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Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

The AR-5316 Digital Multifunctional IMAGER

Why the AR-5316
Designed for small offices and workgroups, the new Sharp AR-5316 Digital IMAGER delivers the performance you need in a multifunction document systemall in a cost-efficient, compact design. With 11 x 17 copying capability, standard 600 dpi host-based printing, a 250-sheet paper capacity, and 100-sheet bypass tray, this efficient performer can easily keep up with the pace of busy offices. With an optional network print server, the Sharp AR-5316 Digital IMAGER can be easily shared by additional users in your office or workgroup. Combine all these features with Sharps world-class reliability, and youve got a small office document system thats hard to beat.

Description: Features & Options

Efficient, High-Quality Copying
The AR-5316 IMAGER provides many flexible copy features designed to grow with your business. copy With a speedy, 16 page-per-minute and the capability to output speed

documents at 11 x 17, the AR-5316 IMAGER delivers advanced flexibility for any small office or workgroup. With customer-replaceable supplies that are easy to install, you can rest assured that your workflow will always keep moving.

Shown with optional 40-sheet document feeder.

Features 9 9 9

16 PPM copy speed 600 dpi true laser quality output 25% - 400% zoom range with 8 preset ratios
X/Y Zoom

9 9 9 9 9 9
The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to use the AR-5316 Imagers advanced copy features.

9 9 9

350-sheet paper capacity, including 100-sheet Bypass Tray Optional 40-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder Cost-effective Toner-Save mode Scan-Once Print-Many Memory Management 600 dpi host-based PC printing system Standard IEEE 1284 parallel and USB-1.1 ports for flexible PC connections Easy to change, customer-replaceable supply system Network printing option Compact wingless design

Advanced Network Printing

Growing businesses or small workgroups can easily add network printing with the optional PRICOM 3100 print server. With a built-in RJ45 Ethernet port, this compact print server connects directly into the parallel port of the AR5316. With simple, plug-and-play operation and an easy-to-use interface, the PRICOM 3100 server delivers advanced features that include web-based management, IP filtering, and intelligent device monitoring. 1

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Pre-Setup: Tools, Documentation, & Admonitions

Special Tools & Service Documentation

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)*

Product Code AR-016TD AR-016DR Description Toner developer cartridge (Black) Drum cartridge MSDS No. F-31381 F-01381

Description Toolbox Basics Mechanical

Screwdriver, Phillips #2 Screwdriver, Flat #1 Wrench, 1.5mm Hex head Feeler gauges

Part No. SM_AR-5316 Code: 00ZAR5316/A1E PG_AR-5316 Code: 00ZAR5316/P1E SM_AR-RP6 / AR-SP6 Code: 00ZARSP6//A1E

AR-5316, Service Manual

AR-5316, Parts Guide

* Download MSDSs at http://www.sharp-service.com

Voltmeter ESD wrist or ankle strap Approved surge suppressor 30x lighted viewing device

*AR-RP6 / AR-SP6 Service Manual

* Optional equipment

Electrical/Electronic Component Admonitions

WARNING: Electrical hazard. Employ proper precautions when working with high-voltage electrical equipment.

Clean, soft, lint-free cloths Alcohol

Laser Admonition
For your protection, do not remove protective covers or bypass safety interlocks.


CAUTION: Improper handling of electronic components can damage the equipment. Properly ground and wear an electro-static device (ESD) on your wrist or ankle when working with electronic modules. Similarly, use anti-static bags to protect electronic components during storage or shipping.

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

External Views

Basic System Configuration

Glass cleaner

Document feeder cover (when the SPF is installed) / document cover Power switch Front cover Side cover handle Bypass tray extension

Document glass

4 7 1 0 1 3

Handles Paper output tray Side cover Bypass tray

5 8 11 14

6 9 12 15

Operation panel Paper trays Bypass tray guides Charger cleaner

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Internal Views

Basic System Configuration (contd)

18 21 24 27 30

Document feeder tray (when the SPF is installed) Right side cover (when the SPF is installed) TD cartridge strap Fusing unit release levers Fusing unit paper guide

19 22 25 28

Original guides (when the SPF is installed) Exit area (when the SPF is installed) TD cartridge lock release lever Drum cartridge

20 23 26 29

Feeding roller cover (when the SPF is installed) TD cartridge Roller rotating knob Drum cartridge handle

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

No. 1 2

Option Name 40-Sheet Single Pass Feeder Network Print Server

Model AR-SP6N AR-PS3100

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Adjustment Item List
Section Adjustment Item

Adjustment Procedure/SIM No.

