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Ellington Darden, Ph.D. DAYS! / / SSC esc tee Keith Whitley used ia to gain 34’, pounds! ° = vw - a. Em csi) X b growth routines! ial Surefire tips on PIES uT ie) oe any + jy | Dr. Ellington Darden’s best-selling books include Big and New High-Intensity Bodybuilding. Photographs by Bill Cox CONTENTS Getting Bigger! Bigger Basics: Exercise Bigger Basics: Nutrition The Bigger Program: Weak by Week Before Getting Started: Taking Measurements Day 1: Split Routines 2: Shoulders, Upper Back, and Chest 8: Upper Arms, Forearms, and Neck 4: Why Super Slow Is Effective 5: Proper Breathing 6: The Almost Perfect Exercise 7: Recovery Ability 8: Value of Pre-Exhaustion 9: Bulld Strength, Not Demonstrate It Day 10: The Most Dangerous Repetition Day 11: Super-Slow Techniques Day 12: Short and Infrequent Workouts Day 18: Biceps Action Day 14: The Stronger Need Less Day 15: Contra-Lateral Training Day 16: Lett Lower Body, Right Upper Body Day 17: Dominant Arm Smaller Day 18: Protein Facts Day 19: Muscles and Survival Day 20: Contra-Lateral Combination Day 21: Sleep Guidelines Day 22: Progress Check Day 23: Parallel-Grip Pulldowns Day 24: Long and Short Muscles Day 25: Dark Eyes and Leanness Day 26: Calorie-Dense Blender Drinks Day 27: Layoffs and Vacations Day 28: Plateaus Day 29: Negative-Only Routines Day 30: Soreness, Cramps, and Water Day 81: Indirect Effect Day 32: Overall Body Training Day 38: Strength Versus Size Day 34: Harder, But Briefer Day 35: Overtraining Day 36: All or Nothing! Day 37: Metabolic Work Day 38: Relaxing the Face Day 39: Non-Strenuous Hobbies Day 40: Concentration Day 41: Super-Slow Cats Day 42: Conquering Emotional Momentum Bigger Bodies Bigger Than Ever Train Intensely! Eat Nutritiously! Rest Adequately! PO Ue their training because they do not have a well-designed me EU LL followed correctly will produce dramatic results.