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SHUTTER rshaNp Screenplay bv Ldéva, Kalogridis Adapted fom the novel by Dennis Lehane October 3, 2007 Writer's Drafe Is it like chis In death's other kingdom Waking alone AL the hour when we are Trembling with tenderness Lips that would kiss Form prayers to broken stone. ws. Between the idea and the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow, «. Between the potency And the existence Between the essence And the descent Falls the shadow. Bliot, & Yom The Hollow den FADE iH BAT. PERRY ON WATER ~- noRMTNG tig fod TRISTS ovex the water, a thick and ainost impenetrable SORTATH -- that cuddenly PARTS, to vovect A PRRRY elder, banged-up and x of the Outer Harbor, Fe-edged, plowing through the w: ater headed toward the islands SUPERIMPOS®: SEPTEMBER 21, 1954 SEX PRELAP the sound of A MAN RETC NG, loud and misexable INT. FERRY HEAD -~ MoRNtnG ‘The tiny HERD, ain WY, Peeling paint, a blursy-MIRROR, A MAN, late 30's, is bent over the toilet, PURENG his gu out. “He raises his head, LOOKS at himgelt in the minroe’ Meet TEDDY DANIELS Square-jawed, strong RARY arcund his eyes. a sense of DANGER 4 2 born tighter with something @ a Glean-cut SOTT, but there's © SCARRED, on the insias He SPHASHES WATER on bis face, his coat falling OPEN ae he leans forward fivet we see his HIDEOUS FLORAL TTR a ee iitbse the GUM holsterad at hig waist, and the BADE at his belt -- "Us. wapeuatn TEDDY, Get it. coyether, Ted fucking water it's juee Be turns Mis head, locks out the PORTHOME at the ENDLE OCEAN outsidé the boat ~~ Tepy Ey A lot of tnening » 3 his face in the TaDDy eating) fet it bogsther INT. FERRY C3 0 HOLD ~~ pry Teddy come, that for put of tha head inte the sonvex ted CRRGO HOLD i the belly of sie ship

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