit there as well (Rash Justice) and you can find an Enemy Book by checking the messy table to the far right of the room.

Talk to the townspeople to learn more about the foreigner staying in the cottage in West Lhant Hill. Backtrack to the guard who gave you the quiz earlier for a scene. You'll receive a Discovery Book from him. This item keeps track of all the Discoveries you'll find in your journey. There are 85 of these unique locations and points of interests around the world. Finding half and all of these will unlock new titles for a certain character later on. Some of these discoveries also yield material items which you can harvest over and over again, given ample time to replenish. Start by examining the apple tree behind the guard to receive some apples and record a new discovery. (No.1 Apple Trees). A skit will be available as well. (Fruit of Ignorance) Before leaving, head to the windmill to record another discovery. (No. 2 Lord Windegarde) Head out using the town's west gate once done.

West Lhant Road Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Boys and Boats) Save the game if you want then follow the road until you find an NPC staring at some large fruits. Examine it for a new discovery (No.4 Gel Seeds) and get some gel seeds. A skit will be playable as well (Not for Human Consumption). Loot the chest nearby for a Glassphere.

Continue along the road and you'll eventually meet a turtlez. You'll receive the Dualize Book and you'll have a tutorial on how to dualize stuff. For now, just combine an Apple with Gel Seed to create an Apple Gel. You can now also start dualizing some materials in your possession so you can sell them, as well as some ingredients to cook new dishes. The possible outcomes for each pair will be shown and any new items that you don't have in your possession will appear as green, making it easier for you to identify the combinations you haven't discovered yet. Head left a bit and you should be able to spot the cottage and a save point. Before entering, find the chest containing Rice x5 in the far left and a shining object nearby for some random item. Approach the beastmaster in front of the cottage for a scene. After the scene, approach the savepoint to trigger a skit. (Abracadabra) Return to town when ready and head to the manor.

Lhant After the scene, enter the manor and examine the family portrait in the middle of the stairs for a new discovery (03. Family Portrait) and a skit. (Age is Just a Number) Go to the study in the first floor next to find Aston, Asbel's father. Approach Lord Aston to continue with the story. Asbel will earn his Lord's Heir title after this event. Exit the manor for another scene. Sophie will get her Named After a Flower title this time. Now exit the town through the East Lhant Highroad.

East Lhant Highroad Go to the savepoint for a skit. (A Cheeky Retort) Walk a bit then take the small road down to the stream to find a chest with Apple Gel x2. Check the floating crystals in the water for another discovery (05. Cryas Shards) and skit afterward. (Little Treasures) Return to the main road and continue forth for a scene. Defeat the enemy to continue with the story. Once done, head back to town. You can trigger another skit on your way back. (A Wild Seed Takes Root)

Lhant Head to the manor and visit the bedroom for another skit (Chronic Uncertainty). Exit the manor then go to the right side of the manor for a scene. This should allow you to open the window there and continue with the story. Once done, exit the room and head outside the manor for another scene.

Exit the town and head to Lhant Hill. (Optional: You can take the west road and follow it all the way to the port to find some extra items) Lhant Hill Check the wellspring here for a new discovery (06. Spring of Healing). Save your game then head to the meadow to continue with the story. You'll be thrown in your first boss fight.

Boss: Bryce This battle shouldn't be that hard since Sophie has First Aid. However, don't just rely on it though. Use Apple Gels if necessary. Bryce hits hard and can easily decimate your if you're not careful. You don't have to fight him head on; just guard while he's attacking then counterattack. Keep doing this until he goes down.

Lhant Hill Cliffs After the event, Richard will join the party. A skit will be triggered shortly as well. (Face Time) Next, open the chest behind the rock to your right to obtain Pickled Plum x3. Continue up the ramp and press and hold X to walk in narrow ledges. If ever you start the fall, press circle quickly to regain your balance.

Cross the narrow ledge to the right to get some Life Bottles. Continue up to find an abandoned nest. Examine it to record a new discovery (07. Abandoned Nest) and another skit. (A Brother's Pride) Continue further up for a savepoint and save your game. Continue to the right and you'll fight two Bear Hellions. Just concentrate on one target a time to quickly dispose of them. Once done, you can watch another skit. (About Face) Open the chest to the far right to get a Glassphere then use the large root to climb up back up.

Lhant Hill Meadow / Lhant Hill After the event, Asbel, Richard and Sophie will each earn the Pact Maker title. Head back to the tree to trigger another skit (The Meaning of Friendship), another discovery (08. Friendship Tree) and another skit after recording the discovery. (The Facts on Pacts) Head back to then approach the spring for another skit (Fight or Fright). Recover your HP using it then make your way back to Lhant.

Lhant After the event, you'll receive Richard's Ring. Leave the room, save the game and leave the manor. You're off to the capital so take the East Lhant Highroad. East Lhant Highroad Approach the savepoint for another skit. (You Can't Force It) Continue heading east, past the bridge. Obtain a Glassphere to the southeast then continue following the road until you reach a cottage. Another scene will take place once you reach the open area. After the scene, approach the savepoint for another skit. (Weird is weird) Save your game if you want, then loot the chest inside the cottage to get 100 gald.

Follow the road until you reach some patch of grass downhill. There's a chest there you can loot for 300g. Take the narrow path downhill to find some cows. Examine the oblivious-looking cow for another discovery and receive Milk. (09. Windor Cows) A skit will be playable as well. (Stick and Moove) Continue along the path until you find a save point. Use it and enter the Port to Barona.

Port to Barona Before taking the boat to Barona, talk to the child beside the tables near the exit to receive Rice. Next, talk to the traveler beside the Turtlez transport to get Dried Seaweed. Go inside the only accessible house in the port and check the cabinets to get Lettuce x2 and Bread x2. Once done, talk to the captain to leave. Barona Exit the port and you'll meet with Cheria on the way. You need to go to the castle entrance but here's a few extra stuff you can do before going there: Talk to the old lady sitting on the bench to receive a Feather. Talk to the soldier at the end of the two stairs to receive a Tomato. Approach the savepoint inside the inn for a skit (Through the Ringer). Go to the inn's second floor, enter the unlocked room there. Examine the closet to get Dried Seaweed x3. Check the cabinets inside the residence on the way to the Royal Sanctuary (Castle District) to get Pie Sheets x2 and Egg x2

Once ready, head to the castle and talk to the guard. From there, take the stairs to the left to reach the valkines cryas. Approach it for a story event. After that, go back and examine it for a new discovery and skit. (10. Gloandi) (Everything Worth Knowing).

Head back to the inn and go to the savepoint to view two skits. (To Be a Knight / Pact Attack ) You can also head to the knight academy to meet Malik. Once done, head north and exit the city. North Barona Road Use the savepoint then check the dirt path to the left to find a chest containing a Glassphere. Continue along the path to find Beef x2 under the tree to the right.

Continue up the hill beside the Roadside Cottage to trigger the next scene. There's nothing to do inside the cottage so you can just ignore it. Head back to town for now. Barona Head to the inn to proceed with the story. Hubert will earn his Second-Born Son title afterward. Explore the town more if you want; otherwise, you can save your game and talk to the innkeeper to rest until nightfall. You can check out the closet in the next room to find some Rice. Exit the inn and head to the Royal Sanctuary. As soon as you approach it, the next story event will take place. Once in control, enter the crack to get inside the Sanctuary. Once inside, check out the stream of water for another discovery (11. Water of Absolution) and skit. (The Boy Who Knew Everything). You'll also obtain Water of Absolution x3. Enter using the secret entrance to the left.

Barona Catacombs Continue forth until reached a stone door along the way. A skit will be available there. (Revenge Will Be Mine). Next, head to the broken bridge and receive 500g.

Past the broken bridge is a path leading to a tunnel. You'll find Apple Gel x3 at the end of the path. Backtrack to the main path and you'll find another chest on the wooden ledge containing a Glassphere.

Continue along and you'll find two paths to the right. Take the upper one first past the stone door to find another chest containing a Life Bottle. Backtrack again to the main path and go to the savepoint for a skit (Sticky Situation) Continue forth to the next room for another scenes and a boss battle.

Boss: Monarch Bat Take out the smaller bats first then concentrate on the monarch bat afterward. Its attacks can paralyze you and it also has darkness-based attacks that can deal considerable damage. It will be a good idea to use quicksteps to attack it from the rear and behind. Sophie will be your only healer here but if things get hairy, don't hesitate to pop a few apple gels to keep your party alive.


Walkthrough: Adult Arc 1 (Chapter 2)

Back Orlen Woods After the scenes, you'll be thrown into a battle immediately. After the fight, Asbel will get his Nimble Fang Adept title. Save your game and walk a bit. Malik will then give you the eleth mixer. After the tutorial, Malik will join and get his Time Spender title. Approach the savepoint for a skit. (Walking the Point) Follow the path until you reach the first split in the road. Go north to find a chest containing 800 gald. Backtrack and continue east until you reach the turn in the road, beside a stream. There's a log to the lower right that you can cross. You'll find Life Bottle x2 there.

Continue following the path until you find a Wood Chunk along the way. Move along and you'll find another split in the road near a Turtlez merchant. Take the path north to find an Iron Tunic. Backtrack to the split and talk to the merchant to recharge your mixer and dualize some items if needed. Examine the nearby flock of butterflies for a new discovery (12. Morino Flowers) and a new skit (Flower Power). You'll also receive x3 Morino flowers. You can combine it with Water of Absolution to create Holy Water

Cross the bridge and take the path south first. You'll find Apple Gel x3. Push the nearby boulder to create a platform you can jump on. Backtrack to the main path then take the eastern path to find a Chipped Claw. Take the path to the left and follow it. Save your game along the way then proceed to the village. After the scene, Malik will temporarily leave the party. Head to the left side of the village to hear a noise, then go to the east to find a wolf. Follow it to the west again to engage it in battle. Boss: Nova Wolf In the first few seconds of the battle, your attacks will only deal 1 damage. Just keep guarding and evading until you'll get the ability to use Lightning Strike, after a scene. Set this as your arte then use it to break the Nova Barrier and finish off the wolf with your ordinary combos.

After defeating it, go to the save point for another skit (Hidden Talents). Save your game and backtrack to the exit. North Barona Road Walk a bit to receive the world map from Malik. Follow the road and you'll find Pork x2 near a knight. Talk to the turlez merchant nearby as well to learn more about stamps. Examine the sign board south of the turtlez for a new discovery (13. Tea Fields) and skit (That Little Something) You'll also receive some Tea Leaves. Follow the road then take the dirt path going south. You'll find Pasta x2 there.

