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Arshi/Arhi - Inverted

Major Characters:
Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR): Same as his serial character but with a more humorous bend. Khushi Kumari Gupta (KKG): Same as her serial character. except she talks in English.

Supporting characters:
Gupta and Raizada family members other than Arnav and Khushi, And some other members of office like Lavanya, and Aman.

After Arnav releases his and khushi's video to the press, Khushi has to move from Lakhnow to Delhi were she is employed at a big company later to find that her boss is none other than ASR, the man who has ruined her life. Arnav on the other hand believes Khushi is a gold digger and has followed him to his office, he humiliates her but they end up signing a contact, that if Khushi quits the AR Company before 15 days she will pay 1 lakh to the company and if Arnav fires her before 15 days, he will change his name. Arnav sets on the mission to teach KKG that he's the boss and he writes his own destiny. On his mission to make Khushi break the contract and lose the battle against his ego Arnav assigns her with the toughest jobs only to find her completing everything...(Similar to the episodes) Story begins with the AR Company getting the opportunity to do a shoot at The Crafts Museum in Delhi; Arnav tags Khushi along just to assign her with difficult tasks. Arnav and Khushi end up fighting in front of the triple bodied statue of the Greek goddess Hecate, giving each other mouth full of the Au-kat crap. To teach them a lesson the goddess jinxes them. Arnav and Khushi are in for a surprise of their life time...

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Chapter 1:
Arnav stood back and viewed the set with satisfaction. AR Designs was working on bringing a more spiritual touch ' a touch of divinity, their tagline claimed ' to the world of fashion and what more appropriate way to do that than to depict goddesses? The models they'd selected were all ethereal, fey-looking beauties who'd lend credence to their claim that AR designs had indeed brought goddesses back to life. He'd really liked the idea ' it would appeal to people like De (his sister), not only their usual market of fashion-forward 'hip' youngsters. The Crafts Museum, Delhi, had been cordial enough to lend them a few of their more precious pieces. Like the statue of Hecate, the one the model was shooting in front of right now. In addition to depicting the mystical style their designers had created, she also wore specially designed jewellery - Hecate's pendant. Made of Black onyx with orange red tourmaline running through it, it was a copy of the goddess's symbol, copied in exacting detail, to make the entire thing more genuine. More rested on this campaign than simple investment ' he'd gone out a limb to make it a success and this was his pet project. It had to succeed. And it was going to ' because he was Arnav Singh Raizada and he made his own destiny. He smiled in appreciation when the model looked at him and she pouted prettily, going back to making poses for the photographer. All seemed to be going well, so he decided to take a break ' and maybe a cup of coffee. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi looked around her in delight. This was such a wonderful place. It was like entering a sacred place or temple, it was filled was so many deities. She couldn't believe her luck. Or more to the point, she couldn't believe the Laad Governor would be interested in any deities other than the ones he believed in, namely himself. Blegh, the man needed some sense knocked into him. How could anyone survive without faith was beyond her. She walked around, in a daze of religious ecstasy, flitting from one god to the other. So many, gathered here, it must be Swarg, the house of gods. She paid respects to Krishna, then moved to her beloved Devi Maiya. And beyond her' Oh, what blasphemy was this??? She clapped her hands over her eyes, disbelieving. They couldn't be so disrespectful! She sent a fervent plea for forgiveness to the gods, who were no doubt angered right

now. It was wonder this building was still standing. How could they let that' that' is she wearing anything at all????... thing pose in front of Kali? The model, she now recognized her, was wearing what amounted to nothing despite the glorious spread of clothes around her. She was draped in such a way that it hid nothing and yet, the garment fell to her feet and trailed behind. What was worse, however, was that she was completely unaware that she shouldn't turn her back to the goddess, at least inside her holy place. What kind of people were these? She had to stop them before the gods hit them with lightening! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 'Sir, I think you should come and see this!' His assistant peered in, looking panicked. That could've been because he was interrupting Arnav's break but then again, it could be because something was seriously wrong. Arnav sighed as he got up. Sometimes, it was tiring to be so feared by people. Then again, it was mostly a good thing. He realized that with a vengeance when he arrived at the scene and everybody shut up. Or well, almost everybody. He should've known Khushi Kumari Gupta's silence on the way over was too good to be true. Hell, he should've seen the trouble brewing before he set a foot in this place. She was now lecturing the model on her 'blasphemous' behavior and the model was seething with so much fury, he was surprised her hair hadn't alighted. 'Miss Gupta, what the hell is this?' He knew from experience, it was useless to wait for her to stop talking. That was like wishing the sun won't shine ' a physical impossibility. She rounded on him in anger, 'You tell me! You bring us here and I'm glad, thinking you may have an ounce of faith in you after all' but nooo, you just have to go and disrespect anything that is above you! Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, you have no idea what you're playing at, disrespecting and blaspheming and that too in this sacred place!' 'What the'?' he looked towards the statue of Hecate. 'That's just a statue inside a museum. It doesn't make this place a temple. And why are you so angry anyway? It's not like I disrespected your bhagwan'.' 'You'!' she stamped her foot in frustration, for once lost for words. This man was so frustrating; she wanted to break something on his head. She gestured towards Kali angrily. 'Thatis part of my faith'' she swept a hand around, 'all of these are. How can you be so unaware of your own tradition? And now you have people dressed like that' she indicated the model who bared her teeth in a fierce scowl, 'posing in front of them. Don't you understand the misfortune you'll bring on yourself and all of us?' 'Enough! Ms. Khana, please take our model and have her redressed for the next shoot. All of you, get back to work.' He waited until everyone had left before moving towards a still fuming Khushi. He was sure he could see smoke coming out of her ears. 'You, Ms. Gupta, have a lot of nerve, telling me I'm wrong after spoiling my campaign. Do you even understand what you've done? We'll be lucky if she agrees to

do another shoot for us.' He stopped so that he towered over her. 'You've probably destroyed my entire campaign. What do you have to say for yourself?' he asked in his silkiest, deadliest voice. She gulped, visibly taking control of her nerves. He had to give her credit ' she had pluck, but dammit, nobody spoiled his campaign. 'I'll say what I have to' to get us all out of trouble. I know you don't believe in any god, but I do and I believe that what we're doing here is highly disrespectful and if you keep doing it, there will be dire consequences. You may not care about what happens to anyone else, but I do and I'm not going to let you do this.' 'How dare you?' He thundered, angered beyond measure that she'd accuse him of not caring for his employees. He gave them the best packages there were. 'You're going to tell me how to deal with my employees? You? You're nothing but a filthy little golddigger and you can save that self-righteous crap for someone who can't see right through your vile deceptions!' She sucked in a breath, her big, brown eyes widening with hurt; she opened her delectable mouth to say something, no doubt more of that fake, self-righteous angry crap, but he overrode her. 'Don't say you're not a gold-digger because we both know I'm right!' He told her ruthlessly. 'You'll do anything for money, won't you?' He taunted, enjoying how she clenched her fists and closed her eyes, as if praying for patience. Served her right for barging in on his life and creating unnecessary turbulence. He might have let that go but she had to attempt to drag out money through De. So, she got exactly what she bargained for ' and hadn't he vowed to make these fifteen days living hell for her? He smiled evilly, waiting for her to take the bait and respond to his deliberately cutting words. But she surprised him, turning away instead. Khushi barely stopped herself for stamping her feet and turned away. 'Of course, who did I think I was talking sense into?' She muttered, trying not to reveal just how much his stupid accusations hurt her. She looked around for something to distract her and spied the very beautiful pendant, which had been in the model's hands minutes earlier, lying on the floor. Mentally uttering a prayer for forgiveness ' again ' she hurried to pick it up and place it at Kali's feet. And of course, that gave that tyrant another reason to rail at her. She prayed for patience ' she couldn't hit him with her shoe, no matter how tempting the thought may be. For one thing, he was her boss and she really needed the job. For another, she did not have a lakh to spare because unlike some people, she actually had a limited salary. 'Oh, so this is what that was all about, wasn't it? I don't know why I'm surprised'' he sounded disgusted, as he spied her picking up the pendant he'd paid millions for, to get it exactly right. She put the pendant reverently at Hecate's feet before turning to him, her eyes shooting fire but her lips compressed, as if to stop herself from lashing out at him. Of

