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LIST PETROM OMV NORMS for partners, updated 01.06.

2009 Group Long name General Petrom OMV Norms List 100 Organisation and project management Installation work- Processing Instruction manuals 200 Plant end technical equipment Process plants-Layout Guidelines Process plant, safety equipment Process plant, safety labeling Process plants-Fire Protection Process plants-Local planning principles Tags and tags holders 300 Project documents, performance Plans and drawings.Achievement Pictograms Measuring, order, adjustment Codes of mediums -for pipelines Labeling System (Marking) - Plant Equipment Labeling System (Marking) - Pipeline Labeling Labeling System (Marking)-Measurement, Control,Regulations Labeling System (Marking)-Electrical equipment Classification system, labelling of technical documents - General Classification system, labelling of technical documents - Main and subgroups Classification system, labelling of technical documents - Type of documentation Classification system, labelling of technical documents - Plant codes Classification system, labelling of technical documents - Shortnames Electronic plan generation- General Electronic plan generation- System Auto CAD Electronic plan generation-PDS Electronic plan generation- SPPID Electronic plan generation- COMOS Pt Electronic plan generation- PROMIS Electronic plan generation- I-Sketch Electronic plan generation- MicroStation Electronic plan generation- Generation of isometrics Plan contents - Flow Diagrams Plan contents - Isometric Drawings Plan contents - General Layouts Plan contents - Hazard Zone Plans A Civil enginneering , building services Above -and below Ground Construction Cable conduits,Cable drawing shafts and Cable troughs . Planning and Implementation Casting materials; Filling up foundations by casting Furnances, boilers B Furnances- Design and Implementation DEF Pressure equipment ( columns, heat exchangers, reactors) Pressure vessels-Design and Implementation E Heat exchangers, coolers Heat exchangers-surface protection with organic materials Pumps, compressors, drives, mixers,blowers, centrifuges, ejectors G Centrigugal pumps-Design and Construction Piston compressors-Design and Implementation Turbocompressors-Design and Implementation Reciprocating Pumps-Design and construction Steam Turbines to API 611 general purpose steam turbines-design and construction Short name 001 P 110 130 201 202 203 204 206 220 301 302 part 4 303 305 part 1 305 part 2 305 part 3 305 part 4 305 part 5 310 part 1 310 part 2 310 part 3 310 part 4 310 part 5 350 351 352 353 354 355 357 358 359 360 part 1 360 part 2 360 part 3 360 part 4 A 3001 A 3003 A 3401 B 2001 DEF 2001 E 2001 rev.13/01.06.2009 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.2/10.07.2008 rev.2/30.06.2007 rev.2/30.06.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.2/01.06.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/30.05.2007 rev.1/30.05.2007 rev.1/30.05.2007 rev.0/30.09.2007 rev.0/30.09.2007 rev.2/10.07.2008 rev.2/10.06.2008 rev.2/10.06.2008 rev.2/03.12.2008 rev.2/30.03.2009 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/30.03.2009 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/10.04.2006 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.2/01.06.2009 rev.1/05.05.2008 Remarks

G 2001 G 2002 G 2003 G 2004 G 2005

rev.2/10.06.2008 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/01.02.2007


Long name Steam Turbines to API 612 special purpose steam turbines-design and construction Gas Turbines- design and construction Low-Pressure Process Gas Blower-design and construction Air/Flue Gas Blowers for Furnace Systems-design and construction Piping construction Steel pipelines-Design and Planning Principles Safety vents; Conception Components exposed to acid gas - design Pipe center distances Connection Lenghts- on insulated and non-insulated pipelines Distances Between Pipe Supports Refinery gate valves - DIN Refinery gate valves - ANSI Miniature Gate Valves- DIN and ANSI Ball valves DIN and ANSI Liquid level indicators - Reflexion and treansparent - DIN and ANSI Liquid level indicator - Magnet-controlled Piping - vent stubs - DIN and ANSI Piping, drain stubs, DIN and ANSI Piping, safety valve stubs for thermal expansion, DIN and ANSI Piping, pressure tapping stubs, DIN and ANSI Piping, temperature metering stubs, DIN and ANSI Piping, Sampling Connections, DIN and ANSI Heating systems with steam, resp. hot water; Conception and execution Utilities' stations Blanking Plates;DIN flanges Blanking Plates; ANSI Flanges - RF, RTJ groove, RTJ tongue Pipelines of steel and cast steel; execution Safety vents; execution Components exposed to acid gas-Requirement Level Implementation Components exposed to acid gas-Requirement Level Implementation Components exposed to acid gas-Requirement Level Implementation Pipe Classes DIN and ANSI

Short name G 2006 G 2007 G 2008 G 2009 H 1001 H 1002 H 1003 H 1201 H 1203 H 1204 H 2002 H 2003 H 2004 H 2005 H 2009 H 2010 H 2202 H 2203 H 2204 H 2266 H 2267 H 2271 H 2401 H 2402 H 2403 H 2404 H 3001 H 3002 H 3003 Part 1 H 3003 Part 2 H 3003 Part 3 H 3101 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/01.12.2006 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/01.02.2007


rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.1/31.07.2007 see:OMV RefStd_1010_v090201 rev.2/01.06.2009 rev.2/15.01.2009 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/10.04.2007 rev.1/01.03.2007 rev.1/01.03.2007 rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.1/01.03.2007 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/01.03.2007 rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/31.07.2007 see: OMV RefStd_1010_v090201


