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Honey it's all about Politics : In two states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh In Telangana state : Congress after

dithering for about four years has announced a green signal for the formation of Telangana State today.

How will the political situation in the state be in the next year or so upto the run up of 2014 elections?? Congress will have to fight it out with TRS, TDP and BJP After granting Telangana it would love to merge TRS with itself and also have an electoral alliance with MIM

TRS will to fight it out with Congress and TDP Congress has finally granted Telangana. TRS wants to reap the benefits of the agitation it carried out for about 13 years. Looking at past history, TRS will merge with Congress but with some stiff conditions.

TDP will have to fight it out with Congress, TRS, BJP and MIM After granting of Telangana by Congress, TRS and BJP will be rejuvenated. TDP might be having a battle on its hand even if it ties up with communist parties

BJP will have to fight it out with Congress, TDP, TRS and MIM Advantage BJP It will be in a win-win situation for BJP in the new scenario. The dynamics of Telangana are going to change with the arrival of Narendar Modi to Hyderabad on 11th AugustBJP is likely make deep inroads in three parliament seats of Secunderabad, Mahububnagar and Karimnagar.

MIM will have a serious problem with BJP if Telangana is given All it plans of growing across India will come to a nought with Congress granting the Telangana state. It will try to contain and forestall the growth of BJP in Telangana State by tying up with like minded parties.

After the announcement of the new state, and the likely desertion of key leaders in Telangana YSRCP will have a limited presence in Telangana state Communists have a limited presence in a few districts of Andhra Pradesh

Telangana is likely to be a reality in the next few months. It will be advantage congress and TRS and BJP. All the rest will find the going tough unless they forge the right alliances.

Likely top three positions: Lok Sabha Congress/TRS TDP BJP MIM

Likely top three positions : Assembly Congress/TRS TDP BJP

New Andhra Pradesh State Political situation in Andhra region and Rayalaseema (New geographical state of Andhra Pradesh) After Telangana state is likely to be formed in the next few months Congress is likely to bite the dust in SeemaAndhra. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned Congress will have to find the meaning of this Idiom in the new State.Congress is fearing the situation of Tamil Nadu or UP in New Andhra Pradesh State. It will find the going toughnot withstanding the dollops of National status to Polavaram project and increasing Hyderabad as a Joint capital to 10 years from previous announced 5 years. YSRCP is likely to hold fort in Rayalaseema: But a key thing is - YS Jagan has to come out of his long hibernation in the Jail. Otherwise it is likely to dent its electoral prospects. TDP is sitting pretty in the current situation End word: It is politics and who plays their cards well will scrape through. TDP and YSRCP are likely to fight it out in Andhra Region. In the coming days, Congress will rely on giving more incentives to the New Andhra Region to make its presence felt.

Likely top three positions : Lok Sabha YSRCP TDP Congress/TRS

Likely top three positions: Assembly YSRCP TDP Congress/TRS