Backtrack then continue to the left. A scene will trigger. After that scene, you can play another skit (Out of the Clouds). You can also find x3 Pie Sheets inside the Roadside Cottage. Continue down the road and loot the Apple Gel x2 to the right, under the tree. Head further down and then take the dirt path to the left again to find another chest. Return to the city afterward. Barona Once in town, check out the ice pop store to the right for a new discovery and skit (14. Ice Pops) (The Win Stick). Enter the residence to the right and talk to the mother to get some Pie Sheets. Check the cabinets for some eggs and more pie sheets. Exit the house and go further to the Royal Sanctuary. There's a cat here that you can feed fish. From hereon, feed any cat you come across as this will enable you to open up a secret town later on. Next, head to the valkines to the left of this district and check hidden chest to the right to get a Magic Carta No. 30.

Go to inn next and approach the save point for two new skits (Final Exam) and (Stamp Collector). You can also talk to the Innkeeper to find new requests. These are optional tasks that will reward you with SP bonuses and items or gald. You can refer to the Inn Requests section for more help in completing these requests. Check the room upstairs also to find Dried Seaweed x3 and Best Princess Stories from the closets.

Exit the inn and continue to the right to find the Knight Academy entrance. Examine the large statue for a new discovery (15. Headmaster's Bust). Enter the academy next. Talk to the cadet to get Rice Ball. Enter the room to the left and find an Ice Pop inside one of the wooden boxes there and the first password-protected chest in the game. Enter the password treasure to get an Elixir.

You can head to the dock and check the pile of crates to the right of the stairs. Pull the crates to open a path and access the chest containing an Hourglass from it. Continue to the docks and follow the long wooden walkway to find Pie Sheet x3.

Head to the bar next to proceed with the story. Before entering, look for a chest to its right side for a Mojikun Plushie. (This is the first of the several items needed for a sub-event later on) Enter the bar once done. After the scene, check the shining object in the lower right corner of the bar to get the request item: Royal Knight's Documents. Turn it over to the innkeeper to complete its corresponding request and earn bonus SP. Just make sure to equip low-level titles for your characters to maximize the SP gain. Once ready, head to the knight academy when ready and watch the following scenes. Once done exit the academy and take a ship back on your way to Lhant.

East Lhant Highroad After docking, exit the port and make your way back to Lhant. Just follow the road until you reach the open area. Defeat the monsters that ambushed you and Cheria will join the party afterward and earn her Radiant Healer title. Go to the savepoint for a skit (An Unseasonable Chill). Grab the Decaying Fang from the chest nearby some Bread inside the cottage.

Move along. Grab the chest near the bridge for some gald and find an Iron Scabbard inside the chest near the floating cryas near Lhant. Save the game and enter the town. Lhant After arriving in Lhant, you can check out the shops to upgrade Cheria's equipment if you want. You need to head to the Border Fortress next. You may also want to stop over the manor and check out the available requests you can complete at the moment. Enter the study and examine the middle bookshelf to receive the second Best Princess Stories book. Enter the password aston to obtain an All-Divide from the passwordprotected chest to the left.

Exit then head to the house beside the windmill. There's a chest outside containing a Nolo Plushie. Enter the house and check out the closet for some Pork. Climb up the windmill next to find a chest there. Open it for Magic Carta No.29. Once done, exit to the North Lhant Road.

North Lhant Road Follow the road until you find a chest containing a Pretty Ribbon. Continue and approach Lhant Hill to trigger a skit. (Frozen in Time). Since the border is to the far left, you can take a detour in Lhant Hill first for some extra items. The list of items you can find there are listed below: 180 Eleth (Mixer recharge) Nameless Seed Life Bottle x2 Poison Needle You can also descend to the cliffs by checking the friendship tree Poison Charm Panacea Bottle x2 Pretty Anklet Eleth Bottle C Once done, continue along the main road and get the 1000g from the chest before reaching the path uphill. Continue along the path and to trigger a fight against two Fendelian soldiers. Defeat them in battle. After that, you'll have to run away from the Fendelian war machine and lead it back to Lhant Hill meadows.

Once you reached the meadows, you'll have to fight the tank with Sophie. This battle shouldn't be that hard (except if you bought damage and critical boost upgrades from the Grade shop when you start New Game+) just make sure to attack the enemy from behind or from the rear. Its attacks pack a punch but you can rely on Cheria in keeping everybody alive. Be careful since when the enemy's HP is critically down, it will use its main cannons which can deal solid and heavy damage.

After the scene, Sophie will join and earn her Dead Ringer title. Exit then go to the savepoint for a skit. (Sophie's Sacrifice) Make your way back to Lhant next.

Lhant Upon arriving, Cheria will leave the party temporarily. Head to the manor next. After the scene, pick up the request item Assorted Flowers from the flower bed to the left. Complete the remaining requests available then head to the 2nd floor bedroom. After that, head to the 1st floor study. After the scene, Cheria will join again. Make your preparations then head out.

North Lhant Road Walk all the way back to the fortress and a scene will trigger once you reach the fork in the road. Continue to the seaside cavern and grab the Life Bottle x2 by the shore before entering. There's also turtlez merchant nearby. Seaside Cavern Grab the 1500 gald from the chest near the entrance. Further ahead are apple gels from behind the rock. Continue forth until you can jump in the water. After the scene, another skit will be available. (Diving In) Before moving on, take the path to the left and you'll find two chests in the far side of the cavern. Obtain Syrup Bottle x2 and Eleth Bottle C. In the same area before going up the ramp again, walk to the right side of the path, near the water. Jump in the water when you get the prompt to access another hidden cavern with a chest containing a Steel Scabbard.

After getting the items, continue along the pathway and grab the Life Bottle x3 from behind a rock pillar to the right. Continue to the end and dive in the water again. In the second corridor, continue along and grab the 1125 gald. Dive in the water again at the end of the path. There will be two paths here; one is straight up and the second one is to the left. Take the left one first to find two chests and a discovery (16. Glintsoul Colony) A skit can be played after recording the discovery (Remembering the Past) Next, grab the 210 eleth and Dark Bottle x2 from the chests.

Backtrack to the main path then continue with the straight path. Before diving in, grab the Holy Bottle x2 to the left. Continue to the next area. You'll get another skit as soon as you get out of the water. (Enough with the Water) Continue to the open area and grab the Mastery Tonic C from the underwater chest to the left. Next, check the large aquatic plant nearby for another discovery (No.17 Deathglow Algae). You'll also harvest Deathglow Algae x3 as well. Walk a bit for another skit (Just a Bite). Dive in the water again to the next area. Continue forth and you'll be in another boss battle.

Boss: Queen Slime The Queen Slime will summon a couple of lesser slimes from time to time. They can be bothersome since they can keep interrupting your healing artes and combos. The Queen Slime's attacks can push out your melee attackers while dealing damage, making it more annoying in the long run. Aside from that, Cheria will do a great job keeping you healed up and Sophie can work both as a healer and attacker.

After the battle, continue up to the exit. A skit will be available on your way out. (The Only One) Exit once done.


Walkthrough: Adult Arc 2 (Chapter 3)

Back North Lhant Road Once outside, check the seashore to the right to find a chest containing 720g. Follow the road and continue up to find the enemy encampment. Before returning to Lhant, check the new discovery to the left (No. 18 Vestiges of War) and a Fur from the chest. A skit will be available as well. (A Hopeless Cause) Head back to Lhant. You should also find a chest with a Shattered Bone inside along the way.

Lhant After reaching the town, you'll be thrown in a fight against a few Fendelian riflemen. You'll have to fight alongside Hubert and defeat them all. After the scenes, you'll be back in the manor. You can talk to the maid and complete some requests if you want to. Head to the study and fight Hubert. This battle is unwinnable so just let him beat the crap out of you to proceed with the story. Watch the following scenes.

East Lhant Highroad Once in control, Sophie will join the party. Now follow the road east and make your way to Barona. On your way to the open area with the cottage, more story scenes will take place. After the events, make your way to the port then catch a ferry to Barona. Barona Try going to the castle only to be stopped by the same guys. You'll have to search the town for Richard. You can also head to the inn to save and complete some requests to earn some extra SP and gald. Talk to the knight near the town's valkines cryas to receive an Exceed Shard. Once done, head to the Sanctuary and sneak inside. Enter the secret passageway you took before. Barona Catacombs As soon as you enter the area, a skit will be available (Where All Was Lost). Follow the straighforward path until you find Richard. Defeat the two enemies to continue with the story. Richard will join shortly after the battle, and earn the Long-Lost Friend and Benevolent Prince titles.

Continue until you've reached the stone door. A skit will be triggered once you get near it (Sweet Revenge). You can't go further so push the stone door back and continue following the path until you find a new discovery in your book (No.19 Massive Skeleton) and a skit (Time and Tide) Move along until you reach the exit.

South Barona Highroad Grab the Red Ribbon nearby then save your game. Take the road north leading back Barona first to find a new discovery (No.20 Puffpetal Down). A skit will become available as well (A Place to Belong). There's also a chest beside the savepoint to the far north of the road. Backtrack to the cottage once done. After a short scene, more enemies will appear. Just take them all out like usual. You need to walk towards Gralesyde but before leaving, check the cottage for another skit (Class Dismissed). There's also a turtlez merchant and a Paralysis Charm from the chest beside the cottage. You'll get some pasta from the chest inside the cottage. Utilize the merchant's services then head towards Gralesyde.

Continue following the road until you reach the end of the path. You'll meet Pascal here for the first time. Before taking the narrow dirt road, open the chest nearby for a Rusted Nail. Continue down the path for another event. Pascal will join the party afterward. There's a chest nearby with some gald and another skit as well. (Bilateral Alliance) Activate the warp to enter the ruins.

Wallbridge Ruins After the scenes, Pascal will earn her Ruins Spelunker title. Follow the straightforward path and use the floating stones until you reach a green stone which leads you down. Don't go to the left first; instead, ride the stone to the right so it bumps the orange stone up. Ride the green stone back up then backtrack to the platform where there is a gap with an orange stone. You should be able to reach two chests containing Scarlet Aroma and 255 eleth units.

Return to the lower level and save your game. Head to the left and you'll be thrown in a boss battle after the scenes. Boss: Mercurius This boss hits hard and can petrify several characters at once by its AoE attack. Unfortunately, even Pascal needs to get into medium range for some of her artes to hit the target. The best practice is to move away as soon as you see it charging and an aura appears under the boss. Set Sophie's strategy to heal when someone's HP goes below 75% since her healing artes won't fully recover an ally's HP. Always use Panacea bottles whenever you have the chance and attack this enemy from the rear. Like before, don't hesitate to use gels and life bottles when needed.

