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Marketing Plan Outline Complete Outline for a basic marketing plan Marketing Plan For Real Estate

It is exhausting to start a realtor business plan because there are a lot of factors you need to consider before even thinking about it. It is neither hard nor easy it is simply one that needs serious work. So what are the factors in making a realtor business plan? How will the business compete with the market? Who or what is the market? These are a few questions that need to be answered and theres a lot more. But if you do not want to waste your money, seek the advice or opinion of others, especially those who are already successful in the business. In order for you to reach your income goal, you must first understand the blueprint of your transactions. It is true that you can hire people to do the real estate plan for you, but it is also helpful for you to do the planning yourself in order for you to be involved directly. Any business you enter today can be successful if you yourself understand whats going on and what can be done to manage it effectively. The processes may look complicated but they are actually simple to follow. But again, with direct involvement, you are able to have the necessary know-how and any complication you encounter along the way will be very easy to resolve. There are aspects to look into when making a plan. First of all, you need to ask the right people the right questions. Your experienced peers will give you insights of the true nature of the industry. Then, you can get references. Satisfied customers are returning customers and those who are not yet customers are prospective customers. All you need to do is to distinguish if they qualify to be a prospect. In a real estate plan, it is important to have your costing and expenses documented. This way, you will be able to identify your income and the operating cost needs of your business. Of course, in any business marketing plan, the budget is always included. Planning includes strategies to keep the business going. You need to identify the effective path in making the business grow. Analyzing the expected income, commission, and prospect types are the factors in planning so you need to keep track of all of these. Making use of this plan is not a mere suggestion but is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to start a real estate business. A Strategically Structured Outline For Business Succession Planning mOne of the major questions I ask business owners is: Do you have a succession plan or exit strategy for your business? I also ask employees: Do you know if a succession plan or exit strategy exists in your company or organization? You may be surprised to know that in my experience more than 90% tell me they have no succession plan or exit strategy. A 2004 CIBC Small Business Outlook Poll (conducted by Decima Research), indicated that 39% of small business owners plan to sell their business and 15% plan to have a family member take over. Yet, two-thirds (67%( of the entrepreneurs polled stated that they

had not yet broached the subject of who will take over the company. To me that result is very telling and frankly is a motivator for writing this article. Succession planning is a critical factor for the long-term success of any business. Leadership transitions in business affect the entire organizations continuity, employee retention, client retention and returns on investment. It is essential to create and implement a process that creates visibility, accountability and greater integration of all facets of the business. In another article, Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach provided seven (7) strategic actions to take to strategically structure a succession planning process. Those seven (7) strategic actions are: Strategic Action #1: Begin the succession planning process early. Strategic Action #2: Clearly determine and communicate the purpose, goals, and extent of the leadership succession plan or program. Strategic Action #3: Clearly define the desired and required qualities of the new leader. Strategic Action #4: Develop a clearly focused leadership development strategy. Strategic Action #5: Develop a talent management process that will incorporate strategic thinking for specific development opportunities for future leaders. Strategic Action #6: Identify future leadership candidates by developing a system for assessing current and future leadership needs. Strategic Action #7: Identify a system for communicating information to ensure that the leadership succession and/or development programs are in line with strategic business needs. After developing the list of strategic actions, it was important to develop an overall outline to present the strategically structured succession planning elements. That outline is as follows: STRATEGICALLY STRUCTURED SUCCESSION PLAN OUTLINE I. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Develop a vision statement for your business Develop a mission statement for your business Develop a list of your core values & guiding principles Develop short & long term goals for your business Identify the stakeholders for your business Develop your personal vision

Develop your personal goals Develop your retirement goals Create a team of advisors for your succession planning effort Establish the need for a succession plan II. EXIT STRATEGY Develop options for your exit from your business Review the developed options for your exit from the business Select your option for your exit strategy III. BUSINESS VALUATION Obtain professional advice to determine the value of your business Determine the value of your business Determine a current value of your business assets & liabilities Determine the goodwill value of your business IV. BUSINESS STRUCTURE Identify and quantify your business debt Recruit & retain productive employees Structure business to maximize value Document key processes & procedures used in your business V. TAX CONSIDERATIONS Develop financial goals Identify tax implications of your current business Plan & implement tax strategy to minimize your taxes VI. LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS Retain professional legal counsel Develop a buy-sell agreement for your business