course, that only made him more determined to push her. After all, he stood to lose face if she didn't quit before her fifteen days were over. He had to do somethingto ensure that happened. So, he came up with the most cutting remarks he could think of and finally, she responded, lashing out so that the fire that often sparkled in her eyes finally flowed over and she gave as good as she got. Despite himself, he was impressed. And that plain pissed him off; so the battle raged and neither combatant noticed when the pendant started glowing faintly, as if from some innate heat. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Kali, goddess of fertility and a lot more, also known as Hecate, goddess of the Crossroads and beloved of the witches, awakened slowly to the sounds of mortals fighting. How poignant! She thought sardonically, they were fighting when I went to sleep and even after a millennium, they're still at it. Mortals! She shook her head, eyeing the couple through the statue's eyes. She looked about for the piece of power that had disturbed her rest and spied the glowing piece of tourmaline, embedded in onyx and carved in her symbol. She smiled; so they knew what they were doing, did they? She'd thought all ancient knowledge was lost, they (the gods and goddesses) had been ignored for so long, forced into sleeping for centuries, revived only when a mortal sought their help. Well, mostly, anyway. This call was entirely unintentional, that much was obvious. The couple who'd initiated the rite obviously had no idea she'd responded, so lost were they in their argument. Since she was the goddess of fertility (even though Demeter and Venus had tried to claim all credit for that by making her sound like an ice queen like Artemis), and more importantly, because she loved playing matchmaker with mortals, she listened to the argument occurring on the physical plane. And felt her smile grow. Oh this was going to be so delicious! She was admittedly more unconventional in her matchmaking schemes than Venus but that didn't mean she wasn't equally successful. She grinned as she waved her arm - or what the mortals thought of it as that because on the spiritual level, arm was such a mundane way for describing the sheer power she wielded ' as she gathered the power from earth and the mortals' rampant emotions. Alter body, alter soul Neither shall be made whole Till understanding one to other No differences shall then bother And by the end, thy souls be one Three times said and 'tis done! Kali felt the power flow out from her and swirl in the air a moment before it was taken in by the two standing below her. Any self respecting goddess could pull off a body swap but she was the expert.

Kneel, mortals. She commanded, watching impassively as a tremor rocked the ground so that both the man and the woman fell to their knees, in front of her. Their hands came up to break the fall and got scratched up. Their blood mingled as it fell on the pendant. A surge of power went through her as the blood sacrifice was made and the ritual completed. She smirked. So I decree! She repeated, feeling a sense of excitement build in her. She would probably fall asleep again, as soon as they took this pendant away but she'd set things in motion. Another smile curved her lips. Let the game begin.

Chapter 2: page 6
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Chapter 2:
Arnav slumped into the bed still fuming hours after the argument, he tried to hold on to his anger but the sweet call of sleep was too tempting so he let himself drift away into darkness that awaited him. He had the weirdest feeling, like he was being lifted from his bed and was floating in mid air and then suddenly Arnav woke up with a start; his body felt exceptionally light and the bed underneath him felt hard, it was just a dream, he thought, calming himself down. Eyes still closed he stretched his arms. Was someone lying beside him? He jumped up all of a sudden. Something hit his head. He looked up and saw stars dangling from the bed ceiling. The person beside him barely paid any attention to him and mumbled "go back to sleep please, its 3:00am" "What the..." he thought. That sounded like a... girl? And why was she begging him to go back to sleep and what the hell was she doing in his bed? Not that he would mind...but still? His head was pounding, Damn that Khushi Kumari Gupta for being the cause of this headache. The hell! Why am I even thinking about her? He was still sulking over the thoughts of Khushi Kumari Gupta when the sudden grunt from the person lying beside him brought him back to reality. He was moving his hand to wake whoever was lying beside him when a sudden rush to pee hit him. Dammit!He couldn't control it, cursing under his breath he moved out of his bed. Making a mental note to sort out the person that dared to lay in his bed without his permission, after he's done with the call of nature of course. It was really dark in the room, but as soon as his feet touched the floor he knew it was not his bedroom. It took a while for his eyes to adjust in the dark, this room was small and it was definitely not his bed, there were stars hanging from the bed.

What the...? Where the hell am I? Did I randomly sleep with someone? But why don't I remember... He wanted to figure it out but the pee was killing him, if he didn't find himself a washroom soon, he'd lose it. Arnav ran to what appeared to be a shadow of a door, hoping it'd open into a toilet so he'd be off with this torture. Unfortunately this door opened to another, somewhat bigger room. If the darkness wasn't rendering much, it appeared to be a ... living room and a really small one to compare to the living room of RM (Raizada mansion). Damn where's the toilet? He looked around and then moved forward. He hit his foot on a chair which fell with a loud crash. F***! "Who's there?" someone yelled before he could respond there were running foots steps and then the lights turned on. He heard a sudden sigh of relief escape from whoever had entered the room. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Madhumati Gupta (Khushi's Buaji) came rushing into the living room of the Gupta house and turned on the light, she had thought it was an intruder when her eyes landed on her niece standing in the middle of the room rubbing her feet, a chair lying beside her. Khushi's expressions were priceless, she looked shocked and confused but that was nothing to worry about Buaji thought. Khushi was her SANKA DEVI and confused was a state of being for her. Her causing uproar in the middle of the night was not uncommon. Buaji shook her head "What are you looking at? Why are you up so late?" she asked. Not much to Buaji's surprise her Khushi looked bewildered, "toilet...?" she finally managed to mumble raising an eyebrow. "Then why are still standing here and looking at me? ... Go" Buaji replied pointing at the washroom door then continued "and at least walk with your eyes open Sanka Devi, you're unbelievable, go to bed its 3 in the morning" Leaving a shocked Khushi behind, Buaji shook her head and left the room thinking when will this girl grow up? ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Arnav stood rooted in shock, what just happened? And then again the pressure in his bladder reminded him that he had no time to waste, without any further delay he ran towards the door the huge lady had pointed at as the toilet. He'd think about the weirdness of the situation later. Closing the door behind him with a distinct sense of relief, he turned to find the toilet was quite small. He wasn't sure he could fit over that but there was nothing else for it, so he lowered himself on the seat. And found, to his surprise, that he fit quite nicely. Shrugging, he relieved himself. It was weird enough waking up in a strange house, without having to worry about how

