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BGR Energy A Snapshot

Year of Incorporation Nature of Company Revenue in 2007-08 Order Book as on 1st April 09 Shareholding Promoter Mr B.G. Raghupathy 81.3% 1985 Public Listed Company Rs.1804.8 Crores Rs.9522.93 Crores

FIs, Public and Employees


Product Business

Systems & Products (BGR Group)

S/N 1 2 3 4 5 Systems / Equipment Manufactured Cooling Towers GEA, Germany Air Cooled Condensers Coal Handling Plant Deaerators Water Treatment Plant Crane, USA * Termo Mechanicca, Italy ** Technology Partner

7 8

Effluent Treatment Plant

Condensate Polishing Unit Condenser Tube Cleaning System and Debris Filter

AES, Saudi Arabia **

Termo Mechanicca, Italy GEA, Germany *
** Case by case Co-operation

* The technology transfer is completed

Systems & Products (BGR Group)

S/ N 9 Systems / Equipment Manufactured Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Technology Partner GEA Btt, France *

10 Gas Compressor Skid 11 Gas Metering & Conditioning Skid 12 Fin Tubes for HRSG 13 Waste Heat Recovery Module 14 HP Heater 15 Super Heater Coil 16 Pressure Vessels
* The technology transfer is completed

GEA Spirogills, UK *

Manufacturing Facility

Three Manufacturing Units located near Chennai ISO:9001:2000 Certified Units ASME U, U2, R and S Code Stamp Qualified Units Member of H T R I, USA Houses state-of-the-art Finning Machines, Fabrication Yard and Assembly facilities

Manufacturing Facility

Air Fin Cooler Division

GEA BGR Energy System

Progen Systems and Technologies

View of one of our Shops

View of our Finning Process

Prototype Test Facility

Wet Cooling
Manufactured in Joint Venture

with GEA Energietechnik GmbH, Germany

Types : Natural Draught (NDCT) and Induced Draught (IDCT) Present supply upto 600 MW

Dry Cooling

Manufactured in Joint Venture

with GEA Energietechnik GmbH, Germany

Type : Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Present supply up to 120 MW


Supplied Largest Deaerator to Nuclear Power Corporation,

Tarapur (2 x 500 MW) and 660 MW NTPC, SIPAT Super Critical TPP

Supplies till date upto 660 MW

Effluent Recycling Plants

Technology from A E S Implementing 4 Nos. of Common Effluent Recycling Plants for Textile Units

Water Treatment Plants

Membrane based Desalination Plants in co-operation with Inima Aqualia, Spain Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants in co-operation with Termomeccanica, Italy Implementing Complete Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment for Thermal Power Projects up to 600 MW

Gas Compressor

Complete CNG Gas Booster Compressor Package for TNEB in 95 MW Valuthur Combined Cycle Power Plant, Phase-II, CCPP

Condenser Tube Cleaning System & Debris Filter

In-house manufacturing & testing More than 1200 installations World wide ISO:9001 certified Manufacturing Facility Present supplies upto 1400 MW

HRSG & Pressure Vessels

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Main Air Tank for Hydro Power Plant

Excellent Manufacturing Centre for Pressure Vessels, HRSG , Heat Exchangers, Superheater Coils, Evaporators and Surface Condensers ISO:9001 and ASME U & S stamp certified manufacturing facility Expertise in High Pressure and Alloy Steel Fabrication

Super Heater Coils, Evaporators & Surface Condensers


Surface Condenser

Steam Superheater Coils

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Technical Know-how from GEA BTT, France ISO:9001 and ASME U stamp certified manufacturing facility Turnkey capability to design, engineer, test & supply upto 750 ACHE bundles per annum.

Coal Handling Plant

In-house Design, Engineering, Testing and Commissioning facility for Complete Coal Handling Plant for Thermal Power Plants Complete design and fabrication done in-house Presently executing CHPs for 6 Nos. 500 MW and 3 Nos. 600 MW Thermal Power Plants

Turnkey Contracts

Scope of Turnkey Contracts


Service Offered
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Balance of Plant of Thermal Power Plants and Combined Cycle Plants (except Power Island) Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of complete Thermal Power Plants and Combined Cycle Plants including Power Island Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of 400 KV Substations and Gas Insulated Switchgear Substations Building integrated network for Electric Utilities for using OPGW in live line conditions Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Gas Transmission Systems from Well-head to User

Max Unit rating for which Offered

800 MW

660 MW

400 KV

220 mm scft / day

Sea Water Desalination Plant

E P C / Turnkey B O P Experience
Projects Completed
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

95 MW CCPP 23 MW TPP 120 MW CCPP 330 MW CCPP 92.2 MW CCPP 25 MW IPP 500 MW TPP

Customer / Location
T N E B, Valuthur (Phase-I), Tamil Nadu Grasim Industries, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan Aban Power, Karuppur, Tamil Nadu RRVUNL, Dholpur, Rajasthan TNEB, Valuthur (Phase-II), Tamil Nadu MALCO, Mettur, Tamil Nadu APGENCO, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Value (Rs. In Crores)

72.48 54.24 329.28 255.84 433.92 91.44 706.56


Commissioned in
December 02 February 03 July 05 December 07 May 08 March 09 April 09

330 MW CCPP RRVUNL, Dholpur, Rajasthan

330 MW CCPP RRVUNL, Dholpur, Rajasthan

25 MW IPP - MALCO, Mettur, Tamil Nadu

500 MW TPP APGENCO, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

E P C / B O P Experience

Projects Under Execution

Value (Rs. In Crores)

500 MW TPP

Customer / Location
APGENCO, Bhoopalapalli, Andhra Pradesh


3 4 5 6 7

500 MW TPP
500 MW TPP 820 MW CCPP 600 MW TPP

MAHAGENCO, Khapherkheda, Maharashtra

APGENCO, Kothagudem, Andhra Pradesh Konaseema Gas Power Company, Andhra Pradesh TNEB, Mettur, Tamil Nadu

950.4 792 3720 6125 1622.4


2 x 600 MW TPP RRVUNL, Kalisindh, Rajasthan 2 x 500 MW TPP MAHAGENCO, Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Highlights of Turnkey Projects under execution

500 MW TPP MAHAGENCO, Khapherkheda

500 MW TPP MAHAGENCO, Khapherkheda

Highlights of Turnkey Projects under execution


Key Differentiators

Established in Product and Turnkey contract segments

An Engineering Company dedicated to Power, Oil & Gas and Environment Executed over 131 contracts in 42 overseas countries as of November 8, 2007 Undertakes turnkey projects

Diverse Design & Engineering capabilities

Ability to Design & Manufacture customised products and projects In-house Design & Engineering gives control over costs, design and scheduling

Diverse range of product and services

Products well accepted by clients for their quality Manufacturing capability is an added advantage in EPC projects

Cost Competitiveness

Control costs by optimising product features and design Global sourcing

Technology tie-ups

Successfully tied up with several international companies to obtain technology knowhow