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"The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those

two so-called ideologies [Marxism / fascism, socialism, capitalism, etc.] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other." - David Rockefeller 1991



August 12th 2012 C.E. Representing Insights and Expressions of the Sinister from a New Generation.

Special thanks to Rex Morgen, Nuun Anukunaani, Grin Anon Widago, Graaz, Geryne Quinvex, Spectre7, Darth Vindex, Owy, Calus, Morder, Deofol, Interrogist, XV Cover Painting by Grin Anon Widago of the Temple of THEM. Inside Cover by Geryne Quinvex. Graphics with permission by Altar of Perversion / Sol Evil TENDRIL Images by RA.

Editors Note: It has been necessary with some contributions from individuals for whom English is not a first-language to make some minor edits to articles for clarity and to correct present and past tenses. Insofar as it is possible to discern the point spoken of by the authors of what is a global community in the Sinisterwe have endeavoured to leave the grammar and syntax of contributions as submitted intact with only minor changes made to correct spelling or configure layout. We hope to have retained the integrity of each author by preserving the essence of each expression.

THE SYNCHRON-I-TRONIK ORGANISM; By Graaz The Synchronic-I-Tronik Organism; The common nature of Mankind creating deificforms/masks throughout our existence and solidified narratives after experiencing a certain natural event, or an overwhelming emotion; a very human process that has existed since the beginning of the rise of consciousness in man, it represents the dialogue of the Ego, the nature of Form and the manner of control. This definition is derived from how I understand the Nature of Forms in a base manner. The nature of this event is especially evident in the manner in which I've used the terminology, within this very paragraph and the structure of the very word to differentiate from another certain subject; creating a new format for many to interpret my understanding. This also goes along with the nature of psychological projections that emanate from human consciousness. Any individual may accomplish this and for thousands of years all of mankind has used this process to set a format in some way or another, before this process arose Humanity was in a primal stage, a somewhat "primal ignorance" or "Edenic" stage of existence (See, there is another Form I've created). We could also call it "Sporadicativity", the point of becoming a conduit for all this information, this energy and understanding yet not having the means to explain it, having various currents of energy and imagery coursing through the mind in a confused cluster-fuck. We didn't know what to call the mountains, nor did we know what to call the excrement that falls from our own backside, and thus we adapted once we created that "barrier" that is the Ego, the root of dialect and control. I personally think that there is a certain amount of beauty within this primal aspect; it allows us to see past all constructs we have formed and gaze at the root of a "thing". We also create images to explain the essence of these constructs as well, certain sigillum that expresses certain emotional states that have arose within us or from something we've experienced. I will refer the reader to observe the Nordic Bronze Age rock carvings in Tanumshede, Sweden and the Haljesta, Vastmanland province, also in Sweden; these show the worship of armed dancing "Giants",the crossing of a God/Goddess over a body of water, which could possibly be interpreted as Hero-Worship and War-God Worship which the Germanic people are known for, or at least recognition of a Great Hero of war as well as the sea-funeral of a great King or Queen. It even shows a depiction of a deity riding on a chariot, which is a common myth that stretches back to the time of the Proto-Indo-Europeans( or "Pre-Aryans") and has been made evident in all Indo-European( "Aryan") cultures after migrations occurred.

All of these cultures had similar traits such as the worship of a Mother or Crone-like Earth Goddess as well as Bull/Auroch-sacrifice and reverence, Dragons/Serpents, worship of the Sun riding in a chariot, Twin deity worship and cyclic history myths. Though many of these cultures were closer than others and have more elements that are much more in common with each other, such as the Indo-Celts and the Indo-Germanics. I believe that such carvings and designs are depictions of pure awe and beauty that occurred from raw emotion and experience. One other example of this could be death. Experiencing another dying is paramount to life itself, as we mourn for an individual we experience a very deep side to ourselves and begin to question our own mortality and how swift and even how simple death could be, any living animal is essentially just a meatsack held up by bones- observe how easy death comes from the jab of a sharp stick or throwing a rock at one's head. Ancient people deified this after they saw this; created a zoomorphic or anthropomorphic mask to explain and express it to others and how powerful such a force was. The same goes with fire as well, ancient man discovered how fire worked, how to use it and observed it to understand the actual essence of it then deified it to explain it's essence to others. Forms are simple if you have the right eye for it. Samundr frodi and Snorri Sturluson had created a narrative mythos by using complex Old Norse kennings to define different deificmasks of key entities such as Odinn/W..anaz, Tyr/Tiwaz, Torr/Tunraz, Freyja and Freyr/frawjaz, Loki/Lukan etc. and look how they have paved the way for modern Asatru, and yet most only take these kennings and terms at face value without even taking a deeper glance at the well hidden original myths that were prominent even before those times such as the examples given in the above paragraph. The true beauty of Forms is the dismantling process, each human has a different tactic to do so, but looking past all system of thought, language and seeing something for what it truly is; the remembrance of the essence that is embedded in all humans- That being said, the Old Ones truly had/have no names, only the essence of emotion and experience. The only true "Gods" are those without definition, in my opinion. That which is dead and/or forgotten will always have an alchemical principle that is very much rooted in the human psyche and has been expressed in many ancient cultures through various forms of necromancy and worship of nature, giving these ancient cultures inspiration to live, love, breed or even go to war and live up to their highest potential. The modern human has forgotten these principles almost completely and the Ego has learned to dominate these principles when they arise. Many cultures had feasts at the time of death, to honor those that have passed in a symbolic feast of consuming the dead, to bring about feelings of oneness with the dead and allow those of the surviving community to relinquish sadness and rejoice for their brothers or sisters were still with them, in blood and in spirit. Some cultures even sacrificed certain animals to the spirit of their dead ancestors and treated it as the dead flesh of their kin. This is something that has been forgotten completely within our current society and something that I have yet to address. Now, I'm not saying that consuming the dead is something that all should do, I am merely using it as a metaphor for the things we have forgotten. Look out your window, what do you

see? Trees? Mountains? Meadows? More than likely you see street after street, and/or a city packed with individuals scurrying to work every day. We have forgotten much in our socalled "evolution" over these thousands of years of existence, Nature very much being one of them. Observe how one mishandles a simple stick, or a local forest, there isn't exactly a respect or a connection with those things anymore; instead most see just wood to be used as housing, a place for a squirrel to live, to hide them from their parents while they load some ganja into their pipe, or while they're fucking their drone-like companion whilst skipping high school or college. When I see nature I see my ancestors, When I see nature I see the Dark Gods, in all of their different archetypal forms, emanating energy and ancient wisdom, I see the worlds of imagination that we all played in as a child before we were told that all of it wasn't real by those grounded in this "reality". I see Possibility and Synchronicity. Mankind has gone so far in it's downward spiral of a journey that the majority are not even able to think straight or even on their own anymore- We have forgotten our connection with our own minds as well, which is quite evident if one has the eye to see it- Ancient deities/spirits turned into the blackest shades that are weeping in sadness and screaming in rage at the ignorance that was set to push them out of our lives; We do not understand anymore because nobody wants to understand. (though this is not wholly evident, it is mostly on an unconscious level) Humanity has declared that they wish to advance into the future and evolve, progress however you want to use the linguistic terms to define it, it all doesn't matter because the majority of you won't even get that far to be able to define it (or even the means to do so in the first place) unless that ancient connection returns to us. Until we allow these ancient shades of the wood, mountains and ocean enter us and we begin to hear the subtle call, that small whisper in your ear that you're not really quite sure if you heard or not. This is that alchemical principle that I stated at the beginning, that connection changes a person for life. Do not mistake me for saying that we should all abandon our current posts and goals and thus retreat back into the natural world and worship our old Gods; that would be absurd and show clear weakness of mind, and spirit or even to have peaceful or hippielike notions. Nature is savage, Nature is dark, chaotic and full of predators as I have found it, what I am saying is that we need to dive deep into our mind and unravel these mysteries within us, We have that power and it is what we're missing. We need not dwell in the past, sowing new seeds should be the plan; Expose ourselves to gain understanding, embracing said understanding and forge our future. We need to RemembeR and never forget. ISS, Graaz.

