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M,Tech. Degree Exa

mber 2010

Time: 3 hrs.


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Max. Marks:100 quei any FIVE Note: l. Answer full 2. Draw neat block diagroms/waveforms wherever needed. 3. Make valid ossumptions for any missing dato.

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c. A packet switched network with a worst case jitter of 5 msecs is to be used for a CBR
application. Determine the buffer size and suitable packet size for an input bit rate of 2 Mbps. (03 Marks)

What is voice over internet protocol? Explain how it works. Justifr whether TCP can be used for (10 Marks) packet voice. Explain the significance of network related applications QOS parameters. What is the effect of (07 Marks) network transfer rate on the buffer size as the network transfer rate is varied?

2 a. b. c. 3 a. b. 1 a. b. c. a. b. c. 6 a.

Compare arithmetic coding and Huffman coding. A message comprising a string of characters with probabilities h : 0.2,a : 0.1, I = 0.3, o = 0.2, . = 0.2 is to be encoded. The message to be (10 Marks) encoded is "halo". Compute the arithmetic code word. What are the different dictionary based compression algorithms and how do they differ?
(07 Marks)

The LZ algorithm is used to compress a text file. The average number of characters per word is 8 and the dictionary contains 8192 words. What is the average compression ratio achieved (03 Marks) relative to 7 bit ASCI I code words?

Explain linear predictive coding. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technique? (12 Marks) How is CELP beffer than LPC? Explain the concepts underlying perceptual coding. How does it differ from predictive coding (08 Marks) algorithms?

Explain the video compression standard used for video applications over wireless nefworks. What are the common applications based on this stand ard? How does this standard provide error (12 Marks) resilience and tracking? (05 Marks) Describe MPEG-I standard. A digitized video is compressed using MPEG- l . Assume a frame sequence of IBBPBBPBBPBBI........ and average compression ratio of l2;1 (I), l8:1(P) and 50:1(B). (03 Marks) Calculate the average bit rate generated by the encoder for NTSC frame.
How MPEG-4 differs from other MPEG standards? Describe the error resilience techniques provided in MPEG-4. State the significant features of JPEG-2000.


(06 Marks) (06 Marks)

systems? b. interface.

What is synchronization in the context of multimedia systems? How is it achieved in multimedia

(12 Marf.s)

Describe the prcsentation requirements for delivering multimedia data correctly at the user' (08 Marks)



7 a. What is layered video coding? What are the different error resilient video coding techniques? b. What are the problems related to transfer of video across IP? What are the common [:#ffil
used to address these issues?
(10 Marks)

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a. b. c.

What is RTP and its uses? Explain in detail RTP along with the packet Describe RTCP and its What is RSVP? Briefly explain how it provides QOS



(10 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks)