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Pre-Conference Workshops 23rd April 2013 Main Conference 24th 25th April 2013 Reception 24th April 2013 Venue Hotel Palace, Berlin

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Delivering Commercial Capability In A Changing Environment: Value, Innovation & Risks


40 Outstanding Thought Leaders Sharing Their Practical Tips For Every Stage Of Commercial Contracting :
Guillaume Bernard, Head of Claim & Change Management, Schneider Electric, France Caroline Casey, Social Entrepreneur and International Motivational and Business Speaker Cynthia Hollinsworth, Director of Global Contracts Management, Siemens Enterprise Communications, EMEA Helena Haapio, Co-Author of Proactive Law for Managers, Lexpert Ltd, Finland Kai Jacob, Head of Global Contract Management Services, Global Field Legal, SAP, Germany Robert Lantz, General Counsel, UK & Europe Division, Serco Global Services Tim McCarthy, Director, Contracts & Pricing, Rockwell Automation, US Alastair Merrill, Director, Procurement & Commercial, Scottish Government, UK Les Mosco, Director, Commercial, Ministry Of Defence, UK

The only event that explores the most effective ways to deliver commercial capability and achieve ROI in a constantly changing environment through the alignment of contracts and relationship management. The event is featuring cross-industry global perspectives and the unique knowledge of IACCM, the only think tank, research and practitioner body focused on contracting and commercial practices.

Highlights for 2013 include:

RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA DAY designed specially for GC, CPOs, VP, SVP, and Heads of Functions, will provide you with insights on how to be consistently efficient in delivering commercial capability to your organisation and boost net profits up to 10% with relational contracting CONTENT RICH FIVE CROSS-INDUSTRY TRACKS will address key concerns and share practical tips on how to raise the value of commercial contracting THE LATEST PRACTICAL EXAMPLES ON HOW TO MANAGE CONTRACTS ACROSS BORDERS by reconciling differences in legal systems and the need for uniformed approach globally. EXCLUSIVE ADVICE FROM INDUSTRY LEADERS on how to improve governance as well as business judgment in project development, negotiation and post-award execution. THE LATEST THINKING, BEST PRACTICE AND INNOVATION on raising the quality of performance through improved Statements of Work and Service Levels. PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS on SRM and benefits management improvement.

Sammy Rashed, Global Head of Productivity and Sourcing Strategy, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland Nick Wildgoose, Global Supply Chain Product Leader, Zurich Global Corporate, UK Dr Stefan Winghard, Head of BT Legal, BT, Germany & Austria

Practical Workshops



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Welcome To The 10th IACCM Europe Forum 2013! Like most business disciplines, contracting and commercial management have undergone dramatic change in recent years. Business complexity continues to increase, raising new risks and uncertainties that must be tackled through improved terms, better negotiation and increased oversight of performance. Yet for contracting, the challenges and the opportunities extend much deeper. For many organisations, it is transforming from a largely transactional, operational discipline to become a source of strategic insight and value. This is especially true for those engaged in high-value or complex projects, where contracts and the ability to manage them well represents a core capability. Since our last conference in April 2012, the Association has been active in capturing and promoting this transformation. Among the highlights of our work have been: A focus on how we reduce risk probability and therefore increase the chances of successful contract outcomes, shifting the focus of negotiated terms from allocating risk to true management of risk. Identifying the 'return on investment' from improved contract management providing our community with core elements of the business case for increased resources and competence. The mould-breaking study 'The Future of Contracting' - the first ever report to set out the nature and case for change over the next 8 years, offering our members a vision against which they can develop contracting strategies and an agenda for change. Development of relational contracting key steps to achieve high-performing relationships and dismiss the traditional perception that 'the relationship' is independent of 'the contract'. A focus on innovation and change, introduced formally with out 'License to Act Differently' and now reinforced with the recent Innovation Awards for contracts and commercial management recognising leaders from our community and the value they impart.

The Event Chairman

Tim Cummins CEO,

As further evidence of the transformation that is occurring, IACCM membership continues to grow at a rapid pace. The ideas of professionalism, of increased buy and sell collaboration, of the executive demand for contract and commercial competence are becoming a reality. With member groups in approximately 140 countries, our significance and influence as a professional business association continues to build, raising our ability to support your function and your career. Thank you also for the enthusiasm and encouragement you offer us, the IACCM team, as we work to raise the profile of our community. It is an exciting, rewarding, at times uplifting journey. We are delighted that we will be together again, at another IACCM Forum, and trust that you will leave with the energy and inspiration we all need to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities ahead.