NUMINOUS CORRELATIONS By Geryne Quinvex Billions upon billions of years ago this universe developed the means to solidify materialistic formations into complex and chaotic "heavenly" abodes (Would these formations still bear a "heavenly" resonance within us, if we did not have the means or intellect to observe such massive systems?) Is the decayed and dying tree's shriek for help, once it falls back to the Earth even absorbed by any said cognizant being, if none are present to witness the death. Does it ever occur? With regards to recent findings such as the Black Holes just now discovered to be ten times the size of our own solar system and 10 billion times larger than that of our Sun, one may begin to question how and why we still consider ourselves an intimate link in the development of said Cosmic formations. To me this portrays the vastness and sheer power that currently lies latent within the human psyche, particularly the ID. This seemingly divine and numinous correlation of the outer reaches of the inner self embodies the very cryptic and often times alien formations that lie at the fringes of our conciousness. Once the Ego has means to expand and adapt to certain ideals we can begin to mix and mash so to say, differing dualisms, currents and emotional fibers that weave and formulate the outer realms, though we lack the proper insight as to why this occurs. The most commonly and by my opinion most reasonable and reliable hypothesis is that we are interlinked (the Micro of the Macro, and vice versa). The beginning and birth of the Cosmos rests within some stage in our lifetime, as the Cosmos expand so do you. As the Cosmos constructs, develops and eventually dies, so do you. I believe that the Dark Ones are complete in their understanding regarding the opposing dualisms and the interconnecting factor they play in Shiva's divine game, the entire Cosmos itself. "We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself"- Carl Sagan, ergo the Cosmos rely on our latent, primordial creative and observational nature. Without us, endowed with the powers to observe, interpret and create. There would only be a radomized flux of never ending possibilities with nothing solid actually occurring. What rest without rests within. Once "human" intellect can grasp such a concept then (WE) begin the process to truly become one of THEM and revel in the "divine" game, until we exit the process that began, in Hindu myth; with Shiva 8,600,400,000 Earth years ago. The Numinous or "Holy" Moment. Once one becomes familiar with such mirrored frequencies, as well as properly being able to absorb such waves linked within the very confines, the very crux and "midpoint" in regards to the very construction and various assembles (WE) use to formulate the entire

wave "Crest and Trough" within all creation. (WE) are approaching the very same paths to that primal, animalistic and crisp awareness, understanding of the Dark Ones, allowing us (WE) to enter the eternal abodes of such alien currents that THEY cannot be approached or explained in such a way that our casual self can resonate with. That pristine, primal abyss, ever cognizant and watchful with a piercingly freezing stare, dismantling, reprogramming finalized with intake of said energies in "Its" entirety (sometimes contained and often compressed into almost a psycho-spiritual and physiological singularity often emerging forth from the murky confines of the ID with no sense of direct precision, rather it imbues a very strong Chaotick and depressive immersion). A common approach often used to powerfully direct and belittle a TRUELY inspired and dedicated "Occultist" is a set, very solid directive and to the point system used specifically for control and a sense of superiority among the "higher ups". This often sparks a various streaming uncertainty often followed by a sense that one has "got it all wrong". The true Occultist when subjugated to such fabrications sees this as a clever attempt to psychically drain one-sided linear individuals. Contemplating the Essence. It occurred recently that the very essence in which the Dark Gods presenced themselves comes from a super-quasi dimensional and highly emotionalized 11th dimensional current (Which is why some often feel THEM rather than physically seeing), which gives THEM the ability to transform within N-dimensions below and possibly above I.e. In regards to US magickians, sometimes materialization of said super dimensional beings is possible during a tear within the Magicians conscious projections emanating and altering the Casual, such success in Evocation at this magnitude is very rare. Though the power needed to saturate the very fabric of reality allowing the Dark Ones the ability to rip through 3 and 4D time and space is extremely concentrated and willed by the Magickian in such a fashion it befits hir as a human being all together. This concept of the 11th dimensional paradigm closely resembles the 11 under-worldly rivers of livgar, the icecold waves that extend from Hvergelmir, the bubbling, boiling spring. Hvergelmir within a mythological or poetic sense could stand for the origin of these tendrils, a conscious and writhing realm with many different faces to see. Going past these the 11 dimensions and rivers leads to the origin, the maddening sight that either transforms or destroys. ISS, Geryne Quinvex

THE POWER OF THE WORD By Grin Anon Widago Lat. verbum = the word of the German << wort >> stands in its meaning for the simplest self-important part of a language. It comes from the mittelhochdeutsch wort (word, name), the althochdeutsch wort (word,speech, statement, report, bid, contract, reputation, work) the Germanic Wurd, wurdam, the Indo-Germanic uerdho, ur dho, where the Indo-Germanic Uer means as much as : to say, speak. In principio erat verbum et verbum erat apud deum et deus erat verbum. There lies a creative force and power in the spoken word, as we not only see in the Christian faith i.e. John's Gospel, but also in the eastern traditions (in Tibetan Buddhism), in Indian tribes of North and South America(Hopi Indians), or the aborigines of Australia and the Egyptians (Mysteries of Memphis) are traditions which indicate that the world was created by the word, meaning tone or 'sound'. I think we humans have as the divine beings that we are - learned to cause effect through language (words and music). The current practice of various belief systems still proofs this today. In Bon for example, a shamanistic religion in Tibet that pre-dates Buddhism and still exists today, the deceased is during his/her Bardo guided by certain chants from the Tibetan book of Death. The effect of the language includes the power of creation, but also houses the potential for destruction. In Huna for example, an ancient shamanic nature religion of the Hawaiians, exist - according to the reports by Max Freedom Long - techniques of praying someone to death, similar to the Totbeten in medieval Europe or the Aboriginal Bone Pointing. But even the everyday person uses this power of the word and sound, the magic of Thoth. Words are tools of our intentions. They are sometimes a weapon and I think this is how you should just deal with it carefully and with caution. The Word As Information Carrier Through the word, or rather, the language, we are able to hand down information / knowledge and preserve it. Through writing it became possible to keep and spread knowledge well beyond the life of the people who possessed to a much wider audience than is possible in the transmission from mouth to ear. By preserving the words the diversity of perception and thoughts manifested in the Scriptures. Development requires diversity and

even contradictions, so that we can experience ourselves through these and can orientate ourselves by the others'. The invention of printing then further accelerated the development of humanity extremely. Through the reduced production-costs Book-knowledge was made available more cheaply and faster and hereby accessible to a wider audience. The computer age and the global networking led to a veritable flood of information. That this 'progress' turned to be both a blessing and a curse, not only demonstrates the phenomenon of Writing Culture. It makes in my eyes clear, how important it is to get to the bottom of something and to question socalled 'authorities'. Even the knowledge of the importance and impact of language helps sometimes to a more harmonious and therefore more energetic exchange - be it private or professional life. The plea of the lawyer is a prime example of the power of words. Energy follows attention, respectively intention. Language/tone is a tool to control this energy exchange. It is therefore important and rewarding to develop a kind of language hygiene and -care. By language hygiene I refer to both the quality and quantity of the spoken word, in the sense of less is more'. It is the focus on the essentials with which we achieve by less effort often more effect. In the beginning of each communication, it is important to first define ones meaning of terms/words for everyone involved. Thus we prevent misunderstandings by ensuring beforehand that everyone is talking about the same. To integrate this practice into everyday life will help benefit but is often underestimated. It's amazing how many misunderstandings can occur every day, just because people failed to provide a common basis. Language is life force. If we speak only inattentive for the speech's sake - the French have a word for this (tchatcher) - we are not masters of our energies and exhaust or let us been exhausted by others very quickly. Because there are people who in this way, consciously and unconsciously tap into the energies of the interlocutor. I experienced this myself with a woman I used to call my friend. She called me often and involved me into a conversation where she made foremost negative comments or reported mostly negative experiences. Her rather destructive talk disturbed me and I did not like to listen and became inattentive. Instead of pointing this out to her clearly and stop the conversation, I kept silent, out of politeness, which I nowadays consider being a sort of laziness. I pretended being listening with interest when I was with my mind far away. It surprised me to find myself exhausted and tired after those conversations. Through the remark of my sister who is a very sharp mind and watcher I found out that I was unconsciously giving away my energy to this woman. Consciously or unconsciously she obviously belonged to the species of energetic vampires. Only our own concentrated awareness spares us such losses and enables progress. It is important to speak the right words clearly at the right time.

