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ABB Substation Automation - 1 1/14/2005

New features of

MicroSCADA Pro

MicroSCADA Pro
General SYS 600 DMS 600 LIB 500 COM 500 IEC 61850


MicroSCADA Pro

Quick Overview

SYS 600 *9.0

New User Interface

Process Displays Alarm List Event List Blocking List Trends

IEC 61850 connectivity Extended language support Various improvements in the engineering tools Improved integration with DMS 600


MicroSCADA Pro

Quick Overview

DMS 600 *4.0

Improved network editing Event history simulation Extensions in fault location algorithms GPS utlisation for network editing and field crew location Network status on the web OPC Client Etc.


MicroSCADA Pro

Quick Overview

COM 500

IEC 61850 support Enhanced data import More alarm groups More protocols Etc.

LIB 500/510

IEC 61850 support


MicroSCADA Pro


MicroSCADA Pro

Next step in the development of MicroSCADA and Open++ Opera The complete and harmonized product family for substation Control, Network Control and Distribution Management

Starting point

MicroSCADA 8.4.5 Opera 3.3


MicroSCADA Pro

Application Areas

Distribution Automation Network Control Substation Control Substation Monitoring Feeder Automation


MicroSCADA Pro


Distribution Management Network Control Feeder Automation Substation Monitoring Substation Control


MicroSCADA Pro

Opera MicroSCADA MicroSCADA High End Scada position

SMS 510


CAP 5xx


Built in local HMI or HHHMI

Substation HMI Substation Gateway Graphical Protection & Control HMI Textual Protection & Control HMI


MicroSCADA Pro

Indicators Protection & Control HMI

MicroSCADA Pro


MicroSCADA Pro

Control System SYS 600 *9.0 Distribution Management System DMS 600 *4.0 Communication Gateway COM 500 *4.1

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MicroSCADA Pro

Main Requirements

Network Control

New Process Graphics

zoom, panning and de-cluttering

Substation Control

Support for new standard IEC 61850

IEC61850 System support

- 11 -

MicroSCADA Pro

Evolutionary development strategy

Upgradeability and system continuity are key factors to maintain the customers confidence in ABBs solutions

Keeps our existing customers Enable our customers to relocate existing solutions to a more modern environment. Preserves a customer's existing solution investment and the functionality and reliability. Market message to new customers:

Safe investment when using ABBs solution.

Leverage on installed MicroSCADA base

3400 installations -- 820 SCADA-systems Large # of trained staff in local units.

- 12 -

MicroSCADA Pro


SYS 600 *9.0 is fully backward compatible with current applications The new user interface is an additional function that works well in parallel with the current user interface

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ABB Substation Automation - 14 1/14/2005

SYS 600 *9.0

MicroSCADA Pro

SYS 600

New User Interface

Improved look & feel Improved Performance More functions, flxible and modifiable New monitor type

- 15 -

SYS 600

New Process Displays

Process displays

View - Zoom Control

zoom pan de-clutter

- 16 -

SYS 600

New Process Displays

Zoom, Pan & Decluttering Dynamic Busbar coloring Standard symbols for electrical applications Hundreds of other symbols Support for standard graphics formats and ActiveX components Can be connected directly to existing LIB process database Can be used in parallell with existing pictures

- 17 -

SYS 600

New Display Builder

New symbol library for electrical applications Hundreds of other symbols Easy handling of own symbol libraries Generic OPC client Extensive generic drawing tools Flexible configuration of dynamic behaviour (show/hide, fill, move, color, rotate, blink, scale, etc.)

- 18 -

SYS 600

New Display Builder

Easy building of Single Line Diagram with Drag & Drop

Browse the database structure Drag the device to the single line diagram Done! All connections made!

