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The USD: Ridiculed, Ostracized & Ultimately Sabotaged.

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Economist, Writer & Producer International Management Consultant Global Trade & Human Rights Expert Spiritual & Political Ideologue

In resource-rich Ghana and Africa, in general, the economies are ever on the rise. Here, we are experiencing new gold being mined and new oil being drilled, catapulting the dark continent into the light at the end of the proverbial and not-so-proverbial tunnel! Simultaneously, we are, likewise in Africa, encountering a rise of the agricultural revolution with a parallel industrial revolution concurrently ensuing, superimposed on an additional technological revolution with, lo and behold, an informational revolution slapped on top of that, to boot! In North America and Europe, though, these revolutions were consecutive, slow in unfolding and evolving, with start to finish modules before the next age and cycle would kick into action! Conversely, here in Africa, we are experiencing all four revolutions concurrently in todays day and age, and that, on steroids, with the benefit of hindsight from past mistakes of Western polar nations, coupled with a gutsiness, passion, zest, zeal, fearlessness, and African flare the West can never measure up to, ascertain or think to compete with! They just DARE TO BE! . . . It is all systems go, a do or die attitude here, jumping in with both feet, no holds barred on this continent! That is the African way of being, and in most cases, yes, such ends up getting one into serious trouble when we act without forethought, as Africans habitually do, but in this particular case, with the Western prototypes having already proved themselves and their models have shown to be veritably successful, such a modus operandi can pass, and that, with flying colours, with the results only ending up being super-successful, exhilarating, rejuvenating and most inviting! Olay! Notwithstanding, the U.S., conversely, is undergoing cursed phenomenae that are unheard of in history! There, they are undergoing de-agriculturalization, with crops being used today, instead, for bio-energy, and those few crops which are still being harvested for produce are from detrimental Monsanto seeds, with harmful fertilizers, and gmos (genetically modified organisms) being imposed upon their consumers, not their organic counterparts! It is literally, virtually even impossible to find organic alternative, and it is much more expensive, not only extremely rare and almost extinct. At the same time, the West is experiencing de-industrialization, due to globalization, fiscal interference with unfavourable tax levies and regulations upon corporations, obligatory and costly unions and social

security payments, retirement and severance packages, the high cost of labour and living in a flailing economy with faltering consumer confidence and spending that the middle and big businessmen have no incentive to continue doing business in the U.S.! They have no advantage or incentive, benefit or break! So instead, they are moving offshore with their enterprises to ameliorate and alleviate the back-breaking blows to their bottom line! Also, ma & pa outlets are being gobbled up by the larger mega-stores like Walmart and such; and can, in no wise, compete price-wise. Today America also has no single advantage in the manufacturing sector, aside from computers. Thus, factories are shutting down from coast to coast, so yes, America is fast becoming the first de-industrialized nation in history! Now, do not get me started on what the implications of that will mean with less and less jobs, and a resulting higher unemployment rate than during the Great Depression in 1929 (which it is definitely surpassing), resulting in an even greater number of home foreclosures and a higher poverty rate which will result in even greater blows to their already blustering economy! The same goes with the technology sector as with the industrial; it is vastly diminishing, and not growing due to the serious dis-incentivization to corporations; and as for the information age, in America, this has transformed into a dis-information age where all the media pundits, analysts and quasi-economists do is continue trying to entice the American consumer to buy, spend, invest and purchase stocks in American companies and government bonds of an all but extinct American currency! What a sordid tale! O, what malarkey they feed the American populace! O, what propaganda they engage in to only deepen the blow, the hurt, the travesty, and tragedy they are creating for Americans from which American citizens will not be able to disentangle themselves! God Almighty Forbid! + + + And so, to sum it all up, dear readers: in the U.S., we have entered the port of hyperinflation and bank runs as never before in history, by virtue of the vast magnitude of the financial mismanagement of international bankers and backstage monetary politicos, who purposefully created sheer chaos in the global financial system now, spiraling out of control, which, they are incompetent to halt or correct! Why? Well, God has taken that out of their hands now as they were deemed unworthy, wholly irresponsible unto the people and outright traitorous and malicious! They all committed treason as they are enemies of the people and nation. And so, God has pulled the reins from them and all the stops, leaving them wholly impotent and destitute! Voila! That is why. . . With that being said; allow me to espouse upon the U.S. Dollar. It is true, indeed; it was the leading reserve currency the past 80 years or so, just as the British Pound before it was, having lost virtually all of its glory and worth also! The American Empire has, though, fallen from grace as the dollar has slipped out of our wallets even while it was snugly in place in the back pockets the Levi Strauss jeans of American citizens from Massacheussets to California! Go figure! America is decaying and dying; the American dollar decrepit, on its death bed, in its final hours in a fetid terminal ward, where no emergency aid can ever venture to save it at this stage! Dead is 'the American Dream'! But who says America is the be all and end all? Who says it is worthy, anymore, to occupy such a place in world history! And who says the end of America as we know it means the end of us! Rather, it may just be retributive justice, playing itself out, where the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous (Prov 13, 22), and please note, I am talking about the wealth of the backstage world powers, whose mother council resides in Washington D.C., and do not speak of its ever nave and programmed people, the majority of who will not even believe a word of what I am writing, conveying or relaying! . . . To further consternate matters: let me tell you: there is no further downward territory for the USD to fall; it has already hit rock bottom; and from now on, it can only cost more money to print up the bucks than they are actually worth! And please note, the dollar is currently, barely worth a penny in real value, as it stands without exaggeration or hyperbole. It must, therefore, be replaced, as it can no longer be sustained! But,