After the scenes, Sophie will earn her In the Flesh title. Examine the panel for a new discovery as well. (No. 21 Projection Device) and skit (Takes One to Know One). After that, save the game once more and proceed to the left to find a stone which you can take to go up one level.

Ride the stone to the left (south) to find a Hyperdense Crystal. Ride the next stone so it hits a purple stone. Go back and ride the next stone east. Ride the next stone south as it is stopped by the purple stone you pushed earlier.

Follow the straightforward path and grab the Floral Anklet along the way. Ride the stone to the next platform, where you'll find two green stones. Ride the one to the left first (south) to find the Book of Maintenance. Return to the previous platform and descend using the stone to the right (north) this time. Follow the path until you find a Steel Tunic along the way. Head to the next platform and find two more blue stones. Ride the one far down (east) until it hits an orange stone. Ride the other stone next then use the green ascending stone in the next platform.

In the next platform, grab the Life Bottle x3 then continue down (east) to descend. Follow the path until you encounter a large, floating boulder in the corner. Examine it for a new discovery and skit. (No. 22 Silent Stone) (Gut Archaelogy)

Continue until you find the second savepoint in this dungeon and use the stone to ascend. The next platform should have the Gralesyde Highroad warp to the left. Before taking that, ride the stone to the right first to explore the area more. In the next platform, you'll see a couple of blue stones going up (west) and right (north). Ride the one to the right first then take the upper right stone. There will be another pair of stones going up (west) Ride the one to the right so it bumps the purple stone along the way. Take the next stone this time and move along so you can reach the platform with the chest on it. Loot the Panacea Bottle x2 from it.

Follow the path until you reach another platform to the right with a chest containing a Burn Charm. You can now backtrack to the exit to Gralesyde.

Gralesyde Highroad Continue down the road and use the savepoint if you want. Continue forth for a scene. After that, follow the road until you find a patch of potato plants with a signboard. Approach it for a skit (Settling for Number Two) Examine it for a new discovery and skit. (No. 23 Potatoes) (Risk Management) You can also harvest potatoes here. Don't forget to loot the gald from the chest nearby.

Keep heading west until you find a split in the road. Continue to the left first to find a Moist Crystal. Return to the fork and go to the right. Continue up the grassland to find Peach Gel x2 from the chest near the edge. Proceed to the town and enter to continue with the story.

Gralesyde Enter the storehouse to the left of the townsquare to find a Magic Carta No. 31. Head first to the inn to start / complete some requests. A skit will be available by going to the savepoint. (Who You Are) There's also a wooden box in the inn's rear entrance that has another Best Princess Stories book. (Third you have found so far) You can also complete two, high-SP yield requests available at the moment by exiting the town west. This is entirely optional so its up to you to do it now or do it later. Old Grale Highroad Continue along the road and grab the 1500 gald. Follow the road until it turns northward. You'll also find an Overgrown Crystal under the tree to the left. Continue up the road and you'll find a bandit standing in the middle of the road. Keep talking to him to instigate a fight. Defeat them all and return to the innkeeper later to get your reward. After the battle, Pascal will earn her Wind Summoner title.

Continue further up to find a carrot patch. Check it for a new discovery (No.26 Carrots ) and skit (Weird Science) Continue forth and you'll a Mariner's Musk. There's another chest further north containing a Slow Charm. Heading further north will lead you back to the East Lhant Highroad, just a short walk away from Lhant. However, you can't enter it for now so just ignore it for now. Return back to the town.

Gralesyde Check the alley behind the inn for a new discovery and skit. (No. 24 Bells of Glory) (That Would Explain a Lot). After that, take the main road going north of the town towards the manor. Before leaving the current area, turn left at the red signpost to find a secret chest containing an Imp Plushie. The young man here will sell you the Book of Dissolution for 50000. Turn him down to bring down the book's price to 3000 gald.

Continue to the manor and enter it to continue with the story. After the scenes, Asbel will earn the Sword of the King title. Before leaving, you can backtrack to the manor then go upstairs to find a password-protected chest near the secretary. Enter the number 4 to get the Book of Wealth. Return to the first floor and leave through exit to the right. Follow the path a maid looking out to the sea. Talk to her to receive the Magic Carta No. 22, 23, 26 and 27 cards.

Continue following the path and examine the floating bottle in the seashore for a new discovery and skit. (No. 25 Message in a Bottle) (Jealous Much?) Return to the town square and head to the right first for a short detour to the Gralesyde Port.

Gralesyde Port You can find a cat in the eastern side of the port. Feed it as well. There's also a chest containing some Pasta beside the lamp post to the right. Once ready, exit the town and return to the Wallbridge Ruins. Wallbridge Ruins Once you're inside, a skit will be available. (Touching the Head) Ride the blue stone to the right then ride another one heading up (west). Another skit will be available. (Inside the Ruins) Finally, take the green stone to ascend and you should be able to find the portal leading to Wallbridge.

Wallbridge Save your game then exit. Continue to the next room and grab the Elven Cloak there. Climb up the ladder in the middle. Ignore the second floor for now and continue to the third floor. Descend there (since the top floor is a dead end) and exit through the northern door first. Defeat the guard outside and enter the next tower. Use the stairs to go down to the bottom floor. Activate the lever to raise the bridge then exit through the door north. Enter the next tower (Perimeter Tower NW B1) to find a large barrel. Examine it for a new new discovery and skit. (No.27 300 Year-Old Barrel) (Windor Rising). Climb the ladder to the top then enter the Main Tower NE to the east.

Continue to the bottom to find a turtlez and 285 units of eleth. Continuing to the Perimeter Tower NE will lead you to a Book of Talent and an alternate mechanism for the north gate. Exit to the top and head to Perimeter Tower NW and loot the Darkshine Crystal to the right.

Head to the Central Tower, just outside Main Tower NE and Main Tower SE. Enter it for scene. After the scene, Richard will get his Belligerent Prince title. Get the Titanium Scabbard beside the stairs. Exit the tower then seek the last second levers for the southern gate. One is located in the lowest level of Main Tower SE while the other is in Perimeter Tower SW. You'll also get Apple Gel x4 in Perimeter Tower SE B1.

After raising the bridge on the southern gate, watch the following scenes. Exit the room and you'll encounter Malik. A boss battle will unsue afterward. Boss: Malik Malik's an annoying enemy since his bladerang and offensive artes can strike characters at long distances. His bladerang can also deal damage as it returns to him after being thrown. Aside from that, his artes are quick to cast and can be pretty damaging. His attacks can also cause Burn status ailments. Have Sophie assist in healing as well while your other team mates take out the minions first before fully focus-firing on Malik. After losing his men, Malik will have a hard time casting again so use this opportunity to keep closing the distance and defeat him with combos.

Once done, you'll have to look for Cheria. Enter any of the Main Towers and exit in the ground level. You should find Cheria healing the wounded. Head to the left of the crowd to find a turtlez merchant and some gald. Enter one of the main towers to the east then go to the central tower afterward. In the central tower, approach the two guards for a skit (The Price of Violence) Continue to the rooftop to find Richard. Approach him to proceed with the story. Cheria will now join your party. Exit Wallbridge to the north. South Barona Highroad You need to make your way back to Barona. As soon as you exit Wallbridge, a skit will be available (Hard to Justify) Move forth and talk to the soldier along the way to receive Peach Gel x3. Upon reaching the cottage, talk to the soldiers again to receive various recovery items. A skit will become available as well. (Going Commando?) After talking to the soldiers, head to the savepoint for another skit (A Seven-Year Blur) Continue to the Barona Catacombs next. Barona Catacombs Backtrack till you get out of the stone door. Continue forth deeper in the dungeon. Grab the Book of Perfection from the chest on the broken bridge. Continue forth and take the lower path to get Cored Dust and Mysterious Liquid. Backtrack to the main path and pick up the Panacea Bottle x2 along the way. Continue until you reach another split in the path. Take the upper path to find another stone door and find a chest with 240 eleth units in the far right. The second stone door is nothing of interest except that its leading to the same corridor.

Before reaching the next savepoint outside the castle's secret entrance, there's another stone door to the right that you can push open. Enter it to find new discovery inside and play a new skit. (No. 28 Graves of the Unsung) (Burial Plans). Grab the gald from the chest nearby. Continue to the castle once done.

Barona Castle Secret Passage Richard will join the party as a reserve after the scene. Climb the stairs up north to get Peach Gel x2 in the next room. Return to the starting point then continue to the right. Remove the block away and continue moving the blocks to create walkways as you move from floor to floor. Take the stairs north to find a Mastery Tonic C. Backtrack then head left to find a new discovery there and play a new skit. (No. 29 Twin Vases). (Separate Worlds)

Proceed to the left further to find a savepoint. Head south of it first then arrange the blocks, then go south to find a Wriggler Crystal. Go back to the previous room then continue north again. Head left and arrange the blocks again to find Book of Suppression. Backtrack to the savepoint and enter the castle interior. Barona Castle Interior There's a turtlez merchant here so restock, dualize or sell items if you need to. Start by going to the right then go north up the corridor. At the end, enter the room to the left to find a chest with Life Bottle x3. (The blocked path to the left will be unlocked later.) Backtrack a bit then take the bottom right path this time. Continue to the right until you reach a corridor going south. Go down then take the corridor to the right again to find a Rune Tunic. Proceed to the far left this time to find a savepoint. Check the painting on the wall north of the savepoint for a new discovery and skit. (No. 30 First Flag) Continue to the left and defeat two more enemy groups. Heal up then approach Major Victoria up ahead.

Boss: Victoria This is a bit challenging battle especially that she can initiate eleth breaks frequently and perform Mystic Artes as well. It is a good idea to change Cheria's strategy to heal frequently, as Victoria hits hard per strike and can land quick, devastating blows in a combo. Her spear also gives her a wide-arc of attack, capable of hitting multiple characters in front of her. Sophie can provide backup healing but she can be more efficient offensively in this battle. Keep Cheria away from battle as her party-based healing artes take a while to cast.