Words of Power Say what you mean and you get what you want. In the word lies power. With speech we shape like creators our own reality. I say our as there exist great differences in the languages and successively in the reality of the respective people. Language does not only create, but first and foremost separates (just like the sword cuts the air or at times the head from the torso) because language can hinder us to see things as they are. I experienced in a sort of Gnosis during my work with the spirit of Belladonna. Most clear was non existence of the seeming constants Time and Space. I could transport the experiences from my altered state of consciousness emotionally and mentally but could not translate them into any language I know.( not into one I know like English, German, French) There were no words existing for these feelings and in parts my perceptions contradicted vehemently the laws of the languages at my disposal. It stroked me that the term Time in those languages was created to condition the people growing up in this language, and herewith limited their perception. This is only one of many examples and I was very angry when I became aware of this. And from the anger raised the question: Why? From a Linguistic point of view it is the characteristic of the German language that it creates abstracts and stiffness by strong substantiating. In the example of the word Time we see how by using this certain word form (subject) time is something fix, star and by this becomes measurable. It is different in the language of the Hopi (north American native tribe)where there such word like the time does not exists but rather a verb for it like it times. This makes clear how language creates subjective reality and conditions us. We see that our perception is strongly depending on the possibilities of the language we grow up with. We only perceive what we know what we can compare and resonate with, just as the natives of South America did not see the Spanish Armada at the horizon. I believe that such development is encouraged by unawareness, by the fact that people are not critical. Since perception as such is loaded with projections of the unconscious and hereby rarely objective many things, such as a constant Time, is pretended to them as being real. The trick here is that it goes unnoticed. A lot of things enter peoples consciousness unnoticed and hereby create their reality, which again conditions, limits and even hinders them in their development and perception of what there truly is. Maybe such thing, that we call time, is not constant but changing just as our reality may be only a subjective projection, even a mere illusion? It is important to be aware and vigilant to such conditioning through the language. Only then can we use language and tone for our intentions and influence a development, or intentionally bring about a wanted result. ISS, Grin anon widago

By Nuun Anukunaani

I wrote modern society especially from the small letters to show its meaningless to me and also that its not worth to call valuable. And today I will also describe my experiences with stupidity, superstition, and mongoloid hypocrisy. Its mostly based on my own experiences with that kind of attitude and persons. I know that others of you also have the same experiences, and we must fight them, but we must do this in wise ways, not just act like a brainless sheepish flock of modern society which is christian. And we know how to do this, we learn every time how to defend ourselves. No matter of what age we are 18, 30 or 50 well still experience their influence from the very simple reason humanity is not mature enough to enter the new aeon and realize what they are and how they could fulfill their souls and will. Atheists and christians are very stubborn and they will try to do everything to make us to resign from our path, but when they meet us, they dont know that we are obstacles that they will not be able to overcome so they will attack more, stronger and more furiously our beliefs no matter how they look doing it. They hate everything that is different from them, someone can say that its not true, but the truth hurts and we known how these things look like from the beginning. Everyone has different points of views on something else that concerns social matters or spiritual. It doesnt matter much to them what principles we are carrying in ourselves they will fight us and we will attack them, we will defend our future and our beliefs. Whatever it takes. We are responsible units not some mere criminals which hide behind every christian. The Sinister path is deadly and dangerous in itself, the purest essence of everything and they will meet obstacles that always make them more crazy and furiously angered with us and our close environment, where we are among those of our kind. We are too strong for them to make us fall. They will bounce from us like the walls of inhuman titanium. Its funny, even then they will not stop attacking us. Even then we will not stop defending us. What right are they given to criticize us, and what right restrict us from the criticizing of their slave religion? There is no law that can prevent our defence. We attack but also we defend those of our Sinister kind and our beliefs. Not because of our weakness, because they are overcome by our experiences and works, we defend ourselves from mockery of our path and the mongrels that try to twist it. they dont know that their swords are double-edged! In many ways they will know this without any results, they are not so smart to take lessons from this and we are smart enough to know how to defend our noble values. No matter who is the attacker. Other possibilities to defend are showing everyone even if we

know that they will not learn what the truth looks like about us and about their hypocrisy. This will make them more aggressive and prove their incompetence and weaknesses of their own beliefs. We know who we are and what we seek, we learn every day - they dont and its obvious for every smart and thinking person. We work with something more and different from the ego. If we want to we would not have done anything to prove anything to anyone. Were doing this because our nature is like this, exactly how its met by the others. Everything on our path is more natural than anyone can imagine. Its your way to find out why and how you will do this depends only on you. If you are smart and brave enough then go and take a look upon the sinister path it will give you real lessons or will make you end in mental hospital if you are more weak than you thought they were. The truth will be always attacked by those who lives in the great illusion. When it will be destroyed their existence will be forgotten and the truth will dethrone the lies of the old aeons. Somehow they feel upcoming changes and they cant do anything with this. Someone said that the church is changing within the present days but it's not truth at all. If that be so, why they are attacking those who are different? They will never change and never will be opened minded, they will stay forever as narrow-minded mongrels and we will not do anything with that, we will allow them to drown in the mud as is their will to do that. Everyone have their own free will to do what he thinks that will give him the way to find entity called god, but without looking into the acausal dimension they will never be able to do that, because everything have its origins in their subconsciousness. They are afraid of what it can hide. We are the ones of the Sinister kind that dared to take a journey without end, without the coming back and possibilities to withdraw anyhow which is obvious, since the Sinister path changes everyone who step on her. Thoughts that are gathered here will be mocked by those who are without and are from the grey world. We were from the grey world too and we seen the light which showed us that something beyond our limitations lies and is the weapon that is useful to make stable our way and to take lessons that anywhere can be taken. Lessons that really learns not how to strengthen the ego but how to overcome it, if you have not real inner strength in yourself you will never be able to operate the hammer from the Sinister forge and use it on your soul. Possibilities are countless like countless are threats that lies within it. Let the sheep flock to be madden in their cages and try to attack us without any success. We know why we attack, they attack unintelligently like immature child when they fight for the candy. We are mature, and maturity is sinister and dangerous. Watch the world and its functioning, have your own conclusions from that observations. ISS, Nuun Anukunaani

LUNAR UNDERSTANDING: A SHORT TALE By spectre7 Recently I went to a local supermarket in my area after departing from my regular city bus trip on the way home from my place of work. I generally will stop in every other day or so to procure various foodstuffs that I may need, and since I exist in an area where having a personal vehicle is considered a necessity as opposed to a luxury, this is a matter of prudence and survival on my part. On the particular day of this story, it was quite overcast. Afternoon/evening showers are common in my area of the world and they even can sometimes get somewhat severe. This was indeed the case on this day, and the torrential downpour started as soon as I stepped foot off the bus. It was a short distance to my personal supermarket of choice from the bus stop, but even in the time frame of such a distance was I heckled by individuals on the adjacent road Implying that I am a homosexual for (Im assuming) walking on the side of the road and utilizing public transit. The norm in my area is to be driving by the age of sixteen and never look back. I am in my middle to late twenties and I still abhor the concept, and by my calculations despite all of the extra weight I carry on me, I still have considerably better stamina than most of my sedentary counterparts Once I arrived at my destination, I had already been soaked from the rain that soon started once I got off the bus (my luck, as per normal) and I went about my business like I normally do. I enjoy observing individuals that stop through this particular area as I go about making my various purchases. Its a fairly middle-class area of the city I reside in And leaning to the more upper side of middle at that. Its interesting to note not only how much individuals are buying, but also what they are wearing, how observant they are about their surroundings, what seems to be preoccupying their loud cellular phone conversations, and etc. I had quite a bit of acrylic painting I had wanted to get done before retiring for the night, so I made my way quickly to the checkout counters in order to process my purchases. Once I got into line, however, the electrical power for the entire building came to a halt. Darkness, with little more than a slight milky glow from the storefront illuminating the store. I was ecstatic Everyone else seemed to panic. Hailstones shattered against the concrete parking lot and on the windows of various luxury SUVs. Traffic lights shut down and motor vehicles were halted from progressing. Chaos erupted everywhere in no time flat, and I was laughing aloud at the hilarity of it all.

