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Spring 2006



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The following is extracted from the ancient teachers, you are merely follow- learn the content of all that consciousness
Inward Revolution, a new edition of ing what they tell you about yourself. You because the content makes up conscious-
J Krishnamurti’s 1970 – 1971 talks in India, have to deny all that to begin to find out what ness. The two are not separate; the con-
just published by Shambhala. you are. Meditation is part of this, because tent is consciousness. Therefore to un-
without knowing yourself, not just superfi- derstand the content there must be an
How is the mind to be quiet? cially but at the very depths of your being, observation without the observer. You
Humanity, for centuries upon centries, you have no basis for any action, you have know it’s one of the most fascinating things
has sought a way of life that is not worldly, no foundation whatsoever on which you in life to find out how to look anew at life.
and so we have escaped from life. We have can build—on which the mind can build—a To observe the hidden, one has to have
denied living and created our own idea of house that is stable, orderly. So it is abso- eyes that are not conditioned by the past,
what a religious life is. But if we are to go lutely necessary if you would really take this as a Hindu, Christian and all the rest of it.
into this question of meditation and what extraordinary journey. We are going togeth- One must look at oneself as though for the
a religious life is, what a religious mind is, er to journey into this enormous complex first time, and look at it for the first time
we must turn our back on everything that problem of understanding oneself. Please each time, and therefore never accumulate.
we have thought, or that human beings see the absolute essential necessity of it, that If you can so observe yourself in action, in
have thought about what meditation is, or nobody can teach you about yourself except the office, with the family, with the children,
what a religious life is. We have to totally yourself. You have to be the guru, the disciple, when you are sexual, when you are greedy,
abnegate, deny all that. I’ll show you why. the teacher yourself and learn from yourself. ambitious, and observe without condemn-
Reason is excellent; the capacity to reason What you learn from another is not truth. ing, without justifying, just observe, then
logically, sanely, healthily, objectively, is es- You have to find out for yourself what you you will see that in that observation there
sential; not to get emotional, but to use the are and to learn how to observe yourself. . . . is no conflict whatsoever. A mind that
capacity of the intellect clearly. The intellect There must be learning about youself comes with a tortured, distorted mind can
is a part, not the whole of man. It must be by watching; not condemning, not justfy- never possibly find out what truth is. Most
able to observe clearly, reason objectively, ing, but just watching the way you talk, of our minds are distorted, tortured, made
efficiently, sanely, not neurotically, and real- the way you walk, the words you use, your small by control, by discipline, by fear. . . .
ise that the intellect is only a part and can- motives, your purposes, your intentions, The brain can operate excellently only
not possibly solve all our problems. And one being totally aware without any choice. when it is secure, when it has order within
asks, if one is at all serious, and I hope you Awareness is not a matter of accumula- itself, and you can find out what order is
are, how to bring about change in ourselves tion; it is learning, being aware from mo- only when you observe, learn about dis-
and therefore in the world, because the ment to moment. When you are not aware, order. In the understanding of disorder
world is ourselves. We are the world and the don’t bother. Begin again so that your mind you have order. Our daily life, as we live,
world is us because we are conditioned by is always fresh. Therefore the learning is disorderly, isn’t it? Observe that without
the culture in which we have been brought about yourself is not only at the conscious, justifying it or condemning it. Learn all
up and that culture is created, put together superficial level, but also the deeper lev- about that disorder, and you will see that
by man, by you. Therefore there is no dif- els, the so-called unconscious, the hidden. out of that comes an extraordinarily sweet
ference between you and the world about How are you going to learn about some- order with movement, with life, with vig-
you. You are the world and the world is thing that is very deeply rooted, hidden, not our. You will see that because during the
you, and if you really seriously, profoundly open? Our whole consciousness is both su- day you have established complete order in
see the necessity of change, then you must perficial and hidden, and we have to your life, a mathematical precise order. . . .
ask whether the structure of the brain, the
Most of us want to experience some-
mind can undergo a total change. Now that
thing other than daily experiences.
is what we are going to find out. And that is
We want to experience a transcendental
the beginning of meditation—not learning
state, an experience of enlightenment. The
how to sit straight, breathe deeply, do vari-
word experience means to go through. When
ous kinds of tricks hoping thereby to achieve
you demand to have greater experiences,
some kind of marvellous enlightenment. . . .
that indicates that you are bored with living.
