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Charles James Hall


Charles James Hall Biography Charles James Hall was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, USA, near

Charles James Hall was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, USA, near Madison. Charles enlisted in the United States Air Force July 20, 1964. Charles was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, Nevada, for over two years. While there, he served for extensive periods of time, as a weather observer, in the desert on the Gunnery ranges at Indian Springs, Nevada. Following this, he served a year in Viet Nam in the Mekong Delta. Charles received an award for surviving more than 35 communist attacks. A year after receiving an honorable discharge in May 1968, Charles married Marie, on the condition that he would go to college. In record time, he earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Thermal Physics and a Masters degree in Applied Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University in San Diego California. Charles did Ph.D. level post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. Later he earned a Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When Charles and Marie had been married about three months, Charles decided to risk telling her about the Extraterrestrials he had encountered at Indian Springs. Marie wasn't terribly interested in whether or not ETs existed, she only said that if she met one, she hoped she would behave properly. That might just be another way to describe the current buzzword, 'Exopolitics'.

Raising a family pushed memories of the terror and unprecedented experiences on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges into the background, but they couldn’t be forgotten. In his spare time, Charles began writing his memoirs for his children and grandchildren. 18 years later, when Marie discovered what he had been doing, she convinced him to publish, found it easy to come up with a title, cover design and helped edit what eventually became the Millennial Hospitality series, now four books. Marie particularly liked Charles’ memoirs because they did not attempt to prove the existence of extraterrestrials, but rather, could be read and enjoyed by anyone. They read like a novel and the reader can learn about how to be a better human being. Because of the nature of the material, and to protect the innocent, it seemed prudent to change the names of friends, places, a few distances and directions. The Millennial Hospitality series is without precedent, a truly groundbreaking account of one man’s actual experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert. It is already being hailed as a classic.

Of particular interest, Charles Hall’s first paper describing his Photon Theory, is included in the appendix of Millennial Hospitality III, The Road Home, and further writing is included in Millennial Hospitality IV, After Hours. Hall Photon Theory maintains that Einstein's theories fell short and, if scientists accept the hypotheses presented, vehicles can be built which will travel faster than the speed of light. In addition, the fourth book no longer disguises place names, has a section of credible updates and answers to frequently asked questions. Charles is currently working as a Nuclear Physicist and Data base manager. With all the children grown, he and his wife Marie maintain their empty nest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.