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A Cup of Coffee with God Part 6 Reality and Illusion

(An Uncommon Imaginary Dialogue between God and Me)

Gan, Chennai
Posted on 15-May-2013; Modified on 18-May-2013; Rev-02

Are we using a Torch to find out what Darkness is...?

Me: Hi God! Happy to see you again! God: So do I. Me: I wish, I ask you something about Reality and Illusion. God: Its my pleasure to Answer you! M: Whats the difference between Reality and Illusion? G: We call anything that we perceive through our Five Senses as Perception. Perceptions are not the Ultimate Reality. They are mere perceptions. Some people call these Perceptions as Reality. But, some term this as Illusion. Didn't Albert Einstein say "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one?"

M: Can you give an Example? G: The Table and the Chair you see is not exactly the Solid Object as you visually see. It is merely a conglomeration of Atoms which in term is made up of Sub Atomic particles like Quarks, Leptons, Bosons etc. If you still go deep inside, it is pure energy and merely empty space. The Ultimate Reality of any Object is empty space and formless energy. Your brain simulates and brings the form of table and Chair in your Mind. They are tables and Chairs and also Atoms & Molecules and also empty Space & Energy. Then Table and Chair are both Reality and Illusion. M: Then why do I see a Table and Chair as a solid Object? G: This is what we term as Perception or Maya. This includes your own Body, including your Head and Eyes. Really they dont exist, but actually you perceive them. The solidity is a SIMULATION happening inside the CONSCIOUSNESS. The Whole Universe is a simulation only taking place in Consciousness. M: But, I am able to See it, Touch it, Feel it and so on. How do you say it is Maya? G: We usually term I as the Subject; what we See, Touch and Feel as the Object. But in Truth, both the Subject and Object are mere perceptions and they dont exist except as an Idea in the consciousness. Neither of them are Independent. For an Object to exist Subject is essential. Without Objects Subject becomes utterly meaningless.

If you have to really see the Table and Chair you must see them as Atoms and Sub Atomic Particles. Who does the gimmick of making them Table and Chair. Is it not the Simulation of Brain? Both are one and the same but appearing different for us from different perceptions. M: You mean not only the Objects dont exist, but the Subject I also doesnt exist, and my own SELF is only a Perception? G: Exactly! There are no Subjects. There are no Objects. There are only Actions. There are only Actions! There are no Actors! There is only Seeing! There are no Seers! There is only Feeling! There are no Feelers! IN REALITY, THERE ARE NO NOUNS. THERE ARE ONLY VERBS. M: It is shocking to hear, that I dont Exist. But, I am able to see my Hands, Legs, Body etc. G: You are able to see the same body, hands, legs etc in Dreams also. You behave as a King. You behave as a Beggar. You feel Thirsty. You feel Hunger. You get even shock when you touch electricity in your Dream. How do these constructions Happen even without Physical Bodies. Dont you feel its as Real as you are Awake in the Dreams, even when the physical body is lying flat? M: But, for the Dreams to Happen my Body and Life are required, without which Dreams can not happen.

G: Your Body and Hardwares are only an Idea. But, they are bound to obey the Physical Laws. I agree. But, you dont exist except as an Idea in the Consciousness. The idea is only a Perception. You are not that Idea. M: Then who am I? G: Your are Consciousness, which has No Forms, No Shapes, No Names, No age, No Sex, No Birth, No Death and so on. Your body and mind dont perform your Life. Rather life is performed through Your Body and Mind. You dont see through your eyes. Life is seen through your eyes. There is only one Dreamer. That is Consciousness. There are billions of Dreams all happening inside the Consciousness simultaneously. Consciousness is the Part as well as the Whole. You are that Consciousness. Since you get too much carried away, you identify yourself with Body and Mind and you find it extremely real. M: What is Consciousness? G: All there is, is Consciousness Only. Nothing else. Its like a Giant Movie screen, on which many movies run. Many persons come and go, but, the screen is not affected by them. The movies are dependent on the Screen, whereas the Screen is not dependent on the Movies. You are the Screen and not the Movies that run on it. Unfortunately if the Screen identifies its own self with the Movies, its really pathetic. You will be Born and