he could fit on such a tiny seat. He stretched his legs, feeling himself relax and raised his arms. Something caught his eyes, a flash of white. He opened his eyes widely and looked around. Nope, nothing white except the moonlight. He moved to use the water when the flash happened again and this time he turned in triumph that faded into confusion as he held up his own hand. His very delicate, very white hand, complete with a ring. 'What the...?' He wiggled his fingers and yup, the white hand wiggled. 'What the hell is going on???' He muttered, taking off that annoying ring that kept flashing. But sadly, taking it off did nothing to change the hand, except perhaps make it look more white. He shook his head. Maybe he'd gotten drunk on the way home, that was why he recalled nothing except that silly argument with Khushi Kumari Gupta. That girl was enough to give any man weird dreams. And lord knew, she could drive him to drink. Shaking his head again, he turned to clean himself... ...and nearly died of shock. 'It's GONE!!!' His surprised yell came out in an embarrassingly shrill squeak. He was too far gone to care though. 'Where???' Jumping up, he looked around and spying a mirror, hurried towards it. Dimly reflected back was the most hated face ...'YOU!' He yelled at her. 'This is all your fault...' It registered that her mouth was forming the same words and his voice, a very sexy bass if he did say so himself, sounded exactly like her. Someone thumped on the door and he jumped. 'Quiet down, you!' The fat lady admonished, 'Why are you yelling?' 'Oh... um... cockroach!' He figured that one would work on any woman. 'Kill it!!!' The fat lady sounded like she'd run to the end of the room. Shaking his head, he turned back to the mirror. Khushi stared back. He lifted a hand and touched his cheek. It was disgustingly smooth. Khushi's face wore a look of disgust quite identical to his. He waved a hand; she waved back simultaneously. Just for the kick of it, he slapped his cheek. And yes, she did it too. He grinned, 'Gotcha!' Well, if he was going to have this weird dream, at least he got to make her do exactly what he wanted. That went a long way to appease his shock. He figured he must've drunk a lot more than he'd anticipated , although that had never happened before but then, he never had to deal with Khushi Kumari Gupta before either so, now he was in this weird, drunken stupor that convinced him that he'd possessed Khushi's body. He knew he had control issues; maybe this was his subconscious way of exerting control over Khushi. Well, that meant he was going to make her parade naked in front of the mirror and then, have her sleep on the floor. Yup, that's what he'd do. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 3: page 12
Chapter 3:
Khushi woke up with a start, her heart racing faster than ever; she had had the weirdest dream. She was sweating, eyes still closed she reached out for her Jiji (Payal Gupta/Khushi's sister), who shared bed with her. The bed room was cold; she pulled up the sheets on herself. "Jiji" she mumbled still half asleep reaching out for her. No warm body touched her searching fingers, to her surprise they just roamed over cool silk bed sheets. Why was her bed suddenly so soft and had silk sheets? Khushi thought, she cracked an eye open, on one lay beside her. "Jiji" she whispered, she was scared of the dark. Did her voice sounded different? Where am I? She thought. It was not her room but before she could ponder more about that, in the dim light coming from the window, Khushi saw silhouette of an animal on her legs. For a second there she died of fright then finally plucked up the courage to shoo it away. "Shoo'shoo" she said in a low voice but when the animal stayed put in its place she picked up the soft pillow lying beside her, "go away'"she said and hit it with all her might. The strangest thing happened, she felt a hard jerk in her legs and her body shook. " Arrhh'." She yelled unable to control the pain. Hitting the animal had hurt her really bad and to her dismay even after that the animal stood put in its place. She sat up staring shocked at the animal sitting between her legs. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Anjali Raizada (Arnav's sister) was one her way to her bedroom, she had been up really early for a special Pooja, when she heard her brother yell loudly. She ran to his room, is everything okay? Why is Chotay (ASR) screaming in the middle of the night? Weird thoughts running through her mind, she barged into his room and Turned on the lights. "What happened Chotay?" she looked around to find her brother, only to find him sitting on his bed staring at himself. She blushed all embarrassed. Before he could respond she left the room, shutting the door behind him saying "Sorry chotay' keep it low please" She ran to her room making a mental note to never barge in her brother's room without asking ever, no matter what. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi barely noticed the door open then close, and the lights turning on. She was in too much shock to respond. She had just realized that the animal was not sitting on her it was under her sheets, she slowly plucked op the courage and lifted the sheet and peered at herself "arrhhh "she chocked another scream. She jumped out of the bed.

It's just a bad dream!!! This can't be possible her mind was racing. She looked around; the window showed the view of a pool side and on the other side of the bed was another door that must be the washroom. She practically ran towards it, she'd splash some water on her face and get out of this horrible dream with silky bed sheets, no Jiji and weird animals! She shuddered as she opened the washroom door and entered. She turned on the light, tuning to face the mirror when he looked at the' "Aap (you)..? What are you doing here?" she asked. Aaik tou I'm already tensed and now this Laad Governer had to appear out of thin air to make things worse. To her surprised he mimicked her, his face showing her expressions. What's going on? She raised her hand and he mirrored her. She moved her hand to touch her face, he did it too' she looked at her hands; they were different, exactly like' HIS. She gulped. This is definitely the worst dream ever. Now he's made her possess his own body, because he writes his own destiny, he's "Bhagwan". Well, he may believe he was bhagwan but she was not his believer. 'Don't think you can intimidate me like this.' She told the reflection defiantly, a bit surprised at the huskiness of her voice. She gave him an evil look and moved forward threateningly. 'I'm not scared of you, not one bit'' Something bumped and she looked down at the animal still present between her legs. Snake, she gulped, trying to keep it in her vision as she searched for something to hit it with. To her surprise, it moved. 'Aaarrgghh!' She squealed as she dashed out of the toilet and dived straight under the covers, her eye squeezed tight. This is just a bad dream, just a really really bad dream' she kept up the litany in her head and if she felt there was still an animal present with her, right there, she ignored it. After all, it was just a silly stupid really scary dream. She didn't realize when she fell asleep. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 4: page 18 Chapter 4

Arnav looked at Khushi thoughtfully, rubbing his chin, wondering where to begin. Because now that he was really looking at her, it was quite obvious she was eyecatching. Slender but perfectly curved and feminine enough to give him some really good ideas. Well, perhaps naked parading was too much, but he could definitely take off the shirt; as he was currently residing in her body, whatever she wore was one cloth too many for him. He wasn't used to sleeping without the air conditioner and so many clothes. So yup, less clothes.

He looked at the dress closely, wondering how the hell was it supposed to come off. Silly feminine things, without buttons or zips. Briefly considering ripping the entire thing off, he finally grasped the lower edge of the stupid frilly shirt and yanked it upwards' ' and choked on his own breath as it got stuck right under his' no dammit, her breasts. Sheesh, who'd thought it was such a pain. No wonder she was so slight, she couldn't even breathe properly. Well, there was nothing else for it. He grasped the neck and gave it a hard wrench. There was a satisfying rrriiippp as it tore clear to the bottom. He gave a low whistle as he caught sight of her in the mirror. Nice set, he grinned, then mentally chided himself. Drunk or not, this was no excuse to act leery ' after all, Arnav Singh Raizada didn't chase after girls, no matter how nice their' assets were. Was it really any surprise he was the youngest, richest businessman in India? What other man could think so lucidly despite being so obviously drunk? Sometimes, he impressed himself. Sighing ruefully, he turned his back to the mirror, deciding not to stare overmuch in the mirror at Khushi because, let's face it, he was her employer and well, it would be difficult to fire her after that. Hanging the torn shirt on the peg, he turned off the lights and stalked back to the bedroom with the strange lady. Dang, he was lucky tonight. He eyed the floor dubiously. It looked almost as hard as the bed but there might be critters on the floor. Shrugging, he fell into the bed. Tomorrow, the stupor would be gone and he'd be back in his own body. And he'd make a special effort to make life even worse for Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta. Smiling at the lovely thoughts, he drifted off to sleep. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' The ray of sun light from the window woke her up, yawing Payal turned around and jumped out of her bed in shock, her sister Khushi lay sleeping in her Shalwar and bra' No shirt! Instinctively she picked up the pillow and hit her. "Why aren't you wearing a shirt" she asked angrily. Her sister merely shrugged in her sleep then mumbled "It's hot" "That's no excuse stupid, what if Buaji sees you like this." "What's the big deal, I'm not a girl" Arnav replied angrily. Why is this girl disturbing me for not sleeping with a shirt, he thought' what girl? Suddenly realization hit him and he jumped up, wide awake now "What the'" he said out loud. "Don't what the me and put this on Khushi" Payal said throwing a shirt at him, "and hurry you'll be late for your office, I don't want you to come to me saying your RAKSHASboss gave you a bashing for being late." Then she left the room, leaving a shocked Arnav behind, still clutching on the shirt she had thrown at him. Arnav's head was spinning; did she just call me KHUSHI? The hell am I still doing in her body' the hell's going? Why is this dream so vivid? Maybe I need to see a

psychiatrist this Khushi Kumari Gupta is invading my head'what if it's not a dream' No, this not possible'I'm going crazy'Dammit what now? Think'. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK'. "Stop knocking I'm up Jiji" Khushi yelled still half asleep, lying on the bed. The door opened and Aakash Raizada (Arnav's cousin brother) entered the room. "Bhai I'm sorry but you have to wake up, DE (Arnav's sister/ Anjali Raizada) is waiting for you at Breakfast, you know she won't eat unless you come and join us." Bhai? Why is he calling me bahi' HE? Who DE? I sleep with JIJI'Khushi jumped out of the bed. Aakash looked at his brother all worried "Sorry bhai I didn't mean to freak you out, I'll leave, please hurry up" he said as he left the room shutting the door behind him leaving a bewildered Khushi behind. Her head spinning' what's going on? Why is this dream not ending'what if it's not a dream' she gulped, her throat going all dry. Hari Prekash's (Raizada servant) voice coming from outside brought her back to her senses "Arnav babu, nani's calling you downstairs" What should I do' what should I do' "Coming" she yelled. Now what? ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 5: page 23 Chapter 5

