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Harold L. Burnside (February 12, 1917 in Lebanon, Ohio), Mrs. Joyce Burnside (February 25, 1926), Jimmy Burnside (December 23, 1946), Timmy Burnside (March 27, 1948), and Lyn
nette Burnside (May 16, 1950).

The Harold L. Burnside family is a missionary family in Hawaii. Both Harold and Joyce attended Kentucky Christian College, Grayson, Kentucky. Harold graduated there in 1946. They served for eight years as preacher at: Greenville, Tennessee; P aincsville, Kentucky; and Kinmundy, Illinois. The Bumsides are sponsored in their mis sionary service by: Lockland Chris tian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio; Kentucky Christian College; and mis-

sionaries on the fieldEdith Shimmel, Ethel Jones, and T. Melvin Anderson,

Lincoln Bible Institute, and Charles
E. Mills.

The Owen Stills began the work

in 1946. Misses Edith Shimmel and

Ethel Jones joined the work in 1947. The Harold L. Burnsides joined the work June 24, 1954. They receive their mail directly on the field.

Field Address:

Harold L. and Mrs. Joyce Burnside

Maile Mission

Box 612, \('aianae, Oahu, Hawaii


Back row: Mrs. Marguerite Fairbrother (January 26, 1928 at Batang, Sikang, Vlest China), Marilois Joy Fairbrother (January 15, 1949 at Beardstown, Illinois), Archie LindsayFairbrother(June 24, 1923atOconto Falls,
sam, India).

Wisconsin). Front row: Charles Norton

Fairbrother (January 13), Jewel Aline Fairbrother (August 1, 1950 at Mount Pleasant, Iowa), and Ellen Marguerite (November 26, 1952 at Shillong, As

The Archie L. Fairbrother family by First Christian Church, Michigan serves in India. They are trained for City, Indiana. their work by: Brother Fairbrother Oconto High School, Oconto Falls, The Fairbrothers sailed for their Wisconsin; Johnson Bible College, field October 12, 1951 and arrived Kimberlin Heights, Tennessee; Lin November 26. They led in starting coln Bible Institute, Lincoln, Illinois, Assam India Mission Churches of (four years, received A. B. degree in Christ. They were recommended in this 1950). Sister Fairbrother: High School effort by Harry D. Schaefer. This in Nebraska and Texas. Christian pioneering mission was not new to College, Abilene, Texas (two years); Marguerite, she was bom in West Lincoln Bible Institute, Lincoln, China, ans spent 12 years wkh her Illinois (two years, received A. B. parents Dr. and Mrs. N. H. Bare in degree in 1950. They served at Cham- the mission work there. The Fairbersburg, Illinois (two years). Mrs. brothers have completed one term Fairbrother is sponsored by Englewood there and will return to that field for church, Indianapolis; Brother Archie a second term.
Field Address:

Forwarding Agent: Archie and Marguerite Fairbrother Mawlai, Shillong

Assam, India
Mrs. E. D. McKitrick

2437 East Mifflin Street

Madison 4, Wisconsin



Mr. and Mrs. Haroid Burnside and Family


, , . "^ *.i WKmOm

' . 'Jt, 4, rt-f


Vi -

f I ' -tr-^' "

m., , - 5 ; -A ?

ti -


ozakk; bible college

Joplin, Ma

Property erf LIBR AH Y


May - - June,


Editors; E. Shimmel, E. Jones & Harold L. Burnside

Box 224

Waianae, Oahu, T.H.