You will Die like the movies come and go. You are not the Body, You are not the Mind. You are Consciousness. You are never Born. You never Die. You are Eternal. There is only one consciousness, in which everything is part. Essentially, You and I, Dogs, and Cats, Rocks and Stones etc are all one and the same, except for the perception in the Mind that we are separate. The whole universe springs up from the Mind. From the Birth we are taught that we are separate. It's a Grand Illusion. M: Who creates the Separateness? G: Thoughts create Separateness. Thoughts are perceptions. Consciousness Perceives. There is no perceiver. There is only Perceiving. There is only experiencing. There are no Nouns. There are only Actions. M: How can there be Actions without Nouns? G: Nouns are Imaginary. You and I are merely Imagined Imaginations as Nouns by the Consciousness for all experiences to take place inside consciousness. Just Leelas. Looking deep you will find that even actions are dreams. So only I termed it as Leela. Consciousness plays Hide and seek games by creating You and I. Essentially You and I are one. There is no separateness except as an Idea inside the Mind. M: If Consciousness does everything, dont I do anything independently. Dont I have any Freewill?

G: When separateness itself is an Illusion, where is the question of Independent action and Free will? Your Independent Actions and Free Will is nothing but a Perceived Thought, when you are separated by your Thoughts. Imagine a TV Picture Tube. Assume the Electron Gun as Consciousness, and the actors are You and Me and all else that appear on the Screen. If Consciousness dreams and projects everything on its screen, what is the role of the actors in the on going drama? It is as simple as that. All actors are part and parcel of the one, Consciousness, which is the dreamer. Consciousness is the only Absolute Reality. M: If Consciousness is dreaming everything, is there nothing really happening? G: Common Yar! What is the Difference between Dream and Reality. In the Dream you feel it Really Real. In the Reality also you feel it Really Real. The Dream Begins with Night and ends with Morning. Reality begins with Birth and ends with Death. M: But Dream is short, with no continuity. In Reality, duration is long, there is Continuity. G: Dream is a Short Reality. Reality is a long Dream. It is as simple as that. M: But, still I dont understand Consciousness. Can you elaborate me what Consciousness is?

G: Consciousness is all that is. Self, God and Consciousness are one and the same. The attributes are one and the same. If Consciousness is Ocean, You and I are drops of the ocean. Consciousness can not not exist. Consciousness is outside the ambit of Space and Time. Space and Time are contained within the Consciousness. Consciousness is primordial. Consciousness is Eternal. Consciousness is everything. Consciousness weaves the Universe and all its contents in its dream using Space and Time as Ideas. Consciousness dreams everything and creates everything in its dream. M: How can I understand Consciousness? Tell me the methodology. I will tell you, for sure, you can never understand consciousness! It is like trying to see what Darkness is using Torch Light. It is like struggling to see what is inside the mirror, trying to negate your face appearing in it. You will never achieve it. The moment you try to understand Consciousness, it becomes a Thought. You can never understand Consciousness. You can only realize Consciousness. Understanding pertains to the domain of Thought. Realization transcends Thoughts and centers in to the Being. You can only 'BE' Consciousness. M: What is the Guarantee that Consciousness itself is not an Imagination? G: To know Consciousness is not an Imagination, you have to transcend all thoughts and become one

with consciousness through the state of Samadhi. This is the only way. Taste of Sweetness is possible only through Direct Experience. No words can ever define Consciousness. The only way is to Realize Consciousness. M: One of my friend challenges me not to eat anything for a week to prove that everything is Illusion. What is the Answer? G: Illusion doesn't mean that there are no Physical Laws. You must obey all Physical Laws when you are inside the specific realm of existence like Waking, Dreaming, Infatuation, Phobias, Suicide Mentality, Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Drugging, Boozing, Stuffing, Astral Travel, Near Death experience, Split Mind, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc. The very nature of illusion is such that you can't negate it at that stage of experiencing it. Only when you come out of it you will realize the fallacy of it. Does your friend mean to say that just because he is so smart, in his dream, if he feels hungry, he will explicitly say that he will not eat anything just because he is dreaming? In his dream also your friend has to eat if he feels hungry! M: Is there Karma, Reincarnation and Freewill? G: Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect that pertains to Manifestation. Looking from the relative point of view Karma and Reincarnation definitely exist. When you think, you and I are different, Karma and Reincarnation definitely exist as an Idea. When I feel the same 'I-ness", it makes no big difference, if you are the same person or a different person in your New Incarnation. Whoever you are in