Builds topology for dynamic busbar coloring automatically

- 19 -

SYS 600

New Trends

All functions of current trends + Improved Zoom & Pan Improved performance Improved look & feel

- 20 -

SYS 600

New Alarm Lists

Improved performance Improved look & feel Improved customization New functions

Find Copy/Paste Texts in local language

- 21 -

SYS 600

New Event List

Improved performance Improved look & feel Improved customization New functions

Find Copy/Paste Programmable coloring Increased time interval (up to one year) Message Text Texts in local language

- 22 -

SYS 600

New Blocking List

All functions of current blocking list + Improved performance Improved look & feel Improved customization New functions

Find Copy/Paste Texts in local language

- 23 -

SYS 600

Migration Tools

Event Conversion

Adds new event handling to existing LIB database

Creates H-objects and links them to P-objects Based on FORM-pictures and text files

- 24 -

SYS 600

Migration Tools

DAT Export

Extracts Picture Function configuration data from existing LIB pictures to be used by new process graphics

- 25 -

SYS 600

Language Support

New Event Handling Object (H)

To handle event & status texts

Maps object value/state to texts Text id in H-object Actual language specific text in text database

To support localisation of event & status texts

To support future OPC A&E interface

- 26 -

SYS 600

Language Support

New Process Object Attributes

TX - Translated Object Text

The value of the OX attribute translated into the current language All texts now support user specific languages also in event and alarm list The name of the event handling object associated to the process object A descriptive text of the object state in the current language Retreived through the H object A descriptive text of the event in the current language Retreived through the H object

EH - Event Handling

SX - State Text

MX - Message Text

- 27 -

SYS 600

Text Translation Tool

Support for Text databases

- 28 -

SYS 600

Object Navigator

New P-object views

By unit number (UN) By object identification (OI) By OPC name (ON)

Support for IEC 61850 P-object types Improved OI editor

- 29 -

SYS 600

Object Navigator

Standard Function installation

Installation of LIB standard functions without pictures To be used with new process displays


Start export based on the active selection

Event Handling objects

Management of the new event handling objects Create, view, modify, delete

- 30 -

SYS 600

Import/Export Tool

New VS Import/Export Tool

Import/Export of application objects from/to ascii file Can also operate on selections in the object navigator

- 31 -

SYS 600

Online Backup Tool

New online backup tool

Online Backup of the main application Manual & Automatic Uses Shadowing Advanced programmable option

- 32 -

SYS 600

Base System Object Navigator

Online handling of base system objects

View Create Modify

- 33 -

SYS 600

System Configuration Tool

DNP data point editor General ASCII (ADEMCO) Communication Line and Stations Configuration ASCII Printer Communication Line Configuration

- 34 -

SYS 600

DMS integration

Integrated user interface

Pop-up menu to trace feeders, locate objects on map etc. Easy way to open single line diagrams from the network map Network data from DMS available in process graphics Integrated login The data on the single line diagrams are reused Layout, objects and connectivity are used in DMS Look and feel Colors Symbol presentation

Single data entry


- 35 -

MicroSCADA Pro DMS 600 *4.0 (Opera technology)

ABB Substation Automation - 36 1/14/2005

DMS 600

MicroSCADA Pro DMS 600 *4.0

DMS 600 *4.0 is direct successor to Open++ Opera 3.3

Existing installation can be updated directly using installation program

DMS 600 *4.0 belongs to MicroSCADA Pro product family

A standard option to any SCADA and SA system Consistent product name (ref. SYS 600, LIB 500) Integrated and consistent ordering tool and procedures

- 37 -

DMS 600

MicroSCADA Pro DMS 600 *4.0

Harmonized and integrated with MicroSCADA Pro SYS 600 *9.0

Common Windows look and feel

New process graphics, new list applications

User interface well integrated Microsoft component technology (COM and OPC) used. Same technology used also to third party software integration (Microsoft Office).