International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)



DAY ONE OF THE MAIN CONFERENCE - WEDNESDAY, 24 APRIL 2013 08:00 08:50 08:50 09:00 09:00 09:35 Registration And Coffee Welcome Address From The Conference Chairman Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Increasing Capabilities, Business Value & ROI In Continuously Changing Environment Organisations are under huge pressure to generate competitive advantage by delivering cost-effective results. Recent economic events are challenging contract managers to optimise and maintain commercial contracting performance while controlling costs and meeting service-level objectives. These tasks are becoming even more challenging as the nature of contracts become more and more complex. Business units call for innovative approaches in contracting to meet the demands of continuously changing environment while budgets continue to be tight. How to measure capabilities, business value & ROI How to achieve metrics of success & process maturity What are the operational process steps and how long should they take? How can metrics change with automation?

Tim Cummins, CEO, International Association For Contract & Commercial Management, (IACCM) 09:35 10:10 Preparing For The Future In this interactive keynote that challenges perceptions Casey asks us all to move beyond the limits we may think we have. The key lesson: if we want our teams to approach change differently and be ready for any eventuality in the future, we have to change our approach. Caroline Casey , Social Entrepreneur, International Motivational and Business Speaker Speed Networking & Coffee Cross Industry Panel Discussion: Best Practice And Innovation In Delivering Commercial Capability In My Industry This is your chance to learn the latest on commercial contracting standards and innovation from leading industry experts. In this session the panel and the delegates reflect on trends within their business and discuss best practice standards: What is the best practice in different industry sectors? What is best practice for good governance? How different industry sectors take full advantage of new technology How different industries establish appropriate levels of control to minimise risks How different organisations cope with the ever changing environment Moderator: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Rigard Geyser, Commercial Manager, ELB Engineering Services, South Africa Claude Kissling, Head of Contract Management, ITO Sourcing & Procurement, Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland Michael Koch, Head of Global Client Services, DWS Holding & Service GmbH, Germany Ian Wakeling, UK Commercial & Export Director, Lockheed Martin, UK

10:10 11:00 11:00 11:40



TRACKS CHANGE IN A CHALLENGING MARKETPLACE Chair: Paul Mallory, Regional Vice President, Europe and Africa, IACCM NEGOTIATIONS: HIGH LEVEL & TECHNIQUES Chair: Dr Ulrich Hagel, Senior Expert Dispute Resolution, Bombardier Transportation GmbH GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT Chair: Roselle Harde, Senior Consultant Specialising In Contract And Commercial Management, The Recipient Of The 2013 Executive Woman Of The Year Award Governance Model And An Impact On Organisational Behaviour The scope and role of Contract Management in different forms of governance Best practice of governance and processes for different forms of contract Practical challenges of risk allocation and oversight Graham Drew, Group Commercial Director, Monitise Group Plc., UK NEGOTIATIONS: HIGH LEVEL & TECHNIQUES 12:25 - 13:00 Developing Strong Relationships With Key Suppliers To Generate Loyalty And Secure Supply In a Changing Marketplace Find out what the main causes of disruption to supply chains are Get an insight into Zurich's experience through case studies of working with companies using award winning IT solutions to assess and mitigate supply chain disruption Discover why relationships and transparency play a critical part in securing supply given the increasing How to judge what is the right approach to negotiations and contracting How to align interests for long term sustainability of the contractual relations What are the guiding principles that ensure trust and continuity during the negotiations and in the commercial relationship? How to achieve a flexible framework in commercial Establishing Sustainable Agreements: Practitioners Approach & Best Practice Stephen Brayne, Contract Manager, Centrica, UK

11:45 12:20

Consolidation Of The Supplier Base: Major Transformation Project Experience From Zurich Insurance Company How to reduce the suppliers and maintain balance How to deal with the unexpected How to prevent risks within multi-year outsourcing agreements or disengage fast, if things go wrong How to reflect supplier management approach in T&Cs Claude Kissling, Head of Contract Management, ITO Sourcing & Procurement, Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland CHANGE IN A CHALLENGING MARKETPLACE

Is The Nature Of Negotiations Changing In The Current Unpredictable Environment? What is changing in negotiations? The latest industry trends Is it still about price not value? Is there anything that needs to be twisted? How to achieve a desired value?


GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT Global Contract Management At Deutsche Telekom: Standardisation Compliance Transparency

How to establish a global end-to-end contract management process How to make contracting a defined, standardised and managed process How to create global transparency and quality How to ensure compliance conformity and



risks arising from global supply chains Nick Wildgoose, Global Supply Chain Product Leader, Zurich Global Corporate 13:00 14:00 Lunch & Networking contracts David Frydlinger, Partner, Advokatfirman Lindahl KB, Sweden Women Networking Session All women are invited! Be a part of this session and learn effective networking methods and practices. Help each other to connect with others during the conference and beyond. Session Facilitators: Roselle Harde, Senior Consultant Specialising In Contract And Commercial Management, The Recipient Of The 2013 Executive Woman Of The Year Award, The National Association For Professional Women & The Worldwide Whos Who For Excellence In Contract Management In 2012, US Lesley Kane, Head of Commercial & Bid Management, Business Development, Marshall Aerospace Defence Group, UK TRACKS 14:00 14:40 CHANGE IN A CHALLENGING MARKET PLACE Developing Contract Management In Public Procurement Organisations Best Practices Experiences From Around The Globe Learn about Best Practices Public Contract Management Policies emerging around the globe and their impact on contracting Discover surprising facts about the anchoring of Contract Management in Public Procurement Organisations and why this matters Find out how it will affect Suppliers to the Public Sector as well as how it will affect Relational Contracting Rene Franz Henschel, Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark Why is it difficult to come to a fair settlement? How to value a settlement proposal of the other side What are the alternatives to a negotiated settlement Sarah Jane Beasley, Senior Manager, Supply Dr Ulrich Hagel, Senior Expert Dispute Resolution, Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Germany Contracts, Group Legal - Supply Contracts , HSBC Holding Plc This is your chance to find out how HSBC is dealing with contract management, plus an opportunity to ask our expert all the questions you might have. NEGOTIATIONS: HIGH LEVEL & TECHNIQUES Settlement Considerations In Claim Negotiations GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT How HSBC Does Contract Management confidentiality Frank Wierdemann, Senior Consultant, Detecon, Switzerland



TRACKS CHANGE IN A CHALLENGING MARKETPLACE LEGAL & GLOBAL Chair: Sarah Jane Beasley, Senior Manager, Supply Contracts, Group Legal - Supply Contracts , HSBC Holding Plc 14:45 15:30 Change, Claims & Disputes What Goes Wrong In Agreements & How Can We Prevent It Identify and analyse typical failures in Project Agreements Understand reasons behind negative trends Explore practical details that guarantee success in projects Assess opportunities & risks How to manage uncertainty How to organise a successful project environment Understand main aspects of agreements to prevent flaws Learn from the examples of good project planning despite time pressures Dr Stefan Winghardt, Head of BT Legal, Germany & Austria GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT

Learn the difference between Claim Management &

Change Management

A Case Study: Global Contract LifeCycle Management For Improving Governance, Risk Management And Compliance For more than 50 years Chart Industries has strategically positioned itself as an international leader within the natural gas and related technology markets. Facing significant corporate growth and with offices all over the globe, Chart understood the importance of implementing contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution to enhance internal controls regarding its contract management processes and overall governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) requirements. In this case study, Stacey A. Childs, who leads the Contract Administration group within Charts BioMedical Business Group, will discuss Charts implementation of its CLM solution and highlight how the solution has improved Charts objectives and strategies needed to achieve the targeted level of contract management process performance and controls. In this session you can expect to explore: How investing in an automated CLM solution supports contract management objectives and significantly reduces controllable risks Achievable best practices for globally deploying a CLM solution The M&A Effect: creating immediate value through the integration of a CLM solution post-merger Stacey A. Childs, Contract Administration Group Leader, BioMedical Business Group, Chart Industries

Understand the added value of Claim & Change


The key reflexes and processes to bear in mind Take the upmost from a brief introduction to the
"Claim Method" Guillaume Bernard, Head of Claim & Change Management, Schneider Electric, France