Okay...calm down ...*deep breaths* you can do this...one, two, three... "Arrhhh' dammit this is too tight." Payal saw her younger sister struggling to put on her shirt. Of course she smiled. "Stop it Khushi, here let me help you" with that she took the shirt and opened the zip in the back " here now wear it'" she held it up to her sister, then continued "now hurry up, you know Buaji won't eat unless you join us for breakfast" with that she left the room. Arnav stared at himself, or herself, he though ruefully. Well, that girl was really nice. He wondered if this was Khushi's sister' she went about like an older sister, sort of reminded him of De. And this Buaji' she'd hit him on the head last night and yet, here she was, waiting for him' no dammit, her, for breakfast. Hardly the sort of people he'd associated with that gold digger. They actually seemed pretty nice people. After all, who helped guys put on girl shirts??? That was so going in his list of good things random people do (which, he admitted ruefully, had just come into being, when he was faced with the circumstance of actually dealing with random people). Sighing, he set about the even more horrendous task of getting his (shoot, her) hair tied up. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''.

Knock knock "Chotay'" "Umm... come in" Anjali entered and smiled at the sight that met her. She had never seen her brother like this before; he had always been self-sufficient, but unlike himself today he seemed to be struggling with his...Tie; she smiled as she walked toward him. "Here, let me help you" she fixed his tie, ignoring the bewildered looks he was giving her. "Are you alright chotay?" she asked sweetly. "Ahmm... yeah, why'd you ask?" "You look distant, and we'll you're not wearing your coat'" "Oh... it's hot...so I... yeah." "Okay Baba relax, you look as good as always even without your signature dress code, now please come' I'm starving" she dragged him out with her, though she was a little surprised he didn't argue...Chotay's in a good mood' she shrugged smiling. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''. Khushi spied the old lady gracing the head of the table and instinctively, she moved forward, touching her feet to greet her. The lady gave a surprised yelp, then patted her head. When she straightened, everyone in that roomful of strangers was looking at her in varying degrees of shock. 'What?' She was once again surprised by the deep bass of her voice. It was so weird' 'Nothing Chotay,' De smiled. Khushi felt a rush of gratitude for her; she reminded her of her Jiji. Khushi sat down last, in deference to all others. Once they were seated, De passed her tea. Khushi took a sip gratefully' and spat it out. 'Yuck!' She made a face, 'Please pass me some sugar.' Everyone laughed like she'd told a really good joke. She looked around questioningly and this time, it was Aakashji who answered her. 'Bhai, are you forgetting you're diabetic?' He asked, smiling as if appreciating his brother's new found sense of humor. 'Uh' no, of course not.' Huh. Who knew that Laad Governor was diabetic? Was that even possible? She may believe in Devi Maya but his confident belief that he did everything and was forever in control, it seemed really weird. Even weirder, perhaps, than discovering herself in his body. It made him seem...human. 'Chotay, I know you have an important deal today but you can't be at your best if you don't eat.' De coaxed, holding out a piece of toast for him, 'take this, at least.' Khushi took it, feeling quite out of depth. Not because she was in possession of a really scary body (that apparently had animals attached to it). No, it was because she'd never have believed that this completely nice family, with the especially nice sister was actually the family of her boss and the anathema of her life. Like the earth had tilted on its axis or something. Aakashji got up, 'Let's go, shall we?'

She nodded and got up to touch the old lady's and De's feet as she made her way out. She spied a statue of Devi Maya on her way and stopped to pay her respects. 'Hey Devi Maya, I know this has something to do with the blasphemy of yesterday and I cannot say how sorry I am. But I don't get how this,' she gestured down at herself, 'is going to help. Please change me back to my real body.' She left without looking back; if she had, she would've seen a repeat of the breakfast scene. 'Naniji, pinch me.' Anjali said in a soft, awed voice. 'Tell me Chotay did not just stop and pray in front of Devi Maya for the success of this meeting.' Naniji shook her head. 'He must be more nervous that he's letting on.' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''... Arnav walked into the living room, the old lady who was Khushi's Buaji most probably waited for him to join her, at the sight of him she started saying "Thanks God you're here Sanka Devi, now let's eat." Arnav smiled at her then moved towards the table, his eyes landed on the telephone. Suddenly something clicked his mind. He walked over to the phone ignoring Buaji's chanting "why are you walking away Sanka Devi' come already please." He dialed his own number and waited; someone picked up the call, he was about to yell at Khushi Kumari Gupta for stealing his body when his De spoke on the other side of the phone. "Hello... this is Anjali, Chotay left his phone home; in a hurry, call him at the office or leave a message." He didn't reply and cut the call. Anger was boiling up in him, that Khushi Kumari Gupta is now on her way to ruin my deal, I knew she was a gold digger, she must be after AR that is why she... I don't know how... switched out bodies,I'm going to make her pay. Without any word to any one he left the house 'Khushi Kumari Gupta you just wait till I get my hands on you, you're going to have to explain yourself' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 6: page 30
Chapter 6
Khushi walked into the office alone, Aakashji had left for his work, obviously thinking she's the Laad Governor himself. She was scared; she had no idea what to do next; she smiled at an employee who bumped straight into the door way, shocked. Damn, that Laad governor never smiles; he's a Rakhshaks how can I forget, she was lost in her thoughts, when none other than Lavanya Kashap (Arnav's girlfriend) walked over to her. "Umm...nice look ASR, no coat? You look more hot" she winked at Khushi, who stood motionless so Lavanya continued "anyways ASR, guess what? That

Chamkili is late... I knew she was gutless and will lose, I mean no one dares stand against you, right na?" she smiled at Khushi. Khushi felt bad, she wanted to tell her that she was not gutless and was not scared of that stupid Arnav Singh Raizada but she decided to keep shut and simply frowned. It seemed to work. Lavanya looked at her once then continued again "ASR..." but before she could say anything, the front doors of the office burst open and Khushi received the shock of her life. There in front of her stood, she, herself, wearing her night dress (the one she wore when Arnav and Khushi shared bed in the episodes), her hair a dirty mess and glaring angrily at her. It was really weird to look at herself as a third person; but she had to admit she looked nice fuming in anger. ''''''''''''''''' Arnav saw himself, wearing black dress pants and a black shirt with a black tie and... no coat? She was ruining his persona, it felt really strange to look at himself like that but he knew it was Khushi Kumari Gupta, and he felt his anger rise up. She was standing with Lavanya, frowning at him as if nothing was wrong; he gave her the deadliest glare he could muster and then moved forward. Grabbing her from the tie he dragged her to his cabin, ignoring everything and everyone. If Khushi Kumari Gupta wanted to be a man then he was going to treat her like one. He pushed her onto the chair and then closed the distance between them, his face inches away from her (which was really weird 'cuz it was his own face); she could tell he was fuming with anger. His voice dangerously low "you've crossed the limits Khushi Kumari Gupta..." Before Khushi could respond he roared "EXPLAIN YOUSELF DAMMIT!" damn that squeaky voice, it loses all the impact! Khushi was sacred, how was she to explain anything, she had no freaking idea and the worst part was it was creeping her out looking at herself yelling at her. There was a knock on the door and an employee entered. "Sir please sign these..." "GET OUT... NOW!" Arnav roared. The employee stared confusedly at Khushi then at Arnav and left without another word. Arnav turned to Khushi. "What the hell have you done now?" he asked her, eyes throwing daggers at her. ''''''''''''''''' Lavanya stood in shock did Chamkili just dragged ASR to his cabin? What just happened? She looked around; everyone in the office had stopped working and was staring at ASR's cabin. She could not believe what she saw.