Things had been changing for me ever since my self-imposed initiation into the Sinister current. I was seeing things for what they really were. Weakness and timidity all around me. It was pathetic, but even I was not guiltless from it all. I was overweight and still far too soft emotionally to be any better than most of these quivering, worm-like individuals that now surrounded me, frightened and in panic over the power grid being down. Though I despised all of these people, with their cushy jobs, top of the line vehicles and bright futures, pity for them also resounded in my heart. Many of them have not known daily hardships as I have nor the wonderful feeling of being able to conquer these hardships continually. Soon the power came back to life, and the supermarket was back to its comfortable brightness. The internal computers of the place were not only restarting slowly, but the entire debit/credit system of payment was shot for what was going to be another hour, it seemed. I discarded my purchases for the night and left the building to embrace the chaotic storm taking place outside. I wanted to much to leave the company of these people who became stress-ridden messes after such short displays of their society crumbling around them. To be pelted with unyielding rain and pellets of ice would be a much more satisfying and poetic alternative to how I would spend my next hour before returning to my domicile. Life is meaningless without duress and strife. As I have noted to comrades in the past, various human mythologies would be extremely boring and sterile if there were not chaotic forces mixed in to stir up prosperity and peace (consider the Etins/Thursar of the Nordic mythos for a prime example). I have known this to some level all of my life, but my Sinister initiation has brought this feeling up from the catacombs of my inner self, and shoved it to the forefront of my waking perception. I now resonate with desire to better myself not only physically, but also mentally and magically now. To become a living conqueror on multiple levels. The Moon sphere of the Septenary tradition is symbolic of that very real dark side that one keeps nullified during most of their life. I have found since throwing myself into this current that this is, literally, the darkest I have felt in my existence (even after immersing myself in other supposedly blight-ridden traditions). However, this darkness pervades all aspects of life, not just the negative ones. This particular shadow inserts itself into everything you touch and see. The reality of reality so to speak. The world becomes frighteningly sensual and beautifully demented at the same time. Illusions of right and wrong fly out the window because they were never truly there in the first place. The true nightside of mankind is the first step to liberating the self, and the early stages are but a small taste of the power and freedom one could experience in this current. Become one with Shadow, or remain scared of the dark, like the rest of Magian society.
Agios. Spectre7

WARNING , CHILDREN AT PLAY - the First Howards End Story. By Darth Vindex The Children which had been brought up in Howards End were like most other Children. They wanted a safeguarded future. Some of them didn't, because those who didn't want a safeguarded future were the ones ready to explore. Those had been read fairy tales over, so they knew what exploration is all about - and it is not always about conquest. The Children who had been raised in the Howards End Kindergarten knew of no other Kindergarten apart of those that existed in locations outside of Howards End. One of them was a 7 year old girl named Maya Angela Smith. One day , Maya Angela Smith decided to do what all children desire to do when theyre on her age - disobey the commands of the Kindergartens Teachers. They had specifically instructed the Children not to go into the Forest which thrived outside of Howards End Preschool. She would not go out into the Forest by herself , however. A person appeared who looked just like the Teacher, whose name was Laura Beth. And so , Mayas first inclination was to obey Lauras request. Lauras Double told Maya that she was needed. Who needs me? Maya asked the Creature which had taken a human appearance. I do, I've always needed you, Laura said. What do you mean always needed you?Maya asked her. Youll find out once you go with me into the Forest. WellMaya said.......and looked directly into Lauras eyes. She noticed that there was something cold and inhuman about those eyes , and calculating. The irises reminded her a bit of a horses irises. Your eyes look different than they looked last time I checked, she said. Clever girl. Now , I'm not going to harm you. Come with me, and Maya went. The Entrance which read Howards End Preschool, and underneath Howards End Preschool the following could be made out Weve been expecting you. The other children were playing , and one of the teachers , Margareth Mary Dodges approached Lauraand asked the entity where Maya was being taken. Lauralooked back , and smiled. Margareth screamed at the sight of the hideous appearing being which smiled back toward her and also at the fact that Maya appeared not to be afraid of this being at all. Shes mine, the creature said. Im taking her outta here. The Gate to Howards End opened as if by itself , and a yellowish ray of light , which looked like any other solar ray , formed and pointed to a spot in front of the Gate. The being took Maya in her hand and Maya shapeshifted. Mayas hand became something else and looked to Margareth like something elses hand. Somehow it was as if the other Children playing werent paying any attention and

Margareth felt stuck somewhere in space and time and what feared her most was the dead calm. Suddenly she could feel wind gush in front of her and touch her feet gently , it was a hot wind of death. She decided to run into the House where the other Teachers would spend countless hours chatting about recent events happening in Howards End and nearby towns and villages , and found Laura in the bathroom. Her head had been removed and she noticed a half eaten skull lying somewhere besides Lauras corpse to the left. Flesh had been torn from Lauras hands , and there was blood all over the whole Bathroom. There was no Knife present indicating that Laura had cut herself or been cut by somebody else. The wounds looked like claw and bite marks. As Margareth looked closer , she noticed that large chunks of flesh had been bitten from Lauras corpse. She opened her eyes wide in terror and put her hands in front of her mouth and felt it awful not to be able to believe what she was seeing. Where is a god in a world as horrid as this?she asked herself and felt ill in her stomach. She decided to run away and run into the Living Room where she noticed three of the other Teachers standing , looking at the Children , watching. Youve gotta come and see this!, she said.....this......this hideousness! Look MargarethKimberly said , and smiled. Then her voice changed , and felt much dimmer , and darker. And somehow , it was as if light had ceased to shine from her body and that it was now dark. Its so dark here , where we live. Were so grateful for the care you have shown Maya. Thank you. Words cannot describe how grateful we are, Kimberleysaid , as her face took on another appearance , and her whole body began to change. Her teeth became fangs , her eyes became pitch black , and more eyes appeared around them , in a chaotic fashion. Tentacles began to form between her hands , and her fingers ended in claws. There was absolutely nothing human about her appearance. She raised her right arm , and Laura noticed a slit forming , which smiled and opened and became a mouth. What are you? she asked them. You already rememberRebecca Normatow said , who had always looked to Margareth like she was in her mid 20s. Youre one of us. Youve gotta , youve gotta remember. Margareth had known of nothing to her memory which remotely seemed to indicate this , until she began to see before herself vast , alien landscapes which didnt appear to exist on any map she had told herself she had known. Youre lying to me!she screamed. Youre all a bunch of bloody liars!. Look, Karla Madguten looked directly into Margareths Face , and Karla began to change too. Youre.........Margareth tried to say and suddenly felt it was as if she had forgotten how to speak English. Her breath was extremely irregular now. Thats right. Youre beginning to remember who you are, Karla smiled too. Were all so glad that you are now finally remembering. I didnt hope for anything to come to this, she screamed. You bloody liarsshe screamed

to them. Youre the bloody liar here , since youre denying yourself your very nature, Karla explained. Im being a liar? Every time I looked into the Mirror , it was I who was the human being!Margareth screamed. I was human! You had the appearance of a human beingKarla corrected her. Youre full of shit! Youre all full of it! Ok Margareth. How about this? The Howards End Massacre? Why didnt the Mainstream Media report about the Howards End Massacre? Remember when you appeared as the Editor in Chief of New York Times Wife , and told him to be quiet. Margareth began to remember. I can.......I can........remember now, Margareth said , and was totally shocked. Of course you remember. You made an intelligent decision to try to put yourself into their footsteps. But we tried to explain to you. They never listen. Listen to what? Margareth asked. How sweet they taste. Suddenly Margareth fell and tried to get up , but it was impossible for her. She was on her four and asked Laura is this something you have done to me , or I have done to myself. One of the Children came into the Room. It looked like a boy and his name had officially been Hermann Merwith. Mrs. I found this, he showed her. It was a New York Times Magazine Article whose headline read; HORROR IN HOWARDS END AS ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE CHILDREN ARE FOUND AXED ON PRESCHOOL LAWN. That day , in 1958 , the article had read , the bodies of 123 children had been found hacked into pieces on the Preschools Lawn. Margareth saw a vision of herself transforming into one of the hideous looking beings , holding an axe , and chopping into pieces a small , 6 year old child. After the child had been chopped into pieces , its body was eaten by other beings who seemed to hardly mind much about anything apart of how good these bodies tasted and how suitable they were to produce what they felt was somehow nourishing but in ways they felt hard to explain to themselves. Beyond reasoning , beyond common sense Merwith explained to her , and transformed. Margareth looked into Kimberleys eyes and Margareths eyes became pitch black. Kimberleys equally pitch black eyes met with Margareths , and Margareth looked into the floor , then jumped upwards , and began to run backwards as she continued to transform. The other children came into the House , one after the other , and each transformed. After all , it was New Years Eve. The Eve when they had come , and Howards End clean of its Preschool Children. The Teachers in Howards End were involved , reportedly , with black magick rites , designed to summon beings into this world , and then control them. A ritual had been performed , and it had gone out of control. Or maybe it had succeeded but succeeded beyond the wildest , most horrid dreams of those behind it who had had some high hopes about being able to manipulate to their own ends whomever would come through. All of the Teachers were involved and one of them had been named Margareth. Others had names like Kimberley , and so when the creatures came through the Gate , they

tried to assume whatever titles their summoners had , and theyd require no ship to transfer themselves to Earth - theyd follow the sound coming from human voices , summoning them , while using the human voices to visualize a star - map , and a map of the Earth and the precise location where those strange sounding voices , however human they were because that is what they were , merely human voices , were coming from. As they approached the gate , they could smell human flesh. And how sweet the human flesh smelled , so much so that , theyd instantly lose any sense of control once they had manifested on this particular Spot , in Howards End. There are rumors that there are a few witnesses , but those are mostly silent. Theyre silent in fear that the next person they will report their story to may be one of them... ISS, Darth Vindex