After defeating Victoria, return to the save point, heal up and save your game. Go past Victoria and head right to find the same turtlez merchant earlier if you need his services. Otherwise, continue to the left this time and follow the corridor. Enter the third room to find 315 eleth units. Continue further to the left and you'll find another save point. Go near it for a skit. (Slay the Usurper) Prepare your party, save the game then continue upstairs. Boss: Cedric Cedric's attacks are a combination of fire and lightning which can occasionally cause paralysis or burn status ailments. He prefers close range combat since his attacks have a wide arc and can damage multiple characters at once. Like the previous battle, set Cheria to heal as often as possible (somebody's health goes below 50%) Cedric has a bad habit of targeting Cheria often and interrupt her healing so do your best to attack him and get his attention. Provide backup healing with Sophie and with some consumables as necessary. Sophie's fast combos and Pascal's damaging mid-ranged spells will really help in keeping Cedric's attention off Cheria. Avoid attacking him head on; if a character is already engaged in front of him, quickstep and attack to the rear to avoid getting splash-damaged. Be careful also when this boss goes on eleth break as he can also execute a devastating Mystic Arte.

After the scene, go to the throne room then return to your team members after talking to Richard. Malik will also join the party at this point. He will also gain his Prisoner of War and Dismissed Captain titles. To exit the castle, return to the throne room entrance. Go near the save point for a skit (A Touching Moment) Head to the Inn first to find new requests. Approach the savepoint for another skit as well. (Eye to Eye) You can now head to the port and travel back to Lhant. Lhant Enter the town through the canal. Head to the manor and save your game. Head to the study next then go outside after the conversation. You'll be facing Richard afterward. Boss: Richard Richard will raise his Nova Barrier so immediately use nova-based artes to nullify it. Keep him away from Sophie as she will do a great job in keeping the party alive, especially if her healing artes are upgraded at this point. Though Hubert can also provide backup healing, I suggest keeping him in the offensive most of the time as the balance in dealing damage is practically affected. Don't forget to manually use items as well as necessary. Richard has a variety of mid-level, AOE attacks so it will be a good idea to evade often and try to attack him from the side or rear, to prevent unnecessary damage and to earn CC at the same time. Furthermore, be careful when Richard goes on eleth break as he will surely follow up with a devastating Mystic Arte.


Walkthrough: Adult Arc 3 (Chapter 4)

Back North Lhant Road Sophie will earn her One and the Same title after the scenes. Follow the road heading to Lhant and you'll find a Watermelon attachment along the way. (Equip it in the Status menu) Head to Lhant Hill first and go to the flower meadow for a short conversation. Make your way back to Lhant. Lhant Head to the manor and talk to Hubert in the study. Asbel will earn his Brother's Keeper title afterward. Leave the mansion then head to the plaza to meet up with your other party members. Cross the bridge south of town to trigger a skit. (A Name to be Feared) Continue to the west road.

West Lhant Road Go near the savepoint for a skit. (A Name to be Treasured). Head up to the tree and grab the Scale from the chest there. Continue along the road until you reached the cottage. Defeat the beasts to rescue Cheria. She will also get her An Old Friend Returned title while Pascal will get her Adolescent Girl title. Cheria will rejoin the party as well. Before heading back, you can check the cottage for some Rice. Approach the savepoint for a new skit as well . (Like Old Times) Look for the chest by the seashore to get some gald and Peach Gel x2 under a tree south of the cottage. Now you have to return to Lhant. Lhant Return to the manor and head to the 1 st floor guest chambers. Before leaving, go upstairs to the second floor to find a event star. This will trigger a short scene between Lady Kerri and Hubert. Approach the savepoint for a skit (Lucky You). You'll have to go to the West Lhant Road but before leaving, visit Cheria's home to find another event star. This sub-event opens up the chance for Sophie to plant whatever seeds you'll find from hereon. Continue checking it so she can plant the seeds you have collected so far.

Head to the Lhant Hill Meadow as well as a short detour. Examine the event star by the friendship tree to find a letter. After getting the letter, Cheria will also get her Sympathetic Soul title. This is a request item so talk to the maid in the Lhant Manor when you go back to turn over the item and get your reward. Proceed to the West Lhant Road next . West Lhant Road Keep following the path until you reach the port. A scene will take place and you can find a Seashell along the way as well. Enter to the port, then go to the savepoint for a skit. (What Real Women Eat) Now board the boat when ready. Oul Raye Malik will earn his Erudite Fellow title after the conversation. Talk to the bullied turtlez tot and agree to help. You'll receive a Turtlez Tot Note containing some coordinates. (X:366, Y:172) (These coordinates are of no use at this point so just don't worry about it for now) Next, head inside the cottage to find a chest containing some rice, and another cat which you can feed with fish. Continue to the left to find a Magic Carta No.32 beside the turtlez transport.

Continue to the left and talk to the man sitting near the inn to receive some onions. Go to the savepoint for a skit (Never Surrender). You can check out some new requests by talking to the innkeeper outside as well. Open the password-protected chest to the left of the savepoint using the password turtlez to get the Book of Sustenance. Go downstairs to the left and before the exit you'll find a new discovery and play a new skit. (No. 31 Stone of Truth). (The Sweet Taste of Deceit). You can also harvest Truth Salts from it. Exit the town once ready.

Strahta Craglands Go to the savepoint for a skit (What's a Rockgagong?) Keep heading west (don't wander off to the Uncharted Sandstretch as the enemies there will instantly destroy you) then collect some gald by the cactus, right after your pass the fork in the path. Keep heading west and you'll find a group of giant cacti with two people nearby. Check it out for a new discovery. (No.32 Strahtan Cacti) and play a new skit. (Survival Skills) You can also collect Strahtan Cacti from it.

Continue to the left to find a Pretty Scarf. Talk to the scholar ahead as well to receive the request item: Book of Rare Creatures. These two items can be turned over to the innkeeper in Oul Raye to complete their corresponding requests.

Keep going west until you find a Soaring Crystal from a chest. Continue forth and you'll spot a cacti with a chest beside it. Loot the Titanium Anklet from it. Continue moving until you reach the next town.

Sable Izolle Cross the bridge and talk to the scholar behind the house for Spice Set x3. Speak with the Carter in the middle to know more about Magic Carta. It is a mini-game where you need to select the correct card where the recited quote came from before your opponent does. Since the cards used in the game depends on the Carta cards in your possession, it will be worth reviewing the carta cards you have. If you managed to win without letting the Carter score, you'll win an item and additional titles per difficulty level. The difficulty will increase as your card collection increases. For now, you can win Asbel's Dark Enforcer title with a flawless victory (easy difficulty).

Cross the bridge to the left and you'll find a password-protected chest up the ramp in the other side. Use the password rockgagong to obtain the Book of Restraint. Continue in front of the research tower for a scene. Go to the savepoint afterward for a skit (The Spice of Life) Talk to the kid to the right of the savepoint to obtain Magic Carta No. 16 and 19 cards. Check the large book in between the kid and the savepoint for a new discovery and skit. (No. 33 Daunting Book) (Handle with Care) You can harvest Torn Pages from this book from hereon. There's also a cat you can feed to the left.

Enter the research tower and examine the event star in the middle for a short scene. Pascal will get her Water Summoner title after this. Once done, check the machine to the left for a new discovery. (No. 34 Somnosphere) and play a new skit as well. (The Eye of Snorin') Exit the tower.

Continue to the left and talk to the chef. You can trade a potato, carrot and onion to get a veggie set. Check the ramp to the right to find the Magic Carta No. 33. There's also an inn to the left where you can check out new requests. Once done, exit the town. Strahta Desert East Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Longin' for a Gagongin') Continue along the desert until you find a desert cottage. There's some Cheese you can loot inside and a turtlez outside. From the cottage, head north to find a chest to the right in between a rock and cactus. Open it to get Spice Set x2. To the west of the desert cottage is a chest containing Eleth Bottle C behind some cacti, near some ruins. Head to the open area for a scene.

Inside the Rockgagong Go to the savepoint for a skit. (All Roads Lead to WHERE?) Be careful when stepping on the violet liquid as it will continuously damage your party as long as you stand on it. Continue to the left to fight the Visceral Parasites. Before going to the house in the middle, hop on the stones to the left until you find the head of a statue. Examine it for a new discovery and skit. (No. 35 Golden Smile) (T.M.I)

Backtrack then head towards the house in the center. Go to the nearby savepoint for another skit (That House Over There) and a chest with two Life Bottles. Go past that chest to find a thin strip of land leading to another chest with a Fangtear Crystal. After getting the nearby loots, enter the house and search the left side for the Rockgagong Flute. After the conversation, a turtlez merchant will be available to the right and will offer inn and shop services. Hop on the stones northwest of the house to get to the next dry land. Keep going left until you reach a lone chest containing a Book of Preemption. Backtrack then continue north. Go westward to find another one of the parasites. Defeat it then backtrack and head east this time.

Once you've reached the second savepoint, head north a bit then defeat another parasite. Go to the savepoint for a skit (The Same Frequency) Hop on the stones to the right and check the giant green ball for a new discovery (No. 36 Enormous Egg) and skit. (Egging Her On) Backtrack to the then go down. You'll find another set of stones. Hop on these until another parasite ambushes you. Defeat it to continue. Go to the left then head south. You should be able to cross the shallow portion of the fluid that leads to a Blue Ribbon. Backtrack a bit then go to the left to find yet another parasite. Defeat it and grab the 405 units of eleth nearby. Backtrack then head east this time. You should find a lone chest there containing three Peach Gels.

Backtrack again and you should be able to hop on some rocks to return to the house. Heal up, restock and save if you want. Go back to the second savepoint and you should be able to hop on the stones to reach the next area. You'll have the face the boss next. Boss: Entrails Parasite There is nothing special about this boss except that it will divide to five smaller parasites once its HP is down considerably. Concentrate on one target at a time and use AOE attacks to get rid of them quickly as they can. Its attacks aren't that dangerous in its initial form and quite easy to dodge. Simply use quicksteps to stagger it with critical hits and combos.

You'll be thrown outside after the battle. From hereon, you can summon the Rockgagong to enter the dungeon again or to challenge it. The latter option is not advisable at this point, unless you're pretty confident about your party's stats and level. Strahta Desert East Return to the desert cottage for a new skit (Just a Tourist?) Continue heading west, past the savepoint and you'll find Veggie Set x2 beside a cactus. Head north to find Syrup Bottle x2. From there, go to the left to find some gald. Backtrack south then continue west this time. Grab the Blazing Crystal from the chest behind the Strahtan soldier. Check the banana tree beside the soldier for a new discovery and skit. (No.37 Desert Bananas) (Private Lessons) Continue further and you'll finally reach the capital.

Yu Liberte You need to head to the presidential palace to continue with the story. Before that, there's a lot of stuff to do here. These items are optional so take them in any order you please. Head to the commercial district then continue to the far left to find the city's inn. Check the snowman to the left of the inn near the entrance for a new discovery and skit. (No. 39 No-Sweat Snowman) (Climate Controlled) You can check out new requests as well here as well. In the commercial district as well, there's a flight of stairs between the equipment and item shops. There's a hidden space to the left of the stairs where you can go through and reach the chest on the other side containing a Magic Carta No. 34.