15:30 16:00 TRACKS 16:00 16:40 Coffee & Networking CHANGE IN A CHALLENGING MARKETPLACE Tactical Versus Strategic Partnering Why do we team/partner with another company? Are we creating a competitor? How to define a good strategic partnership as opposed to a one-off teaming arrangement How to invest in each other to maximise potential RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA FROM A PRACTITIONER PERSPECTIVE Transforming A Commercial Function The Fujitsu Approach In a competitive environment today, organisations need to look at every Function, at whether it is providing the service the Business needs with the right skills and at the right cost. Join this session and get some insights into the approach Fujitsu have taken to transform the Commercial Function to meet the future business needs: Learn the practical details of the challenge Fujitsu Commercial Function faced Learn from this example how you could approach similar challenges Find out what the Fujitsu Business plans to get out of the transformation, how the transformation programme was put in place and what the target operating model might look like Get a unique insight into how one organisation changes its commercial culture Bob Gregory, Commercial Director, Fujitsu, UK GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT Fractal Leaders A New Era Of Governance Fractals are patterns found in nature that are selfsimilar at every scale. Understanding fractals has significant implications for how organisations can describe and create leadership and the structure underpinning it. One key aspect of this approach is the shift in focus from the expertise of the few to the wisdom of the many and a recognition, that in order to thrive in the times of rapid change, creativity, implementation and leadership capacity must be distributed throughout the organisations systems. If your organisation has still a pyramid structure then you're behind the times. It's time to move on. Barbara Chomicka, Senior Project Manager, EC Harris LLP

Ian Wakeling, UK Commercial & Export Director, Lockheed Martin, UK

16:45 17:25

Contract Management Is More Important Than Savings Targets How to be relevant to the Board agenda Why Savings is too narrow a measure Contract management beats contract letting How to increase organisational capabilities: where is the advanced Training & Development?

Les Mosco, Director, Commercial, Ministry Of Defence, UK 17:30 17:50 18:00 22:30 22:30 Concluding Remarks For Day One From Track Chairs Reception In The Exhibition Hall & Dinner End Of Day 1



DAY TWO OF THE MAIN CONFERENCE - THURSDAY, 25 APRIL 2013 08:00 09:00 08:30 09:35 Registration BREAKFAST ROUNDTABLES 1. Doing Business In Asia: Contract & Negotiation Challenges. Discussion Leader: Cynthia Hollinsworth, Director of Global Contracts Management, Siemens Enterprise Communications, EMEA 2. Using Research Findings: How can CCM best use the output from IACCM research, e.g.: top 10 terms in negotiations. What other research would be of help? Discussion Leader: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM 3. What Can We Do To Spread Commercial Awareness And Competence Throughout Our Organisations? Discussion Leader: Ioana Canescu, EMEA Contract Management Business Practice Executive, IBM, Finland 4. Coping With Uncertainty Impact On Terms & Conditions. Bridging the gap between contract T&Cs and project execution; understanding, developing, and using models to assess and follow up the financial impact from T&Cs and contract management on the business; how to leverage costing/pricing T&Cs. Discussion Leader: Sonja Haag, Director, Commercial Contract Management EMEA, HP Enterprise Services, Germany How To Use Template Management. Discussion Leader: Coen Wilms, Group Contracting Discipline Manager, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., The Netherlands Contracts Exit Strategies. Discussion Leader: Claude Mayer, Black Belt, CCS Global Practices, Hewlett-Packard Oy, Finland



09:40 10:20

CROSS INDUSTRY PANEL DISCUSSION: Contract Management: Why Is It Becoming A Board-Level Issue In many businesses, contract management has been viewed as a tactical activity a problem to solve, historically undervalued by management. Now contract management is steadily featuring on Board agendas. Driven by unexpected losses, impending regulation and poorly managed risks, executives are awakening to the importance of contracts as instruments for business control. But it isn't just the fear of losses that is behind this surge in attention. There is a wider understanding that good contract management is a source of competitive advantage. The panel will focus on the causes and conditions that have led to this rapid growth of executive interest and the steps that organisations are taking to build world-class contracting capabilities. Moderator: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Robert Lantz, General Counsel, UK & Europe & Serco Global Services Europe Invited Sarah Jane Beasley, Senior Manager, Supply Contracts, Group Legal - Supply Contracts , HSBC Holding Plc Invited Qadir Marikar, Head of Commercial Assurance, PWC, UK Giles Breault, Head of Global Productivity and Business Services and Former CPO, Novartis



10:20 11:10 Beyond Procurement Evolving The Function To Drive Company-Wide Productivity Procurement's role has evolved to be mostly focused on managing and optimizing external spend. However the function's typical assets and characteristics offer potential for growing new capabilities and drive additional productivity across the organisation. Join this session and reflect on: Why Procurement needs to evolve to meet the growing expectations from Finance and the broader organisation Top 10 options for growing Procurement's responsibilities beyond its current scope to drive tangible productivity benefits Choosing the right option (s) which maximises performance while ensuring feasibility

