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My favorite country is Switzerland because there are a lot of beautiful nature and wonderful sight of Alps and so on.

I long to live such a great place and I also long for living like a Heidi which is a book and it was written by Johanna Spyri. She was born in Switzerland. Heidi has called Alps-no-shojo-Heidi in Japanese. Actually, Heidi is a signal to long for Switzerland. My friends often said to me, Arisa resemble that Heidi. Switzerland hasnt own language so there are 4 kinds of official lan guages which are German, French, Italian and Rumantsch Switzerland is known for a permanently neutral country. My English conversation schools teacher lived in there and I got Switzerlands chocolates from her, therefore, I interested in there.Switzerland lies at the centre of western Europe

geographically, yet it fiercely maintains its political independence - perhaps the reason for it being one of the world's most prosperous economies: a lesson not easily learned by other countries in Europe! It is sometimes called "Europe's water tower" because its mountains-full of snow are the source of western Europe's largest rivers: The Danube, Po, Rhine, Rhne and the Inn-Danube. (The removal of thirsty trees to create new ski slopes has been cited as a reason for the extra water that it currently delivers to its neighbouring countries - in more than required abundance!) Temperature and climate vary greatly dependent not only upon season but on elevation! Most of the population is concentrated on the plateau north of the Alps, where summers are warm and winters are dry, cool and often foggy. South of the Alps it is considerably warmer and more sunny. Strong southerly winds can bring summer-like weather even in winter.
If I could visit there, I want to visit a lot of places. First, I want to visit a lake which name is Leman. It located in southwest of Switzerland and the lake that define a countrys borders between France and Switzerland. Incidentally, I want to go to the Chillon old castle which faces the Leman and Morges which called flower of Leman. At there, Tulips are in full bloom on April to May, Irises and Hemerocalles are in full bloom on June to July and Dahlias are in full bloom on August to October. Second, I want to visit Locarno where is the lowest area of altitude in Switzerland and the area is warm weather. Id like to see camellias there and there is camellia festival in March. Third, I want to visit old city of Bern which is register as cultural heritage of UNESCO. The beautiful row of houses along the street has remained there. I also want to visit rose garden in Bern. At there, 220 kinds of roses full bloom. Of course, you know that Bern is the capital of Switzerland. I want to go there in spring. By the way, Swiss are consumes 2kg of cherries per person so they love cherry. The kirsch is famous as cherrys alcoholic drink. In Central Switzerland region is prosperous as making of kirsch so in the area of Bern, we can see a lot of cherry trees. Japan sent cherry trees which planted on the roadside of leading to the rose garden. Next, I want to see beautiful sight of mountain which was covered with snow, especially Matterhorn. I want to try hiking and cycling in Zurich with seeing wonderful sight. In Switzerland, Id like to eat chocolates, raclette, cheese fondue and apple strudel. I will surely heal by Switzerlands sight, foods and so on. I also can refresh. I need to take my camera to take pictures of there. I also need tools for painting. When I will visit there, I want to spend time with my husband as honeymoon. If I could, I want to make a permanent home in Switzerland.