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An Overview the Psychological Testing Process

And approved list of Testing Centers

Thank you for interest in exploring ordained ministry with the Universal Fellowship of
Metropolitan Community Churches. As our denomination continues to expand around the
globe, we need more men and women who are healthy in all aspects of their life and who
are willing to answer the call to proclaim and embody the love of Christ throughout the

“In-care status” denotes that a person is officially sponsored by MCC to be enrolled in

ministerial formation. Psychological and vocational aptitude testing is one of the new
pieces of this larger application process for in-care status. This testing process is designed
to assist us with discerning what is best for participants in ministerial formation and what
is best for the church. Please read over these materials carefully.

The predominant form of testing is composed of two-day programs that are designed for
individual candidates. Although some questionnaire work is completed before the
program, most of the testing happens during the two-day appointment. These two day
programs include a full battery of psychological testing, as well as vocational aptitude
testing. Depending on the test center, some testing may be completed in advance at a
satellite location closer to the candidate. Please contact the center closest to you for
details. After completing the program, the candidate will receive a written report of the
testing results. Test results normally include in-depth character descriptions, profiles of
strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for future growth and development. The test
results can take up to two months to be completed and delivered to the applicant.

Once the written report is completed by the testing center, the applicant should review the
results before deciding to release the report to the denomination. Once the report is
reviewed by the applicant and released, the testing center will send a copy to the Office
of Clergy Development. In some cases, candidates may wisely choose not to release their
psychological report to the denomination and thus terminate or postpone their application
for in-care status. In order to apply for In-Care status, applicants must release their
psychological report.

Updated January 26, 2009 1

We have authorized eight testing centers across the United States. Look below for the list
of test centers that have been approved by the Office of Formation and Leadership
Development. Please note that the fees for this type of testing will range from $900.00 to
$1900.00, depending on the center. The applicant is responsible for paying the fees and
any other expenses associated with the testing process. Applicants may appeal to their
local church for financial support. (See Endorsement of Local Church Board of Directors

Many of these test centers offer the possibility of an applicant’s partner to participate in
the testing process. Although this is not required by the denomination, we believe it
would be a valuable opportunity. The applicant is responsible for the surcharges
associated with the inclusion of his or her partner.

The written psychological report must be received by the Office of Formation and
Leadership Development no later that two weeks before the REVM program begins. A
REVM application file will be considered incomplete without the report. At the REVM
retreat, applicants will meet with the formation team to review their psychological test
results and to prepare a ministry action plan (MAP).

Written reports should be mailed to:

Rev. Mona West, Ph.D.

P O Box 1374
Abilene, TX 79604

If you have any questions concerning the psychological testing process, please contact

Updated January 26, 2009 2

Office of Formation and Leadership Development

Expectations for Psychological and Vocational Testing and Reporting

of Applicants for In-care Status

1. Candidates for In-Care status will be expected to receive between 6 and 10 hours of
individual counseling and test interpretation as part of their total assessment program.

2. The candidate can expect that the testing, counseling, and test interpretation will
require two full days.

3. At a minimum, each candidate is expected to take the following standardized tests and

A. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

B. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2)
C. Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
D. Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)

Additional instruments may be used at the discretion of the counselor and in keeping with
the needs of the individual candidates and specific requests of the Office of Formation
and Leadership Development of MCC.

4. Issues which will be dealt with on a routine basis for all candidates:

A. Pertinent background information, including family of origin, educational

experiences, interpersonal relationships (including psycho-sexual
history/development), work history, religious journey, medical/psychiatric

Updated January 26, 2009 3

B. Psychological Dimensions

1. Emotional health/absence of psychopathology

2. Ability to express a wide range of emotions
3. Ability to articulate strengths, skills, and weaknesses (growing edges)
4. Ability to handle stress
5. Absence of signs of psychosomatic illness or workaholism
6. Academic abilities
7. Level of defensiveness

C. Social Dimensions

1. Warmth and openness

2. Awareness of self-presentation and impact on others
3. Physical presentation: appearance/grooming
4. Ability to relate to authority
5. Ability to handle interpersonal conflict

D. Vocational Dimensions

1. Leadership potential
2. Understanding of call
3. Vocational interests
4. Awareness of sexual/professional ethics
5. Administrative/time management skills

5. The Office of Formation and Leadership Development of MCC will expect an

extensive individualized, written report reviewing all of the issues listed above, unless a
prior arrangement has been made. We will only accept official reports from an approved
testing center.

Candidates for In-Care status with MCC are expected to review their written report with
the testing center before deciding to release the report to the denomination. In order to
apply for In-Care status with MCC, candidates must release, in writing, their written
report to the denomination. We understand, however, that in some cases, candidates may
choose not to release their psychological report to the denomination and thus terminate or
postpone their application for In-Care status.

Updated January 26, 2009 4

Office of Formation and Leadership Development
List of Approved Centers for Psychological &Vocational Assessment

All centers have been instructed to administer the same assessment tools and to prepare their
reports in a similar format.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Midwest Ministry Development Service
Center for Career Development and Ministry Dr. Ross D. Peterson, Executive Director
Dr. Stephen E. Ott, Director Rev. John R. Matthews, Associate Executive
30 Milton Street, Suite 107 Director
Dedham, MA 02026 1520 Old Henderson Road, 102-B
(781) 329-2100 (o) (781) 407-0955 (f) Columbus, OH 43220-3616
CCDMIN@aol.com (614) 442-8822
Career and Personal Counseling Service
Dr. Vickie P. McCreary, Executive Director DALLAS, TEXAS
4108 Park Rd., #200 The Ministry Development Center of the
Charlotte, NC 28209-2259 Southwest
(704) 523-7751 Dr. Ross D. Peterson, Executive Director
www.CareerService.org Dr. Charles W. Darwin, Jr., Associate Director
vpmccreary@careerservice.org 8215 Westchester Drive, Suite 307
Dallas, TX 75225
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (214) 346-9790
Midwest Ministry Development Service www.MidwestMinistry.org
Dr. Ross D. Peterson, Executive Director MindevcntrSW@aol.com
Dr. Margo M.R. Stone, Associate Executive
1840 Westchester Blvd., Ste. 204 Midwest Ministry Development Service
Westchester, IL 60154-4334 Dr. Ross D. Peterson, Executive Director
(708) 343-6268 Dr. Yvonne Martinez Thorne, Assoc. Director
www.MidwestMinistry.org 8301 State Line Road, Suite 216.
mmds69chgo@aol.com Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 822-1656

Updated January 26, 2009 5

with services in Los Angeles & Seattle
The Center for Ministry
Dr. Robert L. Charpentier, Director
8393 Capwell Drive, #220
Oakland, CA 94621-2123
(510) 635-4246


North Central Ministry Development Center
Dr. Mark E. Sundby, Director
516 Mission House Lane NW
New Brighton, MN 55112-2571
(651) 636-5120


The Career and Personal Counseling Center Dr.
Barbara Kranendonk, Director
100 2nd Avenue South, Ste. 200S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 823-6294

Updated January 26, 2009 6