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Guidelines for adding secondary DUW30 1.

Complete the installation for secondary DUW; at this stage do not connect the IDL and CPRI cable in-between DUW.

2. Power on the secondary DUW

3. Perform format c2 and d harddisk using hyperterminal Eg. reload , formathd /c2, formathd /d 4. Switch off the secondary DUW 5. Connect you thin client to primary DUW ( Moshell and EM). Create new CV (i.e : Before_adding_DUW) 6. Connect thin client to the primary DUW, open the EM, perform Export cabinet and site equipment, and do not perform the DELETE. 7. At the exported cabinet.xml file , edit the climate system to Extended and radio building block to RBB 12_1A and save the file. This edited cabinet file will be used later. 8. Complete the cabling in-between Primary DUW to secondary DUW, do not power on the secondary DUW at this stage

Refer to below illustration for cabling between primary DUW and secondary DUW This example is for RBS6601 main remote.

For the RBS 6201, secondary DUW EC cable must be connected to port A5 at SHU and Port A5 must be enable. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Connect EM and Moshell at the primary DUW Load the supplied modify scripts for adding second DUW by using EM ( Wizard) Switch on the 2nd DUW whenever the EM notify waiting for plug-in unit After successfully loaded the modify scripts, check the status of the DUW at EM / Moshell Create new CV and restart the node At moshell give the command below. > cabx ( observe that 2nd DUW is in Standbywiriting 14. Wait till 2nd DUW in Standby Ready status ( it will take 10mins to 20mins for the 2nd . DUW to be in Standby Ready 15. Once the Standby Ready achieved, make a new CV. 16. Perform the Export and Delete at the Primary DUW. 17. Load back the modified cabinet file by using EM(wizard). 18. Load back the site equipment (Using wizard) and add the 3rd carrier at this stage by using wizard 19. Make a new CV 20. Check any alarm appeared and clear the alarms. 21. Call OSS/RNC to do the necessary i.e, load back the parameter base line on the newly node B configuration. 22. Perform call test with OSS personnel. Note: For RBS 6201 please do necessary editing for cabinet and site equipment parameter in example the number of PDU, climate type depend on the actual hardware installed at the node.