How best to implement using a robust methodology which engages the business This presentation is based on a research project with the European Business School, sponsored by Novartis. Sammy Rashed, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland; Executive Partner for Corporate Research, Institute For Supply Chain Management, Germany Giles Breault, Head of Global Productivity and Business Services and Former CPO, Novartis 11:10 11:40 TRACKS Coffee & Networking RELATIONAL CONTRACTING Chair: Tim McCarthy, Director Contracts & Pricing, Rockwell Automation, US TRENDS IN THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING Chair: Paul Mallory, Regional Vice President, Europe and Africa, IACCM RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA This is an event within an event for GC, CPOs, VP, SVP, and Heads of functions, which will provide you with insights into how to be consistently efficient in delivering commercial capability to your organisation. Chair: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Why Should The Board Invest Into The Commercial Function? Recent studies are indicating that elevating the importance of contract management and implementing effective strategies can improve revenue and serve as a strategic advantage in the marketplace: Dr. Tyrone S. Pitsis, Reader in Strategic Design; Address the challenge of keeping the pace of innovation in the function What C-level executives expect from commercial function What teams need to demonstrate consistently to be recognised as a value adding function

11:40 12:20

General Aspects Of Relationship Management Learn how to raise the value of contracting and commercial processes through relationship management Find out how you can become better at forming and sustaining collaborative relationships with customers and suppliers Understand technical capabilities of relationship management process and organisational design as well as structuring of contracts Develop future-facing measurement systems

Contracts For The Organisations Of The Future Have you asked yourself a question: What role will a contract have, if any, in the future? Then you will be captivated by the ideas of this speaker, whose work on the future perfect strategy has been recommended by Business UK as a strategic design tool for change! Be a part of his talk to find out how critical collaboration and collaborative forms of organisation design are to the wicked problems facing us. Tyrone will share some of his futuristic ideas on the society and the role of contracting.



for key behavioural competencies that drive successful relationships Jacqui Archer, Director, Dealworks Ltd., UK Martin Chalkley, Co-Developer of the IACCM SRM e-Learning Program, Consultandomi, UK TRACKS 12:25 13:00 RELATIONAL CONTRACTING How Can You Implement Relational Contracting The future promises equal or greater uncertainty, as global interdependencies become more critical to competitiveness. This means that both buyers and providers will see complicated procurements take on new levels of challenge. The speaker of this session makes the case that a relational approach to contracting may be the key to overcoming many problems. Join this session to find the evidence to show that the adoption of relational concepts can be less difficult than many think. Jim Bergman, Regional Vice President, Asia and Middle East, IACCM 13:00 14:00 TRACKS 14:00 14:35 Lunch & Networking RELATIONAL CONTRACTING New Business Models: Contracting Challenges & Skills Required The IACCM Future of Contracting research highlighted the belief that in the future, contracting will become a strategic discipline, that informs management decision making, and TRENDS IN THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING How The New IFRS/US GAAP Revenue Recognition Standard Revenue From Contracts With Customers Raises The Requirements Towards An Enterprise Contract Management Solution Review the current status of the new IFRS/ RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA The Latest Survey Results On Service Delivery Models There is plenty of evidence that improved contracting delivers better business results. There are also strong indicators that senior management is increasingly interested in this topic and would welcome proposals for improvement. Join this discussion to find out if there is one model or many, depending on the Chair - Practice Theme Committee, The Academy Of Management, Newcastle University Business School, UK Robert Lantz, General Counsel, UK & Europe & Serco Global Services Europe

TRENDS IN THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING Transforming Contracts From Legal Rules To User-Centered Communication Tools: A HumanInformation Interaction Challenge B2B contracts are interfaces for collaboration between firms, but currently they are designed as userunfriendly legal tools, optimised for court use when collaboration fails. Join this session to learn how contracts can be turned into user-centered business tools, utilising knowledge visualisation to enhance clear communication and ease of use. Helena Haapio, International Contract Counsel, Lexpert Ltd; Co-author of A Short Guide to Contract Risk and Proactive Law for Managers, Gower Publishing Stefania Passera, Researcher, Aalto University School Of Science, Finland

RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA The Future Of Automation In Contract Management Is your company ready for future growth? Depending on the specific industry you are in, automation may be the solution of choice. The main levers are: harmonization of processes, clearly defined KPIs, measurement of PPIs, a solid Contract Management Solution and standardization of legal templates. Learn how SAP prepared for future growth by simplifying its entire Global Contract Management Services. Find out how you can generate explosive growth through innovation, acceleration and with the help of technology! Kai Jacob, The Global Process Manager & Head of Global Contract Management Service , SAP AG, Germany



where performance measured by its economic contribution to the business. In order to achieve this, the research puts forward that as contracting professionals, we must therefore move towards a more holistic approach and play a key role in the creation of value enhancing business models. Join this session to gain an insight into how organisations are challenging their traditional business models to enhance their competitive positions. Adrian Furner, Director, Kommercialize, UK Miklos Szabo, Finance Expert; A Member Of The Accounting Task Force Team, SAP AG, Germany US GAAP revenue recognition standard Revenue from Contracts with Customers & understand the current status and timelines for the new standard Gain an insight into the requirements of the new standard towards an enterprise contract management solution Address the changes triggered through the new standard Roselle Harde, Senior Consultant Specialising In Contract And Commercial Management, The Recipient Of The 2013 Executive Woman Of The Year Award, The National Association For Professional Women & The Worldwide Whos Who For Excellence In Contract Management In 2012, US TRACKS 14:40 15:20 RELATIONAL CONTRACTING Cultural Implications Of Trading: Practitioners How Tos & Tips Learn how to navigate through diverse cultures Find out how to deal with changing marketplace Look into specific examples of how to educate your HQ department on legal theory vs legal reality Hear how to deal with local language forms, local resources and local approach Rigard Geyser, Commercial Manager, ELB Engineering Services, South Africa Contract Management comes with an enormous amount of data. Whereas Contract Management of the past has been a very cumbersome, largely manual and disjointed process, resulting in poor reportability, the new fully integrated and system supported processes and solutions allow us to measure, monitor and analyze data and maximize the effectiveness of the complete business process cycle by leveraging Business Analytics in our daily work. Join this session to learn how you can significantly Qadir Marikar, Head of Commercial Assurance, PWC, UK TRENDS IN THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING How To Handle Big Data In Contract Management How to deal with the ever increasing need for improving commercial capability across an organisation Taking the right bets: Portfolio management and how commercial can give the Board a more informed risk picture Learn a n effective operating model for delivering commercial insight RESPONDING TO THE BOARD AGENDA Commercial Contracting Effectiveness What is the distinction between process ownership versus process accountability and how does this impact what you are trying to achieve? What is the purpose of the model; for example, is it about compliance, or commercial judgment, or controlled innovation, or all of these? type of contract or relationship.



improve your Big Data management. Gnther Bader, Analytic Expert, Global Contract Management Services, SAP AG, Germany 15:20 15:50 15:50 16:30 Coffee & Networking Transforming Public Procurement Government projects are frequently among the most challenging. They often tackle areas of fundamental change and are conducted in a highly political environment, with divergent stakeholder opinions and a high degree of public scrutiny. Growing transparency and increased public expectations are making this environment difficult to manage. Join this session to find out what are some of the big issues and how should public procurement respond? Alastair Merrill, Director, Procurement & Commercial, Scottish Government, UK 16:30 16:40 User Test Enhancing Contracts Through Visualisation Results Announcement The results of the test will be announced. For more details see the details of 13:15 - 14:30 session on the 23rd of April 2013. Stefania Passera, Researcher, Aalto University School Of Science, Finland Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM 16:40 17:20 CROSS INDUSTRY PANEL DISCUSSION: Embracing Change, Preparing For The Future By Putting Ideas Into Action Reflect on trends within your business and your industry sector What lessons can be shared across industries? To what expend and in what ways must sell-side and buy-side work together to enable successful outcomes? Think how you will apply ideas and insights from this conference Learn from case studies & examples of IACCM research being implemented to drive business improvement

Moderator: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Graham Drew, Group Commercial Director, Monitise Group Plc., UK Sonja Haag, Director, Commercial Contract Management EMEA, HP Enterprise Services, Germany Qadir Marikar, Head of Commercial Assurance, PWC, UK Coen Wilms, Group Contracting Discipline Manager, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., The Netherlands