the next birth, you are the same 'I' once again. The 'I' feeling is identical. When the worldly experiences of each person differs in all respects, the experience of 'I' feeling alone remains the same. In what way it matters, whether your 'I' feeling is different from my "I' feeling or the 'I' feeling of others? When the same 'I' feeling persists in everything, the question of Reincarnation becomes least meaningful. If you can't understand the above, assume it like this: Forget about the Bodies of all persons for a moment. Discard the Bodies and Mind. Designate all persons identically with the same name as 'I' and feelings of 'I'. Is there any difference? Isn't the feelings of 'I' one and the same? When I myself is everything with the same 'I' feeling, where is the question of separation so that one can have a separate reincarnation? This itself can substantiate the proof that we are all the one and the same 'SELF', even though varying in all experiences using different Bodies and Minds, but still having the same 'I' feeling. This is very tricky to understand. Hopefully you get it. Looking from the highest perspective of Consciousness, there is no Karma. Consciousness is one undifferentiated, all pervading substance. In True Consciousness Karma and Reincarnation become redundant. M: Which is more powerful - Destiny or Free Will? G: You may read your previous posts where there is elaborate reply on the topic. All Free will is contained in a even greater Destiny, which you can not supersede. M: What is Self-Realization?

G: Realizing the Absolute Truth that all are one and the same 'Consciousness' is 'Self Realization.' Knowing the Truth won't help. One has to Realize it. M: How can I attain Self-Realization? G: Shut down all your Five Senses. Shut down your Thoughts. Just Be! This is the way and means to Self Realization. Knowledge about the Self is the Highest knowledge. This is called Jnana. God's grace is always there. Your surrender only matters. Only very few are ready for that. M: Some people say once 'Self Realization' happens one will run away from the family? G: This is simply fun. They take their Mind too much. 'You will run away from Worldly life' is a false notion about 'Self Realization.' It is absurd to believe that knowing the Truth about existence will drive you out of worldly life. You will always deal worldly situations tactically as you should, if you are smart, and if at all, it is destined to happen, you can not do anything about it with any amount of your own efforts! M: What is the difference between Self-Realization and Enlightenment? G: Self Realization is a better and apt terminology than Enlightenment. Everybody is enlightened to some extent. But no one can be Self Realized to a partial degree. Enlightenment starts with Awakening, proceeds to Awareness, Transcends the Mind, Understands the Truth, and Finally merges with the Consciousness. There are different degrees of Enlightenment, but there is only one Self-Realization. Words are mere Pointers. What you understand

through the words are only important. The words 'Self-Realization' and 'Enlightenment' make least difference. M: Some people say they have seen God? Some people say God appears before their eyes? Some people say have had Near Death Experience and have seen Heaven or Hell? G: Anything pertaining to Mind is only a perception and an Idea and not Reality. All God seeing, God Vision, Ghost Vision, Heaven, Hell etc. pertain to the domain of one's Mind only. They are Mind's Jugglery. The moment you enter the Mind's domain everything becomes really real. This equally applies to Raghukaalam, Yamangandam, Nalla Neram, Ketta Neram etc. If your mind believes them as real, they are real. Else they have no substance. They don't exist except as an Idea. You create them in your Idea and they become real in your Mind. They never bother you as they don't exist. You only create all these and then bother on your own. Once you create them in your Mind, they become Real. Me: I have some more doubts on Reality and Illusion. God: Sure ! You are welcome to ask anything! Me: What is the relation between Brain and Consciousness? God: Brain is the Hardware part that only senses the information. Something like a Camera, a Tape Recorder etc. It faithfully takes all information inside. But Consciousness is the 'Subject' part, that extracts necessary information and absorbs the same for

necessary experience. All experiences happen only in the domain of Consciousness. For example look at the Table before which you sit. There is definitely 10 to 100 Objects on the Table. Theses objects have different color, shape, size etc. But according to necessity of experience, consciousness chooses only the selective part of the vision. For example consciousness will prefer to mainly focus on a Pen, if it wants to know about it and discard the nomenclature of the rest of the Items. Another example is, in a group dance if there are 100 persons dancing, even though your brain absorbs all the information like a camera, since your consciousness only want to experience the Hero and Heroine, it will selectively focus on their attributes only and discard the rest of the 98 group dancers. If you want to experience all the attributes of 100 dancers there will be information overload and the experience will itself become meaningless. This is not possible also for your consciousness. Consciousness does selective experiencing. You don't do that experiencing. I mean neither your Body or Mind. It is consciousness that makes the choice of experiencing. This happens even without your concurrence. But you feel that you have exercised your choice. But, consciousness has done the choice. M: Then am I not the Consciousness that makes the choice? G: All along I am saying that you are nothing but Consciousness only. But you people are only believing that you are nothing but you are Body, Brain and Mind. You are a formless Consciousness

