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--Asmodeus-Duriel-- sees Cait walk in and stays still a small smile on her face Ruben_Lcke chuckles, "oh its

healing pretty well." 8h rr is away. Abg : "That's good to hear. I still feel guilty about it though..." Abg : >< )) Talera asks Vloogrop to answer the door and the older man nods . He walks over to the door and opens it. KONt : and there she goes Ruben_Lcke : Oh dont be, you more then made up for it last night MlK : That's good to hear. I still feel guilty about it though.. " ** Ruben_Lcke : Oh dont be, you more then made up for it last night h rr is, amazingly enough, back in the KON HQ, waiting on a few others to show up. Cait should be heading that way if she wants in. MlK : :: Malee smirked :: MlK : I HATE it when I do that! )) 8You have been marked as being away. Destiny_Kobal heads on into the KON HQ, showing her ID and stuff Blly_Rocketcdlllc holds up one of his hands and waves to the old guy, "heya Jenkins! Is Talera about?" 8Jedi_Master_Sage has made Destiny_Kobal a Host. Ruben_Lcke whispers softly into her ear in a low, seductive tone KONt 's commlink bleeps, "oh for the love of..." she heads out, trailing her fingers across Asmo's shoulder as she passes the woman, autoing the rest of the way to the KON headquarters 8KONt is away. Host Destiny_Kobal kicked Jedi_Master_Sage out of the chat room: kiss my ass jedi scum, you know you'll like it, better yet, kiss Tal's! Talera Vloogrop frowns at the man but lets him in" She is int he livingroom." Talera turns hearing the exchange and says" Come in Billy" Talera : ROFL) MlK : :: Her eyes widened :: "Yea well.. that never leaves the bedroom.." h rr settles in the same meeting room. "We may have to redecorate if we are going to be coming here all the time." Ruben_Lcke sniggers, "you sure? I bet the other jedi'd loooove to know that" KONt : y'all wanted to see me, boss? X_JP_Kothsak_X : Naw i think Tal would enjoy that too much)) MlK : "No. Seriously Ruben.." 8X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X has joined the conversation. 8X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X is away. Destiny_Kobal : and here I was just getting used to the old decor, I hardly get to make meetings these days dealing with these files I'm supposed to not tell anyone about Blly_Rocketcdlllc smiles and rests his guitar up against the coat rack, he walks up to Tal and smiles at her, "its good to see you again, Talera..." 8X_JP_Kothsak_X has left the conversation. h rr : I managed to reach Des, Cait. So second verse is the same as the first. You can listen in again, or run away, pretending you didn't hear the summons. Your call. Ruben_Lcke hugs her gently in his arms and kisses the end of her nose, "it wont, i promise..... it just stays between you and me" X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : locations?)) KONt : this about y'all havin a quest against the NSS? h rr : I do?: h rr : h rr : Why don't people TELL me these things X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : lol))

X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : because its funner to watch when we dont)) Destiny_Kobal : its a conspiracy, they've been planning it for yeards Destiny_Kobal : *years KONt : look, im on call right now...whats this 'bout? MlK : "Good.. " :: She smiled and then remembered what she had told him last night about her parents being sith :: h rr shakes her head, "Des missed the meeting. Des, I called an emergency meeting yesterday, for a couple of reasons. One is that there is a solid nasty lack of communication between the current administration." Destiny_Kobal thinks malee is a sith agent trained to lure jedi out of the order by bedding them]] Talera smiles and gestures to a chair " you too Billy, have a seat" Ruben_Lcke : and that stays between us too........ right? MlK : "Yes" X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : see she admits it Des))) KONt should join forces with Malee) Destiny_Kobal : no arguement there X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : MalK : "Yes" X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : )) MlK : are y'all QUITE down now?! )) X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : no)) Blly_Rocketcdlllc sits down opposite her, looking aroundthe room briefly before looking at her, "so, you werent at work because of maternity leave yesterday?" Ruben_Lcke nods gently and kisses her again, "good girl." Talera : I was at work...what are you talking about? Destiny_Kobal : so how do you want us to fix it? h rr : The KON's statis at this point is to try to keep our heads down and keep functioning, but I wanted everyone to know that there may be real problems. We communicated to Corey after the meeting... it wasn't pretty, not even a little. h rr : Also, I'm going to try to bring Melanie Storm here. I'm assuming you aren't a mole who will either kill her or release