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Asias No.1 Technical Training Company

Indian Institute of Technical Education

An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company Mobile/Laptop/Hardware and Networking 235/1 A, N.S.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700047 Website: www.iite.co.in E-mail:jeetenderkaur@gmail.com Center Director : Jeetender Kaur #9836289033, 033-33570108

Thank you for your interest in starting an IITE (Indian institute of Technical Education) Centre in your city. To assist you in taking the right decision we have gathered all the relevant information and presented them in a simple format. Being successful in an education venture depends on multiple factors. We insist that you do your own workings based on current realities and knowledge of your territory. You can seek our assistance wherever required and we can work together to create a mutually beneficial and highly successful Business Venture.

About IITE :Reaching Out

IITE is Indias premier Technical Training Company offering new age career oriented courses targeted at component and chip repairing segment in Mobile, Laptop and Hardware Networking. The Institute is boon for people who want to make a difference in their lives. The IITE has crossed many a milestone in its journey of technical education has been established since 2007 in Delhi. And has created in his owned ranking in Asians region. IITE has guided great strides in the field of technical education and provided employment and self employment opportunities to more than 1000 Students IITEs instructors and consultants are best in their class having achieved several years of experience in the areas of training and repairing network. The technical oriented programs/courses offered by IITE are designed to train the students to become well versed and accelerate in their respective fields and to meet the growing industry demand. IITE plans to expand its chain of learning centers to offer quality education to students in India.

India Growth Story - Join the Revolution

The Indian telephony is slated to increase at a CAGR of 18.4% to reach $25 billion in 2011 from current $9 billion. The low rural mobile penetration of 2% represents an immense opportunity for cellular players. The mobile subscriber base in the country crossed the 578.39 million mark , registering a growth of 3.34 per cent . Around 10 million GSM subscribers are being added every month and number of GSM mobile subscribers has reached to 44.42 crores as on May,2010. Wireless phone tele density is above 50%.Close to half of the population owns a mobile now. Indian Mobile Handset Sales has reached 138.6 million in 2010. The Indian mobile handset market is estimated to be contributing about 10% to the overall global handset market. There are over 50 brands present in the country apart from the brands operating in black market. The growth in sales is seen at a rate of 18.5%.By 2014, the Indian mobile handset market is expected to witness sales of 206 million units. The mobile handset market is expected to show steady growth through 2014 when end user sales surpass 206 million units. Indian Mobile Handset Sales has reached 138.6 million in 2010 India, contributing approximately 10 percent of worldwide sales, is an important market for manufacturers with aspirations to grow their global market share. Due to its sheer size and open market (mobile devices being sold independently of cellular connection), it has attracted many global mobile device manufacturers. The market is also supported by many local manufacturers. This has led to more than 50 brands vying for consumer attention in India, besides the many brands in the black markets (selling without invoices). Cellular phone has entered into a second phase of growth, with replacement sales increasing from 45 percent in 2009 to 50 percent of total sales in 2010. Moves to high-speed 3G networks is bringing in more challenges in terms of innovation and keeping up with fast changing consumer demand. 3G-enabled handsets are expected to account for 16.7 % of total sales in 2010. By 2014, 3G devices sales are expected to account for 69 % of total sales. Smart phone sales in India made up 5.2 % of total device sales in the first quarter of 2010, and is expected to increase to 18 % in 2014. Emerging Vendors' has garnered 33.2% of India market in 2Q 2010. With many handset sales (New or Replacement) and increased sale of homegrown brands which do not have established service the repair industry has silently propped up. At present is an unorganized sector. India has present 167 mobile service centers with need ever growing with rise in usage Approximately 20 Lac mobile professionals are needed by 2010 to fulfil the direct and indirect employment opportunities created by and within this industry. Today Indias technical Repairing network is the 2 nd largest in the world with the potential to reach 80 crores subscribers by 2015. For the projection of 80 crores Mobile and Laptop subscribers by 2015, Technical sector will require 10, 00,000 professional versus nil supply Estimated total repair business size is approximately around 10000 crores.

India Growth Story - Join the Revolution

Top Five Manufacturers will continue to hold more than 75 % Market Share during next five Years

India Growth Story - Join the Revolution

Mobile Operators Market Share at the end of March-2011 is as


Installed base* GSM CDM A 47.6 % 5.4% 24.3 % 11.2 % Total (GSM + CDMA) 14.4% 7.2% 53.7% 9.5% 6.8%

LG Motorola Nokia Samsung SonyEricsson

4.4% 7.8% 62.6% 9.0% 8.9%

TRAI / DoT and affirm that Indian Mobile SIM base now stands at 578.319 million at the end of March-2010. FY 2010 saw significant realignment in market share of net-adds driven by multiple-SIM .