It is important to understand yourself, not
So what is it that we are seeking? What
what others say about yourself. If you follow
is it that a person wants? He sees that
what the psychologists, the analysts, the re-
his life is boredom, a routine, a battle-
ligious teachers and the religious books say
field, a fight, a constant struggle with
that you are, you are not discovering your-
never a moment of peace, except per-
self, you are discovering what others say. If
haps occasionally sexually or otherwise.
you follow a psychologist or a philosopher
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or an analytical, intellectual person or one of
So he says, ‘Life is transient, life is changing, and the mind is totally involved in chatter- Foundation Report
there must be something extraordinarily ing. And why does it chatter? Because it
permanent’, and he wants that permanency, has to be occupied. Why does it demand We are very pleased to welcome new
something other than mere physical daily to be occupied? Observe it yourself; ask the Trustee Jonas Skioldebrand to the Board.
routine and experience. And he calls that question, find out. What would happen if Jonas is from Sweden and is a former
“God”. So he believes in God, and all the im- it didn’t chatter, if it wasn’t occupied? Have teacher at Brockwood Park School. He has
ages, rituals are based on belief. Belief is the you asked that? If your mind is not occupied worked for many years for Ericsson, main-
outcome of fear. If there is no fear you can what would happen? It would face emptiness, ly in East Asia. We are sure that, in addi-
see the leaf, the tree, the beautiful sky, the wouldn’t it? Suddenly stop the habit and you tion to his other qualities and skills, the
light and the birds and a face; there is beauty. feel lost. This emptiness is fear of your own technological knowledge he brings will
And where there is beauty there is goodness. loneliness; and you try to escape from this brighten some of the more obscure cor-
Where there is goodness there is truth. . . . loneliness, from this fear, from this empti- ners of the electronically dependent world
You cannot be attentive by learning ness by chattering, or by being occupied. in which our work must now find its place.
to be attentive through a method, a sys- If you go deeply into the very depth of the In January 2006, Archivist Duncan Toms
tem, a practice, but only by being atten- loneliness, not try to suppress it, escape visited Ojai to meet with his counterpart
tive, then forgetting it, and beginning from it, but just observe it, then you will at Krishnamurti Foundation of America.
again. Pick it up each time so that this find that your mind facing this emptiness One aspect of his visit was to work on en-
attention is fresh each time. Then you becomes completely alone. And you can hancing the database of all material held
will know when you are not attentive. observe it only if your mind is quiet. But in the three archives in Europe, India
When in that state of non-attention there the moment you condemn it, the moment and the USA. This is a common database
is conflict, then observe that conflict, be you say, ‘I must not chatter’, then you have that is constantly updated by each Foun-
aware of that conflict, give your total at- conflict and all the ugly things begin. . . . dation and then co-ordinated annually.
tention to that conflict so that the mind You have to understand yourself, which is During his visit, Duncan saw the initial test-
becomes extraordinarily alive, non-me- all this, not the higher self. There is no higher ing of a recently donated high capacity digital
chanical. That’s part of meditation. self. The higher self is part of yourself; only storage system. This will enable storage of ar-
You have been told that you must have thought has built it a little higher. The Atman chival recordings in digital format that will be
a quiet, silent mind, haven’t you? Even the is still thought sitting like the guru on a little available electronically for the Foundations.
speaker has told you that. Forget what the mattress; and you think he is going to guide A programme is also underway to digitise
speaker has said, but see for yourself why your life, which is sheer nonsense because over 2,000 audio recordings held in KFT
your mind must be quiet, must be silent. then you have conflict between the lower archives. To date, 159 tapes have been cop-
See it for yourself, not from what anybody and the higher, and all that childish stuff. ied into uncompressed audio files. This
says, including the speaker. You know, to Understanding order comes with the un- ongoing programme is expected to take sev-
see anything clearly your mind mustn’t derstanding of the disorder that is your life. eral years, and a lot of money, to complete.
chatter. If I want to listen to what you are Order is not a blueprint—virtue is a living Nearly all audio recordings have now
saying, the mind must be quiet, mustn’t it? thing, like humility. You cannot cultivate been transcribed as computer files. These
If I want to understand you, what you are humility. So when all this is done, the mind transcripts, after being verified twice for
talking about, why you say something, I becomes extraordinarily clear, unconfused. accuracy, will be used by the editors of
must listen to you. Right? And when I And therefore it is alone because other minds the Complete Teachings project, as well
listen to you, if I am thinking about some- are confused, other minds are in sorrow. as for archiving and subtitling. Verifica-
thing else, I can’t listen. You see the point? Out of this aloneness there is a qual- tion work is ongoing, mostly by 22 vol-
That is, to listen, to observe, the mind ity of silence, which is not the result of unteers, before a final check at KFT.