her? X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : dangit i missed Corey again00 X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : )) MlK : :: She giggled some and grabbed her lightsaber, not realizing which one she grabbed since both looked exactly the same. She had grabbed the red one and not the cryistal blue one :: Destiny_Kobal : Anything with Corenthal rarely is, was it worse than usual this time? Destiny_Kobal : I'm a mole killer 8Abg has left the conversation. KONt : anyone mind if i post a link here?)) KONt : its all fun stuff)) Destiny_Kobal : yes we mind] Destiny_Kobal : we will devour your soul if you do] KONt : thought you would, dollface)) MlK : If its Gerard Butler then I don't mind.. )) MlK : oh.. )) X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X devours Caits soul)) X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X : mmmm good eating)) Blly_Rocketcdlllc raises a brow, "There was a guy trying to steal files from the Admin office..... i was able to at least stop him from taking the files" he smiles weakly, "i was wanting to chat to you then, but I never saw you, so i waited outside" h rr : Good. Then I should explain to you that I can't bring her to the Palace cells-- I

was warned by an assassin that the attempts on people went 'all the way to the king'. When I asked him about it, he got defensive, then lied. h rr : him being the king. Talera : I was only at my office for a short time. I lectured yesterday and then I came home early to be with my children. Ruben_Lcke ruffles her hair up a little, "so, you going to go shopping first, or afterwards?" MlK : "Whatever works.." h rr : I'm hoping he just needs time to adjust to being the monarch. But I can't risk his life or the lives of others by putting melanie where she will just be turned loose. Destiny_Kobal : weird.. not that anything about this recent king isn't --Asmodeus-Duriel-- : poke me if you want any of mah charries) Destiny_Kobal : I want your charries' souls, I collect them]] Blly_Rocketcdlllc : ah well.......... least we're chatting now, huh? ^_^ Ruben_Lcke : up to you, hot stuff 8METH_POLT has left the conversation. X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X devours all the souls including Destineys before she can)) MlK : "I usually train in the mornings so.. I'll return soon.." X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X does so)) X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X success)) Talera smiles" was there something in specific you wanted to discuss?" his comm seemed out of the blue to her. h rr : There is a new organization, the NSS. They are in charge of the palace, so don't step on their toes. Also... the NIA is back in action. If you join them, leave here, please. Ruben_Lcke nods gently, "i guess i'll wait here then..... check my emails and such" MlK : "I wont be long.." :: She planted a soft kiss on his lips then clipped the lightsaber onto her belt and left the appartment, soon in route to the prax gardens :: Blly_Rocketcdlllc smiles a little, "nah, not really...... i guess i just really enjoy your company, y'know. You're a real sweet person, Talera. Guess thats why i think you're cool" MlK : is anyone at the prax besides Spencer? )) Ruben_Lcke smiles and watches her go before he goes back to checking his files and such, looking for any new jobs Destiny_Kobal : Damnit! covert ops is my thing, everyone who's allowed to know that does, we don't need two intel groups h rr shrugs, "Not my call, Des. None of this has been. The only time the king granted me was five minutes in the middle of one of his dates. I'm pretty much in the dark about what is going on." Talera smiles and looks down at her hands" thank you Billy, I enjoy your company as well." she places her hand on the side of her abdomen though she gives no other indication that she is in pain. 8X_NSF_Tiamel_Reckal_X has left the conversation. Destiny_Kobal : Shan, you're a jedi and I used to be, there's something off here, giving the jedi back their legal powers and reinstating the NIA will create more problems than it's meant to solve. Last thing we need are the kind of jedi who have no clue playing cop Blly_Rocketcdlllc "well...." he clears his throat, "there is something, but....... jeez, it sounds nuts" h rr : That is another thing. I know that the one he calls Astron is Tarlax. But what I don't know is what threat he poses for Naboo. And frankly, giving the Jedi back arresting powers doesn't mean much. Everyone has forgotten that Naboo has a