Head to the residential district next and go to the right side to find the Oswell Manor. Outside, there's some seeds in the planter so grab it first before entering the manor. Check the shining object on the table to get the Water Googles attachment. Exit the manor afterward. In the same area, enter the White Wine Estate to the left side. Obtain Cheese x3 from the drawer and feed the cat by the stairs. Next, enter the Red Wine Estate and grab some onions from the drawer near the door. Talk to the maid to get some Cheese.

Head north to the governmental district then go east to reach the city's northern gate. Head right to find a turtlez merchant then go south to reach the small dock. There's a chest there containing a Ba'ul Plushie. Don't mind the West Gate for now so just continue north to the presidential palace. A skit will be available by passing under the overhead fountain. (Leadership Qualities) Walk a bit until you can record it is a new discovery. (No.38 Great Fountain) Another skit will be playable after the discovery. (Fountains of the World, Part I)

Head to the palace and approach the guard. Enter the presidential room once ready. After talking to the president, examine the password-protected chest behind the board and enter duplemar to get the Book of Restriction. Exit the room to meet up with the others. After the scene, a skit will be available. (Big Trouble for Little Brother) Leave the palace then head south for a scene. Continue to the residential district next. You'll find some people talking in the middle of the street. Hear their complaints then enter the Oswell manor to watch a minor event. Once done, head to the commercial district this time. You'll find more people talking as well. After listening to their conversation, go back to the governmental district and you should find two NPCs talking in the middle. (If they're not present, exit to the residential district then come back again.) Once they mention something about the west gate, head there for a scene. After the scene you'll receive Pascal's Diagram. Bring the diagram to the president. Before leaving the inn, you can play another skit. (Drawn Together) Finally, you'll receive an ID Card after talking to the president. Exit the room to regroup with your team. Leave through the west gate when ready. Strahta Desert West There's a skit by the savepoint(No Sweat). The path here is straightforward so you don't have to worry about getting lost. Start by following the walls north and you'll find a chest to the far left containing some gald. After getting this chest, continue head west while following the wall to find a Silver Scabbard beside the cactus. Continue along until you find a turtlez and some weild looking statues. Check those out for a new discovery and skit. (No. 40 Sand People) (No Words) Move along until you reach a savepoint. Keep heading south to find an Orange Ribbon.

Continue forth and once you reach a split in the path, follow the upper one. Grab the Stone Charm beside a pillar. Head down (southeast) to find a Bluster Crystal beside the sand wall. Continue west and some pillars will start appearing from the ground annoyingly hindering you. Just continue and walk around them. Grab the Upper Quarry Stone falong the way and a Core Fragment to the south. Move along until you reach a savepoint. Enter the ruins once done saving.

Strahta Desert Ruins After the scene you can play the skit Full Steam Ahead. Head to the right then up to find the first set of colored blocks. Step on the yellow block first, then blue. A skit will be playable afterward. (Step by Step) Continue past the puzzle then go downstairs east. Grab the Red Scarf along the way then continue further to the right to find a Freeze Charm. Go downstairs to the right next since the left one is broken. You can find a Possessed Crystal to the left as well.

Continue to the left and you'll find another puzzle. Step on the yellow, red and blue blocks to proceed. Before crossing the bridge with torches, check the leftmost torch for a discovery and a new skit (No. 41 Ancient Embers) (A Serious Matter). You'll also be able to harvest Torchflame from it.

Continue to find yet another puzzle to the left. Step on the red, blue, and yellow blocks to solve it. Grab the Battle Tunic from the chest afterward.The chests further left are inaccessible at the moment so take the stairs north for now. Step on the red, blue, yellow blocks to solve the last puzzle of the dungeon. Continue to the right and loot the chest along the way before reaching the savepoint. Approach the savepoint for a skit (Scene Stealer) then save your game. Head to the valkines to proceed with the story.

Boss: Dispater x2 It will be a challenge for some of your fighter's combos to hit or connect since these enemies are flying. Compensate by using Attack and Burst artes in tandem, especially if this will stop them on their tracks. These two enemies are also notorious for primarily targeting your healers and spellcasters. Concentrate on one target for the first few minutes of the battle. Setting your strategy to have your teammates attack the leader's target will make it easier for you to focus your attack on one target at a time. Later in the battle, they'll be using a very wide AOE attack, as well as some mid-range, mediumsized AOEs. Your healer(s) will be smart enough to move away from danger but you still need to prioritize keeping them alive using recovery items. If Cheria's healing artes are upgraded and she has the benefits of having healing-boosting gems and equipment, then you won't have that much trouble keeping the team afloat throughout the entire battle.

Sophie will earn the Independent Thinker title after the scene. Before leaving, check the valkines for a new discovery and skit. (No. 42 Duplemar) (Pitch Black) Now backtrack to the savepoint, then turn left first and back to the previously inaccessible chests inside the ruins. Loot them to get the Book of Duplication and 435 eleth units.

Don't take the turtlez transport yet back; instead, exit the ruins on foot and go to the savepoint for a skit. (Keeping it Together) Head back to the city afterward. Back

Walkthrough: Adult Arc 4 (Chapter 5)

Back Yu Liberte Report to the president and Hubert will finally join the party. He'll also get his Dutiful Brother title afterward. Your next destination is Fendel but you can make some detours to trigger some sub-events before heading there. It's also a good time to check out some new inn requests. Let's start while in the city. Head to the residential area and find a maid with an emoticon above her head. Talk to her for an official request to be posted in the inn afterward. (Refer to the Cherished Locket request in this guide's Inn Requests section) Head to the commercial district and find another woman with an emoticon. Talk to her to open up another official request. (Refer to the Polishing Tools request in this guide's Inn Requests section) After completion, Marian will now open a gem polishing shop in the commercial district. You can leave an unequipped gem to Marian so she can polish it and increase its stats for a fee, depending on the quality of the gem you've left her. You can also make her work faster by giving her different pies. Hubert will also get his Steadfast Denier title and a new skit. (Burning Questions)

While in the inn when checking/ completing requests, make sure to check the saveopint for a skit (Twenty Minutes) You're pretty much free to roam for now so you can also visit Gralesyde and Barona to complete some requests. If you missed any discoveries, you can also backtrack and check them out. However, some skits associated with their initial discovery and your current party at that time may not be available anymore. Start by sailing back to Lhant. Lhant Take note that this is a missable sidequest. You must complete this before visiting the last dungeon (Ghardia Shaft) for the first time. Go inside Cheria's house and examine the floating start to trigger a subevent. This will also open a new request in Lhant. (Beloved Handkerchief) You simply need to go to Barona and examine the event star in front of the item store there to complete this request and subevent. Graylesyde Check one of the rooms in the inn to find Fiery Joe. After this event, Sophie will get her Heavenly Emissary title. Next, head to Duke Dalen's manor to enable a rerequest. (Wallbridge Evidence) See the Requests section fore the complete details how to complete it.

Wallbridge Head to the central tower and talk to the maid there to play hide-and-seek with the kids. You can follow the steps below to find all the kids easily. Head to the roof and buy a croquette from the turtlez merchant. Perimeter Tower NW: Talk to the soldier searching under the bed. Lend him the money to get Hubert's Major Splurger title. All your money will be taken away but don't worry; you'll get it back later. Perimeter Tower NE: A kid is hiding behind the ladder, beside the lever.

Make your way to the perimeter tower SE B1 and you'll find a soldier blocking the path. Trade 3 Life Bottles for a Feather Badge and continue south. You'll find a child along the corridor. Continue inside the perimeter tower SE B1 next and talk to the crouching soldier. This time, you'll get all your money back. Talk to the kid hiding between the beds.

Exit and find another kid behind the turtlez transport Enter the Main Tower SE and head to the rooftop to find a soldier lying down on the floor. Talk to him and give him the croquettes you bought earlier to remove him out of the way. Continue to the right and you should find another kid beside the crates. Head to the Main Tower NW and find a kid hiding behind the crates to the left.

From there, exit north and keep talking to the guard until he leaves. Find the child behind him. Enter the Perimeter Tower NW B1 behind the last child and you should find the last kid behind the large barrel (Discovery No.27 300 Year-Old Barrel)

After the game, Cheria will get her Hide and Seek Honcho and play a skit as well. (War Games) Barona After meeting Fiery Joe in the Gralesyde Inn, go the inn and check one of the rooms there to find him again and his sister, Annie. Talk to them to continue this series of sub-events. You'll receive Salisbury Steak x3 afterward. Oul Raye After meeting Annie and Joe in the Barona Inn, you'll find them with the third weirdo in front of the inn. Malik will earn the Winged One title after this event. Continue to the left to find an event star near the exit. Examine it and trigger a sub-event. Hubert will get his Keeper of Secrets title afterward as well as the Investigation Report, a request item for a request in Sable Izolle.

Sable Izolle After meeting Fiery Joe, Annie and Kaz in Oul Raye, you'll find Joe and Kaz near the west exit of the town. After this you'll obtain Pork Curry. Yu Liberte After the scene with the three weird siblings back in Sable Izolle, you can find them inside the inn. You'll obtain a Battle Sword after this event. When ready, exit using Yu Liberte's north gate.

Strahta Desert North Check the left side of the desert to find some gald between two cacti. Proceed north to find a well. Check it out it for a new discovery and skit. (No.43 Dried-Up Well) (Fight Me, Brother). You can also gather Truth Salts from here. The skit will require you to fight Hubert. If you get defeated, you can challenge him over and over again until you manage to defeat him. After the skits, Hubert will get his Restorer of Pride and Sophie's Gossip Lover titles. Grab the Moon Anklet behind the well then continue heading east until you find the Silver Frames from the chest near the edge south. Continue forth until you reach a savepoint. Touch it for another skit. (Furtive Glances)

North Yu Liberte Port Just before you sail off and begin your journey into Fendel, enter the cottage to the left to claim a White Wine. After that, head for the boat for a bit of dialogue. There will be a skit at the save point: Piercing Glances. Save then go ahead and leave for Warriors Roost. Warriors Roost Watch the events and run up next to the save point for a skit: Observing the Observer. The nearby treasure chest houses Magic Carta 35. On the floor some ways to the right is a Dapne Seed, while the chest next to it has a Red Wine. Take the time to feed the cat by the steps as well before you proceed upstairs. Near the feline is a discovery book entry: Annals of Victory which in turn unlocks the Knight Moves skit. You can also clear some quests at the inn if you want.

