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University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Pharmacy Botany Laboratory Group 6 Jason Montesa Rizziel Nemes Peter Michael Nocon

Chryss Yancee Oliva


Joel Piansay Magnolia Grace Quinto Marian Angelu Ramos

Heat Energy Released in Respiration

I. Introduction Respiration is a process where glucose is converted into energy in series of reaction. The energy released is called ATP and heat energy is also lost to the environment. Two types of respiration are aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic occurs under conditions where oxygen is available while anaerobic reaction occurs without oxygen. In this experiment, the type of respiration observed is aerobic, obviously because we are dealing with heat, which is more abundant in aerobic reactions. II. Objectives 1. To demonstrate how heat energy is released during respiration. 2. To understand how and why heat energy is released in respiration. III. Materials Mongo seeds, 2 Thermo flasks, 2 Thermometer, Beaker, 2 vials, Water, Potassium hydroxide (KOH), 100mL 10% Formalin(CH2O), 2 Cork stopper, and Medicine dropper IV. Procedure Soak 1 cup of mongo seeds overnight, let it germinate.
Drained and were put inside the thermoflask.

Seedlings were boiled for 5 minutes;

Boil half of the seedlings for 5minutes. Decant, allow to cool and sterilize with 100ml formalin for 5 minutes. Drain.

KOH vials were suspended inside, thermometers were inserted and observed.

Fill thermoflask with the other half of the seedlings and suspend a small vial of KOH inside. Cover with cork, a thermometer sticking out of it. Make sure thermometer is buried in the seedlings.

Explanation The temperature of the boiled seedlings was higher compared to the unboiled seedlings on the first 15 minutes primarily it is due to the heat absorbed by the seeds when boiled. After a period, the temperature of the boiled seeds lowered while the temperature of the unboiled seeds continuously increases. The main purpose of sterilizing the boiled seedlings with formalin is to kill or prevent other factors such as bacteria or such that will affect the setup. Formalin is used to kill bacteria, which are present in decomposition of materials. VI. Conclusion We therefore conclude that the seedlings respire aerobically because of the presence of oxygen that is trapped inside the flasks. Furthermore, we also concluded that germinating seedlings release heat, while nongerminating seedlings do not. Lastly, we observed that respiration could not take place in boiled seeds therefore there is no heat produced.

Repeat procedure 3 with the boiled seedlings.

Record initial temperature and at 15minute interval for two hours in Table 1 of the question sheet.

V. Results

Temperature Reading (C)

Initial Temperature

15 minutes 30 45 minutes 60 minutes 180 minutes 24 hours

Bolied Seedlings 26 C 30 C 28 C 25 C 24 C 23 C

Unboiled Seedlings 26 C 26 C 27 C 29 C 30 C 31 C