Process section

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Developing doctor gap adjustment MG roller main pole position adjustment Developing bias voltage check Main charger voltage check Image position adjustment Main scanning direction (FR direction) distortion balance adjustment Main scanning direction (FR direction) distortion adjustment Sub scanning direction (scanning direction) distortion adjustment Main scanning direction (FR direction) magnification ratio adjustment Sub scanning direction (scanning direction) magnification ratio adjustment Off center adjustment

Developing doctor gap adjustment MG roller main pole position adjustment

Mechanism section

(1) (2)

SIM-50 No. 2/3 mirror base unit installing position adjustment Copy lamp unit installing position adjustment Rail height adjustment Winding pulley position adjustment SIM 48-1 OC mode in copying (SIM 48-1) SPF mode in copying (SIM 48-5) OC mode (SIM 50-12) SPF mode (SIM 50-12)

(3) (4) (5) (6)



SPF white correction pixel position adjustment (required in an SPF model when replacing the lens unit) Copy mode

SIM 63-7

Image density adjustment


SIM 46-1

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316


Entering the Simulation Mode Perform the following procedure to enter the simulation mode. # key Interrupt key C key Interrupt key Main code Start key Sub code Start key Canceling the Simulation Mode When the clear all key is pressed, the simulation mode is cancelled. When the interruption key is pressed, the process is interrupted and the screen returns to the sub code entering display. Note 1: After canceling the simulation mode, be sure to turn the OFF/ON power switch to the ON position. If the machine is terminated by a jam error or paper empty during copying in the adjustment by the simulation, recopying is required. SIM Codes Please refer to the SIM Codes list (pages 1 through 4) that follows.

Note 2:

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

SIM Codes

Simulation (Pg. 1 of 4)

Main Code 01 02

Sub Code 01 02 06 01 02 03 08 11 01 02 03 01 02 10 01 06 08 01 02 03 06

Contents Mirror scanning operation Mirror home position sensor (MHPS) status display Mirror scanning operation aging Single paper feeder (SPF) Aging SPF sensor status display SPF motor operation check SPG paper feed solenoid operation check SPF PS release solenoid operation check Operation panel display check Fusing lamp and cooling fan operation check Copy lamp lighting check Paper feed solenoid operation check Resist roller solenoid operation check Cassette semi-circular roller cleaning Warm-up display and aging with jam Intermittent aging Shifting with warm-up display Developing bias output Main charger output (Grid = HIGH) Main charger output (Grid = LOW) Transfer charger output


06 07


Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

SIM Codes (contd)

Simulation (Pg. 2 of 4)

Main Code 10 14 16 20 21 22

Sub Code 01 01 01 02 03 04 05 08 09 12 13 14 15 17 18 21 22 Toner motor operation Trouble cancel (except for U2) U2 trouble cancel Maintenance counter clear Maintenance cycle setting Maintenance counter display Maintenance preset display Jam memory display Jam total counter display Total counter display SPF counter display Paper feed counter display Drum counter display CRUM type display P-ROM version display Trouble memory display Copy counter display Printer counter display Scanner counter display SPF jam counter display


Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

SIM Codes (contd)

Simulation (Pg. 3 of 4)

Main Code 24

Sub Code 01 02 04 06 07 08 09 13 14 01 10 02 03 05 06 07 18 30 31 36 38 39 42 43 51 Jam total counter clear Trouble memory clear SPF counter clear Paper feed counter clear Drum counter clear Copy counter clear Printer counter clear Scanner counter clear SPF jam total counter clear Main motor operation check Polygon motor operation check Size setting Auditor setting Count mode setting Destination setting Machine condition check (CPM) Toner save mode setting CE mark conformity control ON/OFF Auditor mode exclusive setup Cancel of stop at maintenance life over Cancel of stop at drum life over Memory capacity check Transfer ON/OFF timing control setting Side void amount setting Copy temporary stop function setting