By Harold Burnside

It was one of the greatest moments in our lives when the big United Airliner on which we were riding taxied to a halt at the Honolulu airport at 3:30 P. M. , June 24, 1954. Peering out the window of the great ship we
could see Misses Ethel Jones and Edith Shimmel,

Brother Still and Brother Nichols waiting for us at the gate. In another half hour we had claimed all our bag gage, loaded it into the waiting cars and were on our way to our new home in Maili. By nightfall we had
reached our destination and soon Miss Shimmel and

Miss Jones had a fine supper ready. The trip was indeed a delightful one. Brother Melvin Anderson and his family, and Brother Charles Moore, all of whom we had met just the afternoon before at
the North American Convention, took us out to the air

port in Melvin's car, helped us check our luggage, and escorted us to the plane. Soon we were riding above the clouds and in the unbelievable short space
of ten hours we could make out the dim outline of Diamond Head in the distance. This was a moment

we had looked forward to for many months.

The house that Misses Shimmel and Jones had re

served for us is a quonset, a very common type of architecture here on Oahu. It could scarcely be rated as a palace, but believe me it looked like one to us after three months of living in the cramped quarters of suitcases and a station wagon. The house is com fortable and we are very happy (we might say fortunate) to have a place to live. Misses Jones and Shimmel had prepared for our coming in a big way. Not only had they reserved the house but they had outfitted it with most of the essential pieces of furniture a big help indeed. Since then we have added a few other pieces (from the second hand shops, of course, since every dollar must be stretched to the limit).


Hawaii is often called, "The Paradise of the Pacific".

Of course this is a pretty wild exaggeration since it in

no sense measures up to the heaven that we Christians

hope for Hawaii has its beauty, as other places have their beauty, but sin and the things of this world mar that beauty just as they do anywhere else. Yet, thous
ands of tourists come here for a two weeks vacation

in "Paradise". Our first two weeks could scarcely be

described as a vacation.

We spent one of our first two weeks in Christian

Service Camp at Sunset Beach where we both taught classes and where I was Vesper Speaker. There were 39 campers, the largest enrollment of any camp to date. It was a pleasure to see these young folk of
many nationalities learn about Jesus, and to see five

of them make the good confession at the Vesper hour,

I preach at Makaha every Lord's Day morning at 9:30 and at Maili at 11:00. I also alternate the two preach ing points on Sunday evenings. Misses Jones and
Shimmel and my wife conduct services at Maili on the Sunday evenings when I am not there.

Already I have found a number of people who are in terested in the gospel of Christ. Please pray for us
that we may be able to lead them to Him.
:4e i}e 9{C

NOTE: The Burnsides' financial report will be

mailed to all donors in the near future. It will also

be mailed to anyone else who requests it.

:(e ^ sjc :{c

News letter from Misses Shimmel and Jones

Dear Friends,

How happy we are to tell you of one of the greatest thrills we ever experienced, when we went to the air
port to meet the Burnsides. We had never seen these

folks but we had exchanged photographs. We (Misses Jones and Shimmel) arrived at the airport a little early and immediately went to the desk to inquire if the Burnside family was on the plane. We were in formed that they were, and that the flight was due at

Soon Brothers Still and Nichols joined us and we went to the fence close to where their plane would come in. We saw two planes approaching. The first

one was from San Francisco; but one minute after that plane was announced, we heard the announcer

call out, "Flight number 23 coming from Los Angeles.

Gate No. 6. " What a tremor of emotion as we watched

that plane circling and coming to a stop! Soon the passengers were on their way to Gate No. 6. We saw a.woman with a little girl beside her, and two little boys with a BIG man. We recognized them in stantly. Brothers Still and Nichols forged their way through the crowd to the gate, closely followed by
Misses Jones and Shimmel. We were all soon on our

way to Maili.

At last the help for which we have been so earnestly praying for many, many months has been granted by
our Heavenly Father. How thankful we are!

May we all do His work in Hawaii in accordance with His Will. Please pray for all of us.
Yours in Christ,
Edith Shimmel and Ethel Jones

Joplio^ ATo

Editors: Misses Edith Shimmel and Eth^l Jones

Box 224, Waianae, Hawaii

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Burnside

Box 612, Waianae, Hawaii

and fT" 19 5 4



Pauline is our first native convert since the Burn-

sides came to the naission. She is of almost pure

Hawaiian stock. Now fourteen years old, she was
brought up in the Catholic church and educated in Catholic schools. When she became a Christian she

gave up all Catholic superstition and is daily "grow

ing in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ."