that choose to experience the necessary agenda through your Body and Brain and other supporting senses like Ear, Nose and Mouth. M: Is Consciousness a product of the Brain or an Independent Agent? G: How can Material Things produce Consciousness which is immaterial? The capacity to experience as 'Subject' is not a product of the Brain. The capacity for consciousness is an inherent quality of life itself. M: Does Consciousness lie outside the realm of Body? G: Everything, seen, unseen, material, immaterial, including Body, Brain and Mind lie inside Consciousness. Consciousness permeates everything. Consciousness is the one and the only. Consciousness is the one and the many. M: Then when I booze, if my Consciousness prefers not to get disillusioned, why do I sway then? G: Do you mean to say that if you look at the sun, your consciousness should prefer not to get you blinded? Physical Laws are inevitable. They must be obeyed at all cost. Then, you would also say, I will jump from the Tenth floor, but still will not prefer to feel pain, if your consciousness prefers such a choice. This is not possible. Physical Laws will always prevail. I never meant that your Body and Mind do not exist. I only said that they are merely an Idea to have an experience of the Consciousness. Your body and Mind are not You. You are only Consciousness. This must be carefully understood.

M: Is Universe a Single Living Organism? G: Yes ! Universe is a single Living Organism. The Universal soul is composed of Billions of Individual Souls. even though each soul physically senses the same universe each soul lives in a Individualized Universe where reality is independent. For example even though all of see the same substance, the experience of each person is different. When you a see person called say Joe, Joe's Son sees him as an Affectionate Father, Joe's one fellow employee sees him as an Arrogant Boss, yet another man sees him as a loose talker, his wife sees him as a stringent husband and so on. This applies to all that we perceive in the Universe. One sees the Universe as a Nasty Stuff, another sees it as an Embodiment of Love. some considers Facebook a worthy stuff while some consider it as a useless stuff. Some may consider this article as an unbearable torture to read, some may consider it as a very Useful stuff. There is no standard way of perceiving the Universe and its contents. All perceptions are false identifications created in the mind stuff. To be centered in Consciousness is to Transcend all the Ploys of Mind and transcend all Perceptions. This is optimum way of living. Question all the perceptions, don't believe what ever your mind says and consider it some suspicion. M: What is Present , Past and Future ? G: There is only Now. This moment is only Real. Neither the Past nor Future exist except as an Idea. Everything happens spontaneously in the present Moment. Just like in a Water fall even though there is

continuity of water, the water that falls this moment is not the water that falls the next moment. The continuity of a water fall is only an illusion. Here is the Simple Secret to Wisdom in Living

These are the Phrases I Love so much

M: Can you explain me what are the complete functions of consciousness? G: Consciousness is like Electricity. A stand alone Electricity has no big use. But, using Electricity all equipments functions like Bulb, Television, Heater, Air Conditioner, Computer etc. Similarly, Consciousness is the Prime Mover of the Universe. Consciousness is the Engine that runs the whole Universe. The whole Universe is a makeup of the Consciousness. Consciousness when in Motion is Thoughts Consciousness when in Stillness is Awareness Consciousness when experiencing is Waking and Dreaming Consciousness when Empty is Deep Sleep Consciousness when is aware of its own is Samadhi Consciousness when stored as bunch of Thoughts is Mind

Consciousness is the Part (You and Me) and the Whole (Universe) Consciousness is Space and Time Consciousness is the Material and Immaterial world Consciousness permeates the Entire Universe Rather the Entire Universe resides in Consciousness Everything Exists In the Consciousness, By the Consciousness and For the Consciousness M: I am now baffled about me. Who am I? What should I do? G: I am God. I am consciousness. You are God. You are Consciousness. Everything is God. Everything is Consciousness. Separation is only an Idea in the Mind. The idea of separation is so strong that you can not negate that feeling. A day will come and you will realize everything. That day is Here and Now, as Past and Future are mere imaginations of Thoughts. They don't exist exist except as an Idea. Bye and enjoy all these Reality aka Illusions, till such time you realize the TRUTH and become one with the CONSCIOUSNESS! M : Thank You God! I love you so much!