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A small groan of frustration and desire racked Mel’s body as she struggled to

insert a finger into her slit. She gasped and panted as she forced herself to
accept it into her. Wiggling her thumb, she managed to push it in all the way to
her knuckle but that’s where it ended. Wiggling her thumb around in the slick
flesh, she was hit with several odd sensations at the peculiar feeling of being
able to feel her own insides – or at least part way up – and having something
move around inside of you where nothing had ever penetrated before. At sixteen,
she was still a virgin, which wasn’t surprising, but she longed for the hot
passionate sex that gave her friends the pleasure she still needed to enjoy.
Mellissa Pellings groaned and gave up, pulling out her one finger and fell
back naked against the bed sheets of her queen-sized bed. The juncture
between her legs throbbed for attention that she couldn’t administer to herself.
With a sigh, she forced herself to try again. But to her frustration, she couldn’t
find the slit again and instead, stabbed herself in a very tender area. With a yelp
of pain, she removed her finger tenderly and tried to look at herself between her
legs to see if she had caused any damage.
“Need help with that?” a low, masculine voice asked from her open
Mel froze. She swore she had closed the door securely and locked it.
Reading the expression in his sister’s face, Sebastian came into the room after
closing the door behind him and locking it, and sat down on the bed. His eyes
roamed around the room, stopping at her splayed legs, her calves folded neatly
against the back of her thighs, pulled apart to reveal the soft fuzz of brown hairs
between her legs.
Mel was a beautiful creature, he thought as he smoothed a large hand
over her buttermilk-soft golden legs. Her naked body trembled under his touch.
“Please….” she whispered, but her voice trailed off. She wasn’t sure whether to
ask her brother to just leave or to help her with her dilemma.
Sebastian wasn’t into incest but he, for several reasons, decided to help
Mel: she looked really desperate; and he hadn’t seen a woman masturbate in a
while. And he would rather that he be the one to help his baby sister in her first
experience than some cad who would be rough to her (and who he probably
would need to find and kill later for hurting her).
Gently, he pushed her shoulders down to the bed and she shook with
nervousness as she did so. “Relax, Mel,” he told her gently with a smile that he
hoped would assure her. Mel was very trusting of her brother who would never lie
to her about anything. “Lie back and relax otherwise this won’t work.”
She let out a deep breath and lay her head down on her bed as her
brother moved closer to her. Warily, she watched him as he pulled off his shirt.
Slowly and gently, as Sebastian always did things when it came to Mel, he used
his hands to part her legs farther apart. Her naked chest heaved as cold air
brushed against her exposed genitalia. He felt his cock spring to life immediately
but he ignored it with a grunt. This was about Mel’s needs, not his.
Using one hand, he gently parted her labia and pushed a finger slowly into
her slit. Encouraged by the pulsing of her slick vaginal muscles as they flexed, he
moved deeper into her until his whole middle finger was buried deep inside of his
baby sister’s sex. She gasped and her back actually arched, pushing her
buttocks against his hand where he had placed his fingers, even though he
hadn’t done anything else. “Goddam, Mel, you’re tight as fuck,” he hissed.
Sebastian even doubted now that he would be able to follow the first finger with a
second seeing that the size of her slit was so tiny.
It could only mean one thing. He wiggled around just to pleasure her for a
little longer as Mel groaned and her hips bucked in his hold, but he withdrew his
finger, leaving her gasping on the bed. He stood up and unbuckled his pants.
Hooking his boxers in his fingers as he slid his pants down he clambered over
onto the bed next Mel and put his back against the backboard. He reached over
and helped Mel sit up who was recovering from the brief fingering she had
received from him earlier.
“Mel, if you want this, you got to do this by yourself, and I won’t rush you,”
he told the girl. She was eyeing his cock with wide blue eyes. It pulsed before her
eyes as if stroked by her gaze. Sebastian suppressed a groan of lust as he
watched his sister. He lowered his legs and helped her angle herself so her hips
were positioned over his. He held her up.
