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Declaration I Nabisaalu Linda Kizza, hereby declare that this report is my original research work compiled and has

never been submitted to any organization for the fulfillment of internship requirements and other requisites. Signature Date.. Nabisaalu Linda Kizza REG No: 11/U/9810/EVE

Acknowledgement All the praises are for the almighty, God who bestowed me with the ability and potential to complete this Internship. I also pay my gratitude to the Almighty for enabling me to complete this Internship Report within due course of time. Words are very few to express enormous humble obligations to my affectionate Parents for their prayers and strong determination to enabling me to achieve this job. I take this opportunity to record my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to my Internship supervisor Mr. Kiwala Yusuf, Department of Accounting and Finance, for his constant encouragement and inspiring guidance with his Wisdom. I also appreciate the cordial co-operation from all my concern Managers in the different departments like Nadigobe Denis, in the Purchasing Department, Paul Kireta the Training Manager, Mbazira Joseph Assistant Credit Manager, Lukiya Denis Cost Control Manager+for providing me requisite information and knowledge for compilation of my complete Internship.

Approval This project report has been submitted for examination with approval of the following supervisor. Signed Date KIWALA YUSUF, Department of Accounting and Finance College of Business and Management Sciences

Dedication This piece of work is dedicated to our parents who worked tirelessly in supporting us both financially and morally.

Executive Summary The report is based on the internship carried out at Sheraton Hotel and Resorts. Kampala's only international hotel brand, the Sheraton Kampala Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city and welcomes travelers with a relaxed ambience and a dazzling array of upscale amenities. During my period at the hotel, departments like accounting, finance, marketing and procurement, provided me with anopportunity to relate what has been covered in class and what is applicable in the field in an operational environment. The purpose of the program is to fulfill the core equipment for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Commerce to get a practical aspect of the theoretical work studied at the university and to understand the operations in the business sector and to enable students gain experience in different tasks. During my internship period a number of approaches and exposure methods were used which included: hands on, through reading relevant materials, and also questions and answer approaches. I was assigned to different departments which include the accounts department, banquet department, Cost Control Department, and Stores and this helped me interact with different people, clients on addition to helping me acquire information and gaining the benefits of customer care. I gained knowledge on how to enter and analyze data using different accounting packages in finance solution, Excel and Access. In conclusion, this was an opportunity to develop and enhance skills and competencies in my career field which I actually achieved.

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Chapter One Introduction This internship report is based on my experience as an intern at Sheraton Hotel and Resorts. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results of my internship. I was able to use my knowledge and apply it a real organization. I was able to see some differences in functioning that resulted from my efforts. Due to the character of the internship and the short time period spent at the Sheraton Hotel and Resorts, long-term recommendation would require more work and time, but I took this experience as an opportunity to explore into the economic world. Background of the Field Attachment Kampala's only international hotel brand the Sheraton Kampala Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city and welcomes travelers with a relaxed ambience and a dazzling array of upscale amenities. This Five Star Hotel has restaurants and leisure facilities in Kampala and some of them include; a well-equipped Health Club that features a cardiovascular gymnasium and outdoor pool for you to enjoy or relax, a Paradise Grill Restaurant, that serves themed lunches and dinners offering international cuisine and as the evening falls families, friends or colleagues enjoy delicious meals at the Equator Lounge, which opens daily. In addition it offers spacious environment to organize meetings or conferences in Kampala like the Grand Ballroom with options to host up to 500 guests. During the internship period I was assigned with the tasks related to the preparation of invoices such as delivery notes, credit notes on addition to stamping them, receiving of goods in the receiving department and preparing of source documents in the cost control department during the transfer of goods internally. I have prepared this internship report. 1.3 Objectives of the Field attachment To attain exposure in the professional worldand obtain/acquire knowledge. To fulfill the requirements of the university. To impart theoretical skills into practical work and gain business work experience. To relate with different categories of people in a working environment and gain exposure to the demand and challenges of the work place. 1.4 Background of the Organization of field attachment

