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ITT Technical Institute Student Portal Information Sheet

You now have access to the new ITT Tech Student Portal. The Student Portal allows you to access
valuable material crucial to your career at ITT Technical Institute and provides you access to your student
e-mail account. You can access the Student Portal from any Internet-connected computer.

Portal Login
• Where – http://studentportal.itt-tech.edu
• Username – Your username is your student ID (the 8-digit number you use to log in to ITT
computers; this number is printed on your schedule and ID badge).
• Password – Your password is initially set as your birth date in a MMDDYYYY format.
• Security – Upon initial login you will be prompted to answer 5 security questions in the event you
will need to obtain or change your password in the future.
E-Mail Login
• Where – Click on “E-Mail” in the drop-down list under the “Resources” tab on the Student Portal.
This will direct you to the login screen.
• Username – Your username will usually be the first letter of your first name and your entire last
name followed by @email.itt-tech.edu
► Example: Lloyd Dobler = LDobler@email.itt-tech.edu
• However, if you have a common last name, there may be a number appended to your address.
► Example: John Smith = JSmith7@email.itt-tech.edu
• If you’re still not sure what your email address is, click on the “My ITT” tab at the top of the portal
• Password – Your password is initially set to YYMMDDlastname, where YYMMDD represents your
date of birth and lastname represents the first 6 letters of your last name.
► Example: Lloyd Dobler born October 9, 1971 = 711009dobler (exactly 6 letters)
► Example: John Smith 7, 1984 = 840707smith (fewer than 6 letters)
► Example: Jane Kirkpatrick born August 27, 1957 = 570827kirkpa (more than 6 letters)
Student Schedules
• Where – Click on “My ITT”
• What if your schedule isn’t there? It’s likely that you have a financial aid hold on your record. You
need to get in contact with a financial aid representative as soon as possible to be able to access
your schedule.
Career Bank
• Where – Click on “Career Bank” in the drop-down list under the “Resources” tab on the Student
• What – Career Bank is ITT Tech’s online jobs database and career information tool. ITT Tech
students and graduates can upload resumes, search for jobs, apply online for jobs, research
companies, learn about occupations and employment trends and access other resources to help
in their career search.
Student Surveys
• Where – During week 7, links to student surveys will be posted in the upper-right hand corner of
the front page of the Portal
• What – Student surveys are online questionnaires that allow you the opportunity to provide
feedback on courses, instructors, and facilities that will help the ITT Tech faculty and staff improve
education and services for you and future students. You will receive email notification in your ITT
Tech student email inbox when a survey is available.
Important Notes
• To use the campus wifi, you must first see Ben Gergens. Ben can be reached at
bgergens@itt-tech.edu or at extension 120.
• Read your ITT Tech e-mail daily to make sure you are not missing critical information from ITT
Tech instructors and staff.

Created on 2/9/2008 9:31:00 a2/p2 by Lauren Lanning

• The Student Portal and email passwords are case sensitive, so always use lowercase.
• Extensive help information on portal and e-mail is available on the “Help Center” tab of the
Student Portal.
• Keep this instruction sheet for future reference.

Created on 2/9/2008 9:31:00 a2/p2 by Lauren Lanning