must be peaceful, must be quiet. That’s all. practice. It is not the opposite of noise. There will be an informal meeting of the
Now, you ask how the mind is to be qui- That silence is without cause, and there- International Committees at the Saanen
et when it is chattering all the time about fore it has no beginning and no end. Gathering in August. We are trying to make
something or other. Try to stop chattering, Such a mind is absolutely orderly and arrangements with several of these com-
then that becomes a conflict, doesn’t it? therefore completely alone and there- mittees to copy and distribute DVDs. The
The mind has got into the habit of chatter- fore innocent. It can never be hurt. Foundation regularly responds to requests
ing, talking to itself, or talking with some- And out of this comes a marvellous silence. and suggestions from many Committees
body else, endlessly, using words, words, And what happens in that silence there are in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle
words. And if you try to stop it by the ac- no words to describe. There are no words. If and Far East, and Canada. In cooperation
tion of will, then that’s a contradiction, isn’t you describe what happens, then those words with Brockwood Park School and KFA,
it? You are chattering and you say, ‘I must are not the thing. What is described, the de- KFT is creating a simple DVD for Com-
stop it’, so you have a battle again. Therefore scription, is not the described. Truth, that mittees to use to promote the School.
find out why your mind chatters. Inquire blessedness, that extraordinary silence and We are continually adding subtitles, in as
into it, understand it. Does it matter very the movement of that silence has no words. many as fifteen languages, to DVDs. Cur-
much if it chatters? Why does it chatter? Be- And if you have gone that far, then rently KFT has 106 videos in DVD format,
cause it must be occupied with something. you are enlightened. You don’t seek any- all of which are selling well, and we con-
People say you must be commit- thing, you don’t want any experience. tinue to release new titles. A list of all titles
ted to something, to some activ- Then you are a light, and that is the be- is available online or from the KFT office.
ity, you must be totally involved; ginning and the ending of all meditation. There are two new Information Cen-
Madras, 13 January 1971 tres in the UK, bringing the total to 32.
In India, Worldspace Radio broadcast one of Krishnamurti’s public talks or question and answer meetings for an hour each day
during the months of February and March 2006.
Inward Revolution has just been pub- Forthcoming Events THE KRISHNAMURTI CENTRE AT
lished by Shambhala. This is a new edition BROCKWOOD PARK will be happy to
of the talks Krishnamurti gave in India in BROCKWOOD PARK SCHOOL OPEN see you attend its Theme Weekends and/or
1970 and 1971. The Whole Movement of MORNING – Saturday 13th May 2006 Study Retreats. The next Theme Weekend
Life Is Learning, a new edition of the Let- An opportunity to visit Brockwood Park Enquiring into the nature of thought will
ters to the Schools, is expected in June 2006. School to see our facilities and enjoy our be held on 21st to 23rd April. To see the
This combines the two original volumes of beautiful grounds. The School will be open complete list of events, please visit the Cen-
letters plus seventeen additional letters that for visitors from 10am to 1pm. Guests can tre’s website at:
were found in archives. More information enjoy a tour, refreshments, and the oppor- www.krishnamurticentre.org.uk
on both titles is available from the Foun- tunity to meet with staff and students.
dation office. Beyond Violence has been
reprinted by KFI in a special inexpensive Please contact Vicki Wisely for further
edition to be released for sale at cost world- information or to arrange a visit on another
wide. The Foundations hope that, by mak- occasion:
ing this available inexpensively, it will be Tel: 00 44 (0)1962 771 744 or email:
accessible to many more people, especially enquiry@brockwood.org.uk
in under-developed countries and students. AUSTRALIA GATHERING
We are continuing to publish ever more WORKING DIALOGUE AT BROCK- – 28th to 30th April 2006
translations of reprinted books as well as WOOD PARK – 4th to 16th July 2006 There will be a gathering with videos and
new titles and in new languages in East Again this year we have the opportunity dialogues on Learning in Relationship at
Asia and Eastern Europe. The Foundation to inquire for 12 full days through work, the Pittwater Youth Hostel in Northern
in India, as well as producing inexpensive dialogue and relaxing with accommodation Sydney.
