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The Report of the Rodgers

DPi/:.: 'i


This Christmas was different. It had a satisfy ing completeness. With poverty at our front door, the usual gift exchange and Christmas dinner could not complete the day. The trip
to Dandao's house, the events there and see

ing the spiritual possibilities of their com

munity blessed our Christmas day. In 1967 Norma told this man's family and some close relatives the story of Jesus. Dan dao and his brother and sister, Milton and Salete, gladly received the Word. At that time no missionaries were in Fortaleza, and Norma, being a recent convert
Dandao Salete Milton

herself, taught them as best she could. After studying with them only three or
four months, Norma left Brazil to enter Bible College in the United States. Illi teracy prevailed in this home and for them to continue studying the Scriptures on their own, Norma taught them how to read. For two years these three have continued on their own. And they made our day live as we listened to the events

of the past two years. Tears of joy filled our eyes to see how the presence of His Spirit had begun to change and motivate their lives. They filled our hearts with hope for the regeneration of this fishing community.
Christmas afternoon Norma and I went to the beach to see them. In the front

of the well-kept cottage Milton and Salete told us that Dandao was visiting a friend in the neighborhood. One of the children went to get him and Dandao
practically ran to meet us. I had met Dandao before his conversion, but nowl

saw him as a brother in Christ. It was grand. Dandao enthusiastically told us how they had continued to partake the Lord's Supper throughout the two years. He spoke of his laborious efforts to continue reading and studying God's Word. He also mentioned listening to a religious program on the radio. And from the Word, especially Dandao. Dandao explained that quite often he has another fish erman read the New Testament to him while at sea. And seeing the salt-water soiled pages, we knew his prized possession had been with him many times. What a joy it was to see a man hungry for righteousness! Then he went on to say that he had been showing other families the Scriptures and testifying how his life is different and how happy he is now. We were greatly encouraged by this example of sharing and opening the Scriptures for others.
Norma is continuing to instruct Dandao, Milton, and Salete until I can com municate in Portuguese. We have a lot of work to do with these and the rest of this community. Dandao has already sown a lot of seed in the area and only God knows what lasting results may come. We pray that many others will soon be added to this group.
We are thankful to God for His Son and this Christmas with the Pereira da

Silva family lead us to a deeper appreciation for the King.

Meet the Forwarding Agent

When John and Norma


asked me to consider

being their forwarding agent, my immediate re" i; ply was, "Yes, no con^ : sidering necessary." (I h a d been thinking about ' volunteering for the job because I knew they'd need someone for the job, even though

published quarterly, Lord willing. Because we are inexperienced, we are learning as we go. If you spot errors that I've made, or have any advice or information I should know, please drop me a line. A little about myself. First of all, I am John's only sister. My husband
Hubert has been the minister of the Richwood Church of Christ since No

I wasn't sure what would be involved.)

The next thing I said was, "What do I

One of my jobs is handling all the contributions, which should be sent to me, not to Brazil. For income tax de ductions, individual gifts should be sent through the church. I send monthly financial reports to John and Norma, acknowledge by receipt all gifts, handle
whatever business that needs to be con

vember, 1966. He is a graduate of Roanoke Bible College and I am a gradu ate of Ohio State University. We were married in June, 1968, Hubert has been a tremendous help, running er rands and gathering information for
me for John and Norma while I am

busy teaching fifth graders. We hope to serve our Lord by doing

our best for John and Norma so that

ducted here in the States for the Rod-

gers. I will organize articles and infor mation for their report which will be

they need not be concerned with me doing my job. Please pray for us, as you pray for John and Norma Rodgers.

I Am Happy
I heard the plane turbines stopI
was back home! I walked out of the

plane and in a few minutes I found myself surrounded by loved ones and the joy I felt then is something I can not express. Going home I saw those
old familiar streets that suddenly look

Sitting on their front porch I heard them express their joy and satisfaction in having Jesus and sharing Him with others. Their satisfaction was very well expressed last week when Dandao lost his youngest child. He told me that he was happy because God always knows
what is best. It is this kind of faith

ed so pretty and so dear. I found the

house all decorated for Christmas! Mom had found a nice tree branch and

after spraying it silver had decorated

it with blue balls and tensil. And on Christmas Eve we had the traditional

that gives me an even greater desire to help many others find the peace and happiness that is in Jesus.
I am so thankful I am back to share

family reunion and gift exchange. On Christmas Day John and I went to see Dandao, Salete, and Milton. It was so good to see them again! Now we can again study the Scriptures, pray and work together for our Lord.

with my people the new life I found in Jesus. I am especially happy about working with my family and friends.
John and I have a lifetime ahead of us

here in Brazil and we pray it will be

spent doing our best for Him who

saved us.

The Summer Tour

The past summer was quite an ex
perience. We traveled some 14,000 miles raising support and completing our plans to leave. We crossed the coun try from Louisana to New York City
and from Tennessee to Minnesota. We

ter of timing. We had planned^to leave

on October 30 and were able to leave for Brazil on December 18.

had speaking engagements almost ev ery weekend of the summer and part of the fall. Between our regular en gagements we enjoyed Daily Vacation Bible Schools in Baker, Louisana; Heyworth and McLean, Illinois; Sioux City, Iowa; and Celina, Ohio. During July we were in three weeks of camp
Christian in western Ohio. In addi

Working in camp and D.V.B.S. and speaking throughout the summer proved to be a pleasant experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the fine Christian fellowship, and we appreciate the ex cellent response the brethren gave us.

