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RFID Warehouse Logistics

Introduction At present, with more and more fierce market competion, it is significant for enterprise to improve produce efficiency and reduce operating costs. Warehouse logistics is widely used in every industry. Designing and buliding a set of warehouse management process, improving the rate of turnover in warehouse, reducing occupation of operating funds, transforming frozen funds into cash, and lower cost of products that warehouse eliminated, all of those are key parts to improve produce efficiency.

Warehouse management system usually operates by barcode tag or manual warehouse management invoice, those have obvious shortcomings:

Managing by barcode: easy to be copied, polluted, damped and only can be read within a close distance Recording by manual: complex, easy to get error with large numbers, increasing labors cost Large workload in inventory by manual, long inventory cycle, it cannot be found in time that goods are in shortage
or stolen With RFID, enterprise warehouse management will get open and more efficient. The approximate process is as the following: put tag into barcode, stick it on the package or pallet of every product, write product information such as position, etc. in tag, write destination information when product is in or out of the warehouse, set fixed or handhold reader in warehouse and every dealer channel to recognize and monitor products circulation.

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Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent technology Co., Ltd

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System main components

RFID tag RFID printer (optional) RFID fixed reader RFID handhold reader RFID forklift reading system (optional) RFID channel reading system VANCHRFID middleware VANCH RFID warehouse logistics management system
System design When products are entering the warehouse: In the packaging products workshop, workers stick RFID tags on products, pack in batches and stick box marks. The products that need pallet can be stick pallet tagMethods of sticking tag

stick product unit tag stick on the outer package, when several products packed

pallet tag, connecting with the data unit tag or outer package tag

Packed products enter in the warehouse through the channel set RFID reader and antennas by handling tools. RFID get the number of products entering and record in system automatically. Take products with pallet tag as an example, the information of every pallet products s written in pallet tag by the reader at the entrance, meanwhile, data connection of orders is formed and the warehouse management system will assign the position, or manager has assigned the

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Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent technology Co., Ltd

http://www.vanch.net Email: sara@vanch.net position for these products at the beginning. Then the network system will send storage order to the warehouse client (or forklift car system). At last, according to the order, forklift driver will store the products to appropriate position. After finishing storage, system update the stock data, and mark the position information of every batch of products. When products are exiting the warehouse: The sender in logistics department produce the stock-out list on the basis of the delivery products list. That means according to stock-out priority (for example: the item with earlier production date should be sent out in advance), they check out the position and the stock status of the required goods. If client points out the production code, they can check with the code and get the information of the goods position, pallet, required goods and related vehicle. Goods-picker send the stock-out list to warehouse manager. Warehouse manager check the information and arrange forklift driver to carry out the required goods. When the forklift is passing the exit, the RFID reader there will read the pallet tags to stock-out information, and check whether the products are matched with the production code and position in the stock-out list or not. After the products are stocked out, warehouse terminal provides the stock-out information for manager to confirm, and automatically update it to database. When workers are doing inventory Workers can inventory by handhold reader regularly, read products tag information closely, and compare it with that exists in management system, to check whether the inventory information by manual is the same with that in management system or not. If it is not, they can correct it on the site. This method can shorten 85% time for enterprise to make an inventory, greatly improve work efficiency and also increase the inventory cycle times.

System Performance

Reduce labors cost by 20-30% Lower the rish of products lost, as the result of that 99% products are visible Reduce working time by 20-25%
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Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent technology Co., Ltd

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Collect data efficiently and exactly, and improve operating efficiency Collect data automatically, reduce errors made by manual Reduce enterprise warehouse logistics cost
Equipment List



Parameter Standard:ISO18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen2 Communication interface: LAN/RS232/RS485/Wiegand26/34





Frequency902-928 MHZ/865-868MHz Antenna ports4pcs SMA ports Reading distance:3-20meters ConnectorN(female) Gain12dBi Frequency902-928MHZ PolarizationCircularly polarized Input Impedance50 ohms Dimension40540535mm Connector: N(female) Frequency:902-928MHz Polarization: Linear Impedance: 50 Dimension:630*320*83mm Gain:12dBi

Circularly polarized antenna


Linear polarized antenna




5meters/pc Tag air interfaces: EPC global UHF ISO-18000-6C/EPC C1 G2 Frequency ranges902928MHz Work style: For FHSS or fixed frequency Antenna connector: 4 units SMA antenna ports, 7dbi circular polarized antenna, antennas height can be adjustable. RF power control: 2030dBm can change 7dbiantenna,Read distance1.5~3M Communication interface LAN RS232 RS485 Wiegand26/34 Dimension 17.5cm long X 7.6cm wide X 2.3cm (3.3cm) high LCD: 3.5 "transflective

Gate reader


RFID Handheld reader


NetworkWIFI or 3G,Bluetooth, GPRS Frequency902~928MHz Maximum reading distance 1 meters

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Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent technology Co., Ltd

http://www.vanch.net Maximum writing distance 0.5 meters Battery 3.7V Lithium battery, 4400mAh (rechargeable) IP rating: IP65 1.5 m concrete floor drop test, can withstand three directions, six-sided, three times the impact of falling Standard: EPCclass1 Gen2. communication: Bluetooth Forklift reader VI-82 RS232TCP/IPFrequency902~928MHZ Antennas 1-4 pcs SMA portsPower supplyrechargeable Lithium battery 3.0Ah18V Connector: N or Customized Gain:9dBi Forklift reader sntenna VA-98B Frequency:902-928MHz Polarization: circular Impedance: 50 CoverPolycarbonate plastic Dimension :260*260*45mm Low-power system with Intel Atom N2600 processor. 2GB SODIMM DDR3-1333 memory Built-in Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Module Support 3G function (for optional) Compact Rugged tablet PC(Option) Standard Battery 5200 mAh VP-001 Semi- Shock, Vibration, and transit drop. System Specification Control buttons Control Button : Power button 1 x MENU Key control Brightness and Battery Status. 1 x Volume up 1 x Volume down Adapter : 100- 240 V , 50-60 Hz / 12V DC input Dimension: 84 (L) * 54 (W) * 0.8 (D) mm Material: PCB material Pallet tag VT-81 Storage capacity: EPC memory: 240bits Extended Memory: 512bits Frequency: 860 - 960 MHz Dimension: 244 (L) * 12 (W) * 13 (H) mm Material: ABS Cargo seat tag VT-89 Storage capacity: EPC memory: 240bits Extended Memory: 512bits Frequency: 860 - 960 MHz Resistant metal tag Dimension: 110 (L) * 15 (W) Material: INLAY Carton tag VT-92 Storage capacity: EPC memory: 96bits Extended Memory: 512bits Frequency: 860 - 960 MHz Paper lable
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Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent technology Co., Ltd

http://www.vanch.net Anti-metal tag VT-83 Email: sara@vanch.net 95x 25x 3.7mm (hole) application: asset management, logistics management and process management Print Mode: Direct thermal/thermal transfer Resolution: 300 dpi, 12 dots/mm RFID Tag Printer VPR-0207 Max. Print Speed: 8 inches/sec, 254 mm/sec Print Width: 4.1 inches, 104 mm Tag Width: 4.6 inches, 118 mm Tag High: 0.25~32 inches, 6.4~812 mm

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