editions of KFT English titles for the In- and meals provided by us. You can choose
dian population, also makes them avail- to work either in the vegetable garden and Please contact Leon Horsnell, 54 Michie
able in the many Indian languages through the grounds or using your special skills Street, Wanniassa ACT 2903
their extensive translation programme. on maintenance. There are only 20 places Telephone 02 62316738 or 0418627196,
available. Email: leonh@pcug.org.au
We are exploring the capabilities of vari-
or Donald Smith at 02 99991706
ous software programmes to store and cat-
Please contact Yannick:
egorize information in our contracts with all
facilities@brockwood.org.uk EDINBURGH VIDEO SHOWINGS
our English- and foreign-language publish-
There will be video showings in
ers to ensure that royalties and sales infor-
SAANEN INTERNATIONAL Edinburgh on 16th April,
mation is accurate and accessible for evalu-
GATHERING 2006 – 5th to 19th August 21st May and 18th June from 5 to 8 pm
ation in an economical and efficient way.
The Saanen Gathering returns to Schon- at YWCA Roundabout Centre, top of Leith
There is increasing concern about piracy ried. The Parents and Children Week will Walk.
(which is actually theft) of our published take place at Alpenblick in Gstaad from
material through the Internet. This is now 29th July to 5th August, and the Mountain For more information: Cameron Pirie:
so extensive that it is too expensive to try Programme for Young People will be in cameronpirie@hotmail.com
to limit it through legal channels. We are Bourg–St-Pierre from 19th to 27th August. or Nahid Aslam: nahidaslam@yahoo.com
glad to see the material widely broadcast,
but have to ensure that it is used with re- Please contact Gisele Balleys, 7a chemin KRISHNAMURTI GATHERING AND
spect and not distorted. Of course, with- Floraire, 1225 Chene-Bourg, Geneve, DIALOGUES - 26th to 29th May 2006
out income from royalties and sales of Switzerland, Tel/Fax (41) (22) 349 6674, or Memorial Day Weekend in Buckeystown,
books and recordings, the Foundation giseleballeys@hotmail.com Maryland, an hour’s drive from Washing-
would not be able to continue its publish- ton DC and Baltimore. The topic this year
ing and archival work and to contribute SPRING INTERNATIONAL is The Mirror of Relationship.
to the support of Brockwood Park School. GATHERING IN THE PYRENEES
Diana Muller, for many years the 25th to 29th May 2006 at Montgaillard For further information and a registration
mainstay of the Foundation Office, de Salies 31260, France Study retreat and brochure please contact Terry O’Connor at
has now settled in Australia. We wish exploration around the philosophy of J terry.oc@verizon.net.
her every happiness in her new life. Krishnamurti with the theme: Can we be
who we actually are? NEW! The new DVD series “What is Life?”,
consisting of Krishnamurti’s last talks in
Please contact Jackie McInley Madras in 1985-86, has just been released
Tel 05 61 90 69 07 / 06 64 66 48 50 and is available to order.
Web-site: www.opendoorinfo.com

As we have for many years, the Foundation distributes books free of charge to prisons in the UK. If you wish to do the same in
your country, if we have translations, we will send them to you without cost, on the understanding that you will tell us how well
they are received.
Announcements from Inwoods Small School for resale, general correspondence, check-
Committees Inwoods Small School seeks to provide a gen- ing invoices, other office duties and gener-
Japan uine alternative for the education of children ally creating an orderly, ergonomic, healthy
We are sorry to tell you that Mr Shiget- four to eleven years old in an atmosphere of and aesthetic office environment. Excel-
oshi Takahashi has died at the age of 92. self-motivation, helping children to think for lent written and spoken English is essential.
He maintained the Committee in Japan for themselves and to develop an awareness of Please apply only if you do not require a
many years and was devoted to Krishna- others. The curriculum pays attention to the visa or work permit to work in England.
murti and making his works known. Ms need for a good approach to basic skills with Please send your professional CV and a
Junko Tsuyuki, who assisted Mr Takahashi much importance given to creativity, sensi- covering letter describing your interest in the
in his work, informs us that Mrs Aiko tivity to the environment and the enjoyment job, Krishnamurti and living at Brockwood to
Sasahara will continue the dialogues even of learning without competition or pressure. Donna Broughton at kft@brockwood.org.uk
though the Center will probably close. Resident Primary Teacher Required
Video/Audio Technician to live at Brock-
France For September 2006 we require a qualified,
wood Park – someone with technical and
The Association Culturelle Krishnamurti flexible and creative person with a positive at-
computer skills and an interest in developing
has a large collection of translated audio titude to change and a good rapport with chil-
them further. Part of the work will be work-
tapes of Krishnamurti’s talks at Saanen and dren. Patience, humour and a commitment
ing with other staff to make copies of audio
Brockwood, which it hopes to make avail- to exploring holistic educational ideas are
and video tapes for sale and archival pur-
able for MP3 download from their website. needed as a part of a small team of teachers.
