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1, Phoenix (Phoenix Suns): Team was built in 1968, Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, is located in the desert of the

American West Coast, the annual rainfall scarce, sunny, with "sun" as the team name the most significant representatives. Sonic Underwater Navigation System Underwater sonar navigation systems. 2, San Antonio Spurs (San Antonio Spurs): NBA's founding teams, the first time the team headquarters in Dallas, the team called "Dallas Oak team", in 1970 changed its name to "Texas oak team", in 1973 moved to San Antonio after renamed "Spurs." "Spurs" is a horse who nailed a pair of shoes to keep up with barbed iron horse needle, as a team name that reflects the development of the American West of the times. Space Power Unit Reactor Space Flight reactors for power installation 3, Seattle (Seattle Supersonics): the team was born in Seattle, is the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing's headquarters. 1967, when the team established, Boeing is developing the manufacture of supersonic aircraft, while Boeing's help in the creation of the team also chose the "supersonic" name. buy nba jerseys in http://www.bematsoce.com/NBA-Jerseys-c127/ 4, Dallas Mavericks (Dallas Mavericks): 1980 March team owner in the collection to about four thousand six hundred names, select the "Dallas" as the team's team name. 5, Sacramento (Sacramento Kings): The team changed its name to many other NBA teams is unmatched, started up called "Rochester Royals," 1957 was renamed "Cincinnati Royals" in 1972 renamed the "Kansas City - Austria Hama Kings, "Sacramento settled until 1985, was renamed" Sacramento Kings. " 6, Houston Rockets (Houston Rockets): the team was first in the industry to be Shenghang Jun Santiago, in 1961 moved to the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Location Houston, the "Rocket" is more worthy of the name. National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration 7, Memphis (Memphis Grizzlies): Grizzlies was born in 1995, when the NBA overseas expansion as part of the plan, the home is located in Vancouver, Canada, and Western Canada is very representative of the animals, "grizzly bear" to the team name, a symbol of the power of basketball. 2001, the Grizzlies moved back to Memphis, Tennessee, was renamed the Memphis Grizzlies. 8, the Los Angeles Lakers (LA Lakers): 1948, joined the NBA, the Lakers still Minnesota A Indianapolis, but a plane crash, the Lakers owner determined effort, in 1960 moved to Los Angeles. Team name is the name of the collection to the effect that the Great Lakes in the northeastern United States who work or live. 9, Minnesota Timberwolves (Minnesota Timberwolves): 1989 joined the NBA, the number of regions in Minnesota a ferocious wild animals, "Timberwolves" name. 10, Denver (Denver Nuggets): Formerly known as "Denver Rockets" is ABA founding team. After joining the NBA in 1974 renamed the "Nuggets" since the 19th century the western United States for the development, he had found a gold mine in Denver. buy nfl jerseys in http://www.hvgbuilding.com/NFL-Jerseys-c153/

11, Los Angeles Clippers (LA Clippers): 1970 was founded in Buffalo (buffalo Buffalo), the team called "Buffalo Braves." 1978 moved to San Diego, changed its name to "San Diego Clippers' 1980 and moved to Los Angeles. 12, Portland Trail Blazers (Portland Trail Blazers): Founded in 1970, when Portland is just the center of the western development, hence the "pioneers" to the team name also reflects the characteristics of that era. 13, Utah (Utah Jazz): founded in 1974, was home in New Orleans, the team called "New Orleans Jazz." 1980 moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, still use the term "Jazz" name.look more sex blog in http://fenphen.us 14, Golden State Warriors (Golden State Warriors): 1946, was born in Philadelphia and, the team called "The Philadelphia Warriors," is for the expression of the American Revolutionary War warriors sacrificed a tribute. 1962 moved to San Francisco, later changed to "Golden State Warriors." 15, New Orleans (New Orleans Hornets): 1988 set in Charlotte and enter NBA, the team's team logo is a ferocious class wasps, collected from the community to work, in addition to Charlotte City Emblem also has bee pattern. 2002 by the Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans. 16, Miami (Miami Heat): 1988 was formed, the team at the Four Seasons Miami, Florida, warm and pleasant, so many teams were selected after the election list of "hot", both now showing Miami climatic conditions, and I hope the team can have a booming, thriving in the future. 17, Detroit (Detroit Pistons): 1948, joined the NBA headquarters in Futehuaien, the boss is engaged in the manufacturing of pistons "piston" became the team's team name. In 1957, the team moved to the Motor City Detroit still used after the name. 18, the Boston Celtics (Boston Celtics): 1946 years 11 ice hockey boss to discuss setting up a new basketball league, so BAA should be shipped raw, the Celtics are one of the original 11 teams. Because Boston has many Irish immigrants, many of them immigrants are Celtic, so the team first built a team name called "primitive Celtic", later shortened to "Celtics." 19, Cleveland (Cleveland Cavaliers): 1970 accession, Cleveland at a newly established professional basketball team from the team name in the local poll results 6000, more than a third of votes number of votes are elected "Knight." And you may want to buy NBA Revolution 30 Swingman in http://www.zorojerseys.com/products/NBA-Revolution-30-Swingman-c182_p1.html 20, Washington Wizards (Washington Wizards): 1961 joined NBA, the team base camp when the team was still in Baltimore called "Bullets" because Baltimore munitions industry is well developed. After the team moved to Washington to continue to use the "Bullets" the name, because the called "bullet" violent, until the 1997-1998 season was changed to "Wizards", it was called "Wizards." 21, Orlando Magic (Orlando Magic): Magic is one of the NBA's New Army, 1989 only joined NBA. Because Disney World in Orlando is a major leisure and entertainment and "Come to the magic" (play Magic) who is favorite sayings Orlando, Orlando,