VII. ESTATE PLANS Retain a professional estate planning advisor Develop an estate plan VIII. SUCCESSOR SELECTION Develop specific criteria for your successor Recruit & select successor based upon your criteria Communicate selection of successor to your stakeholders IX. SUCCESSOR TRAINING Develop a list of characteristics and skills needed by your successor Develop a training plan for your successor Develop a coaching/mentoring plan for your successor Establish a timeline for your successor plan X. CONTINGENCY PLAN Develop a contingency plan (based on the What Ifs?) Research & identify insurance needs (disability; personal life; critical illness; business; key person; etc.) Select & train a key employee to take over in case of emergency or unforeseen event Communicate your plan to stakeholders & advisors XI. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Document the roles, responsibilities & expectations concerning the transition of ownership Identify a facilitator to make sure the process of succession is carried out XII. TIMELINES Identify your timeline for the management transition Identify your timeline for transition of ownership of your business Identify your timeline for your complete exit from your business XIII. COMMUNICATION

Document the succession plan Document how to proceed with the succession plan in the event of an unforeseen event (accident, illness, death) Document the transition or exit strategy to inform family, employees, clients, vendors, community & all stakeholders 4 Tips in Creating Your Marketing Plan For Your Website Published March 29, 2010 Marketing Plan Outline Leave a Comment Tags: Define Marketing, Marketing Plan Tips Your marketing plan will outline the important steps you must take to ensure your website receives the high flow of traffic necessary to be successful. Once you have a marketing plan, you can set your budget that you will need in order to advertise your website. This in turn will lead you to determine which tools you will need to generate traffic to your website. These four tips in developing your marketing plan and consequently building traffic to your website are important to your online success. 1. As with any marketing plan you must establish what are your business objectives and targets. I would suggest that you establish, prior to creating your website, what your income level will be from your online business. This will therefore determine what volume of traffic you will need in order for you to make the necessary level of sales. Your business objectives and targets will assist you in setting what level of promotion you will need to do to advertise your website and consequently drive traffic to it. 2. A vitally important step you must take is setting your advertising budget. There are numerous ways of driving traffic to your website and, while some are free, others are affordable and some can be expensive. When setting your advertising budget you need to take into consideration your anticipated income level and other expenditure costs. Remember, you are setting up an online business to make money therefore your total expenditure must be less than your income. Once you have decided upon your advertising budget you can then make a decision regarding what tools you will use to drive traffic to your website. 3. Once you have taken that decision, then take action and make your investment in those tools. I would suggest the most important tool you cannot be without is an auto-responder system. This will capture your prospects name and email address. You will also have a number of emails ready to go out to your prospects at set intervals. In each of those emails you should include a link back to your website and invite your prospects to visit. Dont stop at this one tool although this is an important one your must have; ensure you invest in all the necessary tools to have on your website thereby ensuring an effective plan in traffic generation.