Sheraton Kampala Hotel was built by an Israeli Company in 1967 and established by act of parliament as Apollo Hotel and 100% government owned. In 1971 it was renamed Kampala International Hotel, then closed down in 1980 due to political instability. In 1987, Energo Project Construction Company renovated the hotel and this was done under a barter trade arrangement with Yugoslavia Company in exchange of Soya beans. In October 1987, thegovernment signed a contract with ITT Sheraton Corporation to manage the Hotel for a period of 10 years. In 1990 the appointed theboard ofdirectors of Apollo Corporation to act as a liaison between the management and the government. In March 1998, the company was incorporated with a limited liability Apollo Hotel Corporation Ltd. In March 2001 MidrocEthopia TLC pre qualified to purchase the shares of Apollo Hotel Corporation Ltd. The Apollo Hotel Corporation trading as Sheraton Kampala Hotel under took a 20million dollar renovation project of Sheraton Kampala Hotel in October 2002 by a number of contractors ; Mugoya Construction, Sip project managers, StauchVosters Architects , HAD Interior Designers ,Mechanical and Structural Engineer and Electrical Engineer RWP from South Africa. The renovation is being carried out in sectional completions, ensuring that the Hotel is still functional while renovations are underway. Guest rooms have been renovated while new Presidential Suites, additional junior Suites, Park square Suites and a shopping Arcade. New Food and Beverages outlets, Park square and Victoria restaurants have been built. The hotel also unveiled its newly refurbished and extended lobby which displays a calm and sophisticated setting with a water fountain. Back of-the house administration sections are being upgraded to include a fully equipped training department. Thefirst floor has been converted to a state-of-the-art conference centre equipped with the latest technology and comfortable setting. The Hotel unveiled its newly refurbished 55 guest rooms, which includes one presidential room,6 junior suites and 3 connecting suites; the rest are typical superior rooms.On the 10 th floor SPG club louge was launched, Paradise Grill and Terrace, Masaba lounge now known as Seven Hills and Equator Bar which was famously known as Rhino bar pub were also refurbished. The second phase of renovation ended in August 2007 just in time to host the Common wealth conference. 1.4.1 Vision To be a world class brand hotel of choice in East and Central Africa. 1.4.2 Mission Statement

To considerably exceed our guests expectations in the provision of highest standard of hotel products and services, by creating an environment that embraces diversity of all our stakeholders through a culture where associates and owners can thrive and win.

1.4.3 Goals and Objectives 1.5 Organizational Culture Sheraton Hotel and Resorts has got an organizational culture which includes values, beliefs and practice. It has three core values which are; Warmth, Connected and Community. The Hotel believes in demonstrating empathy, being courteous and working as a family (Team). They put values into practice like showing warmth where there is 10ft and 5ft rule hence with the 10ft rule warmth is shown by smiling at someone in front of you and at 5ft warmth is shown by greeting that someone. At Sheraton by believe in service profit chain which has got four stages as illustrated below;

Figure 1.0

1.6 Gender in the Organization

1.7 The Structure of the Organization

Figure 1.1

1.8 Main Activities of the Organization

Chapter Two Title in an Organization While at Sheraton Hotel and Resorts i worked as a Trainee in the Accounts department and was rotated as per the schedule as was assigned by my supervisor Duties and Responsibilities Ibegan my internship program on 9thJune, 2008 with Sheraton Kampala Hotel. The internship was to last for two (2) months and as a result my internship came to an end on 8 thSeptember, 2008.In somewhat more concrete terms, Sheraton Kampala Hotel provides the world community with timely and credible, services The Finance and accounting department that I was involved in hadrange of different tasks and smaller explorations that I performed during my period of internship. I will present four major areas identified as sticking out as the central themes around which most of my work at Sheraton Kampala Hotel was organized. As will become clear in the course of reading, these four areasare closely interrelated and overlapping and are presented here one by one merely for purpose of clarity and coherence. Supervision levels and relationship with the supervisor One of the most significant aspects of this internship was being surrounded by a network of people like Mr. Kiwala Yusuf, Nandigoba Denis and many others whose main mission was to see me through achieve the desired goals by inspiring, informing, providing me with the necessary skills and opinions that I had never before considered, and on addition to helping me to develop new ways of thinking about the same problems I had previously been thinking about. I have come to see that one of the fundamental keys to acquiring relevant knowledge is through hard work and creating a good relationship with people around me.

I realized that at any time you dont know much about a process or a topic, there is no reason to forsake. I didnt know much about Finance and accounting (unless the general knowledge) and Im still not a professional, but now Im able to understand the general coherences and bring them contently together. It was particularly interesting form to see how a product development process is realized, what kind of project management is necessary and what difficulties can happen in a real project. Work team and its Compositions As organizations continues to change in part due to globalization of business and advancements , the way in which team composition strategies are implemented must keep up, therefore below is a table showing the team members and the roles that they played:
Person Department Title Roles

Working relationships among team members I studied the perceptions team members had of their leaders style and how the leaders described their own style. In particular, I was interested in the extent to which the leaders practiced relationship-oriented and task-oriented skills and set cooperative or competitive goals and this came to my knowledge that team Members have current and up to date knowledge of hotel products, services, pricing and policies, as well as knowledge of the local area, and are continuously trained to learn and understand policies and practices. Authority levels to the student Guidelines on the circumstances under which temporary or relief staff were employed and designated a managerial staff member at appropriate level to approve the request for additional resources and the rates payable. To ensure actual attendance, the temporary staff (Intern) was required to report duty to a designated Officer/department (e.g. the hotels Administration Office) before they present themselves at the service unit for work. Attendance records of temporary staff members were kept and certified by their immediate supervisors Chapter Three LEVELS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