“Is this the –” she choked off as she realized what he was telling her.
He nodded with a smile. “Mel, you’re too tight for a normal fingering. This
is the only way,” he told her again. Damn…he had never seen someone so hot or
felt someone so tight. His cock seemed to agree with him as it tightened. He
could barely get his words out calmly. “Nicely and slowly, baby.” He realized he
forgot to add “sister” at the end of his statement as a pulse of desire wracked his
body. It took all he could to keep himself under control.
Mel didn’t notice the missing word. She was more focused on her
brother’s hands on her naked hips and the length of him before her. All for her.
His hands guided her down gently and slowly until its tip touched her slit and she
stiffened. “We can stop whenever you like,” he whispered to her.
She nodded and took a deep breath. With a keening sound, she speared
herself on the head of his erection. She groaned between gritted teeth as she
moved down his length. Sebastian’s head was thrown back against the back
board of the bed as he groaned with her but his hands were steady as he guided
her down. Her tight, pure, never-been-touched glove clutched at him tightly. And
he hadn’t even penetrated very far.
Her chest heaved before his eyes but his eyes moved away from them
and were focused more on where they were joined. Suddenly a scream of pain
and ecstasy escaped her throat as the head made it all the way into her but she
cut it off suddenly, her eyes wildly darting towards the door. “It’s all right, Mel, let
it out. There’s no one home but us,” Sebastian assured her.
Her mouth opened and her head was thrown back, exposing the lovely
column of her throat. His hips began to move, drawing a screech from her and
she clutched at his shoulders. Gritting his teeth, he willed himself to gain more
control and his hips were still again. “How much is in there?” she gasped, her
chest heaving. Full breasts bobbed up and down in front of him.
“Three inches,” he replied.
“How much left?”
“Six inches,” he gritted out. Damn, she was so tight. “Just relax.”
She did and with a scream of absolute agonizing torture, she slid two
more inches down his length, gasping. He managed to hold in an animal bellow
as the sudden movement nearly dislodged all of the self-control he had. “Just
slam it in,” she screamed as she tried her hardest to work herself down his
length, trying to take in all nine inches of him into her virgin pussy.
“Fuck!” he screamed to the ceiling as her movements not only not
manage to move her farther down but up an inch, but made him lose total control
over himself.
Without disconnecting them, he easily flipped her onto her back. Pulling
her thighs farther apart with hands that he removed from her slim waist, he
slammed the rest of the five inches into her with a growl. She screamed with pain
as he slammed himself into her, at first slowly, as he gained more control, but
then he lost it again as his momentum picked his control apart. He watched with
lust-filled blue eyes as his baby sister’s mouth opened in a scream or a moan for
every thrust of his cock into her tight sheath. Her own blue eyes were closed and
tears had formed at the corners of her eyes. Mel felt like she was being ripped
brutally apart from her core. Her eyes opened again and released another
She had thrown her arms over her head and her full breasts jiggled freely
with his movements. Golden legs were wrapped around his waist as her slim
body arched against his. He captured a breast in his hands and rubbed her
nipple into a taut hardness and squeezed, drawing a gasp. His other hand came
around to cup the back of her head as he crushed his lips against hers.
Feverishly, she kissed him back and he could feel the moans deep in her throat
as he slammed his hardness into her pussy without stop. Her hot vagina filled
with her juices and soaked his cock, making it easier for his reentry every time.
He kept this up for well over half an hour, even as she climaxed several
times under him, as he rained kisses down on her face, neck, and breasts and
wherever else needed his attention. Her screams and moans never ceased.
Finally, he felt his own ejaculation coming and quickly, before he could spill
it into her, he ripped himself completely out as she screamed and cried at the
same time. With a groan, he rolled off of her and spent himself on the sheets
next to her. His chest heaved as he rolled onto his back, throwing an arm onto
his sister’s heaving stomach. He could feel her limbs trembling.