before you go running to sell your red-stained greenback to purchase Euros by the buckets or wheelbarrows (as I don't know how much you will be trusting your resident banks, anymore if you still havent expatriated yourself), please realize there is a recession in the EU, as well; so the Euro, also, will not fair well in the long run, neither will it last for long, I predict, but it, too, will, rather implode upon itself! Indeed, both these vastly reaching currencies are today equally vulnerable! What a travesty backstage world powers have created for humanity and for themselves! They failed miserably, yet look unto the people to bail them out of their own concocted self-inflicted chaos! And because the people are too programmed to discern things and ascertain for themselves this veracity, they actually acquiesce, and bail out the very bankers, who created this mess for them, and instead, ease their pain by exacerbating their own! Absolutely flabbergasting, preposterous, and bizarrely irrational! But such is the sordid case, so we need a real dose of common sense being knocked into us, and that is what this article is positioned to do! I caution you all: assess for yourselves, use your own noggins and customize your own path! The American Economy is in a veritable freefall as is the Euro-Zone! Do not be fooled! Do not believe the bogus reports and analyses of institutional pundits, propagandists and provocateurs! Be wise! Wake up! See your own reality and do your own thing! Voila! I have spoken! . . . Next: commodities sold in U.S. dollars, dearest readers, will no longer be quoted or sold in this leprous currency, as it will have ceased to exist! But before its total demise, exchanges throughout the world will be quoting their commodities in yet another currency, which was going to be the Euro, but, alas, they are working now on some other world currency, as the fate of the Euro will also soon see its demise and be abandoned completely how catastrophic their planning and long term viability is! Only look at the BRIC countries, OPEC countries, Iran, and others, who all unanimously and for years now, have been vying to quote their (I said their) commodities in another currency as they have lost full confidence in the USD! And, incidentally, they are the ones with the money, as well; as money has moved East, and is no longer in the West, please be advised! So, here we have the dollar in a veritable free fall - mercilessly declining, without pause or restraint, but shamelessly picking up momentum and steam as it plummets and falls without grace, plopping itself headlong in the dung and mire, with a plunk, and hardly a blush ! In that it is worth barely one red cent, it can no longer be sustained. At the same time, it can go no lower, without relentlessly plowing into negative territory. And we all know that no banker will ever venture to lose a dime on behalf of the people, whose savings they have already mercilessly and relentlessly dwindled and confiscated from behind! So, why would they continue to copiously print up a note, which would only cost them money, both up front, and in the end?.......... Decided, then. It shall cease to be! Note this, well. And please let us not backtrack on our well founded, firmly grounded conclusions, or we shall make no headway in mapping out our new future! I conclude: the trust in the value of the USD has been irrevocably lost by the leading global players and governments worldwide, who have purchased its bonds far too long, and much longer than expected or desired! But, they were too stuck in that whole concocted scheme, bracing themselves for their coming loss before regrouping and cutting their placenta once they finally owned the fact that the full spectrum of the ponzie scheme, and full name of the backstage game, the full depth of the unconscionable convoluted finagling behooves them to not go along with it anymore! So, they are finally just now cutting their losses, collecting whatever dividends or change they can, and are out! Game over! Tutto finito! Arrivederci, amici! They played their last cards (and they weren't trump cards, I assure you)! They have cashed in their chips, and are just sitting at the poker table now, looking pretty, so as not to make too loud an exit when they finally tiptoe their way out of Caesar's Palace in the middle of an always show-lit Vegas night! There you have it, folks: this marks the fall of the American Empire, and the death of the U.S. Dollar - as both a national currency and the lead reserve currency globally!

Please own this and act accordingly, in lieu of waiting for a beating from the thugs out late at night in the eleventh hour. Gain brevity and boldness: act promptly and wisely; flinch not at cutting your own placenta, cutting your losses, curtailing your beating! Sometimes, it is just that way: we cannot begin to prosper until we have lost our shirts! And this, every big businessman dealing in Africa will tell you such is a stipulation, as ironic as it may seem; in fact, this has been my dichotomous observation the whole world over, with no exceptions I can think of! You must lose money in international business to learn your lessons; learn the system, learn the ropes, and learn the trade! Once you have lost, you are now free to gain. So, brace yourselves, folks! Be brave and unique in your maneuvers! Spend quiet time reflecting over all that is occurring, and derive your very own conclusions! Do not listen to analyses spoon-fed to you as they are outright deceitful, propaganda tools, and extremely malicious! I said: do your own thing, and now; what are you waiting for? Do so now! . . . . With kindest regards and the best of wishes unto you and your families, futures and fates: the key is to act promptly, without delay, and without reading a single word further. . . . . Olay!