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Department of Education Region IV-MIMAROPA DIVISION OF CALAPAN CITY Adriatico Memorial School Compound, Leuterio St.

, San Vicente South, Calapan City

Adriatico MS

Simultaneous Story Telling, Story Telling Contest,Spelling Bee, Vocabulary Contest, Reading Comprehension, Oral Interpretation, Poster Making Contest, AMS Sped Centre Storytelling Story Telling and Synchronized Reading



Baruyan ES

Canubing I ES

Characters-Look-A-Like and Story Time

Canubing 2 ES

Story Telling and Book Characters

F. Samaco MS

Activity Theme Basa, mga Kapatid, Book Characters, Speech Choir and Verse Choir, Story telling

Ma. Estrella PVG MS

Story Telling, Peer Reading and Text Twist Activity

Masipit ES

Book Display, Story Telling, Group Reading and Story Writing

Patas ES

Story Telling, Synchronized Reading and Spelling Bee

Personas ES

Story Telling, Story Retelling, Reading Comprehension and Oral Interpretation

Sta. Isabel ES

Story Telling, Synchronized Reading, and Book Quiz

Sta. Rita ES

Book Display, Jazz chant, Story Telling, Tongue Twister, Tanong ko, Sagutin Mo.

Tawagan ES

Story Telling, Spelling and Interpretations

T.C. Montellano MS

Story Telling, Character Guessing game, Story Writing, Poster Making, Designing Book Cover and Illustrating Book Characters

Wawa ES

Story Telling and Synchronized Reading (Peer Reading)


Balingayan ES Simultaneous Reading , Comprehension Check Up, Exploring Activity thru Reading

Batino ES

Oral Interpretation, Story Retelling, Reading Comprehension and Story Writing

Bayanan I ES

Classroom Activity: story retelling, vocabulary test and spelling contest

Bayanan II ES

Storytelling, Story Ordering Activity, Story Circle, Shared Reading,

Biga ES

Storytelling inside classrooms, Book talk from pupils

Bucayao ES Buhuan ES Caguisikan ES

Storytelling Contest, Jazz Chant, Reading Comprehension, Oral Interpretation and Scramble Read-A-Thon, Story Retelling, Vocabulary Development, Spelling, Text Twist and Oration Book Display, Story Telling, Spelling Bee, Reading Sessions

No softcopy submitted No Softcopy submitted

Camansihan ES

Parade and presentation of Book Characters, Parent and Child Story Telling, Reading Comprehension and Dictation,

Camilmil ES

Story Retelling, Story Reading and Spelling

Gutad ES

Story Reading, Vocabulary, Read-A-Thon, Comprehension and Spelling

Lalud ES

Book Display, Story Telling and Synchronized reading

M. PEsig Ms

Simultaneous reading

Malad ES Malamig ES

Reading Comprehension, Reading Poem with Expressions, reading and retelling stories Story Telling, Story Retelling, Spelling and vocabulary Enhancement

No Softcopy submitted

Managpi ES

Smart Speller, Vocabulary Quiz, Reading Comprehension Quiz, Story Writing and Story Telling

Nag-iba ES

Storytelling, Reading Time and Story Writing

P. Tolentino MS

Book Parade, Story Telling and Book Reading

Sta Cruz ES

Reading with Comprehension, Spelling, Widening of vocabulary and Dictation


Bulusan ES Spelling Bee and Dictation of Paragraphs, Team Readers, Story Book Quiz, Vocabulary Contest, Story Retelling and Oral Interpretation

Calapan CS

Story Telling, Random Stop and Read

Guinobatan ES Ibaba ES Lazareto ES

Book Display, Story Telling and Reading Time Story Telling and Reading Time Project DEAR (drop Everything and Read) and Story Telling

No Softcopy submitted No Softcopy submitted

Maidlang ES M. Kalaw MS

Book Character Costume, Story Telling Story Telling

No Softcopy submitted

N. Aboboto MS

Reading Comprehension, Storytelling, Vocabulary, spelling and reciting jazz chants, Choral Reading and Story Writing

Navotas ES Parang ES

Read-A-Thon, Oral Interpretation and Vocabulary Quiz and Book Display Story Reading, Story retelling, Oral Interpretation, Book Quiz, Reading Session, Poem Reading, Readers Theater, Act a Story, Design a Picture Book and Book Mark

No Softcopy submitted

Salong ES

Book Character Parade, Story Writing and Illustrating Contest, Story Telling and Role Playing

San Antonio ES Silonay ES Sto. Nio ES

Simultaneous reading and Story telling Storytelling and Simultaneous Reading (Reading by partner, Individual Reading and Group Reading) Storytelling and Simultaneous reading

No Softcopy submitted No Softcopy submitted

Suqui ES

Character Parade, Oral Reading Contest and Story Telling

Villa Antonio ES

Story Reading and Story Writing and Illustrating

Pedro V. Panaligan NHS Costume Parade, Story Telling Activity

Or. Mindoro NHS Bucayao NHS

Storytelling Activities inside classrooms Book exhibit, Storytelling, synchronized reading

No softcopy submitted

Community Vocational HS

Synchronized reading, Read-A-Thon, Independent reading, Contest for Story Telling, Choral Reading

Managpi NHS

Kwento Ko, Iguhit Mo, Role Playing, Synchronized reading, Legendrama, Scene to See, Bible-Parable, Story Telling, No report / no Memo Received Book Mo, Share Mo

Canubing NHS Ceriaco A. Abes MNHS

Parang NHS Nag-iba NHS Story Telling Activity and Synchronized reading

No Report Submitted No softcopy Submitted

Private Schools
Calapan Chu Eng School., Inc. Story Telling and Synchronized Reading

Holy Infant Academy

Story Telling, Story Writing, Oral Interpretation, Illustrating Story

Note: Schools have utilized the library hub materials . The activities conducted are a year round activity in compliance with division MECARP (Making Every Calapeo Child A Reader) Program. Each school is required to formulate a school based program that will support MECARP, a division strategy to support national program ECARP.

Prepared by: ROXANNE A. RAYOS Hub Librarian (Batch 2)

Noted by: ANICETA I JANDUSAY EPS, English / Division Hub Coordinator