D. V. B. S.

By Miss Edith Shimmel We postponed our D. V. B. S. this year till the ar

rival of the Burnsides, so we would have more teach ers. Due to the absence of the Andersons, now on

furlough, we combined Maili and Makaha for D. V. B. S, Mrs. Burnside had all the children from one year

old up to five years. Her various duties included baby charming, doctoring broken hearts, stubbed
toes, skinned knees and noses, telling stories, teaching nursery rhymes, games, songs, etc., etc. She was teacher, doctor, nurse, and mother to all

the youngsters, black or white, and they were all proud to be her children. Miss Shimmel taught the junior boys, and Miss Jones, the junior girls. They were assisted in hand
work and in recreation periods by Mrs. Llewelyn,

wife of a U.S. navy man who is stationed here at present. Besides the daily Bible lessons these chil dren learned memory verses from the Bible. Brother Burnside taught the seniors: he had all their Bible study, hand work, and recreation periods. He al^o conducted the chapel exercises each morn ing. Everyone enjoyed our picnic in Nanakuli park on Friday afternoon.
Misses Jones and Shimmel and Mrs. Burnside had

charge of the program on Friday evening. One of the exercises was reciting memory verses from the New Testament. Each group had a part in the program. The closing number was an address by Brother

At the Wednesday evening service that week, one of

the junior boys made the Good Confession and wanted to be baptized. When he was asked why he made this decision he replied, "My memory verse. Acts 2:38, says I should be baptized. " On Friday evening an other junior boy and a senior girl both made the Good
Confession. All three were in the group who were baptized on Sunday afternoon.
:4c:4c ^ :{c :(c sic ^


By Harold L. Burnside On September third, the Maili chapel was filled al most to capacity as the various churches on the

island gathered for the monthly "Singspiration."

Hawaiian folk love to sing and it thrills our entire being to hear them lift their voices in praise to Him who has redeemed them from sin. A great number of the folk come from Buddhist and Catholic backgrounds and are not accustomed to group singing in these re

ligions. They enthusiastically make up for this loss when they accept Christ as their only Lord. The accompanying
photograph shows a company of brethren gathered on the seashore for a baptismal service which

took place on August

15. Five were bur-


ied with their Lord

beneath the waves

of the rolling Paci

fic Ocean. Another

wa^ baptized on the tauo%lng Tuesday.

The Makaha and Mailt congregations are taking advantage of a released-time program for religious education in the local school. According to the ar
rangement we shall have the children for one hour of

religious instruction each Tuesday afternoon. We are expecting an enrollment of around 40 at the be ginning and hope that the number will grow. The Andersons will cooperate with us in the venture when they return around November 1.

We feel that this will be an important asset in'our training program, though it is by no means adequate
to counteract the infidelity that is taught consistently

in the public schools nor to overcome the godlessness that rules in nearly every home.
How often our hearts have burned to see children who want to learn about Jesus forbidden this blessed

Joy by parents who have no fear of the Lord. One of

the favorite forms of punishment in many homes is to forbid the children the privilege of going to church. Children who accept Chrsit are very often persecuted most bitterly by their own fathers and mothers. Please pray with us that our Lord will give us a great victory here in this^ great stronghold of Satan's


Mr, & Mrs. Harold L, Burnside

Box 612, Waianae, Hawaii

Miss Edith Shimmel and Miss Ethel Jones Box 2Z4, Waianae, Hawaii

were baptized on October 17, They are a very fine Jap

their recent conversion to Christ. They were snapped here in front of their home in Makaha. They are very
faithful disciples in the Makaha congregation.