citizen's arrest< h rr : law. They have always been able to arrest. Talera frowns slightly" what is it? what sounds nuts?" Blly_Rocketcdlllc : ah was wondering if ah could work for you....... h rr : As for the NIA... I can't stop them from being brought back, but I can make sure they can't access KON records and files, and I have done so. MlK : :: Malee soon entered the prax gardens and the only person she spotted was Spencer :: "Good morning.." :: She said to the padawan :: Destiny_Kobal : people rarely take citizen's arrests seriously. But that'd help heaps. I'll make sure all intel files I bring in are KON encrypted Talera : work for me? I dont have a business...I am unsure what you mean... --Asmodeus-Duriel-- looks up "oh... morning" he says 8LL has joined the conversation. TLLM : sexy sexy trin trin) h rr : good. Get with mackey for the particulars, he has done wonders with the system. Also, refering back to melanie Storm-- Kate Fitzgerald is another involved. I would love to know who in the palace is in or influenced by this. Blly_Rocketcdlllc : just doing anything. Butler, gardener, cook, anything, just some sort of hired help..... LL : hey sexay ryll baby)) Destiny_Kobal : oh yeah.. about Kate.. h rr gives Des an inquiring look. Talera frowns slightly" surely there are far better opportunities in Theed. Why do you wish to work for me?" --JP-spencer-margera-- looks up "oh... morning" he says --JP-spencer-margera-- : grr) MlK : "I haven't interrupted any training have I?" :: She questioned before unclipping her lightsaber :: LL Looks at ryll 'still here?' she asks with a grin Destiny_Kobal : I have a contact in the Nar Shardaa Thieves Guild, he told me about two encounters that both connected to her. I hire him now and then for nabbing documents that were wrongfully taken in the first place. I don't know if he's a target of hers yet, but if --JP-spencer-margera-- : nothing i can't pick back up in a minute Destiny_Kobal : he is and you want Kate taken in, I can let him know he has friends MlK : "I don't believe I have seen you around here before.." --JP-spencer-margera-- : i have been here for the past few months You have been disconnected from the chat server due to network difficulties. Please wait while you are reconnected... Connected! h rr : Sounds good. Justin is also after them, just so you know. Make sure your guy and Justin don't mistake each other for the enemy. I want to find out who is pulling strings, if it is Kate, fine, if it is someone else.... h rr : If you bring anyone to KON cells to lock them up, make damn sure you do everything by the book. I don't want us to become vigilante. h rr : wb) Destiny_Kobal : ty] Talera : hmm I dont really need anything around here, perhaps I can find you work helping with the grounds of the Praxeum . I will do what I can to help you find a job. h rr : you missed the male stripper) TLLM i have been in and out for a whie" he chuckles MlK : It was the Phantom... yum! )) 8Luc_Maynard has joined the conversation.

8Luc_Maynard is away. Destiny_Kobal : i'm quite sure I can go on living]] Blly_Rocketcdlllc looks to Talera, "will it be helping you?" he asks quietly KONt : you missed me strip, too)) --JP-spencer-margera-- so are you a student here?" he asks opening a bottle of coke MlK : "Yes actually.. and I assume you are aswell.." Destiny_Kobal ] Talera tilts her head and looks at him carefully." why do you have such a need to help me? wouldnt helping anyone bring you the same satisfaction?" 8Luc_Maynard has left the conversation. Blly_Rocketcdlllc he shrugs softly before he smiles and nods, forcing his happiness, "well sure! Ah was just asking, thats all" Destiny_Kobal : Got it, whats Justin's status at present? h rr : lower level KON. He doesn't want the Colonel's job, and frankly that is a good thing. We are already lacking diplomacy in all other NSF divisions. --JP-spencer-margera-- learning under Master Wohali in fact" he says nodding and taking a sip of his drink Destiny_Kobal : where is he anyway? KONt : i outrank Justin? h rr : Probably, Cait. Try ordering him around to find out? Destiny_Kobal : Justin never cared who outranked who Talera frowns slightly" is there something you are not saying Billy?" MlK : "I see. My master was killed.. " :: She admitted sadly :: Blly_Rocketcdlllc his smile wavers a little, before he glances away, "ah dont know what you mean..." h rr nods her head, "I know, and it is one of the best things about him." she adds calmly, "Space is considering a coup, if the king becomes actively detrimental to Naboo. That is classified information. If I let it out, we will be SURE to have a war, and I < --JP-spencer-margera-- : i'm sorry to hear that... who were they? h rr >am trying like crazy to avoid that. Ground is also looking rather militant right now." LL mind if i sit here' she motions towars a chair next to him Destiny_Kobal : There's alot familiar about this new king, I can't place it MlK : :: She gave the name of her master then dipped her head :: "It was a long time ago.." TLLM : go for it ich uhm? was eating breafast? or playing with sugar shakers? --JP-spencer-margera-- nods "my sympathies" h rr : The whole situation screams Solen to me. But I have no proof, and I would hate to condemn an innocent man to death if I'm wrong. Jusnallahan was standing in the back of that room, leaning against the wall...out of view and what not MlK : "Its fine.." h rr : One note... the KON will NOT be going dark, and we won't be minions of chaos. Too old school, too boring, etc. Destiny_Kobal : And too Solen h rr : exactly. Talera nods" alright then, forget I asked. I will see what I can do about the job situation" 8Jusnallahan has returned. 8Jusnallahan is away. h rr : He seems to be supporting the Jedi, yet... he hasn't made contact with any