4. At the time of setting your advertising budget you should decide on what are your long term and short term advertising strategies. One of the short term strategies, considered by many to be the most expensive although the success rate can be very good, is pay per click (PPC) advertising. This is an easy way to generate traffic and can bring you immediate results. You will also need to have in place your long term strategies and these can often be the least expensive and, in many cases, free advertising. Participating in forums, blogging and article marketing are the less costly ways of generating traffic to your website. Although they are long term strategies, once done they will stay on the Internet forever. This is certainly true of article marketing and which is a free and effective way of driving traffic to your website. By following these four simple tips you will ensure that you have a marketing plan which is realistic in business objectives and targets, an advertising budget that reflects what tools you require to implement your traffic generation strategies and when you will carry out those strategies. P&G Marketing Plan Just 7 Sentences! Published March 21, 2010 Marketing Plan Outline Leave a Comment Tags: Marketing Concept, Marketing Definition, Marketing Strategy In fact, in just five minutes you could create a top-notch marketing plan for your brand of chiropractic and get your practice ready for success. Heres the Plan Building your chiropractic business without a marketing plan is a lot like going to battle under the command of a general who tells you, Ready, fire, aim! Your marketing plan functions like a personal guidebook that has seven sentences covering the most pressing issues in marketing. We know that there are far more than seven issues facing a practice about to market it brand of chiropractic, but we also know the close correlation between focus and profits. By all means, scrutinize every aspect of your practice, but concentrate on these seven areas. Prove your concentration by writing one brief sentence covering each area. Thats not overly demanding. In fact, all the sentences except the fourth one are short and simple. The fourth one is a list.

A minute is a long time. Do nothing for one minute, and youll see how much time is packed into that little unit. For your marketing to succeed, you need to put a seven-sentence guerrilla marketing plan into writing in five minutes. Read the entire article before you get started. Dont try to cover everything or say too much in each of your sentences. A marketing plan is a blueprint, a framework, a map. What youre about to create will serve you for three to five years. Although your commitment to this plan is going to make it work, you must still be prepared to make minor alterations to the plan. A marketing plan this brief and focused has been the cornerstone of many businesses worldwide. Its short enough to show to all interested parties without boring them with details. Its focused enough so that everyone gets the point. Procter & Gamble, one of the worlds most marketing-minded companies, creates a marketing plan for each of its products. These plans are as brief as were suggesting here. Each P&G plan may be accompanied by 300 pages of documentation, but it begins with a clear marketing strategy. Do as you like with your own documentation. But get the seven sentences right first. 1. The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing. Be very specific. What physical action do you want your Prospex to take? Pick up a phone and punch in your businesss number? Go to its website? Send an e-mail? Go to your office? Call a phone number and ask for Rose? What specific thing do you want Prospex to do right after theyve been exposed to your marketing message? Youve got to be clear about that, or your Prospex never will be. In your sentence, dont say something vague like to grow or get more new patients Instead, be very specific. What precisely is the desired outcome you want from your marketing? Begin by creating SMART goals: sensible, measurable, achievable, realistic and

time-bound (must be accomplished before a specified deadline). For example, maybe you want to develop 50 new leads by June 3, generate 1,000 web hits a day or cultivate 10 new Patients in the next three months. Dont talk marketing or advertising in this sentence. Talk in plain English. Wed write a couple of examples here for you, but starting up doesnt mean hitching a ride. Close your eyes and visualize a Prospex who has just read, heard or viewed your message. The Prospex is smiling. Whats he going to do next? Watch him carefully. Then convince the world to do just what he did. 2. The second sentence states the competitive advantage youll emphasize. How will you accomplish your first-sentence goal? Why will your marketplace take the action we were just talking about? Youve got a lot of benefits to offer your Prospex, but so do your competitive colleaagues. Fortunately for you, youve also got some benefits that only you offer. These are your competitive advantages. This is where you hang your marketing hat. If you have multiple competitive advantages, good for you, but pick only one to be the superstar of your marketing campaign. More than one might confuse an audience already besieged by marketing clutter. Whenever possible, stress your competitive advantage so that it is seen as the solution to a problem. Marketers have long known that it is much easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit. 3. The third sentence explains who your target audience is. The more specific you are and the more you narrow down the audience, the more accurate your marketings aim will be. Your marketing plan needs to be as precise and focused as possible. Try to broadcast only to people with a very high propensity to want and need what youre selling. Its not a matter of high numbers so much as it is accuracy. A thousand random Prospex wont earn you as much profit as 10 of the right Prospex. For