Otherwise, go on up and register at the counter to proceed. The locked chest (password: riot peak) contains a Book of Metabolism. For the Riot Peak Challenge, fight past the monsters in the first 4 floors before finally facing off with the Fendelian Soldiers from earlier at Floor 5. Shouldnt be too hard; theyre all talk anyways.

More scenes follow, after which Hubert acquires the Youngest Lieutenant title. Go back downstairs to the save point now for another skit: En Guardian, then talk to the spy lady and sail to South Velanik Port. South Velanik Port As with all the other Ports youve been through so far, enter the cottage to find some loot; the one here houses Crab (x2) by the way. Moving on to the next area. Fendel Borderlands Just a bit of a heads up the monsters in this part of the world are pretty strong and are capable of wiping out your party real quick if youre not careful, especially if youre playing on a high difficulty setting. So try to have melee characters defend and evade more while the mages hang back and toss offensive Burst Artes. That said, collect a Fancy Fur from the first chest and examine the tree further ahead to record the Peach Tree discovery and view the skit: Just Peachy.

Move along eastward and keep an eye out for sparkles on the ground where Magic Carta 12 randomly appears. Once the path finally splits, head right first for an Anonymous Seed; further down from there is another chest with a Seascale Crystal. Follow this road down to the fortress for a skit: Border Crossing. Return to the fork now and go the other way for a scene. After the scene, get near the crater to trigger a skit. (Just another Coinkydink) then push on until you see a slope off to the left. Climb it to reach a treasure chest and collect 2520 Gald. Further up the path is a Green Ribbon. Continue towards Velanik afterward.

Velanik After the brief dialog, head into the village; theres a chest by the entrance containing Magic Carta 36. Stop by the save point at the inn for a skit: Misery Loves Company. You'll also find the weird siblings again. Talk to them to trigger an event and obtain Battle Knives afterward. Sleep in the inn as well for a bonus event.

Next go backstage, open the crate for a Best Princess Stories book, while the locked treasure chest (password: strahteme) houses the Book of Deduction. Collect the Niferum Seed off the floor then check the nearby document to record Kaigars Script in your discovery book. This unlocks the Bananas for Bananas skit. That should be all for this building so you can leave now.

Back outside, head for the house to the southeast and check the dresser for a Milk. The treasure chest contains a Baby Bush Plushie. Make sure to feed the cat here some fish before exiting through the houses backdoor. Once outside, collect the Spoon from the treasure chest and youll find your path blocked off by a boy. Pay him 1000 Gald and hell disappear so go look at the well to get your money back. Now, return to the house and talk to Connor again to trigger a side quest.

Side Quest Pipsqueak Shakedown The kid may seem like a scammer, asking for more and more gald each time you talk to him he starts with 200 and doubles the price before finally closing at 6,400. There is obviously a point in all this so keep giving him money until he quits. Cheria acquires the Good Samaritan title after this. With that done, leave through the front door and enter the other house to the southwest. Loot a Veggie Set from the dresser. Leave, then go east for a scene after which Cheria receives the Kind-Hearted title. Head to the inn for the next set of events, then stop by the save point come morning for a skit: WhoKnows-What. Also, you might want to have a look at the available requests; you should be able to clear most of them now so go ahead and do that. Proceed to the mountains up north afterward.

Fendel Mountain Pass Move along until you hit a fork, go right to claim a Platinum Tunic and Dark Bottle (x2). Turn around, push north and enter the building to find Suspicious Powder (x2). View a skit (The Cold, Hard Truth) by the save point then proceed. At the intersection, head down first to collect Syrup Bottle (x2) and a Leafy Balm for Malik. Go back and up, record the Frozen Tree discovery. This unlocks the skit: What Lies Ahead. Theres a chest with 3240 Gald behind the tree as well, and another with Grape Gel (x2) to the right. Magic Carta 13 may also appear as a random sparkly spot in this area too.

Fendel Highlands For starters, talk to the man with an event bubble on his head. This unlocks the Rockgagong Fur request at Zavherts inn. Follow the path, collect a Weak Charm and a Gold Scabbard for Asbel along the way. Once the path splits, go up to secure the Cabbages discovery, plus the High-Risk Highland skit. Magic Carta 14 may appear as a random sparkle in this area as well. Continue southwest from the cabbage patch to find a chest with 2880 Gald before turning around west to a save point and a skit: False Pretenses. Onward to port where you can take a ship to Fendels capital.

Port to Zavhert Near the port, you'll find some Salmon behind the tree to the right. Head to the savepoint for a scene. If you have cooked Crablettes (Crab + Eggs), then you'll be able to view a new skit by the savepoint. (National Crablette Day)

Zavhert Port Sophie also receives her Prone to Worry title as soon as the ship docks. Theres an old man here that gives rewards based on the amount of Magic Carta cards you currently have and showing him 30 cards will grant you Asbels Carta Collector title. Check below for a complete list of available rewards. Number of Cards 05 Cards 10 Cards 20 Cards 30 Cards 40 Cards 50 Cards 60 Cards 70 Cards 80 Cards 90 Cards Reward Grape Gel (x3) Mastery Tonic C Mastery Tonic EX Title Carta Collector (Asbel) Lost Anklet Master Tonic G Symphonian Scepter Rebirth Crusader Magic Carta 73 Master Tonic G (x3)

Enter the cottage to find Pie Sheet (x3) before going any further down the path into Zavhert. Zavhert Watch the events then go a tad bit further into town for the next one. After that, youll have to speak to some not so happy people. But first, drop by the inn for a pair of skits: No More Suffering and A Surprising Theory. You might also want to look at the available requests and complete what you can. Enter the room to the far left to find a locked chest (password: ironspike) containing a Book of Finesse. If you encountered Fiery Joe and his siblings in Velanik (take note that this is part of the series of encounters), you'll find him in the same room as well. Talk to him for a sub-event and for Hubert to earn his Senior Younger Brother title. Check the trash bin beside the innkeeper to throw the trash there. These trash are collected randomly by picking up the shining objects along the way. Once you have thrown a total of 15 trash, a subevent will be completed and Malik will earn his Environmental Minister title.

Next, check the right room upstairs for some Bloody Rose Seeds, while the dresser next to the bed has Rice (x2). Leave the inn now and go south down some stairs. Youll find a kid here that sells a Katz Plushie for 10 Gald; this is needed for a side quest within the city so buy it now. Side Quest The Sick Child Enter the house south of where the plushie seller is. Theres an ill child here that you can give the stuffed toys to. In total, there are 9 plushies for you to give her -- 6 of which can be collected from treasure chests and 3 that you need to dualize yourself. Check the Side Quests section for additional details. Sophie receives the Lara Bestie title after this.

Back outside, continue further west and up the stairs of the next house to claim Magic Carta 37. Just past this off to the left is the Bottomless Pipe discovery and a skit: Piping Up.

Continue towards the house at the end and open the small box inside for Crab (x2). Dont forget to feed the cat too. Finally, check the doll display in the bedroom to record the Doll-Within-A-Doll discovery; this unlocks The Dubious Man skit.

Exit and go west some more, talk to the not so happy soldier, then go up the stairs into yet another house to the right. Open the drawer by the bed for a Best Princess Stories book.

The next person you need to speak to is outside the inn while the third one is at the equipment shop. Watch the events, Pascal gains the Real Amarcian title. You can head back to the inn real quick to trigger a skit (All in the Timing) Follow the street west then exit the city. Well youre a fugitive now so flee west, engage enemies you come into contact with, and youll eventually find yourself at Mt. Zavhert. Mount Zavhert Move along while keeping an eye out at the bottom side of the path for Life Bottle (x2). When the path forks, go left then southwest to a fake treasure chest and a side quest. Side Quest A Natural Mimic Try to open the fake treasure chest then defeat it. Pascal acquires the Fire Summoner title soon after. Plus youll also get the Raw Materials request item.

Turn around back to the closest fork and go up. Record the Radishes discovery; this unlocks the Dear Diary skit as well. Proceed further west to reach a chest with 495 Eleth Units. The building up ahead is Fendels research lab, which obviously isnt where youre supposed to go but approach the save point anyways for a skit: Gone Astray. With that one out of the way, backtrack to the sign post and go up this time. Move along for Grape Gel (x2). At the intersection, go east, collect a Fine Wood from the chest then keep heading right to another treasure chest containing a pair of Gold Frames for Hubert.

Turn back and head north now. A new skit (Winds of Change) awaits at the save point. When you come across yet another fork in the road, go west and around to add Pumpkins to your discovery book and you also get to view a skit: Short and Sweet. Just above the pumpkin patch is a chest housing a Pretty Feather. Next, follow the path to the end along the left side for a Blue Scarf.

Go around to the lower path, following it east, up, and left for 3670 Gald. Magic Carta 15 may also appear as a random sparkle on this mountain so do collect those shiny things. Anyway, turn around east afterward for a scene, after which youll have to fight and defeat a Bladehorn Boar. Boss: Bladehorn Boar This monster will call in reinforcements every now and then. Take these minor annoyances first since they can still interrupt your casting and combos. Keep pummeling the boar until its life becomes critical. At this stage, it will start to burrow and spring up from the ground. When it burrows, keep your guard up and wait for it to appear beneath you then launch a counterattack. It will also keep charging back and forth, mowing anyone in the way regardless if they're guarding or not. When it does this, don't chase it; just sidestep then attack it from the rear.

Once defeated, collect the Formless Crystal and continue to the Amarcian Enclave. Amarcian Enclave Before you go to Pascals house, stop by the inn first and to get there, head left to the top of the stairs. Add the Chocolate Fountain to your discovery book and a new skit: Fountains of the World, Part II. At the save point is another skit: The Transplanted Land. Also, check the inns requests to see what you can complete. If you have encountered Fire Joe and his siblings back in Zavhert (and from the other locations as well), you can find them to the left of the inn. Talk to them for a scene and to receive a Mandarin Scarf.

Head back down and talk to the man with an event bubble for a side quest. Side Quest Shot Cube At the bottom of the stairs leading to the inn, is a man with an event bubble on his head. Talk to him to play the Shot Cube mini game. Your goal here is to push all the cubes to the middle of the play area without a single one sliding off the ice. There are 12 stages in all 3 for each rank. You will receive weapons for Pascal upon clearing a rank. The final reward is a Rare Shotstaff and a Winners Trophy, which is needed for an inn request much later in the game. Clear the first 2 ranks and youll also get the Puzzle Cracker title for Pascal.

Once youre ready to proceed with the story, head to the far right side of the enclave and enter Fouriers house first. Inside is a locked treasure chest (password: gauss) containing a Book of Acquisition then check the console at top-center of the room for a Drill request item.

