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That the FOREST PRODUCTS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (FPRDI), a research and development agency under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), created and operating pursuant to the provisions of RA 5526 and amended by Executive Order 284 and 128, with postal address at College, Laguna 4031, hereinafter referred to as FPRDI and represented by its Director, DR. ROMULO T. AGGANGAN;

and , students of Los Baos National High School and, MRS. LEONILA V. MURAD, OIC, Principal, of the said School located at Umali Subd., Batong Malake, Los Baos, Laguna.

DO HEREBY enters to this AGREEMENT under the following terms and conditions, to wit: 1. That , under expressed authority of MRS. LEONILA V. MURAD, OIC, Principal, proposed to undertake their research paper entitled Mass Production of Paper Bags from Oil Palm Wastes at the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, and this Institute accepted said proposal. 2. That pursuant to the approved proposal, Ms. Adela S. Torres, of FPRDI is assigned to act as FPRDI adviser. 3. That the said students, having been admitted for their special problem shall report to the Division/Section Chief concerned every time they go to the laboratory/concerned work station and shall indicate time-in and time-out in a logbook to be kept for this purpose. 4. That the students are expected to work diligently and exercise initiative in the conduct of their work. 5. That only the students themselves shall be allowed in the laboratory/work station. In case they need assistance in their work, e.g. preparation for their specimens, setting up apparatuses or use of other specific facilities/resources, they should seek such assistance from the designated FPRDI adviser. In case assistance from FPRDI is not available, the school shall recommend the bringing in of assistant(s). Provided, however, that the concerned Division/Section Chief, approved the recommendation and that FPRDI shall not be liable in case of accidents or injury arising therefrom. 6. Whenever applicable, the students shall provide all chemicals and other laboratory supplies needed for their thesis/special problem. They shall pay for fuel/energy and water changes, in advance, to the Cash Section. All breakages, loss of materials and damages to equipment shall be paid by the students. 7. An FPRDI fee of P150.00 per student shall be paid prior to the conduct of the experiments. In addition to this, students shall pay laboratory and testing fees depending on the requirements of their research proposal. The Order of Payment Form should be properly filled-up and the corresponding payment should be made to the Cash Section.

8. The students must clear their accountabilities with the Institute on or before the end of the current semester during which the thesis, special problem is being conducted. 9. If the students are or minor age, the school and the parents it represents hereby waive any liability on the part of FPRDI for any injury that the students may suffer during the course of their work in FPRDI. For their protection, the students may secure a term insurance of not less than P10, 000.00. 10. All technical information/processes provided by FPRDI shall be solely and exclusively for use in the conduct of the special problem and will not be given or sold/transferred to any other party without prior consent and authority of FPRDI. 11. Proper acknowledgement shall be given to FPRDI in the thesis/special problem or any related publication thereafter. 12. The students shall provide FPRDI a copy of their final report as soon as available or at least six (6) months after they received the official copy of experiment/testing result. Failure of the student to comply will have a repercussion effect as FPRDI will not accept future thesis/special problem of the students from the same school/college/university, unless the said report/document is submitted. 13. Any future patent application covering the process/technology developed during the conduct pf the special problem shall be jointly filed by FPRDI and Los Baos National High School. 14. This agreement shall take effect upon the signing of the parties hereto represented and shall remain in force until the completion of the special problem which shall not exceed one (1) year after the effectivity of this agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set our hands this _____ day of ______________ 2013 at Los Baos, Laguna.