17:20 17:30 Chairmans Closing Remarks & End Of Conference In this session we shall summarise the leanings from the event and provide delegates with the inspiration and enthusiasm to deploy new ideas in their projects to increase the value of commercial capabilities! Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP DAY - TUESDAY, 23 APRIL 2013 09:00 09:45 9:45 12:15 Registration & Coffee Workshop Commercial Assurance Purpose: to identify the elements of commercial risk that have the greatest probability and consequence, in order to focus the contracting process onto the areas of most importance to the business and to support improved management awareness and decision making. Approach: identify major risk categories; link contract terms to relevant categories; identify questions related to the risks and the terms; score alternatives on the basis of relative risk impact. Output: The workshop will identify a framework of risk-related questions which enable assessment and scoring of individual contracts. This can be turned into a risk index, based on which the Commercial team can inform management of the relative riskiness of individual transactions, at inception and throughout negotiation. This will assist decisions on bidding and pricing and will also illustrate the value achieved during the negotiation process. Benefits: Such an approach raises the profile of Commercial in providing high-value management information, as well as creating value through their work in mitigating risks. It also ensures early involvement of the Commercial staff in order to undertake the initial assessment of bid documents. Having established the various options and fall-backs, it will also be possible to develop interconnections and place economic value upon them, enabling more intelligent discussion of cost and possible price variations. Workshop Leaders: Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM Paul Mallory, Regional Vice President, Europe and Africa, IACCM Simon Chard, Director, Commercial Assurance, PWC, UK 12:15 13:15 13:15 - 14:30 Lunch & Networking Enhancing Contracts Through Visualization - User Test And Group Discussion Is it true that a picture is worth a thousand words? The aim of this session is to evaluate with contract professionals the user-friendliness and clarity of traditional textual contracts versus a new typology of contract, which includes explanatory visualizations. During this session the participants will take part in a double blind user test for research purposes, where traditional and visual contracts will be used to reply to contract



comprehension questions, in order to assess which is easier and more appealing to use. The pros and cons of the two contracts will also be explored together in a group discussion. Participants are kindly requested to bring their own laptops. Join this session to: Have your say on how the future of contracts looks like Check in first person a prototype of visual contract Help researchers getting real, relevant data from top professionals Discuss new ideas and get inspiration to innovate your communication style Some preliminary results of the experiment will be announced during the main conference

Stefania Passera, Researcher, Aalto University School Of Science, Finland 14:30 17:00 Workshop: Relationships, Contracts And Relational Contracting SRM is emerging as both an important business activity and as a professional discipline within major organisations around the world. Research evidence suggests that can deliver significant tangible benefits in addition to those achieved through world-class strategic sourcing, negotiation, contract and performance management. This workshop will examine the following aspects of SRM implementation within organisations: Preparing a convincing SRM business case Putting an effective governance structure in place Creating and implementing a communications plan Engaging key stakeholders and supplier executives Developing metrics that drive successful behaviours Encouraging positive approaches to change Collaborating with strategic partners Devising appropriate contractual arrangements Tracking and reporting SRM benefits Resolving conflicts and issues collaboratively SRM

Workshop Leaders: Jacqui Archer, Director, Dealworks Ltd., UK Martin Chalkley, Co-Developer of the IACCM SRM e-Learning Programme, Consultandomi, UK 17:00 End Of Day



Who Should Attend?

Heads of contracts, directors, managers and specialists dealing with contracts Heads of commercial management, directors, managers and specialists, involved in commercial function In-house counsel Heads of procurement, directors, managers and specialists Senior project managers Heads of outsourcing Heads of supply chain management and logistics Negotiators

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With over 29,000 members representing more than 8,000 organisations in 152 countries, IACCM is leading the way in responding to the demands of global networked markets. IACCM is the only body that has developed a specific SRM learning program and certification standard. We are undertaking extensive research, training and workshops for SRM practitioners and executives. More details can be viewed at: https://www.iaccm.com/development/online-learning-programs/ Our membership is drawn from many industries and is made up of contract and commercial managers, negotiators, attorneys and supply chain professionals. Hundreds of organizations have also established Corporate Memberships, gaining enhanced services that support their performance and understanding of market trends. Through our worldwide presence and networked technology, IACCM members gain access to the thought leadership and practical tools that are essential for competitiveness in todays fiercely contested global markets. We provide insight to the leading-edge contracting and commercial skills, policies, procedures and methods that are fundamental to managing enterprise and individual risks. This insight equips professionals and their leaders to implement best practice governance of contractual commitments and trading relationships.



