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Radi1 Shames Radi Ms.

Murphy English 10 (CP) Period 3 12 May 2013 Reading Log #4 Delirium Lauren Oliver They say the cure is about happiness, but I understand now that it isnt and it never was. Its about fear: fear of pain, fear of hurt, fear, fear, fear- a blind animal existence, bumping between walls, shuffling between ever-narrowing hallways, terrified and dull and stupid. (Oliver 383).

SUMMARY: Lena cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday because that is when her she will have her procedure. Months before her procedure, Lena falls in love with an Invalid (an uncured person living in the Wilds) named Alex. Love engulfs Lena and she no longer cares what the government has to say about love and she doesnt care if she dies from love. She later decides not to have the cure, even though it might mean her death. She realizes that life isnt life if you just float through it like the cured do; the whole point of life is that you find things that matter to you and hold on to them and never let go of them. She says that all cured are just running away from their fears rather than facing and overcoming their fears. Her journey with Alex leads her to find out that much of her life is a lie, including the supposed suicide of her mother, and her journey also leads her to her freedom, which unfortunately does not include Alex.

Radi2 HANA TATE: Hana is Lenas only best friend since fifth grade. Hana is a gorgeous blonde who is very likable because she is rich and beautiful. She is actually is how Lena and Alex got to meet each other because she convinces Lena to go in a private government property and Alex worked as a guard there. Hana seems really rebellious on the outside than she actually is on the inside. Hana is all about trying risky behaviors. She isnt really in love like Lena is. Hana believes in the cure but also wants to have fun and go to illegal parties. She is the one who reported Alex and Lena at the end of the book and got Lena captured by the regulators. She thought that she was betrayed by Lena because Lena was leaving her and going to the Wilds with Alex. Hana is very selfish and manipulative. She ends up getting cured at the end of the book and gets married to Fred Hargrove, the mayors son.

PREDICITION/OUTCOME: From the first page of the novel, I had never thought that Lena would ever end up falling in love because she really hated it and couldnt wait to get the cure. She keeps repeating the fact that the country has not yet perfected a cure for people under eighteen years old, so they can never be totally protected from the deliria. The way how she describes seeing one of the infected girls jump off a laboratory roof terrified her and made her not want to ever fall in love. The totalitarianism government managed to control every aspect of the citizens life and made them fear love by showing them untrue examples of what will happen to you when you all in love. They made everyone think that cure is happiness and stability. Even after Lena falls in love with Alex, she still thinks that love can kill her. Lena starts to realize that the government had lied to her after she visits the Wilds with Alex. The fence that Lena had been terrified from since she was little is harmless and unelectrified, unlike what the government told

Radi3 the citizen; citizens were told that the fences were all electrified and if you get to five feet distance from them, you will be fried. A very unexpected event is Alexs death. Lena and Alex got the regulators right behind them when they were about to escape to the Wilds. They story seemed like it was going to be a happy ending; Lena and Alex will manage to run off to the Wilds together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Alex had scarified himself so Lena could escape to the Wilds. Alex was bleeding injured by a bullet in his chest and Lena seen him caught by regulators from the other side of the fence. He screams at Lena to run and she turns around and runs. She doesnt realize how long she ran for; hours, maybe days. Lena says the quotes that her Mother told her before leaving her on the last page of the novel, I love you. Remember. They cannot take it. Just like her Mother told her that, she says that about Alex, meaning that they took Alex away from her (by killing him) but they cannot take away her love for him.

MOTIF: Cure It has been sixty four years since love was identified as a disease and forty three since the scientists in Portland invented a cure for love. Lena is scheduled to have her procedure on September the third, her birthday. Many people are afraid of the procedure, some even resist but Lena is not afraid, she cant wait to get her procedure done. She tries to not think about the fact that she is uncured and endanger of falling in love any minute. The cured are incapable of strong desire and future pain. It was mentioned by Lena that mothers usually take care of their children not because they love them but because they have to. Any uncured caught with deliria will have their procedures early even though it has risks for uncured under eighteen years of age.

Radi4 At first the cure was Lenas number one goal. After falling in love with Alex, Lena kept ignoring the fact that her procedure will be in three week. She couldnt imagine not being able to love Alex anymore. Lena then realizes that the cure isnt for the protection of residents but it was invented to make the citizens of the country the governments slaves. After taking the cure, the residents are no longer capable of making their own decisions, so the government makes it for them. The most important decision that the government controls is picking their partner for them and them not being able to show affection for your partner whatsoever. The cure is a trick that the totalitarianism government uses to take absolute control over the residents of United States.

VOCABULARY: Crescendo (kr-shen-d) Noun. A gradual increase.

Example: The noise of the thunder rose to a crescendo. Lament (-ment) Verb. To mourn aloud : wail

Example: Ms. Sally lamented when she found out that her husband had passed away. Oblivion (-bli-v-n,) Noun. The condition or state of being forgotten or unknown.

Example: A well-known scientists work was saved from oblivion when it was found again in the early 1900s. Consortium (kn-s r-sh(-)m) Noun. An association, typically of business companies.

Example: An American consortium invested millions of dollar from selling computers in Turkey. Vigilance (vijlns) Noun. The action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties; Alertness. Example: Mr. Smith keeps strict vigilance in order to protect his children from the dangers of the world.