really canny Jedi. He isn't allowing many close to him. Destiny_Kobal : Looks like a publicity stunt to me --JP-spencer-margera-- : so, how long have you been a Padawan Blly_Rocketcdlllc : ah like you LL she takes the seat and gazes around at the rest of the room noticing people she hasnt seen before. she nods and smiles at most of them.....Asmo.... Destiny...Mira...Micheal Destiny_Kobal : get good with the jedi, make them not see what he's up to, then yank their authority when they need it most.. I'm sure thats been done before 8You are no longer marked as being away. 8You have been marked as being away. h rr : I'm leaning that way. To be honest, He seems to be antagonizing his own forces, and I can't figure out why. MlK : :: She rose to her feet and nodded at Spencer :: "A long time.." :: She wouldn't say how long she had been at the prax. She unleashed her lightsaber and ignighted the blade, a darker shade of red. Malee, however, didn't notice she had grabbed the > Destiny_Kobal : discord, keep them off balance MlK : < wrong one :: --Asmodeus-Duriel-- sees the nod from Trinitallia and holds back the sneer *people... such hateful creatures* she thinks h rr nods, that thought came to mind. "I really hope you are wrong, Des. Those aren't the actions of a responsible king." she shrugs, "At this point, we serve the Crown and Naboo. In whatever capacity we can." Jusnallahan chuckles softly "maybe to weed out which ones are blind dogs...and which ones have backbone" KONt : maybe im wrong, but maybe the guy's just fracked up but doesnt wanna admit it? --JP-spencer-margera-- unclips his sabre and leaps over the other side of the bench "is there a reason that is activated?" Destiny_Kobal smiles "there you are" h rr : Those are all good possibilities. And the answer to them all is... I don't know. I'm good, but not good enough to evaluate a man who refuses to be in the same room as me. MlK : "I was going to train a little.. why are you so jumpy?" :: She questioned. Then her eyes went to the blade and widened :: "Oh crap.." KONt : i could try? i got a way with people KONt sticks out her chest appropriately h rr : I tried to reach the Jedi Council through Knight Lock, but I don't know how much success I had. --JP-spencer-margera-- : sorry, my experience is Red equals bad h rr : Um.... Cait Destiny_Kobal : er.. Destiny_Kobal : the king could be gay h rr : I'm not sure effectionately buzzing his room at the palace with your fighter is what I had in mind KONt : thats fine, we could disuss hair style tips MlK : "Wait.. I didn't mean to bring this... oh crap.. oh crap..." Jusnallahan : i think we should back off the jedi some. i dont like them all but i do like a couple and i think we should let this play out Jusnallahan finally moving out from his spot --JP-spencer-margera-- not your sabre?" MlK : "Y-Yes... it is mine.." :: She wouldn't tell him where she got it :: h rr gives Justin a look that rather says, "What did you drink this morning?" but

she shrugs, "I'm not backed ONTO the Jedi. I didn't think we were even discussing them?" Blly_Rocketcdlllc : ah was asking........ because ah like you Destiny_Kobal : Shan, want me to try passing on the message? my brother in law has a way with some council members Destiny_Kobal cringes realising how that may have sounded and glares at Cait "that line will never be useable again will it?" --JP-spencer-margera-- : i see... KONt : not in the same room as me MlK : "Im not what you think I am..." h rr That would be fine, Des. I really don't know what to tell them, just that I'm having flashbacks of Solen, and for them to be aware. There are still a few there who don't call me Rogue, I suppose." KONt : so what kinda counciller does he like? is he into the Talera kind? the Ivory kind? the Sage kind? h rr : That would be fine, Des. I really don't know what to tell them, just that I'm having flashbacks of Solen, and for them to be aware. There are still a few there who don't call me Rogue, I suppose." Talera smiles" well I like you too Billy and I appreciate that you wish to help me. But presently there isnt anything for you to do" --JP-spencer-margera-- : smiles "i have only known you five minutes... i don't think you are anything but someone new to meet --JP-spencer-margera-- smiles "i have only known you five minutes... i don't think you are anything but someone new to meet h rr : His date was with Knight Ribozx. Destiny_Kobal : Cait, he's married to my sister KONt : no no, Shan, im askin about Dessy's bro-in law Destiny_Kobal : i've