“Are you okay, Mel?” he asked her quietly after a moment, his voice husky
with their rough lovemaking. He turned to look at her, propping himself up on one
arm. The other pulled her closer and she rolled over and pressed her naked body
up against his. He could feel her sweet moist breath on his chest. Reaching out,
he stroked her brown hair tenderly.
The tips of her breasts brushed against his chest as she pulled herself
against his side. A slim arm was thrown over his neck and his arm came down to
hold her close to him by her slim waist. “I’m sorry, Mel, that was going too far,”
Sebastian whispered to the silent figure against his chest. He ran his hand down
her back, slick with sweat.
Frowning, he reached down and gently pushed her onto her back. Her
blue eyes opened tiredly and watched him as he shifted around so he could see
her slit more clearly. Mel made a half-squealing sound as he reached out gently
and touched her slit. He pushed her flailing legs away and opened her labia
again, this time to make sure she hadn’t gotten injured.
With a sigh of relief, he let her go and her legs closed again. “Sebastian?”
her eyes were bright as sapphires as she looked at him. He looked up at the
sound of her name on his lips. Her blue eyes sparkled. “Thanks.”
With a nod he climbed off of her bed and put on his clothes, easing his
boxers up over his cock, hiding it from view again. He pulled his pants on,
followed by his shirt that had been deposited earlier. “We’re going to need to
change these sheets before Mom and Dad get home,” he grunted as he noticed
the wet spots from their rough lovemaking and his final ejaculation at the end.
Without question, she clambered off of the bed with some difficulty due to
the ache between her legs and in one smooth movement, pulled the sheets off of
the bed. Bundling them up, she handed the ball to Sebastian and turned around
to retrieve fresh sheets from the closet. As she bent over, Sebastian grunted as it
gave him a wide view of her pussy and her puckered anus.
He went up to her and placed a hand on her bare lower back. He felt the
muscles on her back jerk as she started to straighten but a little pressure from his
hand signaled her to stay down. Using his feet, he eased her legs out wider until
she opened up wider for him. Slowly, he slid a finger into her hot sheath again.
Her buttocks bucked against his hand and a low moan escaped from her,
vibrating down her spine. This time, he went in easily with one finger. “Damn!” he
swore as she cried out with the sudden penetration of her most private area.
“What?” she gasped, trying to catch her breath.
“Despite what we did, I didn’t stretch it as much except made it easier for
penetration,” he sighed.
“It’s all right,” her voice floated up to him form somewhere down at his
He nodded and then withdrew his finger, drawing a rasping breath from
her. Sebastian sat down with a thump, leaning against the bed frame of the bed.
The bed he had just screwed his own sister on. “Fuck! I can’t believe I just
screwed my own sister,” he swore, putting his head into his hands.
Small hands removed his and stroked his face. Mel eased herself into her
brother’s lap, straddling his hips as he gazed up at her with blue eyes that
matched her own. His large hands came around to rest around her waist.
Sebastian groaned at the contact Mel’s naked body had on him, despite his
layers of clothing. His cock stirred again.
“It’s all right,” she said again with a tentative smile. “I asked.”
He nodded slowly as she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his.
He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to hers and she took him readily. His
tongue flicked at her lips and her lips parted to let him in. A moan boiled at the
back of her throat as she leaned into him, her arms circling around his neck.
Sebastian pulled Mel’s naked body closer to his. She didn’t resist as he struggled
to pull his pants down just low enough to expose his cock again.
“Ever thought about anal?” he whispered against her lips, panting. She
shook her head violently as her eyes closed. She widened her legs and eased
herself over him again with a hiss.
To his surprise, and much to hers, she speared herself violently on his
cock. He cried out with her as her muscles contracted from the sudden widening
of her slit and clamped around his member. Gasping, she tilted forward and
leaned against his chest as he drew his legs up against her back. Then his pants
vibrated as his phone rang and he scrambled for his phone, trying to ignore the
feeling of his cock inside his sister’s tight sheath.
