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residues & composition

teSt kitS



SetA portABle oil conDition teSt kit

Rapid go/no-go testing Ready to use Five simple to use tests Rugged fitted case

A portable kit which allows rapid 'go/no go' checks on in-service oils to evaluate degradation and contamination. Suitable for lubricating oils, crank case, hydraulic, gear, turbine and compressor oils. Water Content A digital test cell gives a numeric readout of water content when the sample is mixed with two reagents. Total Base Number The same digital test cell will display the TBN when the sample is mixed with another reagent. Salt Water Contamination A bottle of reagent and a pack of test pads that change colour in the presence of salt water are provided. Insoluble Content A pack of blotter spot test sheets is included, allowing visual determination of insoluble content. Comparative Viscosity A Tri-Gauge comparative viscometer allows the viscosity of the sample to be compared to two standards. SUPPLIED WITH: beaker, syringes, pipettes, cuvette, tongs and reagents. Also supplied with instructions and a sturdy carry case.


conSuMABleS - portable oil condition test kit

86000-301 86000-302 86000-303 86000-020 WATER IN OIL REAGENT, pack A & B, (50 tests). TBN REAGENT, pack C, (50 tests). SALT TEST KIT, pack H, (25 tests). SPOT TEST PAPER, pack of 50.


Size (HxWxD): Weight: 17 x 47 x 36cm 8.1kg


BioDieSel teSt kit

Check for Density, Water, Viscosity and TAN Quick, simple and on-the-spot quality assurance Gain confidence in biodiesel suitability for use Ensure correct storage occurs Maintain, optimise and trouble-shoot each stage of manufacture Check oil Ester base stocks for quality and acceptability


The Seta Biodiesel Test Kit brings essential quality checks for Density, Water, Viscosity and TAN to where they are most needed. Whether you are an end user or a manufacturer, results are provided in minutes, allowing the correct decisions to be taken at the right time. As an end user, the quality and batch to batch consistency of the biodiesel can be confirmed. Stored fuel can quickly and easily be checked for degradation, contamination and suitability for use. As a manufacturer, consistent production quality can be achieved. Process optimisation and trouble-shooting can be quickly and effectively monitored and carried out on site in minutes. Ester base stocks can also be checked for suitability at point of delivery. SUPPLIED WITH: instruction manual and carry case.


Water: Density: Viscosity: Total Acid Number: 100 - 3000 ppm 850-950 kg/m 1 - 10 cSt @ 40C 0 - 6 TAN

conSuMABleS - Biodiesel test kit

86200-001 WATER IN OIL REAGENT, pack of 50. 86200-002 TAN REAGENT


leAD in GASoline teSt kit

Fully portable and less than 3 minutes per test
The test kit is intended for use in the field by nontechnical people for the quantitative measurement of lead in unleaded gasoline in the range from 0.01 to 0.10g Pb/U.S. gal (2.64 ro 26.4mg Pb/L). This method applies to all commercial gasolines and responds to all types of lead alkyls as well as to other organic and inorganic forms of lead. SUPPLIED WITH: UV Light and timer, colorimeter, filter and all necessary reagents, glassware and consumbles.

conSuMABleS - lead in Gasoline test kit

86300-001 REAGENT PACK A, B & C


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