DEATH OF TOUCH [Part 2] Death of Touch Kills Face to Face by Owy So now, over the past 5-10 years or so, touching has been made such a taboo that it is now accepted as the norm that physical interaction with another human is wrong, both something to be feared and shunned. This lack of intimacy and empathy has made people ripe to accept the next stage of alienation - the dis-allusion of all face to face communication for social purposes. We are being bombarded with imagery that implies talking with your loved ones, family or social circle is more enhanced with the aid of some micro chipped gadget or another. And although it may seem innocent enough to those that have grown up in an age of constant 'communication', the implications of what is being done, and being allowed to be done, to our most basic and primal of acts, holds the ability to see mankind foster out complete control of the very thing that makes us human. There are many facets to the mechanics of why and how the magian elite would and are benefiting from the death of our skills to communicate sans technology. Initially, through the advent of the office ' Intranet ' it imbibed in the common worker that now the BOSS had a constant window into every action you performed. As this became an acceptable work environment, then we were plied with mobile phones, touted as a necessity in the 'new' world of business, making it virtually impossible for any worker to truly be free of his workplace no matter what the time or day. This constant pressure has compelled people to start to loath speaking with another person, lest it be more work, more

pressure or more oppression. The seed was planted. But left at just that the average person would have, over time, disposed of their phones and returned to being in charge of their own time. This is when mobile phones started to incorporate new features and, photos, text give the illusion that it was a instrument of leisure. And then we were infested. Suddenly everyone had a mobile phone. There is even a marked line in most peoples' heads to reduce history to before the mobile phone and then after... So now the population had become accustom to being constantly leashed, believing that communication before had been ineffective and cumbersome, that they were pioneers in a brave new era where mankind would be able to truly speak to each other, that the wisdom and understanding they longed for was merely a matter of being constantly available and constantly heard. The same thing is true for the internet. Though another leap has been taken with the proliferation of social media sites like face book, twitter et el. In that because we choose the people we are communicating with, the ability to interact with people that do not share the same interests/hobbies/political agendas is being erased. Though it can be tiresome, humans have always been compelled to grow through the things that either perplex or affront us. But now technology is being asked to do that for us. By listing your interests etc, you can eliminate the need to ever have to even acknowledge the existence of someone you disagree with. This is a very dangerous trend. The ability to relate to somebody you disagree with, to be able to discuss the topic without personally attacking the messenger, is vital to human growth. If our ideals/ beliefs/ thoughts are never brought into question, then we will loose the ability to look beyond ourselves. Man trapped in his/her own hype is an easy creature to control and manipulate, so lost are they in a sea of agreement that the very thought of a mistake never crosses their minds. Add to this the anonymity that the cyber world affords its users. Never having to take responsibility for what you create, never truly being able to verify who anyone is. How easy will it become for the magian elite to simply redirect the millions of online interactions to anywhere but its intended destination. With the complex task of trying to falsify the complexities of intelligent argument between humans having already been taken care of , people could soon find themselves unknowing 'chatting' with a database of responses. In theses circumstances it would not take long to strip humanity of its cohesion altogether. After all, those who did not jump upon the cyber bandwagon have become virtual outcasts now, millions made to feel left out nobodies, like they are not part of the emerging new 'real' world. So all, in opposition we need to laugh, cry, learn, fight, love, fear, fuck, be bored, learn to enjoy embarrassment and discomfort, touch, learn, explore and be with other humans face to face - lest we loose our delight in the pleasure of life. Lest we give over to those who long to control the spontaneity and impulse of existence. Lest we not live at all. ISS, Owy

THINGS IN THE DARKNESS... by Rex Morgen Here's a secret: if you look at the oldest myths, from all parts of the world, you see Darkness at the beginning. Whether in the Rig Veda, the Torah, the Avesta, or Egyptian texts and Babylonian tablets, or Celtic or Greek or Roman creation myths -- it's all Darkness: that vast, acausal realm, full of chaos and possibility. And there are Things in that Darkness. This is the part that organized religion doesn't want you to know. Sure, we have stories about Jehovah, Jupiter, Indra and Thor helping to shape the planet and establish government, or Nebo giving us writing, or Manitou giving us corn. But those gods are young, newcomers to the world, second and third generation grandchildren of Other Beings. Take Egypt, for example. When the Ennead came into being and helped shape the cosmos, Ammit and Apep already lurked in the quiet shadows of the Duat. Or take the Vedic Hymn of Creation - before the first deities awoke, the dragon Vritra swam in the dark uncreated (asat). In Sumer and Babylon, Tiamat and Absu personified the dark, cosmic oceans from which the rest of life emerged. The Greeks believed that Chaos bore Night, who then bore the other gods. What's interesting is that all these ancient Beings are monsters, really. None of them even appear human - in fact, we don't really have descriptions for most of them, because the Dark Gods are beyond description. If anything, the oldest legends suggest that their forms were a matter of convenience, and changed with Their whim. What is interesting is that many cultures have the Dark Gods in common. It doesn't impress us that most cultures have a sun god, since anyone can look up in the sky and see the sun and come up with a story of some kind. Storm gods are all similar too, since we can all hear the thunder, and imagine some cloud-grey patriarch armed with a lightning spear. But the first gods are different - neverborn, uncreated, yet very much a crucial part of mythology. How is it that multiple civilizations - all of them ancient - conceived of a group of primordial, dark, shapeless-and-shape-changing beings that ruled over a dream realm of undefined time and space? There is nothing to point at and say "there's your origin." Campell and Freud would say that these are myths based on the "collective unconscious", that there was some point where humans were scared of the Dark because there were lions and tigers and bears that made it dangerous to leave the dim glow of the campfire. Sure that makes sense, and explains why we're scared and fascinated by the Dark for that reason. But does that explain why Darkness is our Origin story? No, it doesn't ... unless there is some truth to it. Common memories usually do point to source event or phenomenon,

although the memory of the event will become distorted with time or re-telling. But when multiple mythologies of similar age tell us that there were Things that predated the gods and creation, then there's probably a good reason for that belief. If multiple mythologies also tell us that those Things were inhuman, monstrous, chimerical -- there's probably a reason for that too. Equally interesting is that multiple myth systems equate those Things with the origin of our species. Sure, the younger gods get the credit for making us servile, attentive, obedient. Civilized, if you will. We invented them, gave them names and titles, built temples for them - and gave them the keys to our chains. The funny thing is that no two (unrelated) myths agree on those gods - because they are cultural constructs. In other words, you can find versions of Thor in Europe, but not in China or Egypt. But you do find the Things in all of those places, quietly swimming in the Darkness. We constructed Thor -- but we remember the Things. So I'm saying that the Beings who brought this world into being, and lifted us out of the mud -- They're the ones that deserve a second look. A lot of magical systems want to deal with the gods that people created - and that's ok. They have a certain kind of power, though that power changes with the passing of time, and from one geographic region to another. The Nasrani and Yehudi gods have power today you see it in politics, media, global conflict. But that's a power that humans invented and invested. That power is dependent entirely on the believers (read: prisoners) of those belief systems, and is limited by the constraints of those systems. But the Dark Gods are real. We know that they're real because we remember the Dark Gods. We can pretend that They are fiction or folklore or popular culture, but deep down inside we know that there is more to it that than. Modern attempts to make movies about monsters who walk among us isn't just wish fulfillment - it's a kind of racial memory. Humans have a connection to the Dark Gods, and you can feel it - that tug at the back of your skull, that shadow at the corner of your eye, that strange shape in your dreams that never quite comes into the light. You know what I mean. Not everyone can feel it strongly, AND some try to deny it or repress it or ignore it. But others hear Them calling and feel a connection, a kinship, a curiosity to know more. If you're reading this, you're probably one of those who feels the lure of the Darkness a little more strongly than others. There are answers out there, and there are systems that can help get those answers. Not all systems are equally good, and not all work equally well for everyone. In my years of study and travel, I've met a lot of people who claim to have answers, and read a lot of books that pretended that Answers are easy, that Change is easy, that Becoming is easy. Nonsense. Real change is hard - and it takes blood, sweat, and tears (and most of it yours, in case you wondered). If a system or school promises you change but asks nothing from you in the real world, then they are lying or stupid. If you genuinely think that you can commune with the Things in the darkness and not be changed, then you are playing games. I think the best system out there is that of the ONA, because it is *real*. You read Naos, for example, and you see a methodology that will make you suffer, but as an athlete who suffers to improve. But beyond that, in reading the work of others touched by the ONA (L316,