example, if you know that folks with a certain insurance plan have great chiropractic coverage target them. Or, if you enjoy working with children, then focus your efforts on parents with young children. It may be that you have more than one target audience. Most Chiropreneurs have several. Set your sights on all your target markets. But, have a plan for each target segment. If you dont, someone else probably will, and youll have a devil of a time getting them back. 4. The fourth sentence lists the marketing weapons youll be using. Choose only those that you: a) can afford, b) understand, and c) can implement properly. Because youre aware of so many options, it ought to be easy for you to pack an arsenal of custom-chosen weapons that have demonstrated their firepower in real marketing battles. Far more weapons are affordable now than at any other time in history. This is not your fathers century this is your century, and by properly equipping yourself for the struggle to win minds and money, youll be in for a smooth ride. 5. The fifth sentence explains your niche in the marketplace. Now that you have determined your purpose, benefits and target market, its time to define your marketing niche. When people hear the name of your practice, whats the first thing that enters their minds? Is it chiropractic, wellness, economy, exclusivity, value, service, selection or one of a host of other good things? Thats your niche also referred to as positioning and its what you stand for in the minds of your Prospex. Chiropreneurs know the marketplace is cluttered with competition, so it pays to be a leader in a smaller pond. For example: Back Pain Relief Without Surgery End Back Pain Without Drugs Each of these targets a different potential patient one homes in on those considering

spinal surgery and the other targets those who are looking for natural solutions to back pain. Chiropreneurs carve out a position where they can differentiate themselves, and this differentiation is apparent in every marketing weapon they use. Niches can be defined in many ways, including through a specific target market or a distinct means of service. Whats your niche? Once youre clear about what your niche is, let it come shining through in all your other marketing. Your target market has a hard enough time understanding why it should do business with you. Dont add confusion about yourself to the mix. 6. The sixth sentence sets forth your identity. Your identity is different from your image, because an identity is based on truth. An image is a facade, something phony. The far better I word is identity. Your brand of chiropractic identity is automatically honest. If you communicate a real identity, people sense comfort and relaxation when they contact you. What they see in your marketing is ultimately what they get from your brand of chiropractic and that builds trust and rapport. Part of your identity is your practice personality. Every practice has an identity, but many of them havent given it much, if any, thought. People are attracted to other people and providers who have pleasant or exciting personalities. Be great at your healing art, but dont be all business. Let your identity shine through. Put it in writing, right in your marketing plan, so that it will apply to all your creative materials. 7. The seventh sentence states your marketing budget, expressed as a percentage of your projected gross sales. The beauty of marketing is that more than half of the marketing weapons are free. But remember: There are important reasons to spend money on your marketing.

Chiropreneurs know that the most important place to spend money is on your practice presentation, meaning the quality of your stationery, business cards, brochures, fliers and logos. The public will get their first sense of your professionalism through your written materials, so make a strong impression. This may cost you more initially, but look at it as an investment in your future. Now spend a few minutes deciding where youll get the biggest bang for your marketing bucks. Having a good idea of what your budget is will help you plan better and avoid misspending precious funds. Calculate your marketing budget using your projected gross collections; this helps you operate in a growth mode. If you work off your current collections, youll be planning to tread water. In 2007, the average U.S. business invested 4 percent of gross revenue in marketing. But you dont want to be average, do you? At the start, when you have the least money, you still ought to invest generously in your debut. You might invest 10 percent the first year, but rising sales would make that absolute dollar mount only 5 percent the next year and 3 percent after that. Pin down a number and write it into your plan as the seventh sentence. Now youre ready to write a seven-sentence Chiropreneur marketing plan. There is no earthly reason why you should need more than five minutes to do it. But youve got to take an important step when you write your plan. Marketing powerhouse P&G developed a marketing plan in just 7 sentences! The step is encapsulated in two words: Trust yourself. The first sentence ought to flow from your mind to your marketing, and the next six sentences should go with that flow. Your unconscious mind knows the right things to say in your plan. These five minutes are when it reveals its brilliance to you. Are You Sure You Have a Good MLM Marketing Plan to Ensure Success?