ASR was sitting on his chair, she could not see his face and that Chamkili was...Yelling at him? ''''''''''''''''' Khushi was listening him yell at her, it was the weirdest experience of her life. it was like listening herself yell at herself and tell herself how she had purposely switched her body with him because she was a gold digger and wanted to take over his company, it was beyond confusing. She was still trying to digest the fact that her body was switched with his and he seemed least bothered about that, he kept on insulting her and calling her cheap lowlife. How could a man be so shallow? For someone who claimed to be Bhagwan himself why can't he switch their bodies back huh? She had had enough of it. "Enough!!!" she yelled back at last, it was impressive her voice came out so loud and commanding, it definitely shut him up. " I don't give a damn about your stupid company Mr Raizada..." He interrupted her, "then how the hell do you explain this Khushi Kumari Gupta?" he pointed at her and then himself. "You seem to have an answer for everything right? What do you have to say now?" "It's all your fault Mr. Raizada, not mine, you caused the blasphemy when I told you to stop... Gods must have punished you..." "Oh really? And you get rewarded with my body, for teaching me?" he asked sarcastically. "I'd rather die then ask for your body as reward" she replied equally furious now. "Then why don't you get the hell out of it? He yelled again. "I DON'T know how to" she yelled back, Tears of frustration escaping her eyes. Why the hell doesn't he understand? "Don't show me those crocodile tears Khushi Kumari Gupta, I want my body back and I want it now, I don't care what you do and how you do it." With that he walked out of the cabin, shutting the door behind with a bang leaving a crying Khushi behind. '''''''''''''''' Lavanya watched as Khushi walked out of ASR's cabin shutting the door with a bang, she walked over to her. "How dare you Chamkili..."she began but got cut in the middle. "SHUTUP Lavanya, not now..." she said and walked past her to the conference room, leaving a completely bewildered Lavanya behind. That Chamkili is getting out of hands, 1st ASR now with me? I'll teach you a lesson...she decided, with a cruel smile she walked over to her sidekicks (Sim and Pam) "Girls... we have someone who needs to learn some manners" no body messes with ASR or Lavanya Kashap she smiled.


Chapter 7: page 38 Chapter 7

Arnav walked into the conference room. "Khushiji you..?" Aakash's voice brought him back to reality. "Where's Bhai?" What the'? Arnav wanted to yell at him and tell him he was here but dammit, it was crazy and he was the one living it! "Umm Aakash sir..."f*** I can't believe I have to call HIM sir... Damn, but he had no choice and he knew how that Khushi talked. "ASR has sent me here, to go on with the deal; I'll take it from here." Aakash didn't seem much convinced but he agreed, Arnav sighed in relief. Then continued with the clients. Of course the meeting went well because he was Arnav Singh Raizada, no matter whose damned body he was in. Finally they shook hands with the clients, one of them winked at Arnav and handed him a paper chit. Arnav looked down and saw it was a cell number, with the words call me. What the' he wanted to break the jaw of that bas***d there and then, for trying to hit on her or worse, himbut he had to control because AR needed the success of this deal. Aakash patted his back. "You were great Khushiji, I had no idea' no wonder Bhai sent you. I must go and give him the good news." He smiled and walked out of the room. Arnav stood there for a while considering the awkwardness of the situation. He'd deal with Khushi Kumari Gupta now. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi wiped her tears and started walking around in the cabin, she had no idea how to deal with the situation; her mind was spinning with thoughts. What am I supposed to do now? That laad governor never thinks straight in anger... She was as freaked out as he was, and she was a girl, she was the one who should be saying stuff like that to him. Devi mayia help me... she prayed quietly. Her prayers were interrupted with a knock on the cabin door. It must be the rakhshas' she gulped and turned around; to her relief, it was Aakashji. "Bhai... Congratulations!" Before she could respond, he walked over and gave her a hug, then continued. "The Mehtas were shocked Bhai, they agreed to all the terms... I had no idea Khushiji was so good at negotiations. I knew you hired her for a reason." He finished smiling at her.

How am I to respond...? Finally she simply nodded in appreciation, and it worked. Aakash shook hands with her, handing her some papers to sign and then went downstairs asking her permission to celebrate, and well who was she to say no to a celebration? She loved parties... Hopefully he'll order some jalebiles; she smiled to herself as Aakash retreated downstairs. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Now that he wasn't angry, Arnav considered the situation, all the pros and cons. It was not possible that Khushi Kumari Gupta could do such a thing, but then this thing was not possible altogether logically. Maybe it's a 24 hour thing or something' He shook his head; either way, he needed to discuss this and unfortunately it must be with none other than theenemy herself. He came to a decision. Taking a deep breath he walked out of the door, and without paying any heed to anyone else made his way to his cabin. He opened the door and well, there she was sitting on his chair, not facing him, claiming his place and hisbody. And then she expected him to stay cool about it. 'Miss Gupta!' he snapped, no squeaked. Aahhh I hate this voice. Startled, she jumped up from the chair; she turned around to face him, only now that he was facing himself.Weird. His, or rather, her expressions where priceless. Afraid is not my look, Arnav thought. 'I need you to stay here tonight. Maybe it's just a 24 hour thing and we'll switch back' I don't want to take any chances, so you may inform your family.' He said, walking over to her. She moved back with each step he took forward and then stopped when he did, then she nodded silently, not meeting his glare and made her way towards the exit but stopped when he continued. 'Miss Gupta, not downstairs use this phone here, I don't want anyone to miss understand your stupidity since you're in my body.' Khushi silently walked over to his desk and called home, Payal answered. 'Hello.' 'Hello jiji, it's me Khushi... I would be home late, the laad' boss has some work for me, so don't worry.' Before Payal could say anything, she hung up. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Payal stared at the phone in confusion. Why did Khushi sounded like a man? No' I must be going crazy. She shook her head, then looked again at the phone' but she'or he' called me jiji' no no, I must not have slept well. Thinking she was day dreaming Payal drank some water and went to bed, shaking her head. On her way she told Buaji 'Khushi called, she'd be home late'. I'm going to bed' I think I have headache.' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Arnav stood there watching Khushi as she turned around facing him, a lone tear escaping her eye, or his eye.Oh no, you don't... not in my body. 'Stop crying Miss Gupta.' He couldn't help it, he snapped. She gave him a sad annoyed look, then cleaned up her/his face. 'Now what? 'She asked him in her new husky manly voice. 'We wait' I hope you have handled everyone else.' he smirked at her. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' It was weird enough looking at herself. Now she was smirking arrogantly like him as well. Unbelievable. I need to distract myself before I freak out completely again. She decided. Then remembered the papers Aakashji had left for her to sign, or to be more precise, for him to sign. Arnav was now sitting on his chair with his legs on the table, his head leaning back on the chair, eyes closed.Of course, he's the boss. Khushi thought but she was enjoying seeing her body on his chair, sitting like she was the boss; she smiled then cleared her throat to get his attention. He looked at her raising an eyebrow 'What?" 'Sir please sign these' Aakashji left them for you.' 'You never forget to add 'ji' at the end of everything do you, Miss Gupta?' he asked sarcastically, taking the files from her. Why is he asking that? But when she didn't respond he continued. 'Tell Lavanya to ask everyone to leave, I don't like employees ogling at me.' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Lavanya walked out of her room followed by Sim and Pam. 'Are we clear? Tomorrow before ASR gets here, I want that Chamkili'' she stopped mid way looking at everyone in the office staring at ASR's cabin. What now? She looked up and' 'Pinch me Pam!' Is Chamkili actually sitting on ASR's chair with her legs on the table' no no, I'm going crazy. 'OUCH' it hurts!' What the hell is ASR doing? Looking at her with pleading eyes? Taking orders? No no I'm definitely dreaming a dreadful dream, that stupid Chamkili is getting in my head. She moved over to Arnav's cabin, shooing everyone to get back to work. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi walked out of the cabin, and bumped into none other than Lavanya Kashap. 'ASR, what the hell is going on? Why is that Chamkili'?' 'Lavanya ji'' she began. 'What???' 'I mean' Lavanya, send everyone home and take a leave; I have some business I need to handle alone... ' 'But ASR Chamkili''