never forgiven her h rr : oh! Blly_Rocketcdlllc smiles gently to her, "i'll admit......... ah've never felt as comfortable in mah life, as ah do here, right now" if she uses the force, she'll know he means that in a kind way, no malice at all KONt : dont black sheep people, they're sometimes cute MlK : "So.. you don't think Im a sith?" :: She questioned as she raised her eyebrow :: h rr : that answers your question. He is into the Sage kind. --JP-spencer-margera-- : are you? MlK : "N.. No..." --JP-spencer-margera-- then i don't think you are" he says "so, you want to train or what?" Destiny_Kobal : Shan. h rr : yep? h rr wonders if she is going to have to duck now. Destiny_Kobal : Goldfish are going to smother you in your sleep and I'm not going to do a thing about it KONt : kinky MlK : "Sure.." :: She grinned. She was relieaved the padawan didn't try to kill her :: h rr nods thoughtfully..... "Well, if I have to go..... Are they wet? or dried off and dead." Destiny_Kobal : didn't you hear? he's spoken for, he's been banging with some Gondarion girl.. I meant hanging with KONt : ah, necrophilia h rr : lmao) Jusnallahan "there are days..." he just looks confused

Destiny_Kobal : so meant hanging with.. eh, maybe both h rr : I heard. I'm so sorry for your loss. Talera thats a good thing then. I will do what I can to help you. " She appreciated his friendship and took his words as just that. Friendship. Destiny_Kobal : oh yeah, that girl was hot KONt : got her number? --JP-spencer-margera-- : before we start Malee... need to go brb for a coupla mins) h rr looks to Justin, "What love? Oh, back on topic?" she looks to Des, "Any questions about what what we covered?" Jusnallahan : i dont care if youre on topic or not i just dont get it... h rr : Des has a relative who is banging a hot chick Des doesn't like but who can contact a few members on the Council for me. h rr : or Hanging... MlK : ok )) KONt : an i want said chick's number h rr one What, des. not two) Jusnallahan gives a nod, he still doesnt see what was funny about all of that but today is a dense day. its all ok Destiny_Kobal : whoa! no, my relative is my sister who is banging Valiant, for which I will not forgive her, you can't have my sister's number Destiny_Kobal : I meant Sage was hanging with some hot girl who Cait might like KONt : oh, this sage's girl's number? Destiny_Kobal : I think she's a prax-babe KONt : so? Destiny_Kobal : Question, say we find out he's gone like Solen and we have a shot, do we take it? Destiny_Kobal : he being Roan of course h rr : hasn't stopped Cait in the past..... KONt : i think i've least five jedi h rr : If we are sure he is dark, if we are sure he is going to cause innocents to be hurt, then yes. That is, quite frankly, why I am here. Destiny_Kobal : at one time? thats impossible KONt : no, once was two at a time, but never more at once h rr : Duma, don't challenge her, Des. 8Taln has joined the conversation. 8Taln is away. h rr : talon! long time no see) Destiny_Kobal : So.. the fate of Naboo rests in our hands. The world is screwed Taln : certainly is shan)) KONt : i'd very greatly screw the world Destiny_Kobal : See? told ya Mr_Vlj was... playing with sugar and salt and peper shakers with Mickey, until Barbie brought the food out KONt : look, 'yo, just 'cause im hot, it dont mean you can pick on me Destiny_Kobal : Hey Cait, try ordering Justin around, you outrank him Jusnallahan drops his head just some, into his hand and shook his head KONt : nah h rr laughs, "Mostly, Des. But keep in mind, we do the best we can. This isn't a perfect insight into the situation. He might just be a young twit who needs to get his jollies done before settling to rule."

Destiny_Kobal : I dare you to order him to make you a coffee KONt : aint got someone i want smashin in Destiny_Kobal : Well.. there is an old NIA trick I heard worked once Mr_Vlj : the fate of naboo lies in the hands of... oh gods help us... im moving) h rr : what is that? Blly_Rocketcdlllc just falls quiet now,before mumbling, "how's the baby doing?" KONt : kill em while they're young h rr : cait..... KONt : sorry h rr : Corey is manic enough, let's try to be the group with a modicum of calm. Talera doing doing well as far as I can tell..." she chuckles softly. Destiny_Kobal : Find a Roan look-alike, and film the look-alike banging Cait and or some sith in a sith temple, then blackmail the king if he gets out of hand, worked wonders during the Raptor Chancellorship, or so i'm told KONt : calm? me? boss, theres three parts of my life, one; im flying, if im not flying, im having sex, if im doin neither, im bored h rr : lmao!) Blly_Rocketcdlllc "can i feel?" h rr : Brilliant Idea, Des, except for ONE THING.... Jusnallahan blinks once and just raises a brow KONt : sith temples scratch my skin Mr_Vlj : oh to be a fly on the wall in that room ) --JP-spencer-margera-- : ok... back) h rr thought Mira was KON?)) Destiny_Kobal : what? 