He located the phone and fished it out of a pocket as he felt her hands
slide under his shirt even as she kissed and nibbled the line of his jaw. He let the
shirt slide up over his head as the phone rang and quickly answered it once he
saw the caller ID name: Mom. “Hey, Mom,” he said into the phone. Mel froze at
once and kept still. He put the phone on speaker phone and set it on the bed as
he leaned forward and kissed his sister’s half-open mouth. She made a noise of
surprise and her hands came up on either side of his jaw, bringing him in closer.
“Hey, hon – something’s come up and we need to go on a trip. Dad and I
know you can take care of Mel so we can leave you too it right?” a female voice
said over the speaker phone.
Sebastian chuckled quietly with amusement and Mel smiled and kissed
his jaw delicately. “Of course, I love taking care of Mel,” he told the phone. He
reached around her waist and gently touched her anus after licking his finger
first. Her body jerked against him, making him have to bite his lip to keep a groan
from escaping with the movement. Mel didn’t have that much control. Her mouth
opened and quickly, he clamped a hand on her mouth as he slid his finger into
her other hole.
Mel writhed in absolute torture on top of him. “…Mrs. Allens will be
checking up on you two every once in a while to make sure you will be fine,” their
mother was saying.
“All right,” he replied.
“Can I talk to Mel?”
Both of their eyes darted at each other and then at the phone. Mel shook
her head, not trusting herself enough to know that the next thing that comes out
of her mouth would be groan. Sebastian considered just making an excuse
saying that Mel couldn’t come to the phone but then their mother would call again
later. Instead, he removed his finger and let her sag against him. She tried to get
her breathing under control as Sebastian stalled for them.
“Sure. MEL!” he bellowed. “She’s coming,” he told the phone.
After a few more seconds, Mel gave up and just lifted her head. “Hey,
Mom,” she said, trying to keep her breath normal. There was no mistaking that
she was panting. Sebastian picked her up and moved with her onto the bed,
easing her under him as he bit her shoulder to keep from crying out. Mel’s eyes
shot wide open and she struggled not to yelp with surprise.
“Hey, baby,” her mother started but then stopped. “Why do you sound so
out of breath?”
Mel’s brain scrambled to work as Sebastian began to work against her
slowly, his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. “Uh…I just ran up the stairs,”
she finally said.
“Oh, all right. Listen – Dad and I will be out of town for the rest of this week
and Sebastian will stay home with you and take care of you, all right?” her
mother explained. “Mrs. Allens from next door will check on you two every once
in a while to make sure you’re okay.”
“Mmm,” Mel said but it was more of the beginnings of a groan that started
as Sebastian grabbed her hips and tilted it towards his to give him better access
as he slammed in and out of her, his rhythm picking up in speed and strength. He
lowered his head and bit an erect nipple to hide a bellow th was forming, drawing
a yelp from her.
“Mel? Are you all right?”
“Yeah, sorry, I uh….stubbed my toe,” she hastily replied.
There was a pause. “All right then, you two have fun this week. Call us
every night,” her mother finally told them. Mel nodded but the phone lit up as the
line was cut.
“Sebastian,” she protested as he worked his hips wildly against hers. She
finally let loose the scream that had been building inside of her for a long time.
Her hands grabbed his brown hair, the same color as hers, as he worked harder
and harder, slamming himself into her. The force of the impact nearly brought her
hips completely off the bed with a screech. And because they were on the edge
of the bed, both of them fell over onto the floor.
Without hesitation, he stood and gathered her trembling body against him
as he slid in and out of her, standing. Her long legs were wrapped around his
waist and she moved with him, slamming her hips down against his every time
he came up to meet her.
She was sobbing into his shoulder now and he felt the salty tears run
down his chest as his cock slid in and out of her pussy, overflowing juices
running down her legs and his. Then, with great control, he pulled out of her. She
arched against him, waiting for his next reentry but when it never came, her eyes
opened as she trembled with the effects of lovemaking.