Leave and feed the cat outside before heading into Pascals house. Here, the top-center section has some Milk and the treasure chest has Magic Carta 38. Lastly, examine the robotic dog to the right of the room to record the Robo-Pet discovery and view a new skit: Anything You Like! Now, head for the center of the enclave and go down the stairs to the north. The lift at the bottom takes you to your next stop. Once the scenes are over, collect the Jack-in-the Pulpit Seeds on the floor. Before you head back to the mountains, there is another side quest here that you can do first. Side Quest Sibling Envy As you leave the Overseers Chamber, there will be a young man with an event bubble by the stairs. Talk to him then go to Pascals House for a scene, after which youll get the Only Child title for Cheria along with the Research Sample request item.

Give that sample up at the inn for your reward then approach the save point for a skit: Whence and Whither. At Mount Zavhert, trace your steps back to the main intersection (the one with wooden sign post), and go the opposite direction towards the Research Laboratory. Also at one of the save points along the way, is a skit: A Ladys Prerogative. Fendel Research Laboratory In the entrance, you'll be able to play a skit: Sins of the Brother. (1F) Once inside the lab, head left and enter the first room that you see to retrieve a Working Gear, leave and go further left into the next room. Here, push the cube into place to restore power for the nearby switch and active it to open the gate outside. Take the elevator down to B1.

(B1) On this floor, go left again, enter the first room and collect Grape Gel (x3) from the chest inside. Off to the room next door is more loot; the chest has Panacea Bottle (x2) this time. Leave and continue along the corridor until you encounter another locked gate. Go into the nearby room and move the blocks to their proper spots then activate the switch to proceed. Continue down to B2.

(B2) Behind the very first door on this floor is a Star Anklet and the No. 55 Eleth Recharger discovery, which unlocks the A Fundamental Flaw skit. In the next room to the right is an All Divide. Back on the corridor, follow it to a fork and go right. In the room at the end is a Platinum Scabbard for Asbel. Equip that now to view a skit: Accessorizing with Asbel.

Return to the intersection and go down this time. At the end of the corridor is another switch room. Fix up the blocks and use the panel like before to continue down to B3.

(B3) Here we have a fork go northeast first to a room with an Orange Scarf then head back to the intersection, going southeast this time and take the elevator down to B4. (B4) Enter the switch room here and activate the panel to open the gate. At the fork, head right to lift that will take you to a different section of B3. The room to the left has a chest with 525 Eleth Units while the one to the right houses the No.56 Profane Creation discovery, plus a skit: The Island of Dr. Fourier.

Take the elevator back to B4, enter the room to the right for Holy Bottle (x2). Back at the corridor, go up then right. Collect a Busted Blade from the chest before heading back to the previous area, and take the northern elevator down to B5. (B5) Save and enter the room where youll face one of Fourier's creations. Boss: Veres This boss hits hard and can perform different close and/or mid-range attacks that can stun your characters. Try to sidestep right before its attack connects so you can gain CC at the same time enable you to freely counterattack. Be careful since once it sets its sights to one of your characters, as it will continuously attack him/her, specially right after stunning him/her. Aside from that, it will occasionally call out for reinforcements in the form of normal enemies you have fought inside the facility so far. Take out the minions to prevent them from hindering your combos and spells.

After defeating it, you'll get the Elevator Key. Watch the events then approach the lift for a skit: Irrelevant Nonsense. Check the panel here to open a gate outside. Leave the room the way you came in, go right into a room to collect a Book of Serendipity and Chocolate-Covered Banana. Go back to Fouriers room now and use the Elevator Key to use the lift which takes you directly back down to 1F.

Exit the building, watch the events and trek all the way back to Zavhert. The save point just outside the city has a skit: Fatherly Advice followed by another: Practice Makes Perfect. The latter leads to an optional fight with Sophie; defeat her and she acquires the Pact Adherent title. Zavhert You need to speak to some not-too-happy citizens (4 of them). Visit the inn for a skit: Plan B; rest here as well for a bonus event. At the residence off to the southwest part of town is an event star there are 3 of these in this chapter wherein Malik reminisces of days long past. Further west from here is Fermats house. Go in there and watch the scenes and youll soon get the Security Pass. The second event star is at the Inn. Once youre ready, take the road going north from the Inn to Fendel Tower.

Fendel Tower Malik acquires the Youthful Revolutionary title after the scene. You might also want to go back to the Inn at Zahvert for a new skit: A Blind Eye. Collect Peach Gel (x3) outside the tower then head inside. (1F) At the save point is a skit: Convincing Kurt. The only working lift right now is the one downstairs to the northeast; use that to get to 39F.

(39F-40F) Take the stairs to the left to head to the next floor. Here, use the platforms to reach the highest level and reach a chest with 3500 Gald. After that, go east and down to get back outside. Now, go talk to the guard blocking the top-left exit and select any option to make him leave and enable you to proceed.

(41F) Go east, turn the left and right valves to go up to a chest with an Hourglass. Continue about halfway through the top level for a skit: Panel Discussion. The treasure chest the bottom-left section of 42F contains Platinum Frames for Hubert, but its inaccessible right now so just come back for it later. At the left side of the highest level of this floor is the Frozen Nest discovery and the Revisionist History skit.

For the steam valves, ignore the one in the middle and turn the other two, so you can proceed. Back outside, someone will give you some items to give to the soldiers: Item Apple Gel Grape Gel Peach Gel Apple Gel Recipient Soldier Officer High-Ranking Soldier High-Ranking Officer

If you give an incorrect gel, you'll have to repeat again. Their positions will change accordingly every time you try so there's no other way than to memorize their appearances. Once thats done, go through the northwest exit, and move along towards the bottom level. The chest at top contains an Eleth Bottle C and the one at the bottom has Life Bottle (x3). Take the far right panel at the middle to the next screen when you have everything. There, collect Grape Gel (x2), go up and ride the east panel down to the Treasure Trove discovery plus a new skit: High Maintenance.

At the save point below is another skit: False Bravado. Ride the panel to the next screen. Blocking the path to your destination is a group of soldiers. Defeat them then enter the middle room at the next area. The chest in here contains a Chamomile. Check everything in the room and talk to everyone. Theres an event star here as well more of Maliks flashbacks. Finally, check the diagrams on the desk to trigger the next set of events. After that, return to the tower; the top-right elevator is now working so ride it to up to 41F, take the northwest exit and go up to the previously inaccessible section of 42F to collect a new pair of glasses for Hubert. Return to the town afterward. Zavhert Stop by Zavherts inn first for a skit: Northeast, Ho! Also, dont forget to pay Fermat a visit for an extra event. Head up the stairs northeast of the inn towards Glacier Road once youre ready. Glacier Road Just a bit northwest from the entrance is an Artificial Crystal. Some ways further northeast near a Turtlez is a chest with 2381 Gald. Continue north to the ruins now.

Fendel Glacier Ruins Head into the cave and proceed until the area opens up. The chest nearest to the entrance has Grape Gel (x2). Now push the ice block west then move it into position at the top of the slope going down. Let it go here so that it slides down and knocks the large piece of icicle over, creating a makeshift bridge for you to cross.

Collect the Syrup Bottle (x2) at the bottom of the slope. Next, pull the ice block back up and send it down the west slope then down south to smash another icicle.

Cross the first icicle to a chest with Magic for Men before continuing along the other makeshift bridge to the next area. Follow the path past a couple of screens to a larger section of the cave, where you can check the big piece of icicle for the Rainbow Ice Pillar discovery plus a skit: Running Out of Time.

Go back up and move the ice block, sending it down the slope the left so you can reach the treasure chest containing a Strong Bone. With that done, take that same block of ice and send it down another slope, this time going south. This knocks over a pair of icicles for you to cross later. Now, go down then left to another ice block. Send this one down the nearby downward slope, knocking over yet another icicle. Collect an Elemental Ribbon from the chest nearest you, and a Whirling Seashell from the one off to the right. Finally, grab the ice block next to the chest with the seashell and send it down south to continue to the next area. There, go north first at the fork to claim a Book of Valor before turning around the other way to another part of the cave.

At the save point is a skit: No Lack of Resolve. At the next area, go south first and move the ice block over to the gap, before crossing over east to another ice block which you can send down west Next to the icicle that youre supposed to smash is a skit: Allow Me To Demonstrate. Having seen that demo by Pascal, drag the ice block as far up the slope as you can then let it go. With that big one down, take the block again and send it down south then push it over to the other slope off to right before sending it on a collision course with your bridge. Cross over to a chest with Panacea Bottle (x3).

Grab the nearby ice block and move all the way to the top, sending it down the slope going east. Follow after it and have it slide down the next slope so you can claim a Mastery Tonic C. Now, trace your steps back to the giant icicle and cross it to a chest housing 525 Eleth Units. Proceed to the next area where you can save and head to where the valkines is for some scenes, then you get to fight Kurt. Boss Battle Kurt and Dragoons The Dragoons, though not that strong can prove quite annoying as their rifle shots can momentarily stun your characters and break whatever combo you had going. You can get rid of them if you want but Kurt will simply call for reinforcements to replace the dead ones. As for Kurt, focus on Artes that are effective on humans and are fire-based. Asbels Infernal Torrent is a good example. It you can stick Burn on him then all the better. Kurts attacks are mostly physical and he chains them into brutal combos against whoever he manages to trap. If an ally dies, revive and heal them well just in case. Be ready to defend at all times especially if youre fighting up close. You might also want to change strategy for your AI allies and have them defend often.

Once you have control after the events, check the valkines to record the Forbrannir discovery, after which Malik acquires the World Seeker title, Have a look at Kurt to find a free Platinum Bladerang. Save and talk to the others, but its just Sophie you need to speak with to proceed. Watch some rather long events and when you can move again, stand near the valkines for a skit: Just Ask Gramps. Warp out of here and youll have one more skit: To the Archive of Wisdom. Amarcian Enclave & Zavhert Your next stop is the Amarcian Enclave but first, stop by Zahverts inn again for a new skit: Selective Memory. At the enclave, head to the Overseers Chamber and go for the room beyond the door. Soon after, you find out that you need to get to Worlds Eye, and to do that you must trek back to Zavhert again. Stop by the save point at the enclaves inn first for a skit: Connecting the Dots. On your way back to town at Mt. Zavhert, at one of the save points is a skit: What If He Knows? Alternatively, you can just take a Turtlez Transport back to Zahvert if youre tired of running around in the snow. When you make it back to town, stop by the inn again for the next skit: The Missing Pieces. Complete whatever requests you can, and throw away those Trash items that youve been collecting into the can next to the west counter. Head for the port when youre ready and sail to Worlds Eye. Worlds Eye Asbel acquires the Friend to the End title while Sophie receives the Conflicted at Heart title. The leader says to snoop around, but theres nothing much to see because the game doesnt let you. What you do get however is a skit (A Near Miss?) at the save point. Save and forward for a boss fight. Boss Battle Richard Its been a quite a while since you last fought him, but he really hasnt changed much. Richard still uses Nova Barrier as usual but you know how to deal with that already Break through it with a Nova attribute Arte, in case you forgot. Its also easy to pile combos on him in this encounter so go for that to end this battle quickly. One thing he has to his advantage is an accelerated charge speed for his Eleth Gauge, wherein he uses Bloody Rose as a finisher. Its not very strong but might want to heal if your HPs end up a bit on the low side. What he does have here is plenty of health so it will take a while wither him down.