- 38 -

DMS 600

Changes in license structure

In DMS 600 there is one basic product and options can be selected on top of that. In Opera 3.3 additional options where available only on top of Opera standard. Opera LT (light) Opera standard DMS 600 (Base) + General extensions

+ other options + other options New license modules (in addition to General extensions)

Outage info using HTML for intra/internet Outage info using telephone answering machine Outage info using SMS messages GPS data for field crew location and network editing

- 39 -

DMS 600

Unchanged license modules

Network Analysis Extended load modeling Operations planning Reconfiguration Fault location Outage reporting and statistics Restoration support Automatic fault isolation and restoration Low voltage networks Extended data management

- 40 -

DMS 600

DMS 600 - SYS 600 Integration

User interface integrated (DMS 600 base)

Pop-up menu to trace feeders, locate objects on map etc. Easy way to open single line diagrams from the network map Control dialogs for switches opened directly from network map Feeder data from DMS available in process graphics for feeding CBs and line indicators without using DMS in the user session Integrated login and logoff (SYS 600 ->DMS 600) The data on the single line diagrams are reused Layout, objects and connectivity are used in DMS Windows look and feel Colors Symbol presentation

Single data entry


- 41 -

DMS 600

New requirements for DisCos

The society requires information of distribution quality

Exact information of outage situation and forecasts For media, customers and own organization

The authorities and regulators require statistics and information

Key figures to evaluate operational quality and efficiency In Finland compensation for long outages to all customers

New laws

- 42 -

DMS 600

Outage information in internet/intranet

Information to internal management and external parties like media History of the situation is stored to study the chosen actions DMS 600 creates automatically

html-document for intra- and internet MS Word-documents stored for later studies

- 43 -

DMS 600

Outage information using SMS messages

Automatic GSM SMS-messages when a fault occurs on a feeder Opera queries from database those customers telephone numbers that are fed by the faulted feeder Can be used to inform maintenance outages etc. Uses a GSM modem and modem driver installed in MicroSCADA server

- 44 -

DMS 600

Outage information by telephone

Recorded messages for each feeder Messages can be generated automatically Calling customers can try reach a person or leave a voice message

if recorded messages do not give enough information or customer has vital information to give

The voice messages are sent as email to the operators

- 45 -

DMS 600

GPS support

GPS for field crew location

Coordinates from GPS can be used in real-time

Supports WGS84 and local Map Datums

Continuous location of own position with map panning in moving vehicles GPS coordinates used in network editing

Way-points can be stored to GPS device NMEA-0183 serial communication standard is used to transfer points to Opera so that network can be updated accurately
NMEA = National Marine Electronics Association

- 46 -

DMS 600

New features in DMS 600 base

Enhanced network editing

Copy-paste Moving and deleting large parts of network

Simulation of historical events Trace coloring remains on screen while zooming and panning Findings to show added information on network map (in parallel with existing operator notes) Print-out of several lists New way to zoom out desired amount

- 47 -

DMS 600

Other new features

Impedance-based fault distance calculation (Fault location) Setting of hour of the year (date and time) (Network analysis) Blinking symbols when object having an unacknowledged alarm in SYS 600 (Alarms in module general extensions)

- 48 -

ABB Substation Automation - 49 1/14/2005

LIB 5xx with MicroSCADA Pro

LIB 500/510

LIBs for SYS 600 *9.0

LIB 500 *4.0 LIB 510 *4.1 LIB 520 *4.0.4 LIB 530 *4.0.4 LIB 542 *4.0.4 LIB 500 *4.0.5 for SYS 500 *8.4.5

- 50 -

LIB 500/510

New features

News in 4.0.5 and 4.1 :

REX 521 rev. E support Possibility to use the Relay Setting Tool and DR-Collector Tool together with IEC101/SPA and IEC104/SPA gateways. No support for the Power Quality Monitoring tool and Event editor Tool.