30% of covert operations involve filming porn, ever watch that holo show, "The Agency?" Destiny_Kobal : I'm a natural KONt : yah, thats true, you know Jusnallahan mira is a KON asset lmfao) h rr : Yes, but Roan's last Name is La Cerra.... who would blink at such a film? KONt : uh..maybe we should film him gettin offered sex, but turning it down? Destiny_Kobal : if the people know he's in cahoots with the sith, his public rep is shot while internal affairs make his life hell Mr_Vlj : yeah... somethin like that... and im spendin time wit me boy.... so to ya's you can save the planet and talk about screwing it... ill play with my salt shakers) h rr : Well.... his public rep might suffer, but I can't imagine that his internal affairs could get much worse. KONt : oh play with your salt shakers, hmmm? )) h rr : Besides, the NIA would see right through that. Destiny_Kobal : they'd have to admit they exist to do something about it Jusnallahan was just laughing at his mother, she was so funny with that. the use of force kept his attention ich was just laughing at his mother, she was so funny with that. the use of force kept his attention ich : to many windows open heh) h rr liked it the first way )) Mr_Vlj : oh word.. i cant say anything withoutgutteral brain taking it wrong) KONt : love you too, Mira)) Mr_Vlj : i know you do) Destiny_Kobal : mira... pizza] Mr_Vlj : what?) h rr : I know, but I just am not willing to be the dirty ones at this point. There is some

small Jedi part of me that wants to win this through, lessee.... honesty? Mr_Vlj : thats it.. ive got all yas nice warm, spongey rooms at the hospital) Destiny_Kobal : sissy 8Riley_St_Peters has joined the conversation. Destiny_Kobal : I get what you mean Jusnallahan : yeah lets keep this above the schoolyard 8Talera has left the conversation. MlK : :: She faced Spencer with her saber at arms level :: h rr quirks an eyebrow. "Not so much sissy, but maybe... um.... okay, sissy. Still, until we are forced to be bad, I dun wanna be." --JP-spencer-margera-- places his blade right next to hers "ready when you are" Mr_Vlj smiled at his giggle and called the salt shaker back to her hand, to use it on her breakfast, before floating it back over to mickey, to bump him gently on the tip of the nose with it Riley_St_Peters walks into the terrace and looks around, he is younger about 17 years old, but is recognizable from a dozen holovid movies, he was a child actor, who seems to have disappeared from the lime light for a while, he is about 5 feet tall, and 100 pounds ich swatted at the touch to his nose, letting out a good natured shreik MlK : "Lets do this.." :: She carried her blade downwards, heading for Spencer's side :: h rr : also, there is a chance that either Saavedra or the Pateena or king will try to use the old, "We outrank you, give us your information" trick. Your answer? 8Talera has joined the conversation. Taln wandering onto the terrace he pulls up a chair by a table and sits down, one elbow rested ontop the table while his fingers scratch his chin 8Talera is away. Destiny_Kobal : sorry, I don't have the clearance for the information you want Destiny_Kobal : or.. I lie Blly_Rocketcdlllc "can i feel?" he nods towards her stomach with a little blush h rr grins, "Never lie. Simply adjust the truth to fit." Jusnallahan "im not technicly on that rank retired. i dont have to tell anyone squat. not even those here" smirking --JP-spencer-margera-- flicks her blade away from him, spins and slashes at her waist Talera nods and says" sure if you like" Destiny_Kobal : its not lying if I happen to choose to forget KONt : brb, dog's ecaped down the street)) h rr : very true, to both of you. Now... any further questions? 8Taln has returned. MlK : :: Malee jumped backwards and swung for Spencer's leg, attempting to make contact :: KONt : why is dessie so sexy all of a sudden? Blly_Rocketcdlllc stepping up to her, he rests his hand on her tummy, listening for anything as well, like a heartbeat or something h rr : deprivation, Cait. You need a frell. Destiny_Kobal : because you are a depraved schutta h rr : Nothing else? --JP-spencer-margera-- cartwheels over her sabre and brings it straight down toward her head Destiny_Kobal : yes, can I kill Cait if she touches me or the NIA if I suspect them of being communists? KONt : oh come on, i need it every couple of hours Shan Mr_Vlj at his swat the salt shaker went off course and mira almost lost her