WSA352, Temple of THEM) you see a glimpse of people who have been changed, who have gone beyond mere humanity. It's different in each case, but there is something there cold, predatory, brilliant. These people are active, adaptive, transformative. These people have each, in their own unique way, reached out to the Darkness and been changed by what they found. You might wonder what kind of answers the Gods in the Darkness can give you. It's impossible to say, because everyone's experience is different. Some find their answers inside, through self-study and personal insight into the unconscious, which is our own builtin small piece of the Abyss. Some engage in social and mimetic engineering, actively pushing the sinister dialectic with deeds that are visible in the causal world. Some pursue a more arcane approach through the Sevenfold Way, gaining insights in the acausal Darkness through more esoteric means. I'm a traditionalist myself, though that is a personal choice, and no more valid than anyone else's, and you can find example of all these types online, if you look long enough. What I'm trying to say that is if you're really looking for answers in mythology or folklore, it will always be easier to relate to gods that look human and act human, or even become human. If you're looking for easy answers, your life might be long and happy, in service to the Machine. But if you're interested in truth, then look to the Darkness, because the real answers are there. ISS, Rex


By Calus/AOP Thanks to THEM for the space to discuss our album in progress. The initial idea was to make a concept album concerning the figure and character of Satan from different perspectives. I was studying the ONA since 1997 e.v. already (when AOP formed), this wasnt very visible in our earlier recordings, neither in our first album From Dead Temples. I was rather sure already, that the ONA was my way -what I was looking for since many years, and incarnating my weltanschauung in total or nearly so- but I still had to understand it more deeply, and try to at least experiment with some Sinister practices taught in NAOS for instance, and go through some real change in consciousness, awareness and insight, before making it part of my artistic expression in the form of AOPs Black Metal (and I still needed to seal past aspects in the first album before going ahead). This happened some months after the FDT album was recorded in 2001 e.v., via some meditation with ONA sigils. Studying the ONA changed my views about Satanism, the nature of entities etc, or better made me focus on and follow certain intuitions with stronger conviction and clarity, and helped in finding possible explanations to happenings even of my past, or to that sense of things I seemed to have, but was not fully aware of yet, if not in moments; taking me to see that nearly everything I had studied or tried until then was only another trap of the enemy, the magian, to keep their influence even upon unaware heretics. I began to develop this impression that Satan -in spite of ONAs explanations in a different direction, but influenced just by the ONA- was more a cosmic or beyond-cosmic entity, a black void of non-being that was an entity in itself, from which even dimensions originate, some results from meditation (I suppose) reinforced this feeling at the time, but today I know I was deceiving myself. I still believe in that thing, but not as being Satan, rather the Abyss itself, I may have had what would be called an intimation of it, or Im still deceiving myself and still need to reach more depth in order to understand, other options revealed in time about possible meanings of that experience, and similar others. So, it was from this incipit that Intra Naos begun to take shape. After these early steps the whole thing with the concept/lyrics became a bit confused for a while. In retrospective I can

say it was just due to the change in consciousness I was going through, along with some personal hindrances that occurred in 2003-2005 e.v. that took me away from focusing on AOP for some years. I went through some pathei-mathos Id say, learned something about insight roles, although in one single field and driven by a personal interest, had a short but interesting period as an OJB/Arktion Federation member, and studied and visited a lot of places about Etruscan culture, even looking for similarities with ONA possibly, which I went on studying in the meantime anyway. I studied Evola, NS esoterism and revisionism more deeply, changed my way of life a lot etc, all of this to return in about 2009 e.v. with clearer mind and direction, but having it all going again for real only since last year, due to more problems. What resulted as the pre-eminent thing through all the rest in the end was just ONA and its Sinister Tradition, as the only place where all these aspects, that sense of things, that empathy with Nature that was growing within, that meaning of the Sinisterly Numinous, that crossing beyond human/magian manufactured illusions regarding time, divinity, reality and all, that genuine Faustian Spirit of seeking knowledge, that stellar links to Dark Gods and Cosmos, that sense of being or having the potential to be a Nexion and be part/merge with Them, that crushing the mundane ideas of moral, coherence, behavior and contradiction, that longing to reclaim/re-activate what we lost with the exile of Them, and many other things, could co-exist. Last year I had the chance and pleasure to know of the Temple Of THEM too, and provide myself with some of their literature which gave even more insight into some things, and inspiration. All these aspects ended up having their part in the evolution of the Intra Naos concept up to these days, so the general concept doesnt look like a story divided in chapters, but as a journeying/wandering through labyrinths of visions, intuitions, dark-numinous experiences. There is the nearly obsessive contemplation of the stars and certain constellations dear to the Sinister Tradition as gates/Nexions and connected dreams; psychic travels far out in the Cosmos; works in Nature bringing a fall in some strange vision; the Numinous in animals, in trying to experience their senses; meditations on some archetypes from different ancient cultures that interest me, trying to un-mask what lies behind, understand and go beyond; this almost obsession with that black void/Abyss; inspiration from the Mythos of the Dark Gods and longing to again merge with their essence, and from some ONA fiction (like In The Sky Of Dreaming); the will to be a Nexion via Art itself and participating in collecting energy to presence Vindex; the mention of Baphomet as Mistress/Goddess, and Satan as one of the Dark Gods; hinting at how these are just mundane names hiding a nameless essence, the wish and will to disrupt the current magian infected civilization of homo hubris; a longing for Sinister change and expanding and re-emerging of a different, deeper consciousness, leaving all mundane abstractions aside. Also the works of certain symbolist painters, especially Arnold Boecklin, had their influence and presence on certain aspects of the concept, and of course the Sinister Tarot too, this being evident in one of the lyrics, and less in others, although being still present. Etruscan Mythos and certain places I often visit are part of the picture as well, especially the so called Hollow Ways, here certain pagan aspects arent intended as a romanticized revival but simply as taking back the path from where it was left due to magian distortions that occurred in history, and from there evolve according to our western nature and reappropriate of our natural sense of things, that is the only way to go through deep change

and explore our Wyrd as it had to be, towards Homo Galactica. The title Intra Naos clearly refers to the star Naos/Zeta Puppis and makes clear the ONA/Sinister inspiration of the whole work, it also refers to its other meanings, like the inner chamber of a temple, and the constellation the star is part of, the Argo Ship, as a symbol of journeying through spatial and beyond-spatial dimensions. All the work also intends to counter and differentiate AOP from- the current trend in Black Metal, of orthodox/religious BM which is totally enhancing the magian current and presence, with its emphasis on catholic/biblical and hebrew/qabalistic inspirations and interpretation (or better acceptance) of Satanism, inverted morals etc So, with this new album AOP marks a neat cut with the past and walks a new path, becoming kind of a Balobian/Sinister concept band, in lack of better definitions. CALUS / AOP Selected Tracks by AOP are presently being hosted on MVIMAEDIVM.

SOL EVIL: BEYOND THE SUN Sol Evil has been, since its inception, the vessel through which founding member Lord Mrder channels the sinister. Inaugurated in 1997, the band has undergone myriad trials and tribulations, including line up difficulties, label problems, and prison sentences. Despite these set backs, Mrder has returned to bring forth the recently released EP "Karu Samsu" to serve as a prequel to the upcoming full length album, "Master of Ascendancy." "Dawn of Infinite Obscurity" was the first official release by Sol Evil in the year 2002/3. This release coincided with Mrder's and guitarist Arminius' departure from society for acts of terrorism against the Nazarene. Numerous attacks on religious institutions resulted in steep sentences for both men, including 15 years for Mrder, and 25 for Arminius. Feeling no remorse for the act, Mrder has stated that "it was a necessary role to be played. Would I do it again? Of course not. Done is done; there is no sense reliving the past." During this hiatus Sol Evil released the compilation album "Sanctus Satanas" through AntiXtian Terror Records in 2008. Comprised of the original "Dawn of Infinite Obscurity" demo recording from 2000, live performances from their 2001 tour with Enthroned and Blood Storm, and rehearsal tracks from 2002, this release adequately portrayed Sol Evil's past exploits and paved the way for new material to be released once Mrder paroled in 2010. Sol Evil entered Black Static Studios in early 2011 to record the material that would culminate in the 2012 EP release "Karu Samsu." Foregoing a traditional line up, Mrder decided to maintain complete artistic control and creativity, writing and performing all music and lyrics for the album. "Karu Samsu" shows more maturity in the music when

compared to previous Sol Evil material, even incorporating sinister chant and clean vocals. Additionally, the release depicts a deeper affinity to the Septenary path which Mrder began following nearly two decades ago. "Master of Ascendancy" is the upcoming full length release Sol Evil plans to release sometime in 2013. A conceptual album which chronicles Mrder's experiences leading up to and through his incarceration and release, this album shall take Sol Evil further into a new musical style and expression. "Master of Ascendancy" shall be the next chapter in the legacy of Sol Evil and Mrder. "The emotion, the passion inherent in the music that is 'Master of Ascendancy' is a look into my soul." - Mrder


That a harmless creature flies through the world marked as lethal poisonthe deaths-head hawk moth. Natures mirror of irony. Presented is a painting. Everyone communicates something from the painting; even those who might dislike it. The painting is a black canvas in your own head. The unmoved mover, like the the hard stillness of winterthere stands the reality of Nature and her coldly indifferent universe.

