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DC Water is preparing to begin construction on the First Street Tunnel portion of its Clean Rivers Project which will reduce flooding in the Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park areas, and reduce combined sewer overflows to District Rivers. To provide detailed information about impact and to receive direct input from residents, DC Water recently held a series of recent block meetings in the Bloomingdale neighborhood and attended public forums held by the Bloomingdale Civic Association, Stronghold Civic Association, Councilmember McDuffie and ANC 5E. As part of our outreach efforts, DC Water is conducting a pre-construction survey of homes within the zone of influence of the First Street Tunnel. We would like to ask you a few questions to help us best determine the appropriate mitigation efforts that meet the needs of residents.
NAME: (Please print clearly) _________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________ 1. Do you rent the property listed above? Yes No No

2. Are you authorized to make decisions regarding this property? Yes

3. If you are a tenant, please provide the owners contact information in the space provided below. ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. If you own the property located within the Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park area but rent the property to a tenant; may we contact your tenant for access to the property? Yes No 5. Does a member of your household have special needs that require Metro-Access or another ADAaccessible transportation service? Yes No 6. Parking will be restricted during construction. DC Water is working to locate alternate parking spaces at Bryant Street Pump Station and other locations to be determined. Would a member of your household use the alternate parking provided? Yes No 7. How many Zone 5 residential parking permitted vehicles do you currently park on the street? _______ 8. Does a member of your household require reoccurring medical or social services that require visitation to your home by a third party? Yes No 9. Do you have parking or an area that may be utilized for parking behind your home? Yes No

10. A shuttle service from the parking locations to residents homes will be provided for impacted residents. Would a member of your household use the shuttle service? Yes No

(Questionnaire continued)
11. Do you have a phone number that we can used to contact you? (____) ________-______________ 12. What is the best email to reach you? ______________________________@_______________________ 13. Please provide any additional information or comments: (Please print clearly) _______________________

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Please visit http://dcwater.com/bloomingdale for additional information. To reach the Clean Rivers outreach team, please email dccleanrivers@dcwater.com or call 202.787.4447.

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