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My Speech & Reaction against verbal brutality

Expression of opinion through using simple words is an art. Alertness is necessary for speaker while conveying his message to some body. One should be keen and make sincere efforts to simplify and facilitate answer or response in such way which fortify the relevance of response in the mind of listener. Just speaking while listener is not willing to accept your suggestions/points of view about any topic, whether that is general or specific, it may be counted similar to Radio or Television add which comes or goes but people are not interested to listen them, even some time, they get irritate with such unnecessary suggestions or points of view and immediately tunes to other stations. One should not only respect thoughts of others but also due weight age to his own thoughts or points of view about any topic. It requires habit of evaluating point of views while commenting on any suggestion in response to any opinion solicited. If you are not comfortable about your opinion or you think that you would become mock stage before people if you express your view on suggestion asked for. You need not to speak at that time and reserve your opinion as the present time is not conducive to explain your opinion or you need more time to frame your opinion. But to satiate the eager ness of surrounded people, dont loose your control on your tongue. It is very imperative while your mind under the control of anger ness. Once you speak, your message would become flag for you and categorization of your image based on thoughts expressed, would be started. People would attach your speech with you. This instance would be similar to politicians speech about woman or nation or other things, wherein they explain to media, what actually they wanted to put forth at that moment when they spoke any remark. When clarification is requested, then, they search for different meaning in different perspective in order to save their own image. Before speaking, what they had to say, they did not realize the repercussion of those thoughts. It called stupidity over all. It does not mean that any explanation requested about specific speech made earlier, rings around stupidity. Explanation is called for to understand the intention of speaker where purposive

mean is not served from speech given. However, while speaker delivers his speech without understanding the mean of words it creates problem for the speaker more so when words are picked up and not used in right spirit; they tarnish the image of person and become reason of stigma. Once upon time, Gotam Buddha said, till time, your thoughts are in your control, you are king of those thoughts. Once you release them from your mouth, you become slave of those thoughts. At times, it is seen that person of reputation has valuable thoughts, those thoughts expressed, are used to get supports to give undue weight age to take personal advantages, people would like to quote your sentence as confirmation, support, evidence, and fortify his own goal or his own welfare of interest. But it is very general things that people use the speech/remark made for their own interest. Not only use of it but it is also emphasized that if any thing has happened wrong that has happened because of following others speech/remark. For example, ANIL needs a battery for mobile and some body says a particular market would be good to get it. As person has given very simple suggestion to get the battery. ANIL goes to market and buys a battery after his satisfaction. Later on, it was broken or get out of order. ANIL would attach immediately this fault due to person who had suggested the market/shop etc. On contrary, >Anil had various markets >He could have searched better battery or battery of reputed brands etc But he did not do so but purchased as per his requirements and things happened wrong, therefore, put the blame on others. It is ridiculous totally. Similarly, things happen routinely with each of us, if take some care in this regard we can save our self from wasteful talking and allegation games. If speech is based on some genuine facts or truth, the person would definitely get the credit of his earlier speeches like in any case proceeding before court, witness speaks truth about the incident; he also

feels good while speaking truth but also based on those facts, Judiciary is also able to deliver the justice to vitim. Said speech gives him or determines entitlement of reward in form of inner happiness or outer supports or praises or applauses. If some contrary situation emerges out of whole incident, wherein witness turns hostile and his false statement, goes against the vitim and justice does not deliver. Not only defame follows that persons but also his inner voices slams him or her in whole life for such mean act. The person loses his creditworthiness in eyes of civilized people. Speech plays very vital role in the development of personality. For evaluating human being primary indicators would be to understand ways of Speech, Dress and Food. Dress talks about your outer cleanness and story of your hierarchy in organization wherein you work and Food talks about your taste but Speech (what you speak) explains to you in front of world. It cannot be denied that your speech has also to face real test of its truth ness while facing bitter reality or real situation of life. Speaking is very easy if it is for below matters. Speaking about shortcomings in others easy task Putting allegation on others Advising recommendation to others Complaining about system or others habit Praising self act -Very very very

-Very very easy task -Very easy task -Very easy task -Very easy task

On the other side, Speaking is very very difficult and similar to drink bitter juice of fruit/vegetable, it may be explained as below:Speaking about virtues in others tough task Responding to allegations of others task Understanding recommendation of others Suggesting way of correction in system Praising others act -Very -Very very very very tough

-Very tough task -Very tough task -Very tough task

Points to understand Indian Yog: Vaadi (speech) has places in both Indriya i.e, Karam (Act) and Gyan (Intellectual). It has double role to play first it conveys message of Intellectual (Mind) to world and secondly, it let us know taste of things. It means your speech has double sword shine and casual use of it, may deport to you in aloof ice land, where lazy death waits. Softness with truth: wording should be soft with truth. One should not say bitter truth even if situation arises to do so. There are various way to say a particular thing but simplicity must be remained in those wordings. Like dont call a blind person as blind or disabled but it can be said that differently able. Message: should itself be an explanation of your thought. Point to point explanation is better way rather than drag the same. Repetition: At times, it is seen that we reiterate a particular message several times after some interval like slogan of our explanation. Generally, Old people repeat a particular sentence more than once or again & again, surrounded people or young people get irritation with this behavior. Speaker needs to avoid such situation. Double vs Single: Avoid double standard wordings or dirty words.

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