I. Some begin as fearless children We later become profoundly aware as to the mutable nature of personal identity. We are a collective with a profound understanding of human natures. We are an all pervasive presence which disrupts the pathos, logos, ethos, and the ideas about reality, assumed all around as actual reality. In o 9 a speak. We affirm acausal entities exist in the acausal continuum, which manifest in human form at various times and places in the causal continuum. The doppleganger. The shapeshifter. It is thus what, or that which presences, embodies, the darkthat which is profoundly other than in the open.. What does this mean? Abstraction can only *approximate*, and so it is with self identification; the ego fixates upon what it apprehends as significance. The *self* can only converge at repeat glances of the minds eye, and is thus largely incomprehensible to itself. A disinterest in pressure from social cues, a disaffect to social emotions, means we do not see you as you see yourself, or how the world sees you. Essentially, we draw depth perception from gait and psychological projections, gauging your temperament in pitiless

detailpenetrating what you truly are. We know the vast majority of people are in thrall to a carefully manufactured idea of themselves soft within psychic context as well as a physical one meaning theyve never allowed themselves to be exposed to the the raw, pure elements of Nature, and emotional thresholds, which are necessary for humans to experience. Exposure with reality brings a seepage of deep understanding, or visceral empathy, with the surroundings, and what humans really are deep down inside. Machinations of causal abstraction can shape a subjects interpretation of causality, and so, to a greater or lesser degree, the subjects actions. Just as one cannot sense carbon monoxide; one cannot sense cognitive structuring. Essentially, we use the imagery, pathos, logos, ethos of a memeplex, against itself, and thus against them, them who are so apart from nature, in thrall to magi abstraction. One of the reasons we respect animals more than most people is down to their inability to communicate the shallowness of their beingthe animal is sincere and humiliates the egotistical human being who thinks himself superior in some hubris way. Their comfort and safety, their idea of freedom, is insufferable limitation to usus who will to transgress all that is mundane. The ability to detect the mundanes is related to, but not limited to, the quality we know as dark empathy. A lucid intelligence that clocks them under any thinly masked facade they wear. Not only are they prone to dysfunctionally expressing their emotions in public, but are a dead giveaway through their gait and what can only be described as opfer mannerisms. We are an end to political correctness with a wholesale rejection of mundane abstraction and their dysfunctional forms of escapism. The mundanes, whatever we shall choose to call them with their emasculated ideologies, the normalisation of drinking, drugs, squalour and dishonour, are not only ignoble, but anti-evolutionary, and so subject to natural culling processes. Not only does Nature cull the weak, but eradicates weakness in superior ranks. To regard the very core of our philosophy dangerous is to appreciate it in full. Unlike the mundanes *justice* which is nothing more than vindictive retribution, that is, emotional satisfactionwe see that no mundane precede importance over any other, and so personalised culling is rather impersonal and rather instrumental. Weve propensity for cold ultraviolence with a clear conscience, demonstrable, to other would be obstacles of their kind. It is ingrained in our nature, even in our genes, and extends all the way to the ultimate peak of our entelechy. Its sophistication results from its sublimation into inspired thinking, and only comes to express its full potency into the world through uncompromising focus. It is stronger than the will to survive: it is primal will to power. Never to explain ourselves in any kind of (em)pathetic manner. We see culling as something

that happens in Nature, not something that needs to be manufactured by idealists who attribute anything they personally feel comfortable with to some skewed idea of natural selection, nor do we accept any of the lifeless abstractions, such as egalitarianism and democracy, that which serves them a lifeless existence. An inordinate amount of normals like to colour their inane personage with what they believe themselves to be, some describing themselves as Satanists or otherwise attributing some ology, -ismthat is, fostering a carefully manufactured idea of themselves, quite opposite to what they truly are, physiologically or psychologically or otherwise. Unintentional comedy for those of us operating under a veiling of normality. We, on the other handgenuinely dark [esoteric] characters walk around in plain sight. Aping behaviour described herein will only disclose you, in ways unbeknownst to you; distinguishable from the natural product. This is not a play of words. Let us not be mistaken, what encompasses the nature and reality of the original o 9 a harbors the essence of what is genuinely esoteric and sinister, and a genuine initiate revels in behaviour. Only under fear and ressentiment did *evil* come to encompass a generalisation applied to all those extremes and excesses which the gutless still fear, thus for them, the word bears nothing of our ruthless application of its principle. From the Old Language *ubils*. Defined beyond measure. Rather than to buy into distortion manufactured by the deep down good natured; whilst they herd in groups for safety, they are still prone to extreme acts of cowardice, and betrayal is a common reality, even in their own ranks. The mundanes, lacking as they do, so unable to rationally comprehend, thus they are prone to disclose themselves in ways unbeknownst to them. We do not trust them, unless justifyingthat is, testing for Opfer. Weve made some point to observe those, whom, in a cowardly manner, proceed to reinterpret all theyve pushed their luck with, attempting to affect a tone to appear clever in some dishonourable way, or selectively ignorant, depending which corner they find themselves cowering from reality. Aiding the dialectic. Codifying teachings into a system of training, ordeals, initiation, toward *adeptship*. We transcend mental, physical and moral limitations, by our very nature, by way of transgressive deeds our dark logos, wyrd, aeonic aims and goals trigger evolutionary causal change. We encourage the intersubjectivity of the numinous dark, aeonically, encouraging the intrusion of the dark acausal into the causal continuum.

Those attempting to present a figurative *evildoer* in as bad a light as possible, only serve to contrast excellence more strongly in the harsh light of the meritocracy. We are the embodiment of ruthless behavior championing the ever elusive Nietzschean maxim daring to be ourselves, and going beyond the due measure thus we are striders of evolution, toward a higher type of human. It is unmistakable, that which makes us profoundly aware of *wyrd*, our *personal destiny*, that which raises us to a higher state of being, to evolve and change with the times and environment. Not individual or uniquethe recurring archetype has been, seen, and ruled the supine majority across human history, those prime exemplars of an omnipotent will to dare. Without this fundamental element of mans natural nature, naturally, a man is sheepish, no matter his creativity or genius, for what is he then? He lives for sake of reason and rationality, for his improvement and safety about himself, mundane. A balance of opposites is not an adequate explanation. We can only relate insofar as polarising, contrasting is concerned, as their is no escape from duality. By this we mean, and of this, we know, ultimately, in cruel certainty, that depth of joy is dependent on capacity to endure and overcome great ordeals of suffering. One to four percent of humanity are those who can, and will, single handedly turn the tide of battle and will personally dispatch of hostiles in droves. Yet magi academia and media presents a figurative model of the sociopath in a slanted light. We shall inquisition magian psychology carefully ebonised dialectic morality [subversion] cloaked in a white lab coat. So modest about having internalised temperament too potent for them to naturally stomach. Magi psychology misconstrues *effect* to be as *cause*, a subject/predicate errorspecifically this ought not be argued against by stating academia and institutions neglect an acceptable minority of sociopaths who dont harm anyone or are capable of some degree of sympathy, meriting them some degree of humanity by mundane standards, rather we shall state that the mundanes academia and institutions neglect the fact of the dark triad propensity being dependent on a convergence of intelligences, and quite possibly, what is more important at the root of how an individual is cognitively structured i.e., Nature, nurture, social forces, natural selection, and what causal abstractions the individual has attributed to their ego as a veiling of normalitymanufactured abstraction which further detaches the sociopath to foster esoteric thoughts; these thoughts are genuinely dark and sinister in nature. From our angle, if we borrow from psychologys terminology, we are pure Shadow. Fear based responses such as guilt, shame, remorse, are experienced as dim affect, and with diminished anxiety, what ought be evidentno impulse to herd. Emotional poverty is