25 26


Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Simulation List (Pg. 4 of 4)
SIM Codes (contd)
Main Code 30 42 43 Sub Code 01 01 01 12 13 34 40 01 02 09 10 11 18 19 20 29 30 31 01 05 01 12 01 06 10 12 02 08 10 03 01 07 01 Contents Paper sensor status display Developing counter clear Fusing temperature setting Standby mode fusing fan rotation setting Fusing paper interval control allow/inhibit setting Transfer current setting Setting of rotation time before toner supply Copy density adjustment (300 dpi) Copy density adjustment (600 dpi) Copy exposure level adjustment, individual setting (Text) 300 dpi Copy exposure level adjustment, individual setting (Text) 600 dpi Copy exposure level adjustment, individual setting (Photo) 600 dpi Image contrast adjustment (300 dpi) Exposure mode setting (Gamma table setting/AE operation mode setting/Photo image process setting SPF exposure correction Image contrast adjustment (600 dpi) AE limit setting Image sharpness adjustment Main scanning magnification ratio adjustment SPF mode sub scanning magnification ratio adjustment in copying Flash ROM program writing mode Standby mode fusing fan RPM setting Image lead edge adjustment Copy lead edge position adjustment (SPF) Paper off-center adjustment Document off-center adjustment Resist amount adjustment SPF scanning position automatic adjustment SPF scan position change-over setting HSYNC output check Shading check SPF automatic correction Self print

44 46

48 49 50

51 53 61 63 64

Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

List of User Programs
Program Name Auto clear time Program No. 1 Description Auto clear time automatically returns the copy settings to the initial settings when a certain period of time elapses after a copy is made. This program is used to select the period of time. Auto clear time can also be disabled. Default 60 sec

User Programs (Pg. 1 of 2)

Parameters 1 (OFF) 2 (10 sec) 3 (20 sec) 4 (60 sec) 5 (90 sec) 6 (120 sec) 1 (1 min) 2 (5 min) 3 (30 min) 4 (60 min) 5 (120 min) 6 (240 min)

Preheat mode

This function automatically switches the machine to a low power consumption state if the set duration of time elapses without the machine being used when the power is on. The POWER SAVE indicator lights up, however, the keys on the operation panel can be used. Normal operation automatically resumes when a key on the operation panel is pressed, a print job is received, or an original is placed. This function automatically switches the machine to a state that consumes even less power than preheat mode if the set duration of time elapses without the machine being used when the power is on. All lights except the POWER SAVE indicator and ON LINE indicator go off. To resume normal operation, press the [START] key. Normal operation also resumes automatically when a print job is received or scanning is begun from a computer. While in auto power shut-off mode, no keys (except the [START] key) can be used. When copying using the SPF, during the period of time that the SPF indicator blinks after an original has been scanned (about 5 seconds), a subsequent original can be placed and automatically fed into the machine. Use this setting to enable or disable auto power shut-off.

1 min

Auto power shut-off timer

5 min

1 (5 min) 2 (30 min) 3 (60 min) 4 (120 min) 5 (240 min)

Stream feeding mode


0 (OFF) 1 (ON)

Auto power shut-off setting


0 (OFF) 1 (ON)


Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

List of User Programs (contd) User Programs (Pg. 2 of 2)

Program Name

Program No.




Auditing mode Account number entry Account number change Account number deletion

10 11 12 13

Use to enable or disable Auditing mode. Auditing mode is initially disabled. Use to set up account numbers. Up to 20 accounts can be established. Use to change an account number. Use to delete an account number. A single account number can be deleted, or all account numbers at once.

OFF --Delete Single Account

0 (OFF) 1 (ON) --0 (Delete single account) 1 (Delete all accounts)

Number of copies per account


This displays the number of copies made by each account. The maximum count is 49,999. If this number is exceeded, the count will start over from 0.


0 (OFF) 1 (ON)

Resetting account


Use to reset the copy count of an account to 0. The copy count of a single account or of all accounts can be reset.

Reset single account

0 (Reset single account) 1 (Reset all accounts)

Resolution in Auto/Text mode


This setting is used to change the copy resolution in AUTO and TEXT mode from 600 x 300 dpi to 600 x 600 dpi (high-quality mode). Scanning is slower when high-quality mode is used.

300 dpi

1 (300 dpi) 2 (600 dpi)


Quick Reference Guide: AR-5316

Maintenance Table
Maintenance Table
Legend X Check (Clean, adjust, or replace when required.) O Clean Replace Adjust Lubricate

Unit Name Optical section Lamp unit No. 2/3 mirror unit CCD peripheral Glass Other

Part Name Reflector Mirror Mirror Pulley Lens Table glass White plate Drive wire Rail Document cover Document size sensor Dust-proof glass Take-up roller (manual/SPF) Paper feed roller Spring clutch PS roller Transport (paper exit) rollers Spring clutch Upper heat roller Pressure roller Pressure roller bearing Upper separation pawl Lower separation pawl Cleaning pad Gears Belts Ozone filter

When Calling X X X X X X X X X X

LSU Paper feed section

Multi-paper feed section

Paper transport section

Fusing section

Drive section Paper exit section