grip on it, she wasn't as strong with the force as she once had been, but she managed to stop it before it fell onto the ground... then flung it gently towards Barbie's waiting hands h rr : yes. Destiny_Kobal : awesome! MlK : :: She moved away from Spencer's blade and summersalted to the side. Then she swung upwards towards Spencer's arm :: Destiny_Kobal : oh yeah Talera he wont hear a heart beat but he might feel the baby move. Riley_St_Peters holds out a hand and catches the salt shaker as it flies past him Destiny_Kobal : Any chance we can use this Ribozx lady to our advantage? info wise Destiny_Kobal : not like THAT Cait Blly_Rocketcdlllc smiles a little as he feels the baby move, "wow....." Mr_Vlj : brb need to pounce Skeet and make him watch TV or go to bed) Destiny_Kobal : I'm going to get one of Sage's chasity belts and make you wear it for six hours h rr : She doesn't like me. So I don't know. But if you can, go for it. Just don't be caught. --JP-spencer-margera-- brings his blade straight down onto hers and parries the sabre away, slashing for the neck KONt : i'd claw it off... h rr : She is going to know my concerns shortly anyway, because she is a Jedi Council member. Mr_Vlj : back) h rr : wb) Mr_Vlj : ty) Destiny_Kobal : so we get the intel out of her somehow unless she's already being used by the king for that purpose Jusnallahan : just...ask her. dont demand dont bully her just ask and considering we are all on the same side i bet she'll help out MlK : :: She ducked the blade and jumped high over Spencer's head. With his back turn towards her, she slashed at him. He might not be able to parry in time :: Destiny_Kobal : got it h rr : I would guess she is already firmly in the King's pocket. Body language rarely lies, even in Jedi. Mr_Vlj saw riley intercept the salt shaker before it made it to barbie and a smile crossed her lips... and she ran a hand through her flame red hair and looked to mikey "ok nuf goofin off for now... " she said, mostly about herself and went to dig into her food Jusnallahan : why dont we just wait and see? h rr : My preference would be a nice big meeting, to get everything discussed and out in the open. But the king turned that offer down. KONt : why? Destiny_Kobal : if thats the case, we could always feed Talera false information that the king might glean from her --JP-spencer-margera-- brings his sabre over and behind him blocking with his sabre down his spine and then leaps forward Destiny_Kobal glares at Cait "I said information, feed her information, not your syphillis" MlK : "Good block.." :: She smirked and swung at his legs as he landed :: 8Luc_Maynard has joined the conversation. Destiny_Kobal : luc] Luc_Maynard : howdy))

KONt : down, laserbrain, i asked why the king turned down a meeting Jusnallahan gives up Luc_Maynard : <<is the one i was telling you about)) 8Riley_St_Peters has left the conversation. Talera it wont be long now..." refers to the babys birth. She surmised sometime in the next day or so. If all went as it should. h rr rubs her head, "I REALLY don't know, Cait. That seems to be the part everyone is missing in this. I don't know what is going on. And Justin, asking one simple question to the king had both him and Talera down my throat. Don't talk to me about taking< h rr >sides." KONt : what? i didnt even mention sides --JP-spencer-margera-- brings his blade into the floor as he lands blocking the swing and then brings his blade up and back toward her midsection ich settles into his own food, not paying attention to much else KONt : seriously, is everyone here as demented as the scruff there? *gestures at Dessie* 8BH_Trixie has joined the conversation. Blly_Rocketcdlllc : i hope i can be here for it....... MlK : :: She flips backwards and spins around quickly, aiming for Spencer's arm, hopefully catching him off guard :: Destiny_Kobal : yes, deal with it Talera I don't know, we will have to see...." She wasnt sure she wanted anyone around for it really. BH_Trixie waves hello to everyone)) --JP-spencer-margera-- flicks his blade around so the length of the blade runs parallel to his arm using the force to ensure his won blade doesn't touch him --JP-spencer-margera-- : trix) Jusnallahan "only you two" fankly slightly annoyed by it...good thing he wasnt in command anymore "and i wasnt there shan...the king wont even LOOK in my direction so i really have no say. all i want is ignacio back because i -liked- him" BH_Trixie : spence)) Luc_Maynard : Trix....that rabbits there again)) BH_Trixie : I know luc lol) Luc_Maynard is vwey vwey quiet as he hunts after it)) BH_Trixie ) MlK : :: Using this as a distration, Malee moved her blade to Spencer's other side of his body. He would have to act quickly if he was going to parry :: h rr : I liked him too, but I don't pick the kings, I just serve them. It would be nice to have one in charge who though more about his planet than his pants. But I would settle for having one that didn't systematically rip the government apart and redesign it < h rr : as if it were a living room or kitchen. h rr : though=thought) 8Thomas_Mistax has joined the conversation. 8Thomas_Mistax is away. MlK : hi )) Luc_Maynard : Yeah...they always manage to forget a sink....and leave a toilet in the kitchen eh Shan)) Blly_Rocketcdlllc : y'know, i delivered a baby once....... h rr : exactly)) Destiny_Kobal : FedEx?] Talera : you did? --JP-spencer-margera-- with the sabre the wrong way round in his hands he flicks

