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1. Attributes in a job:1)job is challenging. 2)it gives chances and freedom to try new things within the stipulated time.

3)it creates good work environment. 4)job is a balance between Work and personal life. 2. Leader ship qualities:1)leader is a person which makes the team committed to a common goal. 2)he communicate the decisions so that they are completely understood to every one. 3)making objectives, roles, responsibilities clear to every one. 4) leader is trusted and respected. 5)he encourage participation from the team 6)motivating the team to a common objective. 7) make the team aware of organizations mission 8) recognizing and developing future potential in the team members. 3) Job satisfaction:1)job is a balancebetween Workand personal life. 2)it gives Chances to put our new skills to effect. 3)in job Work environment is good. 4)it makes Loyalty of other people colleagues, supervisors and their behavior(levelof comfart). 5)it gives Freedom to try new things. No over-control. 6)Ability to be creative and have ownership of the work. 4) You are in a project with your seniors in your team. How will you mingle with them. Basically software industry is about people and communication betweenthem. It's good to have seniors in the team, so that learning time is prettyfast. This is an ideal opportunity for me to learn, and sharpen my technical skills. I will consult my seniors for any problem that i have. I will seek their suggestions and make the product or code work better. Consulting with seniors constantly helps in developing an efficient product. Schedule frequent meetings with them, check the problems which they faced, how to avoid those problems, how to implement some design technologies, how efficiently we can modify the code to make it work better. It's really a dream come true for me in my project. It's a much Better situation that having all people of the same kind of experience. 5) What can you do to our company if you are selected. implement best solutions possible within the Stipulated time. Contribute to increase customer satisfaction.... customer Satisfaction is the mantra of software industry. once I gain enough experience i will help juniors in developing their technical and soft skills. 6) Tell about the companies which you know till today. This question is basically just to know how much you are aware of The current software industry. Just tell few points which you know about a Few companies. I am giving you info for some of the companies. TCS - One of the India's largest software exporter. 6th largest growingconsultancy company in the world. (From the web site tcs.com). Focuses on state of the art digital technologies product design and development. WIPRO - One of another india's biggest sotware exporter. (Go thru This company is intosystems programming, application programming.

Infosys - India's first company to be listed in NASDAQ. This company is mostly into application software services. Microsoft:- Worlds most popular windows OS provider. A big giant in IT industry. Had a big role in desktops and bringing computers home. 80% of thecomputers used in the industry are that of Microsoft. Apple:- Another OS developing company. Successfully released MAC OS X recently. This is the company with the logo 'Think different'. Sun Microsystems:- This is the company that made internet so popular. inventor of java programming, a platform independent stuff. Oracle:- Developers of most popular data base oracle. Intel:- Manufacturers of Intel micro processors. A world leader in theprocessor industry. 7) How will you contact your senior employees if you need help?. senior employees are the best people to guide us and help us out when we are struck with problems. I will consult them, check whether they are free or not. if they are free, i will tell them what the problem is etc.... if iam trying to learn a new language or new technology i will ask them the best way to start with... check with them what are the kind of problems that weget... how to solve those problem... what are the different ways we can solve a problem... references for a particular information... 8) What is your reaction if a good project is given to few of your juniors. I won't feel bad about it. Projects and allocation depends on particular requirement at those times. I will work hard and if i come to know that mykill set doesn't match with requirement for that project, i will try toupdate my skill set, learn the new technologies. 9) Why did you come from education side to this side. Most of the job requirements are now in IT industry and as i realized itsoon, and i wanted a qualification in IT and found engineering is the best thing to do. Having done this course for 4years and now i am confident that i can take up any challenging task assigned to me. 10)where do u see urself after 10 years? i would like 2 see my self as aproject manager or a part of directors panel in a reputated M N C 11)wt kind of job do u see urself holding 5 years from now? im lokking for the job which makes me more productive in which i can have more i nterest a job in which i can learn more,in which i can be more creative,to work with good environment and with good people and management.if i get the job which have all these things then i dont think any jumping. 12)how does this job fit in with ur overall career goals? it will give me a headstart and become the backbone for my future career since i m considering such job as my career. 12)who in urv life influenced u most with ur career?

my engineering lecturer,she was definely the most intelligent and carer oriented individual i met.she made me feel that i had lot of potential and she believes that i can do so much better. 13)how long would u expect to work 4 us if hired as long as the work is challenging and i will have growth and training potential ,i will be happy to work here. 14)y should i hire u? i wil give 100% effort 4 ur company. profile: T C S is One of the India's largest software exporter. 6th largest growingcons ultancy company in the world.Tata Consultancy Services started in 1968. Mr.F.C Kohli who is presently the Deputy Chairman.The present CEO of the compan y is Mr.S.Ramadorai. The companies strength is about 14,000 Previously TCS works for punch card operations of Tisco. TCS was the first Indian company to make forays into the US market with clients ranging from IBM, American Express, Sega etc. TCS has developed IT solutions for over 800 clients across the world.TCS is pre sently the top software services firm in Asia. During the Y2K buildup, TCS had setup a Y2K factory in Chennai as a short-term s trategy. T C S products are available all over the world,they are known to be user frend ly,flexible ,comprehensive in their respective areas. banking,accounting,insurance,financial services,e security,manufacturing,tools a nd s-governance.+ T C S is a leading IT services provider it provides service slike consulting,it services,BPO,IT infrstructure services,engineeering and industrial services.Several business and R&D relationship with global firms like IBM, General Electric, Unigraphics Solutions have been made its vision is reaching global top10 by 2010.in tcs employee selfservice is nice