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Question asked (369): A large tanker is proceeding slowly up a narrow channel, using its own engines and assisted by the use of one tug. Where should the tug be connected to assist the ship in maintaining its course in the centre of the channel?

Selected answer: Made fast on a line through the centre lead ahead. Correct answer: Made fast on a line through the centre lead astern.

Question asked (833): In the situation illustrated, what should be the distribution of the power requirements from the tugs, if the ship is to be moved sideways without changing the heading? Both tugs have similar bollard pull and are of conventional propulsion.

Selected answer: Equal power required by both tugs, but monitor the gyro heading to ensure sideward movement only

Correct answer: Much greater power on the forward tug than on the after tug while monitoring the gyro heading Question asked (1903):

Which VHF channel should be used for intership navigation safety communications? Selected answer: Ch.16 Correct answer: Ch.13

Question asked (2067): At what calendar interval must lifting appliances on board a vessel be suitably tested by a competent person?

Selected answer: Annually. Correct answer: 5 years.

Question asked (2262):

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