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ELECTRONICS How many zinc cells should be connected in series if the output voltage of a certain battery is 36V?

The Q-point for a ____ amplifier is below cut-off. Calculate the cut-off frequency of an op-amp having a unity-gain bandwidth product of 5Mhz and the open-loop voltage gain of 1,000,000. What is the minimum input current to turn on a thyristor? What is the package suffix code for dual in line for surmounting surface of PC board? What is the method used for fabricating semiconductor devices for hybrid and monolithic ICs? Portion of the welding process in which welding current flows. The graphical representation of electrical activity of the muscles in isotomic and isometric conditions and also detect the amount of muscle force is called Solder used in electronics is an alloy composed of which of the following When the load is shorted, the pass transistor has a dissipating power Which of the following methods can be done in measuring power without using ammeter? X-rays are produced by 24 Class C 5Hz Trigger current D Planar technology Heat subinterval Electromyography Tin-lead Foldback limiting One voltmeter-one ammeter; Two voltmeters-two ammeters Bombarding metallic target with high speed electron & decelerating fast moving electron Storage oscilloscope

If transient on power supply is to be studied what oscilloscope is to be used? Nyquist is a frequency domain. Bode plot is a frequency domain. Root locus plot is a time domain. Routh hemholtz plot is a time domain. Heaviside-Campbell equal ratio bridge is measuring Maximally flat passband Trivalent impurities 3.6 Zener voltage operates in What type of bridge is used to measure inductance in terms of resistance and capacitance? Capacitance that acts between the surface areas of two conductors without any dielectric material. Commonly known as dry cell The Wheatstone bridge uses this type of test to detect faults in telephone lines. The term used to express the ratio of the change in collector current to the change in emitter current. How to measure voltage in a circuit using a voltmeter? Which is not affected by resistance? The method used in fabrication of semiconductor devices for hybrid and monolithic ICs Effect/s that can be used in an ammeter

All are correct

Self inductance in terms of mutual inductance Inverse Chebyshev 3 valence Zener breakdown Owen Stray Leclanche cell Varley loop Alpha Connect it in parallel Mass Planar technology Magnetic effect Thermal effect Electromagnetic induction Graticule Transformer, rectifier, filter, regulator 1 atom to 10^8 atoms Those produced by thermal

The waveform under investigation is displayed on a screen which is calibrated Four basic parts of a power supply Doping level of pure semiconductor Free electrons in p-type material

energy What is the measuring instrument that uses the force of repulsion between fixed and movable magnetized iron vanes or the force between a coil and a pivoted vane shaped piece of soft iron to move the indicating pointer RF field strength meters expresses the filed strength as power density from The thickness of the trace is approximately Unit of energy If three amplifiers with a gain of 8 each are in cascade, how much is the overall gain? A non-inverting amplifier has a 150- Rf and a 15- Ri. How much is its closed-loop voltage gain? Which of the following filter(s) can be used as ammeter? Vane-type instrument 0.001 to 2000 microwatts/cm2 5% of one vertical division Joule 512 11 Magnetic effect Thermal effect Electro-magnetic induction Graticule +/- 7% 3 semiconductor layers Amplification Maxwell-Wein Schering 1.5 mils x 3 mils Built-in short-circuit protection Poor ventilation Heat subinterval Superposition Magnetoencephalogram Truth Table

The waveform under investigation is displayed on the screen which is protected with a calibrated flat hard piece of plastic called The measurement accuracy of the time base becomes ___ when the time base is set to its maximum position. A BJT has An output control The output signal has a larger power, current, or voltage than its input An AC bridge that measures unknown capacitance and losses. An AC bridge that measures capacitance and dissipation factor. Dimension of a MOSFET in a single IC chip Advantage of shunt regulation Hot bearings in a dc motor caused by Portion of weld interval where current is flowing A method of analyzing circuits with multiple sources in which each one is considered one at a time then the results are combined afterwards. An instrument used to measure brain activity using magnetic detectors. Logic table displaying various input combinations and output