NEW KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS GAINED IN EACH OF THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCES When I first arrived, it was unclear to me exactly what my duties were to be. This was because my terms of reference (TOR) didnt indicate exactly what I was to work on. Through my senior supervisor Kiwala Yusuf my immediate supervisor Nandigoba Denis and other colleagues within Sheraton Kampala Hotel, I was able to quickly understand what my work involvedand to what extend I was to do it. The following were some of the motivations that mademy work easier and enjoyable: Working as a team with the rest of staff the members wassomething that I truly treasured then since it was through them that I found it more enjoyable and easy to deal with my assignments Working on projects that I believed would eventually provide a clear understanding with the work that I was assigned. This gave me themorale to work even harder in order to meet deadlines. Being given a chance to learn and use state of the world spatial decision makingtools such as ArcGIS 9.2 was phenomenal. CHALLENGES FACED AND HOW THEY ARE MANAGED Although I received co-operation from the concerned supervisors, they were not always able to give me much time, as they were busy with their works. Time is an important issue in Report writing. As I have been given a specific deadline for submission, observation and learning all the functions of my training within 2 months was really tough. Besides, all the comments made, conclusions reached and suggestions for possible improvement provided are purely based on my level of understanding, knowledge and my way of interpreting a particular statement. Because of the lack of information, I have to make some assumptions that may cause few errors or personal mistakes in the report. In spite of all these limitations, I have tried to put the best effort as far as was possible BENEFITS DERIVED FROM THE FIELD ATTACHMENT In retrospective, I can say that I benefited from the internship programme than I thought I would in a number of ways; Career-wise, the internship programme undoubtedly enriched my curriculumvitae (CV). Also, having gotten a chance to interact with most staff, I have hadan insight on how to shape my career

The internship programme gave me a chance not only to work with Sheraton Staff but also a chance to learn from the best accounting experts theworld could probably provide. This would reflect much onto my experience.

Working with people from different parts of the world was a rare chance that youcant easily get from any other Hotel organization in Uganda. Therefore to me this wasanother opportunity to make friends and share ideas.

The training helped me to impart the theoretical knowledge to practical since it was involved in the practical work in the business environment. The training enabled me to learn how to stock various stock items in the most appropriate fashion, binning and racking them by the best methods, and placing them in such a way that any item or material in the Store can be located quickly and easily when it is required.

During the training, i managed to learn the preparation of financial statement like cash book and income statements, balance sheet in compliance to the international accounting standards.

To conclude, I can state that my internship at the Sheraton Hotel and Resorts was a rewardingexperience and provided me with some new perspectives that I did not comeacross during my studies back at the college. I also have to stress that my colleagues at the Sheraton Hotel contributed greatly to making my stay there a veryenjoyable one. Particularly, working together with Patrick Mmayi was a true pleasure and his faith in my abilities was a real source of motivation to date ADEQUACY IN UNIVERSITYS PREPARING THE STUDENT PREPAREDNESS OF THE AGENCY

Chapter Four 4.0 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 4.1 Conclusion Sheraton Hotel and Resorts is one of the leading Hotels in Uganda The system, the management style, the policies and decentralized decision making environment is really remarkable. This report is basically an attempt to identify the areas which need to be improved. The overall analysis is indicating that the companys progress has mainly attained through dedication of employees. The effectiveness of its management, their willingness to take advantage of opportunities and face challenges of changing economic picture, this all contributes to the very much improved and sound position of company. This is really appreciable for the devotion and hard work of all the employees of the company on addition to motivating me to continue working diligently as well as to further my studies in order to contribute greatly to the development of my country Recommendations for Improvements are: Client and supplier teams involved in trial projects should be provided with professional development, experiential learning and hands on training to ensure that they adopt the intelligent client attributes and operate in collaborative culture At present facility of bonus is given only to production staff but such incentives should also be given to Head office Staff. Special incentives should also be given to Head on Eid and on other special days should be given to the workers. Medical facilities are given in mill but such facilities should also be given to management. Different training courses should be arranged for the up lifting and improving the qual ity of work for employees

There is also a problem of work overload for the employees and it should be control properly so that the employees are motivated. Employees should be paid extra for the work which they done after working hours. Recommendation: Write clear job description for staff and areas of responsibility for each Department. The most efficient way to avoid overlapping within Departments and to ensure that each staff member does his or her job is to document clear job responsibilities for the staff and to develop specific areas of responsibility for each Department. By providing these written documents, staff will have a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities. It is important not only to provide these documents but to make sure that each Department and staff member knows and understands exactly what other Departments and colleagues do. After writing and distributing the job descriptions, clarifying authority of each Department, the Art Centers management staff needs to have meetings to make sure that everybody knows and understands what the responsibilities and authorities are.