Published March 21, 2010 Marketing Plan Outline Leave a Comment Tags: Marketing Outline, Marketing Plan I still cant understand why there are so many internet marketers out there that take this type of approach with their MLM marketing. Most of these home business owners probably dont even know they are lost until it hits them in the face. The following are the basics of developing a plan for success. If you are just getting started, you need to come up with your outline before you do any marketing. The following are the 3 basics that you can do right now to get your business going in the right direction. First, you should clearly identify your niche and USP (unique selling proposition). Not having these 2 things clearly defined is like deer hunting in the middle of New York City. You have better ods of winning the lottery than succeeding in your MLM opportunity if you havent clearly defined your target market and what you offer them that no one else does. Next, pick one to three marketing techniques and focus on them. Gain proficiency in the areas you choose prior to moving on to something else. With all that is going on online, it is very easy to get distracted by other people claiming there technique is best. Do yourself a favor and stay focused on each marketing avenue until you gain a good grasp prior to adding anything else. Finally, you must put your MLM marketing plan down on paper or on your computer. Break your outline down by the month, week and day for the most effectiveness. As the old saying goes, it is easier to eat an elephant piece by piece than all at one time. I know everyone has heard this phrase a million times in this industry, but it bears repeating, If you treat this like a hobby it will pay you like one, if you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business. Let me try one more so I can be as cliche as possible: People dont plan to fail, they just fail to plan! In all seriousness, if you dont have the three things discusses above written down or identified, you are wasting your time and resources! Stop worrying about your marketing for a couple hours and take the time to identify and generate a game plan and you will be able to get yourself on the right track before it is to late. Is Your Marketing Plan Doing What Its Supposed to Do? 6 Steps to a Simple Effective Marketing Plan Published March 21, 2010 Marketing Plan Outline Leave a Comment Tags: Advertising Plan, Marketing Planing, Sales Plan Are you a new entrepreneur? Do you have a marketing plan? If not, how do you plan to sell your product or service if no one knows your product or service exists? Every entrepreneur should have a marketing plan. Your marketing plan should be the guiding and organizing force of your business. Its how you generate sales. Dont be scared off by the idea of a long, 10 page document. It could be a chart, or a list. It could be long or short.

Whichever is best suited for your learning style. The purpose of the document is to help you stay organized and focused on your goal(s). Here are 6 simple steps to help you create a strategy that takes your business from where you are now to where you want it to be. Step 1 Open a blank word processing document and give your document a title. Step 2 List your goal. Your goal is a description of your vision; what youre striving for; what you hope to accomplish. This could be increasing sales by 10%, or launching a new product. You may have more than one goal. List each one separately. Step 3 List your tasks. Your tasks will be the work that should be done. A few examples are: creating a blog, a newsletter, and a press release. The tasks are the glue that binds together your goals and the outcomes of those goals. Step 4 Identify the person responsible for each task. This person will be either you or another member(s) of your team. Step 5 Designate the frequency of the activity and/or the deadline. Dont let tasks linger incomplete. Give yourself a timeframe and stick to it. Step 6 Measure your actions. What are the results of your tasks? In the previous example of blogging, your benchmark could be: 1) to explore blog hosts, or to develop blog content. In the case of the newsletter, you may be just starting and you need to buy newsletter design software. Next, youll need to create the newsletter design, and lastly, you can email or mail your newsletter. To launch a new product you may need to design the product, manufacture it, and advertise it. Voila, you have a marketing plan! Im not proposing to be a marketing professional. This model works for me. Its simple, yet very effective. And, if youre a person who has a difficult time getting started, this is a simple way to make some progress. Youll be surprised at how efficient youll become and how quickly you accomplish your tasks. I dont mean to make the process appear simple or

that youll accomplish your goals over night. Be prepared for the process to take some time. For some, this may take days, weeks, months, or even years. I recently revised my marketing plan. The last revision was about four months ago. As I reviewed my tasks, I was pleasantly surprised that all of my tasks were completed and the benchmarks had been met. When your benchmarks have been met, start over and repeat the steps.



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