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School of Business Studies, Sharda University, Greater Noida

Syllabus: Program: Level: Term: Credits: Instructor: Business Law B.Tech. Bachelors III 3 Masoud Zafer

Student Learning Learning Contact Guided Study Assessment Total Hours 30 30 15 75

Aims Knowledge of business laws is necessary for important reasons. First people must understand the legalities involved in working with, managing or running a business organization. Business managers realize that legal compliance by their organization is the bottom line to avoid costly financial risks and to facilitate business success. Secondly some business law areas such as contracts, sale of goods, business partnerships, and consumer protection impact on businesses more prominently. B.Tech. students particularly those who start their own industrial ventures should have knowledge of these laws. B.Tech. students in general will gain an advantage at job interviews as all organizations seek employees who can eliminate or at least minimize undue costs and financial risks to the organization. Objectives On successful completion of this course students will: 1. Understand how business laws affect businesses. 2. Acquire knowledge of legal provisions under business laws, the rights and duties of parties and the available remedies. 1

School of Business Studies, Sharda University, Greater Noida

3. Utilize their knowledge for business advantages.

Contents Contents Introduction to Law Content Details What is law? What are the institutions that enforce law? Government - the role of its three organs: legislature, executive, judiciary. What do we need laws for? What are the different types of laws that business managers need to know about? Where do the laws come from? What is a contract? How is a contract made? Case Study Essentials of a valid contract: offer, acceptance, consideration, competence to contract, free consent, lawful object. Types of contracts. Discharge of contract. Remedies for breach of contract. What is a contract for sale of goods? Transfer of property. Conditions and warranties. Performance of contract of sale. Rights of unpaid seller. Remedies for breach of contract for sale. What is a partnership? Types of partners. Case Study Partnership deed. Registration of a partnership firm. Effects of non-registration. Rights, duties and liabilities of partners. Dissolution of a partnership firm. Purpose of the Act. Rights of consumers. Who can file complaints? Consumer courts: District Forum, State Commission, National Commission. How to file complaints? Remedies. Graded Tasks

Indian Contract Act 1872

Sale of Goods Act 1930

Partnership Act 1932

Consumer Protection Act 1986

Teaching and Learning Methods Lectures and visual power point slides 2

School of Business Studies, Sharda University, Greater Noida

Students read suggested books and research articles before the next lecture Students participate in class discussions Students prepare a glossary of difficult legal terms, and look up a law dictionary

Graded Tasks Case studies Individual or group presentations Group projects Quizzes

Suggested Readings Kuchhal, M.C. and Prakash, D., Business Legislation for Management, 1st ed., 2007, Reprinted 2008, Vikas Publishing House Gulshan, S.S., Business Law, 3rd ed., 2006, Excel Books Bare Acts Indian Contract Act 1872 Sale of Goods Act 1930 Partnership Act 1932 Consumer Protection Act 1986

Masoud Zafer School of Business Studies Sharda University Greater Noida