Pictured above are Mr, & Mrs. Harry Sugawara who

anese couple and we are proud of them and their two sons

Mr. & Mrs. Sugawara had been life-long Buddhists until


We, the missionaries, are happy to announce that Maili mission is moving to a new location about one half mile from the present site. We shall still serve the same area, but shall be more advantageously located. Please read the reasons for this move on the following pages.
This is a real step of faith on the part of the mission aries, but we realize that "without faith it is impossible to please God." From where we stand we can see the imperative need for this move and are doing all we can make it possible. Misses Shimmel and Jones have mort

gaged the present property, most of which they have pur chased with their own funds, in order to raise $4, 000 needed immediately. The Burnsides have contributed $400 which they were saving for repatriation funds, and
both the Burnsides, Shimmel and Jones have scraped all

possible funds together from every source in order to raise an initial cash payment of $1, 000. Eventually, the
home of Misses Shimmel and Jones will also be sold and

the money, every penny of it, applied on the new proper


Though the present mission property is held in the

name of Misses Shimmel and Jones, the new property will be in the name of the mission strictly mission property.

Now, that we have contributed all we have we can do no more. We must appeal to you, our friends, to come
to our assistance for the future security of the Lord's
work here.

The plan calls for the moving of the present chapel (an army barracks building) to the new location. With repairs it will answer the purpose for many years yet.
Then, as funds permit, living quarters are to be built
for the Burnsides and Shinmiel and Jones.

digging a cesspool, piping in water, etc., will cost an

The cost of this

the moving, repair, building,

estimated $14, 500. Even this will only provide the bare essentials, as the cost of building here is from 25% to

50% higher than in the states.

Will you not give this matter your careful, and prayerful, consideration? And will you contribute as liberally as you can, that this work, so well begun, shall
continue to move forward. If each one who reads this

paper will contribute something, however small, the

new program will soon be completed.

Send funds by regular or airmail to any of the mis sionaries listed on the front page of this folder, and please designate the gift for "Building Fund. "
May God bless you as you help to build the Lord's
Kingdom here.

When Miss Jones and Miss Shimmel began the work

of the Maili Mission four years ago they purchased the

only property obtainable for the price they could afford.

This was a small house that served for a time as both a

dwelling and a meeting place for the infant congregation. As the church soon outgrew the small quarters, the house
was moved to the back of the lot and a surplus army bar

racks building was moved on the front of the lot to serve as a chapel. This arrangement has remained to the pre
sent time.

Now there are several reasons that make it necessary

to make a complete re-location of mission property.

1. The present location is on a side road, nearly a half mile from the highway, and in an undesirable neigh
borhood. This makes it most difficult to attract new

people, other than those in the immediate vicinity.

2. The buildings on the present lot are already more

than the legal limit. We could be demanded by law to reduce present buildings. Instead of this, we need to be
building more.

3. The Burnsides are paying $63. 50 a month rent

on a quonse.t. In just a few years this rent money would

build permanent housing that would be an asset to the
to build and in five months the rent has amounted to

mission. F it in the present location there is no place

4. In Hawaii it is essential that the missionaries live

where they can watch mission property to prevent van dalism. This we cannot do with the existing arrangement,

our heavenly Father would help us to acquire suitable

For many months, we all have prayed earnestly that

property for a per manent location for our work. Now we are all agreed that He has answered in a more mar

velous way than we had even hoped or imagined.

fare on this side of the island. It is in a good section, and easily accessable. The lot is large enough to take care of all present needs and even leaves plenty of room for expansion later, including a Christian Day School which is much needed and which we hope some day will
become a reality.

The new location for the mission has every advantage: It is located on Farrington Highway, the main thorough

Best of all, we have purchased the new property at about one fourth the price it is selling for in most places on the island. Never again would we have this opportu
nity !

Forty-five children are now enrolled for our Tuesday afternoon classes in Bible. We pick up the children at
Waianae school, teach them for one hour, then deliver them to their homes. These children come from both the Makaha and Maili congregations.