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Website: www.symfact.com
Symfact is the leading provider of Contract and Compliance Management Solutions enabling enterprise customers around the world to maximize revenues, minimize costs and actively manage contractual terms and risks all on a single technology platform. With Symfact solutions customers can effectively manage the documentation, deadlines, budgets, commitments, workflow, secure access and analysis tools related to contract management and compliance. As enterprises grow and change the Symfact platform easily scales from departmental to enterprise implementations. In addition Symfact solutions are readily configured to an enterprise's business processes and integrated with required IT infrastructure. The Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform is built to support and leverage the latest international legal, document and open technology standards. Symfact offers its solution as either a hosted or on-site licensed solution according to customer preference.



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Website: www.revitasinc.com Revitas, the leader in European Revenue Dynamics, delivers integrated solutions for contracts, pricing and compliance that drive profitability and lower risks. Revitas empowers companies to optimise contract performance by defying managing and analysing complex, multi-tier pricing incentives and enabling positive proof of compliance with commercial, financial, and industry requirements. Powered by the secure, scalable, and standards-based Flex platform, Revitas applications speed time to market and improve visibility across B2B relations. Hundreds of organisations across the most highly regulated and challenging industries leverage Revitass integrated solutions to save money, make money, and reduce risks.

Website: ibm.com/procurement-solutions As companies work to optimize how they manage their business, they have realized that effective contract management eliminates maverick contracting, helps them meet commitments, and ensures that deliverables comply with terms - all of which directly impact the success of their business. Global 2000 companies leverage IBM Emptoris Contract Management solutions to capture revenue opportunities, develop better supplier and vendor relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and actively enforce compliance and mitigate risks.

Website: www.sciquest.com SciQuest (NASDAQ: SQI) is the largest public provider of cloud-based business automation solutions that turn spending into a source of savings. SciQuest solutions enable greater visibility and compliance organization-wide to help you gain control, optimize efficiencies, and reduce spend. The former Upside Software contract management solution, acquired by SciQuest in 2012 and now known as SciQuest Contract Director, provides fully-automated contract management that starts from collaborative contract creation, negotiation and award, and includes risk, performance, compliance and deliverable tracking and management. These cloud-based solutions are easier to implement and proven to deliver measurable, sustainable value with SciQuests high-touch support, analysis and automation.



Main Conference: 24 25 April 2013 Workshop: 23 April 2013 Reception: 24 April 2013 Venue: Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Groups of 3 or more booking at the same time from the same company receive a 10% discount. 5 or more receive a 15% discount. 7 receive a 20% discount. Only one discount available per person.

*Corporate Member rate includes a 30% discount on the standard Full Member rate Contact Paul Mallory at pmallory@iaccm.com to learn more about Corporate Membership Please note that prices quoted in GBP are approximate and for reference only. Actual prices in GBP will vary depending on current exchange rates and charges applied by your bank. ** Please select your choice of workshop(s): 1 6 2 6 Please note that registration fees are subject to German VAT at 19%. Vat Registration #: DE 261 1019 14 *** To qualify for discounts, payment must be received with bookings by the early registration deadlines. Early booking discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

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Hotel Palace Berlin Budapester Strasse 45, Berlin, 10787, Germany Website: http://www.palace.de Phone: +49 30 2502-0 Travel and accommodation is not included in the registration fee. However a number of discounted bedrooms have been reserved at Hotel Palace. Please call the hotel directly on Tel: + 49 30 2502-0and quote booking reference IQPC to receive your discounted rate,prices start from 139.00 Euros, excluding VAT and breakfast. There is limited availability so we do encourage attendees to book early to avoid disappointment.

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Your registration gives you access to all conference sessions and roundtable discussions, in addition to: IACCM Cocktail Reception Pre-conference workshops (if included in package selected) All daytime refreshments and conference lunches Post-event access to all conference materials and presentations Invaluable networking opportunities and access to industry experts

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Substitution Policy: Substitutions are welcome at any time. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made after 30 days of booking or prior to 12 April 2013 will incur a 10% cancellation fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations made after 12 April 2013, but credit may be given towards a future IACCM event. There will be no refunds for registrants who do not attend the conference. Cancellations cannot be accepted by telephone at any time, but can be made by email to info@iaccm.com and will be valid for the relevant refund/credit so long as you have written acknowledgment. Privacy Policy: Credit card information will not be disclosed to other parties. IACCM is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/ postponement of an event. IACCM shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather or other emergency. Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IACCM reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. Payment Terms: Upon completion and return of the registration form full payment is required no later than 5 business days from the date of invoice. Payment of invoices by means other than by credit card, or purchase order (UK Plc and UK government bodies only) will be subject to a 49 (plus VAT) per delegate processing fee. Payment must be received prior to the conference date. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received.