Description of parts, DIN and ANSI H 3155 Pipelines of steel and cast steel; Welding and checking H 3305 Steam pipelines; Water discharge ( purging) H 3401 Piping - Expansion measurement elements H 3402 Piping - Marking according to flow medium H 4201 Marking, Pipelines and connection pieces H 4209 Marking; Flanges, Screws, Nuts and Gaskets H 4210 Reception of the locking bodies and armatures H 4302 Test of pressure, Washing, drying, purging and staining H 4303 Pipeline Construction, Schedule of Works, Tendering and Billing H 5101 Steel construction, lifting equipment Steel structures- Design J 1001 J 2201 Constructii metalice; Proiectare Steel Structures- Implementation J 3001 Measurements, control,regulation Instrumentation and Process Automation-Design K 1001 Emergency Shutdown System K 1002 Measurement, order, adjustment;Distribution of air of instruments K 1301 Cable Separation and Cable Conduits in Cable troughs, K 1303 (K3292) measurement and control Field Installation of Instruments, General Principles Temperature measurement- installation guidline Installation of instrumentations K 1311 (K3293)

see: OMV RefStd_1110_H_v090201 OMV RefStd_1110_001_H_v090201 OMV RefStd_1110_002_H_v090201 OMV RefStd_1110_003_H_v090201 OMV RefStd_1110_004_H_v090201 rev.1/31.07.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.130.09.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/18.04.2007 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.2/05.11.2008 rev.2/30.04.2009 rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.2/05.05.2008

rev.2/05.05.2008 K 1351 rev.1/01.03.2007 K 3401 (old 3290) rev.2/05.11.2008


Long name Cables of measurement and order (without compensation cables) Compensation cables Mounting rings, ring diafragms with a chamber Impulse plugs for pressure indicator Separation bowls - Requirements for materials Separation bowls - Execution Compensation bowls Closing bodies. Measuring Diafragms Devices of pressure measuring; Connection pieces Devices of pressure measuring; Accessories Protective sleeves sensing temperature Protective sleeve and conduit - temperature measurements with rod thermometer Thermoresistant and thermocouples Devices of level measurement. Immersion bowls Level switches . Immersion bowls Electric distributors Thermal, cold and sound insulation Thermal Insulation-Design Thermal Insulation-Construction Cold Insulation - Design Sound insulation, design Insulation - specifications - tender and billing Fire protection Fire Protection coating-Implementation Foam /water jets-Withdrawal points for firefighting water and foaming agent-water mix Foam Hydrant- Fire Protection Fixed sprinkler system Electrical equipments and electric motors Lighting system Hight voltage cable Heating, electric, design Three phase asynchronous motors, implementation Corrosion protection, coatings Corrosion protection, design

Short name K 3402 K 3403 K 3411 K 3412 K 3413 K 3414 K 3415 K 3416 K 3431 K 3433 K 3451 K 3452 K 3454 K 3461 K 3462 K 3499 L 1001 L 3001 L 3002 L 3003 L 5101 M 3001 M 3401 M 3402 M 3403 N 3003 N 3004 N 3005 N 3401

Remarks rev.1/30.11.2008 rev.1/30.11.2008 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.2/15.09.2008 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/15.08.2008 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/01.03.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/01.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/30.09.2007 rev.1/01.02.2007 rev.1/10.04.2007 rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.2/15.01.2009 rev.1/10.04.2007 rev.2/10.06.2008 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.31.05.2007 rev.31.05.2007 rev.2/30.04.2009 rev.1/31.05.2007

P 1001 Corrosion protection, vessel floor coating made of epoxy vinyl ester resin;design, execution, supervision Corrosion protection,vessel floor refurbishment self supporting GRP floor, design, execution, supervision Corrosion protection,vessel, trough containement coating with glassfiber-reinforced synthetic resin, design, execution, supervision Corrosion protection, pipe refurbishment waste water tube lining P 2003 P 2004 P 2005 P 2006 Corrosion protection, implementation Corrosion protection, specification, measurement and settlement of account Corrosion protection, upright vessel floor coating made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy vinyl ester resin, specification Corrosion protection, upright vessel floor refurbishment selfsupporting GRP floor specification Corrosion protection , upright vessel through refurbishment polyester alkyd-resin with needle felt non-woven fabric, specification Corrosion protection, pipe refurbishment waste water tube lining, specification Q Analysis technology On-line analysis Q 1001 T Storage tanks Flat bottom tanks - (Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks) - General Principles, Design and Construction Steel Secondary Containment Systems - For Flat Bottom Tanks (Jacketed Tanks) - Design and Construction Tank Heating - Design and Construction Scaffolding P 3001 P 5101 P 5103 P 5104 P 5105 P 5106

rev.1/01.04.2008 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.1/01.04.2008 rev.01.11.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006 rev.01.06.2006


T 2001 T 2002 T 2003

rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.1/30.03.2007 rev.1/30.03.2007


Long name Scaffolding-Erection and specifications Petrom/OMV Guidelines Aceptance and handover .Log General Technical Preliminary Statements

Short name W 2001 901 902

Remarks rev.1/21.12.2006 rev.2/10.07.2008 rev.2/10.06.2008