poses. You will also assist in the programme
The above are resident positions and you to digitize audio and video recordings.
will be required to live at Brockwood Park Please send your professional CV and a
The International Krishnamurti Commit-
with accommodation and food provided. covering letter describing your interest in
tee of Ireland has been meeting in Belfast
for many years and now will begin meet- For further details contact Bill Taylor. Krishnamurti and in living at Brockwood to
ing in Dublin. The first meeting is Friday To apply, send a covering letter and your Donna Broughton at kft@brockwood.org.uk
28th April 2006 in The Yoga Centre, Doy- CV to: Volunteers are often needed to help
les Corner, First Floor, 360 North Circular Director with transcribing, verifying and editing
Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7 at 7.00pm. Brockwood Park School, Bramdean, transcripts of the recordings of Krishna-
There will be a showing of a Krishnamurti Hampshire SO24 0LQ, England murti. Besides very good understanding
DVD followed by a meeting to set out a Phone: + 44 (0) 1962 771 744 and knowledge of UK English grammar and
schedule and working framework. Doy- Fax: + 44 (0) 1962 771 875 language as a first language, applicants will
les Corner is north of the city and is easily Email: enquiry@brockwood.org.uk have an exaggerated sense for precision and,
reached by a number 16 bus from the city Please state in your cover letter if a work permit preferably, familiarity with Krishnamurti’s
centre. For further information, contact: would be required for you to work in the UK. speech. We are looking for people who
Kiely Harrington Other Positions Available are not too identified with their own work.
Tel. 0864000082 We are currently looking for an experienced Email: archive@brockwood.org.uk
E-mail: kielyh@yahoo.com Head Gardener to start in July 2006. UK Volunteers with other skills or inter-
Alastair Herron The job will be to manage a walled ests may wish to contact the Foundation,
Tel. 044 28 648387 vegetable garden (1 acre) and maintain as we wish to implement a programme
E-mail: a.herron@ulster.ac.uk 40 acres of grounds with a team of four. to develop relationships with volunteers
We are also looking for maintenance staff who may be trained to help. Sometimes
Employment and Volunteers with expertise in general household skills, people may be able to work from home.
Working at Brockwood Park in any capacity is ideally having worked in a relat- Here are some current needs: transcrip-
more than a job opportunity; it is a lifestyle. A ed trade (plumbing, electrical, car- tion and verification of audio tapes; scan-
sincere interest in Krishnamurti’s work and a penting and building) and able to ning and organising photographs manu-
commitment to creating a serious environment work happily and independently. scripts and photographs; database entry
in (sometimes intense) co-operation with oth- and labelling items; a publicist to advise
Please contact Vicki Wisely for more info at
ers are essential. All staff members at Brock- and assist in promoting new publications;
wood receive the same monthly salary of about skilled editors; readers to review Krishna-
£530, along with food and accommodation. murti’s books on the Amazon website.
There are no pension or other material benefits. has the following resident positions available: Contact Donna Broughton at
kft@brockwood.org.uk stating your
Staff Assistant/Office Coordinator to
Full-time resident teaching positions at interest, skills and experience.
live at Brockwood Park – a smiling per-
Brockwood Park School
son with strong computer (Excel, Word, CONTACT INFORMATION
Your work will frequently bring you into
Adobe InDesign preferred) and good or- Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
contact with students, so you must be com-
ganising and people-relating skills, who Brockwood Park
fortable and dependable around teenagers.
would enjoy creating and implementing Bramdean, Hampshire
We need to add to our staff of qualified publications projects with a friendly and dy- SO24 0LQ
and experienced teachers and now seek namic team. The work includes telephone an- England
people for one or a combination of the fol- Tel: + 44 (0) 1962 771525
swering, sorting mail, maintaining a compu- Fax: + 44 (0) 1962 771159
lowing subjects, starting in August 2006: ter database of donor names, ordering books Email: info@brockwood.org.uk
English as a Second Language, Website: www.kfoundation.org
BBC 4 recently broadcast a short
Mathematics, Science Registered Charity No: 312865
excerpt on education from
The Krishnamurti Reader. Copyright © April 2006 Krishnamurti Foundation
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