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One day a fox took a walk

The Fox and the Crow in the woods.

by Aesop

The fox saw a crow in a tree. The crow had a tiny, but
very tasty smelling, piece
of cheese in her beak.

2 3
“Mmm,” said the fox, “that The fox wanted that piece
is one tiny but tasty smelling of cheese.
piece of cheese.”

4 5
She had to think of a way to The fox looked up at the crow
get the crow to drop it. and said,

6 7
“Look at that beautiful bird! The crow puffed herself
Oh! Is she gorgeous or what?” up with pride as the fox

8 9
“I’m telling you if that bird “That’s right! The queen of
could sing, she would be the all birds. If she could sing
queen of all birds.” that is.”

10 11
The crow wanted to be known and so she opened her beak
as the queen of all birds, and let out a...caw!

12 13
Unfortunately, she also let The poor crow watched the
out the tiny piece of cheese. tiny piece of cheese drop,
drop, drop and drop.

14 15
It did not stop until it popped The fox swallowed and said,
in the fox’s mouth with a
tiny kerplop.

16 17
“Ahhh! That was deliciously And she ran off into the
cheesy and surprisingly easy!” woods with a skip and a hop.

18 19
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very, very, very, very, big

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