He set her down and bent her over. “Grab your ankles,” he told her gruffly.
Trembling, she did and he reached two fingers into her stretched slit. Hearing her
moan, he smiled and pulled out his fingers and slid them into her anus, gently
teasing open the hole. She gasped and her whole body trembled with his touch.
Before her legs buckled, he grabbed her hips and gently eased into her
backdoor, little by little.
Screams erupted from her throat as his huge cock slid up her rectum.
“Stop!” she cried, tears running down her face. It hurt, not because he wasn’t well
lubricated, but because he was too big. She couldn’t take him.
Sebastian gritted his teeth and pulled out of her and caught her when she
fell. His cock trembled for the need for release. Mel seemed to understand when
the two of them collapsed onto the floor on top of each other. She straddled him
again when he protested, knowing in this position, he would have no control. She
pushed him down on his back and gritting her teeth, she lowered herself down on
him. Sebastian helped guide her pussy to the head of his member and like
before, she screamed at she eased herself on. Sebastian was impressed. For a
first time, Mel was very willing to do this.
“I don’t know how to do this,” she gasped, bracing her hands on his lower
stomach. His own hands were behind her thighs.
“Up and down, Mel,” he whispered to her. He managed to sit up and drag
the both of them to lean against the wall. Folding his legs up slightly, he helped
her. He pushed her up and down the length of his throbbing cock and once she
found her own rhythm, she rode him on her own, panting and groaning with each
effort. His voice and hers intermingled in her small bedroom as they called out
their pleasure for each other.
Her breasts bounced and jiggled in front of him as her movements
became faster and faster. Her eyes closed as she braced her hands against his
shoulders for support and some leverage. Her hips bucked quickly against his,
grinding into him every time she came down hard. He groaned as she began to
scream his name, rising up to meet her every time she came down.
Finally: “Mel, get off,” he hoarsely whispered, frantic as he felt his release
was close. She didn’t hear and instead, her eyes opened to meet his, crazed with
lust. Chest heaving, she slid up and down his length even faster.
“MEL!” he screamed, struggling to restrain himself.
She shook her head and wound her long legs around him. Finally he
couldn’t hold it any longer. With a cry, he ejaculated into her, mumbling
something incoherently against her hair as his arms wrapped around her
shoulders and held her tightly against him. His hips jerked as with every load he
released and she was screaming as she realized what was happening. By
instinct, she clenched her legs tighter around him and the hot sheath of her
clamped tightly around him. Excess juices leaked out from between them,
trickling down both of their bodies, soaking into the clothes he still had on.
It was finally over. Trembling, both of them stayed where they were.
Thoughts were whirling around in both of their minds about what they had done
that was wrong, but felt so good at the same time.
Slowly, Mel unfolded herself from her brother’s embrace and tried to
stand, but her movements caused the shaft inside her to stir and harden inside of
her again. Sebastian kicked off his pants and thrust them to the side and he
helped Mel up. She stumbled on her feet and he held her steady until she could
find her footing. “Hit the shower, Mel,” he commanded, his voice husky. She
turned to look back at him and he smiled encouragingly at her. “It’s ok, I just need
a moment.”
She nodded and stumbled off, not bothering to put on any clothes or bring
any with her. Mel went into the hall and turned a corner into the doorway of the
bathroom. Moving to the shower, she turned on the water and without bothering
to wait for it to warm up, she stepped under the cold spray of the water, cooling
down her hot skin. Her hair was soon soaked through and water trickled down
her shoulders and down her body. As the warm water came, she relaxed and
leaned against the wall of the shower, pulling the curtain around her.
“Mel?” she heard Sebastian call as he entered the room.
“Here,” she murmured, but he heard her. The curtain was pulled back and
she looked up. Sebastian stood there as she had seen him earlier. He stepped
into the shower with her and didn’t flinch as the water hit his skin. Pulling the
curtain around them, he turned to her.
“I want to wash you,” he whispered, his eyes raking up and down her
Slowly, she nodded and smiled.