After the battle, watch the scenes and you'll be asked to save the game. This chapter has concluded. Back

Walkthrough: Adult Arc 5 (Chapter 6)

Back Zavhert From the port head to the inn then spend the night there. Sophie will leave the party for now. Exit the room the head to the savepoint inside the inn for a a skit. (She'll Always Be Sophie). Head to the port for a scene. where Malik will earn his Pensive Sage title afterward. Sophie will rejoin your party but as a benched member so she'll still earn EXP and SP as you go. Before leaving the port, you can make a quick visit to the Fendel Research Laboratory to trigger an extra event that will enable you to a material for Pascal's comedic weapon and get a request item for an Amarcian Enclave request at the same time. Fendel Research Laboratory Head to the Fendel Research Laboratory and take the elevator to B5 (Fourier's room). Exit south then go to the right to find a floating event star. Examine it to trigger a scene. Defeat the enemy and you'll get Pondslopper. After the battle examine the barrels behind the chests to get the Request Item Gauss's Seal. You can may also deliver this to the Amarcian Enclave inn to get your reward.

Once ready, talk to the ship captain in Zavhert port to travel to Oul Raye. Oul Raye Upon arriving, Cheria will earn her Embracer of Truth title. Talk to the sailor nearby for a sub-event where you'll receive the request item Sunken Cargo afterward. You can turn this in the Oul Raye inn to complete a request. Once you return port after this sub-event, Asbel will also earn his Expert Scrubber title. Head to the savepoint to play a new skit. (Outside the In-Joke) then travel to Sable Izolle

Sable Izolle If want to play another skit, do not approach the research tower's entrance since this will trigger the story scene thus eliminating the chance to view the next skit. Exit to the east of the city to the Craglands first. Approach the savepoint there to trigger as skit. (Needs More Fiber)

If you haven't yet, you can challenge the Carter in the eastern part of the town to get new items and titles since your collection of Magic Carta cards should have grown extensively. There is really no quick way of winning other than practicing and remembering the cards. One effective method is to remember a unique keyword for each character card you have and of course, remembering their faces. It may take a few tries but it is doable. Normal Mode Race to 200 points Winning the round but the opponent scored (1st time) = Book of Cuisine Winning flawlessly = Sophie's Great Pirate title Hard Mode Race to 300 points The challenge in this level is that several cards are on top of each other and you have to carefully but quickly select them without accidentally selecting the cards above them. This is a bit frustrating, especially when the opponent AI doesn't make this mistake. Also it pays to hover your cursor to the bottom cards so you can identify it beforehand. Winning the round but the opponent scored (1st time) = Nature's Scarf, Carta Shark title for Pascal, Busybody title for Cheria, skit (A Winning Combination) Winning flawlessly = Cheria's Magical Bee title Head to the front of the research tower to proceed with the story. After that, go to the savepoint for a skit. (Heightened Senses) Enter the tower and take the central elevator down. Enter the archives and approach the panel for another scene. Exit afterward. Go to the savepoint for a new skit. (The Tenderness of Youth). Use the turtlez transport to go back to Oul Raye. Oul Raye Make your preparations and talk to the president when you're ready to leave. South Velanik Port As soon as you get off the ship, a new skit will become available. (The Other Side of the Sky). The turtlez transports are unavailable at the moment so you have to go on foot until you reach the split path. Follow the road south to reach the Border Fortress. Exit there and continue to the Seaside Cavern. Seaside Cavern Proceed to the savepoint to view a skit (The Weight of Existence). Examine the strange wall to the right to open a new path. Enter it to find the shuttle. After the scene, exit the room. Go to the savepoint after the scene for another skit (Brotherly Love). Head for Lhant immediately afterward. Lhant Head to the manor to meet with Lady Kerri and Frederic. Enter the manor and go to Asbel's room. Once done, exit the room then go to the savepoint for a skit. (Still Falling Short)

Head to the study to meet up with Bailey. Return to the bedroom once more then exit the manor again. Lady Kerri will give you different dishes as a parting gift. Hubert will also get his Ambivalent Son title after this scene. Before leaving, you can trigger a sub-event and a skit. First, head to Lady Kerri's room and talk to her. Exit the manor and visit the bridge for a skit. (A Few of His Favorite Things) Once done, you can now talk to the turtlez merchant and use the transport to go to Velanik.

Fendel Mountain Pass After arriving in Velanik, enter the Mountain Pass next. Go to the savepoint outside the mountain cottage for a skit. (Treading the Untrodden) For your current destination, you need to go east but for now, go to the left path first and follow the path past the frozen tree to find an NPC. Talk to him to receive the request item Spade. This is actually the very request item posted in the Velanik inn. If you've been following this walkthrough then you should have acquired the drill earlier from Fourier's room in the Amarcian Enclave. Otherwise, you'll have to come back later since the boat going to Zavhert is currently grounded. If you already have the drill, hand it over to Scoop and complete this sub-event. Cheria will earn her Dutiful Daughter title afterward. You can turn over the spade to complete the corresponding request in Velanik if you wan then take the eastern path from the mountain cottage. Obtain the Eleth Bottle C from the chest along the path then exit to the next area.

Untrodden Snowfield Move along the snowfield to trigger a story scene. After that, take the path to the right to find Milk x3. Continue to the next forkjthen open the two chests to the left to get a Green Scarf and Rune Anklet. Continue following the path until you reach the ruins entrance. After the scene, go to the savepoint for a skit. (The Will to Persevere). Head left to find a Sharp Claw and a turtlez merchant. Before entering the ruins, continue to the path eastward first

Move along the long, winding but straighforward path until you reach a fork. Go up and you'll find several chests there. Loot them for Veggie Set x3, Seal Charm and 5400 gald. Go to the right this time then go up to find two Syrup Bottles. Head south this time and you'll find another path there heading further east. Take that and it will lead you to two more chests and a new discovery and skit. (No. 61 Ice Drop Flowers) (Holding it Together) Loot the chests for a Pointy Fang and Hyper Scabbard. Backtrack all the way to the ruins entrance and enter it.

Snowshroud Ruins As soon as you enter, you can view a skit. (Am Not. Am too!) Enter the room in the middle and examine the control panel to power up the entire area. Exit the room and you'll find devices which you need to rotate to divert the power to the direction they're pointing. To start off, power the door to the left first to find Grape Gel x3 inside. Next, power up the room to the right. Check the red glyph on the wall for a new discovery and skit. (Yearning for Home) (Hometown Hero). Exit then go through the large door in the middle to proceed to the next area.

Go left before taking the stairs to find a chest containing Tiger's Essence. Next, rotate the device so it powers up the door upstairs to the right. Check the room to find a Mythril Tunic inside. Return to the device and rotate it so it powers the northern door. Continue past the corridor until you reach a room with two doors. Power up the door to the left first, then power up the next door to the left again. Enter the room to find a Curse Charm. Return to the split room and power up the door to the right this time. Power up another door to the right. Check that room to find a Dangerous Liquid.

Return to the previous room and power up the door to the upper left. Move past the hallway to reach another room with stairs. Grab the Googles from the chest beside the stairs then exit upstairs to the right. In the next hallway, you'll find two doors again. Press the switch in the middle to power up both doors then grab the 660 eleth units from the chest to the far right.

Enter the door to the left then power up the next door to the left again. In this room you'll find a new discovery and another skit. (No. 63 Mechanical Scrapyard) (Bonus Goal) You'll also be able to harvest a Rare Metal. Return to the previous room and divert the power to the upper right door. Enter that door then power up the next door north. Backtrack to the split and take the door to the right this time. Power up the next door, enter it and you'll find two doors again. Power up the one to the right first and get the Earthen Pot inside. Go back to the previous room and power up the upper left door this time. Route the power north so the other half of the large door gets powered up. Once it opens, exit to the next area.

There will be multiple devices you need to operate in this room. Head to the savepoint first for a skit. (Not Exactly Our Forte) Power up the room to the right first so you can get the Magical Ribbon inside. Return to the main room and find the Book of Growth in the lower left corner. Don't borther with the room to the left since its empty. Route the power using the devices to power up the main door and open it. Save the game then fight the boss when ready. Boss: Polycarpus This boss's attacks are slow and predictable however, avoid attacking it head on since it hits really hard. It is recommended to attack it from the side and rear so use quickstep to get into an ideal fighting position. It has a few long-ranged attacks but will mostly stick will short and mid-ranged attacks. This will give Malik or Pascal more than enough time to chain devastating artes that will break the boss' guard and make it open for your melee fighters to execute devastating combos. Aside from its long-ranged attacks, it won't give effort to chase and corner your spellcasters so they'll be in a relatively safe distance from its attacks. There's a trophy for defeating this boss in 60 seconds as well.

After the battle, use the warp to conveniently leave the dungeon. Untrodden Snowfield As soon as you exit, you'll have to fight a few more monsters. Go to the savepoint for a skit. (It's a secret to Everybody) Before leaving, you may want to enter/exit the dungeon again to harvest and collect Rare Metals. It is a main ingredient for several new materials which are mostly required for creating request items. You may want to put it also in your mixer have the chance to reproduce artificially. Having the Book of Duplication equipped at all times will help as well. When ready, use the transports to return to the Seaside Cavern. (You can turn over some requests in Velanik if you want). Use the transport to reach North Lhant Road then walk to the Seaside Cavern. Seaside Cavern Go to the savepoint for a skit. (Fodrabound) Head to the shuttle dock to proceed with the story. After the scene with Asbel and Cheria, head back to the shuttle again and repel the following monster attack. Exit the dock and check the large cavern north of the savepoint. Defeat the monsters then head back the shuttle. Watch the following scenes and chapter is now completed. Back

Walkthrough: Adult Arc 6 (Chapter 7)


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