so that the blade is pointing downwards and blocks "you're good" he compliments her Luc_Maynard : although the toilet in the kitchen does make it easier)) Blly_Rocketcdlllc : yeah, my drummer went into labour live on stage. Gave birth to twin boys h rr yea, but cooking steaks over the tub is a bitch) MlK : "Thanks.. you too..." :: She complemented. She grinned and forced pushed Spencer backwards, using the distraction to swing at his arm :: Destiny_Kobal : true, at least this Roan doesn't have his own personal Dark KON gang Luc_Maynard : i know....though it does make cleaning the food easier)) h rr : nope. He only has the NIA, and NSS. Jusnallahan : water from any faucet can cook any meat done in just a few minuts lmfao) Destiny_Kobal : whats NSS? h rr : His new personal gaurds and palace security. --JP-spencer-margera-- uses his own force push to stop hers and parries the swing "ok, my turn to attack" he says and slashes for her neck h rr : Nubian sovereign security? LL : brb ppl 8LL has left the conversation. Talera : that must have been quite an experience... --JP-spencer-margera-- : anyone know if ved is in today?) MlK : :: She brings her saber up to parry his blade and force pushes him towards the bench behind him :: Destiny_Kobal : ok, as long as they don't turn out to be dark jedi Jusnallahan : you know i dont remember any of that and im..very lost h rr : The ones around him last time I saw him wouldn't have stopped any decent fighter. I'm not sure if I'mhappy or scared about that. Jusnallahan : around roan? --JP-spencer-margera-- goes back plants his feet on the bench then somersaults over her twisting so he faces her back and brings his blade straight down Blly_Rocketcdlllc it was for her. 4 thousand fans screaming at her to push, and the guy she treats as her brother being midwife." he chuckles and rises to his feet, "She called them Rick and Mike, then went back to drumming. Was one heck of a concert" h rr : The last dark king we had, Justin, used the KON as his personal hitmen. h rr : Yes. MlK : :: She sommersalts forward, kicking upwards towards his groin as she did :: h rr needs to go shortly) Destiny_Kobal : and they were like dark jedi on some sort of.. force enhancer drugs or whatever Jusnallahan "hes got krypt" popping a peice of candy in his mouth, the only fighter he respected really outside the kon Talera : after giviing birth? really? That sounds unbelieveable. --JP-spencer-margera-- grabs for her leg and moves to lash at the top of the thigh 8Taln has left the conversation. KONt : pfeh, good luck tryin to get me to use the force MlK : :: She kicks high and tries to pull her leg away, swinging at his leg with her saber :: Luc_Maynard walks onto the terrace and looks around, he was looking for work, on the back of his neck is tattooed 3 X's, he is not a large man but is lithe, standing about 6'1" tall and about 245 pounds of light muscle, no fat is apparent tho, he has semi-long light> Luc_Maynard brown hair and Blue grey eyes

--JP-spencer-margera-- spins over the blade missing him bringing his knee toward her nose 8Thomas_Mistax has left the conversation. 8Kate_Fitzgerald has joined the conversation. 8Kate_Fitzgerald is away. Jusnallahan kate ^_^) Destiny_Kobal : alright, I think we've covered everything and established that if Cait ever needs a new line of work, she can do well as a porn star Kate_Fitzgerald : Justy ) Blly_Rocketcdlllc what was unbelieveable was that they were concieved on stage" he smiles as he takes out his wallet, unfolding two newspaper articles and handing them to her, one about the birth, the other about the concieving 8BH_Trixie has left the conversation. MlK : :: She moves her head away and spins on the ground, causing him to the same if he still had a hold of her leg, and then possibly all this causing her to sit on his stomach :: KONt : gonna be a pilot for-ever h rr ponces) h rr pounces,, even) Kate_Fitzgerald makes a trip to Theed herself having not heard from Mel'ie in a few days --JP-spencer-margera-- drops his sabre, it deactivating as it falls and grabs her arms trying to push her off Kate_Fitzgerald (Doesn't defend said pounce )) Talera takes the articles and smiles. " amazing indeed" Blly_Rocketcdlllc smiles and nods, "good old Catherine, always goodat making us hit the front page in a one-of-a-kind style" MlK : :: She grabs his saber and activates it. She crossed hers and his to his neck but not touching his flesh :: "I win.." :: She grinned :: Kate_Fitzgerald removes her Comm activating Justin's frequency ~vc~Boyo, you should know who this is, we need to talk~ --JP-spencer-margera-- smiles "so you did" he says Talera : so it miss that life dont you? MlK : "And of course this way.. we're likely to attract attention.." :: She grinned again :: Blly_Rocketcdlllc : yeah.......... it was the only lifestyle i know, but i cant really bring them back now...... its just me, on my own