'I said I'll handle Lavanya' go.' She said a little louder, in perfect imitation of ASR, not believing the impact it had on Lavanya; her manly voice left no room for Lavanya Kashap to continue. 'Okay ASR, I love you'' With that she walked away leaving a bewildered Khushi behind who stood shocked for a while, then made her way back to the devil's den where he awaited her. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Lavanya watched as ASR went back to his cabin where Chamkili still sat in his chair. She narrowed her eyes, her mind spinning out wild scenarios. No way was ASR interested in that low life gold-digger. Maybe it was something to do with today's deal' She watched how he hesitated at the doorway and caught Chamkili's entirely too smug smile. That's it, she's going to pay. No one came between Lavanya and her man. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Arnav watched as the employees slowly cleared out. It was frustrating not to be able to tell them all to just hurry up and leave already; he didn't want any witnesses in case he lost it with Khushi Kumari Gupta. Which, given their history, was entirely too likely. He turned around to find himself waiting by the door. He eyed himself speculatively. If he ever had any kinky fantasies of being submissive, those were definitely gone to dust now. He looked so lame, it wasn't even funny. He motioned her to sit on the chair in front of him. He really wished she would unfold her hands and stop twisting his shirt. It was destroying a perfectly good piece. 'Stop that!' he finally snapped. Dammit, will I ever get used to this squeak? She jumped and stared at him with wide, scared eyes. It was seriously creeping him out, the way he appeared, all scared and' girly. 'Stop looking like I'm going to eat you. I have no desire to harm myself.' He started pacing around the office. He didn't know where to start or whether he even wanted to start a discussion but the silence was getting oppressive and he was starting to feel prickly. He stopped in front of her, stared down at her. She didn't look up. He crossed his arms, waiting. If he couldn't bear the silence, then Khushi Kumari Gupta most definitely couldn't. She was the most garrulous person he knew. As if she heard his thoughts, she looked up at him shyly. It sickened him to see himself in that shy and innocent role. He was a predator, an alpha male. Alpha males weren't supposed to blush if stared at. He frowned and pulled himself to all of her diminutive height, puffing his chest out. Finally, she cleared her throat. It hit him in the gut that she got his voice. Like any good businessman, he relied upon the persona he wore, the aura he projected' and his voice was a big part of his persona. He tapped his foot impatiently. She had to say something soon' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Khushi didn't look up but she could feel his gaze burning a hole through her. Shouldn't she feel less vulnerable or exposed now that she was in his body? He started tapping his foot and she became even more nervous. She was sure she would tear the buttons off this shirt if she didn't stop twisting it. The silence was too much, she had to break it. Forcing herself to stop, she cleared her throat. 'So' uh, your sister seems really nice.' She finally spoke, still a little surprised by the husky quality of his' her???... Voice, the way it vibrated in her throat. It was surprisingly pleasant. 'Hmm' yours seemed okay too.' More silence. He'd stopped pacing as well. Apparently, they were going to stay here, making increasingly awkward small talk before working their way up to the main issue' wait, that doesn't sound like ASR at all' Khushi shook her head. No, if he had his way, he would be discussing this to death or rather, yelling at her (and if having to hear herself yell at herself wasn't the weirdest thing ever, she didn't know what was). So, she waited and... 'Too bad you're nothing like her'.' He said smirking at her. Not again, Khushi thought. But before she could respond he continued. 'You know what's really interesting Miss Gupta?' he looked inquiringly at her. She stared blankly at him. So he continued again 'This one day with your family and I know they're not gold diggers like you!' Okay that's it. 'You know, Mr.Raizada, one day with your family and I know they are not rude and pathetic like you' she replied angrily, But Arnav was not going to back down easy. 'That coming out of you Khushi Kumari Gupta, when you're the most pathetic person I've met' a cheap gold digger who's ready to go any extent, even switch bodies.' 'I can't believe you're going there again, I thought you decided to give this a rest' I DO NOT care about your MONEY or you're DAMNED BODY' and I DID NOT SWITCH It!!!! 'She bellowed shocking herself by the force of her new manly voice. That shut him up for a while but then he was Arnav F****** Raizada and nobody, NOBODY dared to yell at him, especially in his own voice. 'ENOUGH' he yelled with all his might, anger pounding in his head again. Think straight Raizada, he reminded himself under his breath, don't lose it on her, she's not worth it. 'For your own good Khushi Kumari Gupta, I hope our bodies switch back'' his voice dangerously low, he hated how it was all Girly but he continued anyway. 'I'm not going to let you near my family at any damned cost, do I make myself clear?' Khushi nodded silently. It was really awkward, having her own voice threaten her, but she knew the consequences would be bad if she provoked him further. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' After that yelling bout, they both settled in for the night. Obviously, it wasn't easy. He took out his files, started working. She paced around, wandering and lifting up

decoration pieces. Finally, she settled in with magazine and started flipping through the latest fashion trends. Her eye caught on the one on Goddesses, initiated by AR designs. Feel Divine, the title proclaimed, doing a follow up on all the goddesses the models were supposed to represent. Khushi once again apologized under her breath; no matter how many times she came across this, she wouldn't cease being shocked or frightened by the blasphemy they did. 'Hey Devi Maiya, just so we're clear, I had absolutely nothing to do with this' but still, please forgive me.' She prayed aloud, joining her hands and looking up. Arnav looked up in disbelief. 'What the'?' he stood up. It was past midnight and nothing had happened. He was still in her body and she in his' making him do absurd things. If he really thought about it, this was probably the best revenge she could exact. Well, she couldn't really switch bodies but he had to blame it on someone. He stretched. 'Well, this isn't working.' 'Hmm?' she was still making goo-goo eyes at her silly goddess. 'What?' 'This.' He indicated himself, dressed in silly frilly clothes, and her, having access to his entire wardrobe and still managing to look worse. 'Maybe we have to sleep'' she suggested, thinking how she dreamt about floating in mid-air before ending up in his body. 'Fine, I'm going home.' 'Like that?' she had the satisfaction of pointing that out to him. He looked down. Dammit. 'Your home.' He enunciated clearly. 'No way!' she stood in front of him. 'You're not getting anywhere near my Jiji.' 'Well, you're not getting anywhere near my De either!' he snapped, annoyed that he had to look up at her. 'I'm not sleeping here.' Khushi snapped right back. Hmm, good point, he thought. Already, his neck was aching and he'd been fantasizing about a soft bed for hours now. Well, obviously, he couldn't take her home' 'Fine, we'll take the guesthouse.' 'What about my family?' she asked. 'What about them?' 'Your family may be used to your staying out at night, I return home like a decent person.' She said self-righteously. 'Argh, anything else you want before we get out?' he asked, already picking up the phone. 'What's your number?' He waited and when someone answered, he spoke. 'Hello, this is Arnav Singh Raizada. Your daughter has to stay overnight for some important work. I'll have her dropped home in the morning.' There. He put the receiver down. 'Let's roll.'

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Did Khushi just claim to be Arnav Singh Raizada? Payal eyed the phone suspiciously. What is that girl up to? Shaking her head, she put the phone down and went back to sleep. Obviously, she was sick. Why else would a guy call her Jiji and her sister claim to be a man? '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' They were on their way in his SUV. He'd had to make some really big adjustments, since his feet wouldn't reach the paddles and he had to strain his neck to look in the rearview mirror. Finally, they arrived at the guesthouse. The guards stepped up to him and asked for his identity. He stared at the guy before realizing the problem. He hissed, 'Khushi, tell these guys to let us in.' Khushi leaned over to his side, 'Namaste, please let us in.' She smiled. The man panicked and immediately called the others to open the gates. Within moments, they were inside and Khushi stared at the huge building in shock. When he'd said guesthouse, she'd imagined something small scale, like maybe a few rooms or something. But this was like a five star hotel, with various compounds and several buildings spread over who knew how many acres. Dammit, I have to get used to this. ASR didn't do anything halfway. An old man hurried towards her and for a moment, she panicked but then, he handed her the keys to the best suite and she realized he was the concierge, come to greet her. She followed him, heard him yammer about the best stuff but really, she was feeling kind of faint just looking around her. Everything was so' luxurious. She handed the keys to Arnav, who was glaring at her. She had never known she had such a potent glare. Gulping, she looked away and took in her surroundings. The concierge asked her if he wanted to get another suite for her but Arnav spoke up. 'This will do.' The man turned beet red and beat a hasty retreat. It wasn't until after he'd left that Khushi realized what the man must've thought. 'You really should've let me get another suite.' 'So you can steal? I don't think so.' Khushi was so frustrated, she stamped her foot and left. Arnav groaned at the sight. No way could he get over the humiliation now. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Arnav took the master bedroom. For one thing, this was his guesthouse. For another, right now he was the girl; so really, he was saving his own reputation as a gentleman by letting himself sleep in the king-size bed. Happily, he switched on the airconditioner, took off his shirt (just on principle because, no whose body he wore, he was a man) and sank into the lush pillows, pulling up the comforter. In moments, he was asleep.