- 51 -

LIB 500/510

New features

News in 4.1 only

IEC 61850 support

Pictures (generic) DB (generic) Relay setting (SPA over 61850) Disturbance recorder (SPA over 61850)

- 52 -


MicroSCADA Pro communication COM 500 *4.1

ABB Substation Automation - 53 1/14/2005

COM 500

New Features

Well known substation gateway COM500 new revision!! Main changes since *4.0

New Base System SYS 600 9.0 Integrated

Including MicroSCADA Data Access OPC Server PC-NET protocol extensions included Support for IEC 61850 process devices 2000 alarm groups now supported Updated tools from the SYS 600 9.0 integrated Cross-Reference file converter

Communication Software

Signal Routing


- 54 -

LIB 500/510

New Features

Protocol improvements (also in SYS600)

DNP V3.00 Subset Level 3

Both master & slave

Faster Interrogation with SQ=1 Packing Style in IEC60870-5101 Enhanced process communication

Improved Modbus (RTU/TCP) Master for multidrop Improved DNP3.0 Master for multidrop

New protocol support in SYS600

IEC61850-8-1 as OPC server (see later) P214, ported from DCP-NET General ASCII, ported from DCP-NET RCOM, ported from DCP-NET

- 55 -

LIB 500/510

New Features


Increased Alarm Group count (from 255 to 2000) New Options for Trip Signal Handling Direct IEC commands for Secured Controls in process direction More command parameters for REC 561

- 56 -

LIB 500/510


Following SYS 600 9.0 Tools Integrated

Object Navigator with New Functionality

Install Standard Functions New Navigation Schemes

for Process Objects, Data Objects for Command Procedures and for Free Type Process Objects

Export and Import Application Objects

System Configuration tool with New Functionality New Base System Object Navigator tool New Online Backup tool New SCIL Database tool New Event Conversion tool

- 57 -

LIB 500/510


Cross reference file converter

Convert the cross reference information from the tabular sheet file (e.g. Excel files) to .XRF format XRF format file is then imported into Cross-References tool Supports at the moment monitoring direction cross references only

- 58 -


MicroSCADA Pro IEC61850 support

ABB Substation Automation - 59 1/14/2005


IEC61850-8-1 support

IEC61850-8-1 support in MicroSCADA Pro

Newest, most exciting protocol in Substation Automation supported in

SYS600 *9.0 COM500 *4.1 Implemented as OPC DA server SYS600 and COM500 will use MicroSCADA OPC DA client CET is always used as the configuration tool

Common implementation for all products above

- 60 -


IEC61850-8-1 client OPC Server

IEC61850-8-1 OPC server features

MMS protocol stack implemention

Read / Write Variable Data, Buffered / Unbuffered Reporting -> dynamically updated process image Commands Special handling for Setting Group control

XML based access using XSAT protocol

Namespace corresponding to IEC61850-7-x data model Transparent SPA over TCP/IP for IED tool connectivity

Supported also in SPA-ZC40x and in Swiss RE.316 Can be used for tool remote access as far as TCP/IP connection is available

Protocol diagnostics published also in OPC namespace Time synchronization: SNTP client

Support several servers for redundancy SCL device descriptions import for signal engineering

CET, Communication Engineering Tool

Mandatory for IEDs supporting IEC61850

- 61 -


IEC61850-8-1 client OPC Server


- 62 -


IEC61850-8-1 SYS600

New features for IEC61850-8-1 protocol support in SYS600/LIB500

Protocol implemented as IEC61850-8-1 client OPC server SYS 600

Object navigator

Support of creating LIB510 process database for generic IEC61850 devices

LIB 510 *4.1

Support of IEC61850 process object types in single-line-diagram picture functions Support of IEC61850 process object types A stand-alone MicroSCADA node behind TCP/IP Easier mapping between OPC namespace and process database

COM 500 *4.1

MicroSCADA OPC DA client *2.1

- 63 -


IEC61850 and SYS600

MicroSCADA Pro

SYS 600 *9.0

OPC DA Client *2.1 IEC61850-8-1 client OPC server


Process Database

LIB 510 *4.1 or COM500 *4.1

MS OPC DA client


MicroSCADA ACP TCP/IP OPC Client IEC61850-8-1 OPC Server Ethernet / IEC61850-8-1

- 64 -

OPC Server