I have heard several missionaries re

tion to being the missionary speaker I taught a class during two of the weeks and during the third week I was the evening speaker. Norma had quite a bit to say during the missionary lesson as well as teaching classes and assist ing in the kitchen. We also had one missionary rally in Redwood Falls,
Minnesota. At the end of the summer

we experienced an indescribable spiri tual feast at the National Missionary


The only negative part of the sum mer and fall was the unexpected de lay for my visa.Neither we nor the Bra zilian Consulate in Philadelphia expec ted any delay. There seemed to be no particular problem and was just a mat

mark that raising support is just a nec essary evil before going to the mission field. So I asked myself if it really was for me. It definitely was not. And I think a significant reason is because a friend, John Watson, gave me his phi losophy. As a freshman at Bible Col lege I mentioned to him that I wanted to do missionary work, but dreading this seemingly grevious task. John said he did not see it that way. He consider ed speaking to various congregations and soliciting their support an oppor tunity to challenge them to a more vi brant expression of their faith and to help make them mission minded. His brief statement, second only to loving

people, helped change what could have

been a very selfish operation into an avenue of service and helped make the summer tour a very pleasant one.


Total Amount Received From Regular Support and Special Offerings
Total Expense General Expense

Mailing some belongings and all books

Photographic equipment and film Plane tickets-Dayton to Fortaleza, Brazil Gas and car expense for raising support

63.47 271.85 731.68 437.50


$40 per week June 8, 1969-Dec. 31, 1969





Balance December 31, 1969

Balance in checking account

Balance in reserve account

1,102.66 1.457.33 2,559.99 2,559.99


ILLINOIS: East view Christian Church. Bloomington, SS1; Mr. & Mrs. David L. Habben. Bloomington., S5; Barbra R. Pettit, Bloomington, $15; Carol Ann Vogel, Bloomington, $ I; First Christian Church, Farmer City, $50: Women's Council, Farmer Cily, SIS; Christian
Church. Heyworth, S265.68: Women's Council, Heyworth, S23; Jet Cadets, Christian Church,

HeyworCh, $5: Mr. &. Mrs. W. E. Miller, Heyworth, $10; McLean Christian Church, McLean,
$50; Christian Church, West Salem, $2 5; Win-One Class, Christian Church, West Salcm, $ I 5.

IOWA; Park Church of Christ, Goldfield, $10; Ray lang, Grindell, $6;Ladies' Council,
Morningsidc Church of Christ, Sioux Cily, $29; Morningside CKir ch of Christ, Sioux City, $633.17; Branch Boston, S iouxCity, $2 5; Stella Waechter, Sioux City, S20; Louise Valeika & Stella Waechter, Sioux City, $12.

INDIANA: Joy Farris, Griffith, S50: Valley Mills Christian Church, Indianapolis, $595; South Salcm Church of Christ, Union City, $68; Spartan burg Church of Christ, Lynn, $61.
KANSAS: Christian Church, Humboldl, $360. KENTUCKY; Christian Church Jenkins, $5.

LOUISIANA; Church of Christ, Baker, SI 85; Vernon and Roxanne Welshans, Baker, $10.

MISSOURI: Lord's Reapers, Ozark Bible College, $264.77; Roberta Kenoyer, Joplin, $100; Jim Rathbone, Joplin, $10; Bonnie Sue Oney, Alba, $20; Pete Lanyon, Carthage, $5;
Men of Williamson Hall, O.B.C., $40.70.
MINNESOTA: Church of Christ. Redwood Falls, $441.65.

NEBRASKA; Gloria Morton. Kearney. $ 10; Brian Guy, Norfolk, $10. OHIO: Amelia Church of Christ, Amelia, $49.17; Celina Church of Christ, Celina,

$749.97; Don & Mary Colson. Celina. $5; Ethelyn Mann, Celina, SlO; Church of Christ,
Women's Endeavor, Celina. S10; Jim & Iris Rodgers. Celina, Si i 5; East Liberth Church, East

Liberty, $50; Camp Christian. Houston, S300: Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kennard, Lima, $10; Triangle Guild. Montezuma Church of Christ, $25; Monte/.uma Church of Christ, Montezuma, $58,15; McGuffey Church of Christ, McGuffey, $20; Harrod & Opal Menchofer, New Breman, S60: Church of Christ, Richwood, $75.25; Bob & Eleanor Powell, St. Marys, $5: Betheen Grubaugh, Van Wert, $ 10; Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Morris, Van Wert, $10; Church of

Christ, Van Wert, $125; Hubert & Karen Granger, Richwood, $100. OKLAHOMA: Church of Christ, Collinsville, $429.80, Christian Church, Dewey, $50.

TENNESSEE; Houth Hills Christian Church, Cleveland, $45.

TEXAS: Amos & Betty Hill, Wichita Falls, $30.

_ ,


Mrs. Hubert Granger

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