'P^rty of


l^oTemberDecemTser, 19 5^

''"opiin, Uo^

(Bi-monthly p-ablication of the Maili Church of Christ Mission)

Harold and Joyce Burnside
Box 612 Waianae, Hawaii
Miss Edith Shimmel and Miss Ethel Jones Box 22k

V/aianae, Hawaii


On a recent Sunday morning after the service the

Bumsides posed in front of the Maili chapel for the

picture ahove.


'By HLss laitli SMiomel

Our Christmas program was educational as well as en

tertaining. We had more helpers this year. Mr& Biimside trained the Mnd^gartners and primaries. Each child re

cited a verse about Jesus*

our program.

sang the l^ymn "Adray in a

Manger.'" lEhese tiny tots performed an interesting part of

33ie other children were trained hy Misses Jones and

Shimmel. Miss Jones was pianist. A group of hoys and girls narrated the stoxy of Jesus* hirth from Matthew. These children carried pennants made from "blue cloth. Crosses

of white material were sewed^ on the 1^^

"background. At

the close of the story the chllclren waved the pamants

Lord and Savior, Jesus C h r i s t ^ a thrilling exBrcise.

as they shouted, "Hosann^^'Hbsaonah! Hosannah! to our

A group of girls cos^tiin&d

white pantomimed the

hymn, "0 Little Town of Bethleheni.*' As Mrs. Bumside sang

the hymn, the girls performed gracefully and with precis ion. The expression on their faces showed that they v;ere entering into the spirit of tl?.e hymn. One of the girls is an American, a very marked hranette. At the close of the
service the Aaierican mother tearfully remarked to one of

the missionaries, "The pantomime.' How beautiful2 How heautifulJ"

The last number on the program Was an address hy Bro

ther Bumside. He reviewed th^ mai'fr^ of Jesus* "birth as narrated in the fitespels, and: ci^efally pointed out the leading Old Testament propiecies that were fulfilled in
His coming. This address was a veiy fitting climax to a program devoted entirely to Jesus Christ.
Every child had a part and we think that every child, as well as the parents, learns to love Jesas more and' more
as the result of gach programs.

Write to Brother Harrold Mcffarland, Box 968, Joliet,

111., for a set of slides on Haili Mission to show to

your church or church group. Include $1 for handling.


By Harold L. Burnside

The plan to re-locate Maili Mission in a more fayoriBtble spot continues to move forward. On December 1? we
cloised the transaction on the vacant lots on Parrington

Hi^w^, where the mission huildinga are to he located. !nie present property of Misses Jones and Shimmel was mortg^ed to "b-uy one of the -lots outright. The other lot we are p^ing for in installments of $50 a month. Thou^ jffoperty payments mast he drained from mission f\mds we
have heen ahle thus far to meet all obligations. The latest development in the re-location program was the very recent purchase of a navy surplus "building which
is to he moved onto the lot and remodeled to make a home

for the Bumsides. The building is very well huilt out of

good lumber and is not damaged by termites (a very impor

tant i^ing here). The cost was $750 for the buildizig, SS
plus ^00 for posting on the lot. Thanks to the concdm of friends in the states we have been able to pay $550 of this amount, leaving a balance of $500 still to be paid. Besides this, it will take an estimated $l,5p0 for the re modeling job, including a new roof, wiring, digging a

for another ^,000 we will have a house that would cost

$10,000 to build on a contract basis. Once the house is completed we can save the entire cost 6f buildiisg in less than four years, throu^ being free from the rent we are
now paying.

cesspool (required by law) and all other repairs. Thus

THIS IS OUR MOST URaEfTT K5JED! Every contribution, .pf

whatever size, will help. VJill you not encourage your

class, ladies' group, or church to consider this matter, or, if you.prefer, send your offering direct. Be. sure to

specify I'building fund" and address ymr letter to any

of the missionaries, listed on the front page.

HOTE: Financial reports on the missionaries* receipts

and expenses are mailed to all donors, and will be sent to anyone upon request.

The first full report on the building fund will be in

cluded with the next issue of Maili Christian. Total re

ceipts for the building fund up to January 1 were $12p00.