hence the name. 22, Chicago Bulls (Chicago Bulls): 1966 joined the NBA, because the Flyers Michael Jordan's exigencies, the Chicago Bulls definitely have the highest reputation in the world of the NBA teams. Chicago livestock is well developed, the city's professional football team and the professional baseball teams have a team named after an animal, so the "bull" has become Chicago's professional basketball team team name. 23, Philadelphia 76ers (Philadelphia 76ers): As a veteran of the NBA team, the construction team at the beginning, when the Philadelphia 76ers has neither home located in Philadelphia, there is no name for the 76ers, while is from a very rich patriotism meaning name - Syracuse Nationals (Syracuse Nations). Established in 1937 as the Syracuse Nationals NBL (National Basketball League) and ABB (American Basketball Association) merger in 1949 joined NBA, 1963, moved to Philadelphia to "76ers" Because Philadelphia is In 1776 the United States declared its independence place. 24, Indiana (Indiana Pacers): also called the Indiana Pacers. 1976 joined NBA, Pacers English name is "Pacers", pronunciation and "Pace car" is very similar to the "Pace car" in the "Indianapolis 500" (and F1 racing event in the world-famous eponymous one) game in front of the Hoi pilot car, not to name its thunder racing. Team to "Pacers" named naturally would like to take "Indiana 500" popular fame. 25, New Jersey (New Jersey Nets): Nets in 1976 joined NBA, "net" means "the Nets' basketball is one of the elements essential. The reason why the Nets this name, one is on the point of order and basketball climb relationship, partly because as early as before the establishment of the tennis team in New Jersey, New York, has been baseball team and football team METS JETS, when these two teams are full-fledged, the Nets played two teams euphony NETS, in fact, what it Xiangzhan light. 26, Milwaukee Bucks (Milwaukee Bucks): 1968 joined the NBA, and many do not know what animal names to the team name of the team, like Milwaukee to name their team when I had to hesitate and finally including "skunk (Skunk) "," Beaver (Beaver) "and a lot of animal names, choose a good jumping ability, but the Milwaukee area wild" bucks "for the team's team name. 27, New York Knicks (New York Knicks): time joined the NBA in 1946, the correct term is "bloomers team" because New York has a large number of Dutch immigrants, the Dutch were the most like to wear baggy pants, and "Knicks" only " bloomers "is the transliteration. 28, Toronto Raptors (Toronto Raptors): Raptors was born in 1995, when the NBA overseas expansion as part of the plan, the home is located in Toronto, Canada, were also collected from the team, and finally selected the fierce, fast , bouncing high "Dragon." 29, Charlotte Bobcats (Charlotte Bobcats): "Lynx" mountains of North Carolina wildlife, it is alert, good at capturing prey, with all the habits of cats. Bobcats in 2004 joined the NBA. 30, Atlanta Hawks (Atlanta Hawks): originally named "Tri City Blackhawks," was borrowed from the Chiefs "Black Hawk" name. 1951 moved to Milwaukee later

renamed "Hawks." 1955 moved to St. Louis, moved to Atlanta in 1968, still has the "Hawks" name. Time in 1949 joined the NBA Post from: http://www.tabjerseys.com/sitemap.asp