Need For Trained Manpower

The IITE has been witnessing phenomenal growth over the last few years. The boom in this sector has opened the doors to many opportunities. Today Indias technical repairing network is the 2nd largest in the world with the potential to reach 80 crores subscribers by 2015. It is our estimate that more than 10,00,000 trained professional are required to fulfill the direct and indirect employment and self-employment opportunities created by and within this industry. While the demand is high the supply is low due to lack of good training infrastructure and practices in the country. In India crores of students pass out every after their SSC exams and only small percentage of this are destined to find seats in colleges and continue higher education. In addition there are crores of students who drop out of school after 8th grade. All these students require vocational training to develop specialisation skills to become industry ready. In Indian population there are significant number of people in the age structure of 0-14 (37.8%) and in the age group of 15-59 there are 55.5% & 6.7% to 60+ age group. Only 44.86% in the age group of 15-59 are economically active and the rest are dependent on them. With the extensive use of mobiles and new models coming in the market everyday, mobile servicing has gained immense importance. Mobile and laptop repairing is a burgeoning market therefore there is a lot of scope in this field. The mobile/laptop/hardware and networking courses are most in-demand courses among technical and vocational courses. Today IITE Franchisees are in the best position to take advantage of this huge opportunity. IITE students are successfully self employed and are working with MNC like Nokia, L.G, Samsung, Sony, BPL, Motorola, and many other leading telecom stores.

Course offerings
A uniquely designed course developed in association with the industry. The courses provides comprehensive coverage of Basic Electronics, Soldering Skills, Mobile hardware & Software Repairing, Laptop, LCD computer Repairing in both Card label as well as Chip/Component label. The courses being offered are:


Project Plan : Join the Revolution

In the Technical education sector IITE is a leader, having invested considerable sums to develop curriculum, delivery methods and evaluation methods. Compared to other training programs in IT Hardware, Software and Animation, Laptop and Mobile Repairing Education is relatively new and IITE has played pioneering role in working with potential employers to bring this fantastic opportunity to students in the public domain through its own Education center and Franchise Partners. In the process IITE has created awareness of the opportunity, created success stories and devised communication strategies that can help a Franchise Partner to start a sustainable and profitable business in their territory. To create a successful education center IITE will rely on the Franchise Partners business acumen and knowledge of his local area to achieve the mutually agreed business goals. The role of the Franchise Partner will be to make necessary investments, hire the required manpower, advertise and promote IITEs courses and the courses with IITEs continued support. A Franchisee need not be a specialist in mobile phone sales and repairs. He need not compulsory have a telecom experience. He should have dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, the discipline to learn and follow our proven system and the financial resources to make the required investments. The business model offers low starting cost and high return of investments .

Locating of your IITE Centre:

Since you will be running an Education centre where there would be considerable flow of students. It should be in a location which is convenient for students to attend. Following factors will be key to your centre:

Highly visible Frontage / signage High student flow area. Premises approved for a commercial use. Adequate Electricity and water provision. Toilet facility for staff and students. Long lease period. Interior space, open with minimum pillars for best utilization. Good transport accessibility. Parking space.

Centre Layout and Design:

The centre layout should be to create a warm and congenial working environment. A good design will also help in better conversion and reduce eventual cost of acquiring students. The Franchise Partner has to work closely with IITE and follow all interior specification provided by IITE.

Space required for center 600 -1000 sq feet:

Two Lab of area 200 sq ft, 2 Theory Room for 150 sq ft ,one 100 sq ft Computer Lab, 75 sq ft cabin for Centre Director,100 sq ft cabin for counselor,100 sq ft for Faculty seating, reception cum waiting area of 200 sq ft, toilet of 50 sq ft. The Lab should be equipped with LCD computer. All rooms should be well light with CFL lamps. The classrooms, labs and front office should be air-conditioned and dust free. Additional arrangements to be made for stabilized power supply a 2 Mbps broadband connection.

Support 1. Advising on centre layout 2. Inputs on suppliers 3. Assistance in employee selection and recruitment 4. Initial Training to all staff. 5. Launch your center leaflets and visiting cards will be given. 6. First paper advertisement of your center will be given by us. 7. All media expenses will be shared thereafter on pro rata basis. 8. Our Marketing manager will be designated to help you make first 3 month sales and marketing plan. 9. Regular updates on technology will be provided. 10.Placement assistance to students will be provided.

Next Step: Reaching Out

If you like what you have read so far and wish to be part of business revolution: Visit our website at iite.co.in. Plan a visit to our regional office in Kolkata. Reserve your territory. Get your location approved. Launch IITE centre in 20-30 days. Be part of a revolution in mobile/laptop/hardware service industry.

Documents Required: 4 Photographs of self and center Copy of the rental agreement Pan No Copy of licence / Passport / voters id.