Khushi, sleeping in the smaller room right beside his, had a more difficult time falling asleep. For one thing, she didn't entirely trust that Laad Governor; for another, it was really dark and she was afraid. It wasn't so bad if Jiji was beside her but alone' she gulped and prayed, keeping her eyes tight shut. Finally, she drifted off. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi was having hard time breathing. She was crying, her heart was racing and all her senses were screaming at her to run and run and get away from the hurt. She did not know why she was so hurt, just that insane screaming in her head to get away from everything. She followed her instincts, started moving away when he stepped out of the shadows. The guy was huge and loomed over her. He was wearing a kurta shalwar. Khushi wanted to turn and run but he grabbed her badly. Her arms were hurting, she tried pushing him but his grip was too strong. 'No, Khushiji not today' I've waited too long for this, I did everything but no' you're mine' he said dangerously. Khushi was scared even more because he sounded vaguely familiar. She knew this creep' And then, suddenly, someone punched the man, who landed on the road with a loud thud. 'Stay the hell away from my fianc,' his voice sounded quite familiar. Then her hero in black coat turned around. She could not see his face, but she ran to him and hugged him with all her love, closing her eyes; Feeling safe in his arms. He hugged her back. Then he put one hand around her waist and stroked her hair with the other, he leaned down. 'Khushi'' he whispered, in her ear. She still had her eyes closed, tears running down her eyes. She could smell him' his musk' it was deliciously masculine and she felt intoxicated. She pushed her nose right into his chest and tried to snuggle even closer, her fear vanishing with the onslaught of delicious desire' Suddenly, she felt very uncomfortable. It felt like she was in pain but it not pain pain' just really really uncomfortable. She twisted this way and that, trying to get comfortable but damn' Her eyes snapped open. In the vague shadows of the room, something loomed right over her. She gulped. Not that again. She grabbed the pillow cushion by her head and lifted it cautiously. 'Please, just go away'' she whispered through a really dry throat. It didn't budge. If anything, it stood up straighter. 'Oh please, Devi Maiya, make it go away.' It was bad enough she was alone in a dark room. She didn't need weird stuff poking out of her body. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Arnav was having a really nice dream. He'd just beat all his rivals and had his every term filled and agreed upon. It didn't get better than that. He now wanted to celebrate and share the good news with someone. Everyone was hugging him but he wanted to

just leave this all and go to her. He turned, found himself staring in her eyes and was lost in them. Then, someone threw a bucket of water on him and he awoke with a start. A man loomed over him; he didn't think twice, just swung his hand in an upper cut. The dude twisted with a surprisingly loud 'Ow!' and he clutched his hand. Damn, either the guy was made of steel or he was losing his style. He jumped out of the warm bed and immediately became aware of the cold room. Hard to ignore when his nipples were puckering so hard' Wait, his nipples? He looked down and saw the bra and the really nice rack. Reality rushed back and he realized he'd punched his own face. Weird. He hit the lights on and saw Khushi (in his body and still fully dressed) clutching her jaw. 'What the'? What the hell are you doing here?' He asked her; then realized something else. 'Hold it, what the hell are you still doing in my body?' Dammit, it obviously wasn't a 24 hour thing or they'd changed by now. She didn't answer him, just continued to massage her jaw. He flexed his fist and realized it hurt. Wow, no wonder girls don't go around throwing punches. He also realized that she was near tears' and not only because of the punch because she'd woken him up. 'Khushi, look, I didn't mean to hit you.' He didn't like girls to cry, not really and well, he felt foolish standing there in a bra and looking at a grown man in tears. He kneeled beside her, stroked her face, 'Really, it was just a reflex' honest' dammit, will you stop crying? If it makes you feel any better, my hand hurts.' She sniffled. 'That's not why'' 'What, then?' He really didn't feel like arguing or listening to someone spill their heart out. She swallowed but didn't speak; her face turned red. 'It's the animal.' Her voice was barely audible. 'What animal?' it was bewildering. She blushed harder and didn't say anything else. However, her eyes dropped. His followed and stopped at the really obvious problem. Animal? 'Unbelievable.' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 8: page 46 Chapter 8

Arnav could not believe his eyes, but just out of curiosity... 'What were you thinking about?' he asked in a low voice.

Khushi could not meet his gaze; she knew he was staring at her, maybe he thought she was some kind of freak but it's not her fault; she was already worried she had to carry the animal with her and now it was bothering her again. And besides, it was his body she was in, only he could help her. Still staring down, Khushi managed to mumble. 'I was... dreaming... about...' She turned crimson, and suddenly Arnav felt the urge to stop her; he could not hear with she had to say. It was already strange enough seeing himself like that, let alone having to hear about a wet dream. 'You know what, stop... don't tell.' He looked at her again; she still was not looking at him, but he could see tears pouring out of her eyes, she really was... Aarrhhh I can't believe I have to have THE TALK with Khushi Kumari Gupta, about MY OWN body! But he couldn't see her cry, "Khushi..." He put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, 'It's okay, its natural... you just need to relax, and it'll go away.' 'It... never goes away...' she choked out, tears still streaming. 'And... it hurts when I hit it.' "What the...' He barely contained his snort, 'you're not supposed to hit it.' "But... "She sniffed. 'Just... relax...' GOD she's so innocent! Arnav had to try hard not to start laughing. Finally she looked up and... 'Oh my God...' she clasped her hands on her mouth, staring dumbstruck at Arnav. He suddenly felt self conscious; why was she staring at him like that? 'What...?' he asked raising an eyebrow. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi could not believe he would do that to her; she looked at herself wearing no shirt, but of course she knew it was him and instinctively. 'Hay Devi mayia... COVER YOUR SELF... how could you?' She took of her shirt and threw it on him. 'What the...' 'Don't what the me... how could you, I knew it... I knew you had no morals, but this is low, even for you.' 'What are you talking about?' 'Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about... you, sir, are going to wear this shirt right now!' she continued under her breath, 'I should have known better to have left him alone in my body.' 'Excuse me? I'm not wearing any shirt because it's hot and you can't make me wear a shirt.' 'But it's my body...' 'Then why did you take off my shirt?' 'You're a man and...'

'What an excuse Khushi Kumari Gupta, how do I know you didn't take it off just to stare at my bare chest?' 'WHAT? You know that's not why I...' 'Oh really? Then where did that come from?' he asked pointing at her manhood. Khushi blushed a crimson red, she didn't exactly get what he said but she knew it was a bad thing. 'Don't justify Miss Gupta I'm not interested.' 'Ha... that's not it; I'm not going to let you stay like this, cover my body right now.' 'Or what???' 'Or...or I'll...' 'I'm going to sleep, if you don't mind... leave.' 'I'm not letting you sleep alone.' 'Be my guest' He indicated the king-sized bed and ignoring her shocked sputtering, made himself comfortable. He briefly considered tossing off the shirt again but dammit, she was right. It wasn't that hot. Besides, he wasn't in mood of anymore arguments regarding animals or whether he would ravish her... or himself. It was confusing enough to give him a headache. He closed his eyes. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi watched as Arnav strutted off to bed. It was creepy how he managed to make her look like a dude strutting but he did. She stood there, utterly convinced that leaving him alone wasn't a good idea. He'd already taken off her shirt, who knew where he'd go next with his perverted imagination. And besides, she was inside his body, wasn't she? She could easily stay here, keep an eye on him and ensure nothing happened to her. Besides, guys slept around all the time; it wasn't like she'd be doing anything unusual. She looked around to put on a shirt but of course, the only other clothes in the room were his discarded Kameez. Well, she was a guy and guys slept shirtless all the time too. So, not a big deal. She hesitantly walked to the other side of the bed and stared down. Plenty of space for two people... no chance of rubbing together or anything. Good. Sighing, knowing she was only delaying the eventual, she slipped into the covers and closed her eyes. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Arnav woke to the feel of something hard poking him in the abdomen. Simultaneously he became aware that the pillow was quite hard too... and warm. He tried snuggling, feeling strangely contended when the pillow shifted and... 'Aaarrggghh!' The sheer shrillness of his own scream had his ears whistling. He sat up, quickly pulling the shirt closed and scrambling away. 'I thought you were protecting me!' Dammit I can't believe I'm saying that. Khushi blinked sleep out of her eyes, 'Huh?'