SUMMER 0 ^ AT OHRISTMASJ So far as we kaov* the recent "Cliristmas Oanrp^ held

for teen-agers from the various mission stations on the Island, plus the Eaimuki Ghristi^ church which is self-

supporting, was the first such cai^) evel: held in the

world. Qlwehty-nine young people were registered, and two

made the good confession. The far-reaching l>eefits from this camp can heyer he calculated hy sjoy one hut our Sod Himself. It was a real pleasure to see the youi^ people develop in their spiritual life throughout the week.
Already plans are heing laid for two camps of one week each next August* Mr. Burnside has heen selected
to serve as camp mana^^er


Once each month the churches of Christ and Christian

churches meet for a "Singspiration." Our last Singspiration was held at Kailua, on the opposite side of the
Island from us. Due to the distance involved we did not

have so many Maili folk in attendance as we have some times had; nevertheless our station wagon was pretty well filled. Churches that did not have so far to go

made up the difference and there were 132 people present,

the "best attendance we have ever had. Eight years ago this would have "been impossible, for there was only one New Testament church on the Island. Now there are eight churches and the number of disciples is growing all the

People here love to eing. One of their favorites is

the ''Awakening Chorus," and no mainland choir ever put

more enthusiasm into it than our- people do.

^07i6l2. J^ay
Hello therei

Harold L.- Burnsido


195^ -Jopiia, Ma


Pi-oparty of

I know yoii^d like to ^et p, nice, long personal letter, rath er than a mimeo^aphed form like this; and let me assiire you that's just what I'd like to vsend you, hut I'm sure you will understand wliy I can't, I have a list of e^)out kOO friends I want to v/ritci, and if I spent ten

minutes writing to each one (which is better than I con do) it wou3.d take
me 70 hours.' Hov.'ever, I'll tell you what I'll do: if you vrrite me a per sonal letter I'll do very hest to write one in return. Fair enough? Incidentfilly, the postmaster jur-t -I-.his morning assigned me a "box; the

number is 612, ajid this will "be our pernanent address.

Our first full week in Hawaii was spent in Christirin Service Camp at Sunset Be/ACh, It was a very ^ood camp, and there were five young people who accepted Christ while at camp. I have heard flso that there were others who made the f^ood confer,r.ion the followii^ Lord's D-r-y in their
home churches.

We have made two trips to Honolulu (feut

nilas) and

each time came liome vrith th-:; -'tot.r.on wa'ion loaded vrith thini<;;s'. needed in the house, Vfe did mor-t of our nhc-roing in the second hand stores in order

to stretch the dollrTs as far at; possiole# V;o hpjvo the essential things

now and at last are about to Si-ittlc- dov/n to normal (more or ler.:^) living.
We have been doing a lot of calling in the homes of folk here, trying to got acquainted and hoping to find some who can b^, led to the Lord, We find most of the people are friendly, but very difficult to in terest in the gospel of Christ, iTovertheless, though wo have been here only
three weeks we have located several f.amili0s that are intorested nnd v;e

feel definitely that progress is bein^^ made. One of the strikii^ things about the work here is that it is a ministry to all races. In our congregations we have v/orshipping side

by side, Chinese, Japanese, rilipino, Forto Plcan, Haxmiian, Portuguese,

Plaole (white), and mixtures of all these ?md oth;;r races. Imagine the
difficulty we have in tryinjC^ to loarn the npjnes of people of all nation

By G-od's grace His I^ngdom moves forv/axd in the islands. Progress is slow, but it is being made, I'e have His -oromise that His vrord
shall not return unto Him void, .\nd so, in faith we continue to trust and

pray and preach and teach, '.7e laiow the victory v/ill come. Wo beg each of you who read this letter to keeiT up the lifeline of prayer,
For Christ in liivaii,

FiS, A total of $210 a month has nov; been pledged toward our support. Another $110 a month is still needed for full support.