“And maybe, I’ll teach you a new thing or two. We’ll have lots of fun this
week,” he murmured to her as he stepped behind her. Reaching around her, he
picked up the bottle of soap and lathered it onto his hands. Setting the bottle
down, he spread the soap on both of his hands and started on her back, rubbing
the soap in. The lower he moved, the quicker her breathing became.
By the time he reached her lush buttocks, she was moaning again.
Looping an arm around her waist, he held her still as he slid his hand between
her buttocks. Finding her small puckered anus hole, he flicked it with a finger and
she gasped at the sensation. Gently, he teased it open and slid a finger inside.
Mel froze in his grip as his soap-covered finger pushed deep inside of her,
drawing cries from her. He eventually removed it and kept her steady as he
lathered her thighs and her legs.
Turning her around, he soaped up her shoulders and as she stared up at
him, he gently lathered her breasts, taking his time with each one. After that was
done, his hands moved down to soap up her belly. As he drew closer to the tops
of her thighs, she collapsed on the shower floor on her back and her legs were
opened wide for him. A single touch with a soapy hand made her hips buck
again, straining against his hands. Instead of obliging her, he moved past that
area and finished her legs.
Taking the showerhead down from its rack, he twisted the head so that it
was on a hard massaging blast, that he knew by experience, was brutal but felt
good to the back as jets of water pounded out of it. “Hold still,” he advised as the
water streamed against his hand. Kneeling down next to her, he ran the head
over her chest as jets of water pounded against her skin. She eyed it nervously
but as it moved down, her hips began to move again.
Then it hit her full blast in her pussy and she screamed. Sebastian grinned
as he watched his sister’s body strain against itself as he pushed the head
against her skin. She moaned and screamed as the water pounded her. He
moved it lower towards her anus and she yelped as it hit her. “Open up,” he
advised, and as he watched, the hole widened and the water streamed in. she
gasped in pleasure as the water shot inside her.
Then, without warning her, he suddenly moved the showerhead, not
bothering to turn it off and pushed himself inside her anus, changing her gasp to
a scream. Before she realized it, he had pushed himself all the way up inside of
her. Hooking her legs over his shoulder, he grabbed her hips and began ramming
himself in and out of her backdoor as she lay limp on the shower floor.
“I’m going to fuck you silly,” he growled to her as he worked faster and
faster. She screamed in pain as he began to move faster and faster. “Relax, Mel!”
She obeyed and soon, she was screaming in pleasure as one of his hands
slid inside of her other slit. Her breath came in ragged gasps and soon she was
too out of breath to scream so she moaned and writhed on the ground as he
moved faster in her. “I’m starting,” he shouted to her but she didn’t respond.
Then he released into her and renewed her screams of shock. When he
was finished, he pulled out of her and collapsed next to her on the shower
ground as the showerhead sprayed the both of them with jets of hot water. She
crawled to her knees and sat on his chest, obstructing his view.
“Mel, what – ahh..” he moaned as he felt her lips gently kiss his flaccid
shaft. Soon, it was hard again and she was taking it into her mouth. Her body slid
back up at him and soon, he was kissing her buttocks and everywhere else he
could reach.
They pleasured each other this way for quite a while, lying there in the
silence of the bathroom. Before the water ran out, Sebastian reached up and
turned off the shower water. Soon, both of them were trembling with cold as they
were still soaked wet but neither of them seemed to notice. “Sebastian?” Mel
asked hoarsely. Her body shifted until she had turned around and faced him. Her
hips were still near his mouth. He kissed her there, burying his nose in her soft
fuzz as her hands grabbed his hair, pulling him closer.
Soon she felt his tongue flicking in and out of her, but her body was too
tired for any more. Sebastian could feel her exhaustion, but it didn’t keep him
from eating her out. “Mmhmm?” his voice came from under her.
“I love you,” she whispered.
His teeth, scraping gently at her clit told her that he loved her too.

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