'I can't believe I'm sleeping on my own boner... Eww!' Shuddering, he jumped of the bed and backed away, eyeing her suspiciously. 'Get rid of that! And put on a goddamned shirt!' With that, he dashed off for a seriously required shower. God I feel like a girl! F*** ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Khushi watched him run off and wondered what had happened. Surely, she hadn't scared the great Arnav Singh Raizada? Then she sat up and saw the tenting in the sheets. 'Not again!' she felt tears fill her eyes. 'How the hell am I supposed to get rid of this?' She took a deep breath and shifted uncomfortably. 'Relax... he said relax.' Taking another deep breath, then she peeked at it. Nope, it was still there. 'Oh go away and leave me alone!' she sniffled. ''''''''''''''''''''''

Chapter 9: page 56 Chapter 9

NiceUmm hot curvesGot dammit, she's an employee and the mortal enemy but I can't deny that she has the best body no, no you're not supposed to go there Checking himself or to say her for the last time in the mirror, Arnav finally decided to get dressed, after all he was a MAN and a man with a lot of taste, he couldn't just ignore it. He practically had to drag himself away from the mirror; he had to cover up, wear clothes, no I'm not wearing these damned clothes again. He looked at the Shalwar he had taken off and the Kameez he had snatched from the floor on his way to the bathroom. Finally he ended up wearing HIS own shirt and pants, a tie neatly made like always, although he had to fold his pants like a hundred times to fit her size. Office going women wear men like clothesthat was what he told himself and besides whatever she might say he was not at all comfortable wearing those Brightly shaded tight Shalwar Kameez of hers, he knew he was in her body but that did not mean he was not a MAN at heart and soul and it was against his manliness to wear such girly clothes, at any cost. "Ewww no way I'm not going to do that... Ever!!!" He simply shrugged "Your choice, do it or stay like this I'm getting late so I'm leaving" "But you can't just" "Yes, Khushi Kumari Gupta, I can and I will you asked for help and I told you what to do" "You don't actually do that yourself" "That is not something I'd like to share"

"But" "Do whatever you want and stop crying" with that he left the room before she could say something. She was too preoccupied to notice his clothing or anything other than what he had told her just minutes ago and then "Eww, I'd rather stay like this forever." Unbelievable, Arnav shrugged at the thoughts of what just happened a few minutes ago. He had walked out of the washroom to find a crying him or Khushi, sitting on the bed and not looking up to meet his gaze and then he had ended up telling her how she could get rid of her problem, which to his utter disappointment she kept on calling the Animal. Might've been more flattering if she wasn't scared like s*** of it. Arnav made his way to his SUV, lost in thought and ignoring all the weird looks from the guards when they saw him or more likely her, drive away. He was on his way to AR when he remembered he had given his word to her family, so he made his way to the Gupta house. Payal Raizada, dragged herself out of the bed opened the front door and there stood her sister. "Khushi?" she blinked sleepily. "Umm hey, so I'm here, in one piece as promised now I have to leave, I'll be back home after work, so yeah don't worry bye" And before Payal could say anything in response she had turned on her heels and left. Payal stood there shocked at the sight of her sister driving away in an SUV. She held her head and then "I'm definitely going crazy" she shrugged. With that said she walked over to the showcase, took some medicine and went to bed again. Khushi was washing her hands for the bazillion-th time. Oh God, I can't believe that I hate you Arnav Singh Raizada that stupid laad governor stupid body with stupid Animals She finally came out and got dressed, she couldn't fix the tie so she left it, what's wrong with a little makeover of the Laad Governor; after all she was in his body now. And then something clicked her mind, it'd be a good revenge, of course it was not as bad as what he had made her do, but I'd be a good start. She smiled and made her way downstairs. Half way down she had met the concierge form last night. Who was blushing at the sight and not meeting her graze, why? She had no freaking idea, but right now nothing mattered except

"Get the driver, I need to go shopping before I go to the office" she commanded him and he left immediacy. By the time she got downstairs the driver awaited her as asked. Arnav made his way inside AR, he walked in through the front doors and then SPLASH! "What the" "Umm new look Chamkili, it looks better wet" Lavanya Kashap walked over, while everyone else burst out laughing. She held up her hand and they quieted. "What the hell Lavanya" Arnav began but she cut him off, how dare she! He wanted to punch her then and there but it was against his manliness to raise his hand on women. "You've got a lot of nerve asking me that Chamkili" she continued "I'm just teaching you the manners you should have learned before you came here Sim and Pam, the paints" she held out her hands. And before Arnav could have responded she threw paint on him. "This Chamkili is for trying to be a smart ass, don't forget I hired you and can fire you. If it weren't for ASR's good nature I'd have kicked you and you're lowlife self out of here before" "ENOUGH Lavanya!" someone bellowed from behind, and everyone froze at the acknowledgment of the voice. "ASR." "SHUTUP Lavanyawhat the hell do you think you're doing?" "She" "I hired her, Miss Kashap, how dare you question that? She's MY employee, just like yourself, is that how you want to be treated?" "But" "But what? This is no damned excuse for what you have done and every one of you have supported" Khushi boomed in her husky manly voice. "Don't forget I don't mind if I have to fire each and every one of you for your behaviorsuch a treatment will not be tolerated by anyone ,especially by you" she inched closer to the scared Lavanya. Then continued "Miss Gupta will take your place as my secretary, Miss Kashap and you can do her job; consider this a warning, next time you'll be fired." Then she rounded on Lavanya's sidekicks "You two pack your bags and leave, AR doesn't need pathetic excuses as employees." She then looked around at the crowded office. "Get back to work now!" With that said she made her way to his cabin. Arnav stood rooted; his mind spinning is that how she's been treated? She's MY employee My enemy but they have no right toI should have been the one saying all this

What exactly just happened? Khushi was shaking as she climbed up the stairs to her cabin; she couldn't believe what she'd seen and even more, what she'd done. She'd just arrived at the office, feeling euphoric at the results of her impromptu shopping spree and reluctantly admitting that being ASR had it's benefits (she didn't have to pay a single penny, everything went on his card) when she'd seen Lavanya throw something at her. Well, not exactly her but dammit, that was her body and nobody treated her like that. So, she'd done what she thought any good boss would do and chewed them all a couple of new assholes. But when all was said and done, she was left freaked out. By the influence she apparently had, even dressed as she was. She was only glad the Laad Governor hadn't noticed it or they'd have a new drama on their hands. Well, she could thank the gods for the small gifts. Deciding to do exactly that, she entered the office. Arnav head was spinning. Maybe it's not the 1st time, she should have told me, and I should know that, she's MY employee; I need to sort this out. He couldn't care less what had happened with him but he could not bear that THIS was how she'd been treated, he was glad she had plucked up the courage and said what needed to be said but he had to go talk to her and sort it out. Making up his mind he made his way after her into his cabin. "Nicely done Miss Gupta" Arnav entered the cabin saying and then "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?" both Arnav and Khushi shouted at each other simultaneously. The sight of themselves that stood in front of them had them both reeling in shock.