nothing more than disaffect to fear. A sociopath, in the event of being provided the appropriate memes, can obtain success at a greater rate than those around him but this is not the point, what is important is that a sociopath will seek out stimulation and will ruthlessly pursue victory. The very definition of the Nietzschean will to power. The embodiment of nature as it is applied on humans. As the mundanes are so unaccustomed to thinking deeply about anything at all, and so neglectfully and not for one solitary moment, to ever pause for thought about the saying words have meaninginstead, mindlessly accepting what is so kindly described in a magi dictionary. A clarification of terms. Negativism. 1. A habitual attitude of scepticism or resistance to the suggestions, orders, or instructions of others. 2. Behaviour characterized by persistent refusal, without apparent or logical reasons, to act on or carry out suggestions, orders, or instructions of others. We shall further elucidate by shedding light on another vague definition. Nihilism. 1. total rejection of established laws and institutions. 2. anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity. 3. total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself: the power-mad nihilism that marked Hitlers last years. 4. Philosophy. a. an extreme form of scepticism: the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth. b. nothingness or non-existence. Nietzsche warned of Nihilism. [notes subject to revision]One of the most difficult aspects to describe in philosophy, left to ambiguity, magi generalisations, which might result in failure to rationally comprehend the larger perspective on nihilism as a phenomenon. *Passive nihilism*. A solid belief in nothing. Abstraction relative to a particular paradigm, such as, internalising Christianity, or holding the manufactured morality and Judicial laws of a state to be absolutesthat is, the mundanes are in thrall to ideas about reality assumed all around as actual reality. When faced the realisation that such might be otherwise, and subsequently, when unable to determine value, the subject turns face and regresses into denial, or rather, refuses to

introspect on the reality, and instead attempts to strengthen *belief in nothing*, even against all logic and even science, sometimes thinking themselves clever, and somehow strong, for all their invincible ignorance. *Active nihilism* or philosophical nihilism pursues a conscious overcoming of itself. Nihilism as a philosophy goes back to Greek antiquity, when philosophers used extremist scepticism to hold the perspective whereby absolute concepts were illusion. A conscious appraisal of nihilism, as a philosophical tool, rather than something simply illogicalphilosophical nihilism is a transitory tool toward determining new value. The advent of passive nihilism has thrived with the egalitarian regime whereabouts every blind egotist can play persona dress up with a pick and choose cultural heritage they find on the internet, and just kind of making it all up as they go along with some vaguely defined internet garble they can fall back on if questioned. These soft individuals describe themselves as warriors or even vikings, whilst calling ns troopers and heavyweight ns intellectuals Neanderthals, naturally, behind the safety of their computer screens, or by dysfunctionally displaying their emotions in public with the most convenient politically correct argument. The anxious and dependent masses resent the strong and independent temperament, and not so secretly, long to have those traits. Mundanes often describe themselves as some unique snowflake, and when receiving good opinion, humbly prostrate themselves, as they hadnt cried out for suchwith independence being so alien to them, instead, seeing it something to be attributed by the state, mundanes are under constant threat of devaluation from mundane expectations, and *cronyism*, which polices their every thought and behaviour. If you are to enter the fields of philosophy and psychology, check the premises to see what your judgments depend upon, all the way back to the base of your thought structure, to the most accurate axiom and tackle the issue of irrefutable error. Power dynamics in sociological spheres and personal relationships are always underlying and not consciously appraised by those making pat conclusions based on morality. We can, if we are Machiavellian, take the perspective of the dishonourable, feign ignorance and disorder, to have another disclose themselves for stultification. The egalitarian professes that he does not want power, and instead, he professes want for peace: morality is demonstrable of a covert will to power, that is, subversion. Traditional morality is an ideal vehicle, a means, for the dishonourable to work indirect forms of violence, under a veiling of acceptableness, such as democracy, and other forms of covert offences in personal relations. We all know that black political tracts, specifically, nazism, incite moral seizures in those whore adverse to struggle and confrontation, those who would betray their own to stick their head in the sand and pretend the the cold hard reality of life will somehow go away, if they just keep to themselves and just make it all up as they go along, anything to minimise risk. An ethical national socialist expresses a master morality, as the will to dare, as overt will to

power. With the integral quality of personal honour, that is, the ability to detect and take measures against subversion. They, the weak, always resent and hate the strong, always, and not so secretly, the weak long to have the power of the strong. Poison mixers are they. What care do we for that which nature has turned her face from and forsaken? Not so ironically, slave morality is still the dominant morality in societydown to the sheer number of gutless sheep, including black sheep, harmless satanists, pagans, and other mundanes attributing a comforting -ology, -ism, magi abstraction, that consolidates the inoperable state of their impotent willmany of these untermensch are festival hippies describing themselves as warriors in their own little worldsquite uniform shadow projections of bullied children. Observed as unintentional comedy by those genuinely dark and formidable who operate under a veiling of normality in the society of the mundanes. For the weak, *justice* is nothing more than vindictive retribution, a shared feeling of power between a grouping of weaker individuals, having taken the seats of honour by way of cowardiceZarathustras ape gather to gibber hubris at the caged indignity of a magnificent blonde beastwhat Nietzsche described as Japanese, Germanic, and Arab nobility. What his excellency described as the Aryan, meaning noble soul. The nazi meritocracy didnt write the laws of nature; but simply recognised them. Our civility is interlude between the cold hard facts of life. We see elitism as something that happens in nature, not something that is manufactured by idealists. Even his excellency affirmed the Slavic and Polish people the superiors at NS Germanys defeat. Disregarding soft intellectuals emasculated interpretations of Nietzschean philosophy; long drawn out reasoning, with passages of maybe Nietzsche merely means this in regards to mundane ambitions etc., etc. In Laconic phrase. Life is the will to power, and nothing else. Nietzsche The mundanes, even their academics, wont admit that the sociopath might actually be superior. Every paper that comes close to some of the advantages of the sociopath, backs off and makes a morally affected conclusion about how the sociopath is somehow inhuman. II. Dark numinosity and dark empathy. The spiritual plane of Nature is harsh and severe and not preferable the mind of man. That it has come to all of our attention that the natural faculties *empathy*, *intimacy*, both, are not limited to moral compartmentalisation and perceptual preferences, and whether influenced by the magi ideas about reality assumed all around as actual reality, or not, is not important, what is important, is to recognise that cruelty relies on the faculty of empathy,

and that the exchange between predator and prey is intimate. Such can be observed in the animal kingdom when wolves stare down a preyboth living creatures resonate with their innermost affirmation of mortality. Both the wolf and the lamb are exposed to the severest sensation by natures design. The lamb. The purest dread and immense emotional trauma explodes through its being, more abruptly sobering than the crushing of bones as it dies. The wolf is not so petty as to devise evilthe wolf resonates with the abstractionless nature and reality of life, without censorship of ego. After the presence of omnipotent predation has filled the air, in blackout floods of adrenaline, pitiless teeth penetrate prey, deep, and coldlythe wolf shivers in ecstasy. It is not speaking to the mind of man, it is only speaking: it is the sincerity of the animal. The term antisocial personality disorder is used to broadly encompass what is regarded as antisocial behaviour, yet different psychological models are collected together, including narcissists, Machiavellians, psychopaths, sociopaths, and a dysfunctional reject the psychotic, yet in doing this, the delusional, dysfunctional psychology of the psychotic and the vainglorious narcissist who might be in the throes of causal abstraction as any mundane is misconstrued with the self-control and calculated workings of the sociopath. We become increasingly orientated toward the abstractionless, deepest nature of reality; the dark unconscious becomes consciousensues the craving for pure stimulation. Where technology, language, morality and laws, are simply relative to the behavioral patterns of the mundanes around him or her. The sociopath is an unforgiving force of Nature navigating a superficial society of cardboard cut outs. The sociopath lacks affective response to such a degree that he or she is not motivated by sadism as suchso if he or she acts violently, it is more of a mundane task seen to be done well. Unless he or she sees the irony or absurd humour in another courting his own demise. Regarding anyone making themselves a victim, or even considering themselves a victim, we should only laugh at them trying to associate themselves with us. The sociopath despises what is petty, he is grandiose and reveres power and its sophistication average human beings are seen as disorientated, pottering obstacles, often humorous, with their gutless nature causing them to be mutually dependent on one anothertheir course is predictable insofar as how involuntary their reactions to social cues, or otherwise, in the throes of external forces. By living life on a higher level than them; we surpass our own limits and we decidedly ignore the limits set by the them. We exalt in that which we can cause. We are the most formidable species of all. The mundanes label all dangerousness as evil and reason the world so that they alone are noble and good. Through subjugating their dim will to power, they become enslaved to a passive aggressive paradigm which has its germination in hate for vitality, vigour, and the visceralembodied power. The coward does not truly reject the formidable; he secretly longs to be evilensues

creative resentment, ill will toward the impoverishment of all that is too cruelly beautiful for them to naturally stomach. The original o 9 a lexicon included The Mundanes. This species which makes up the majority of the earths human biomass is profoundly other to our base make-up, that is, they are emotionally involuntary, anxious and overtly reactive to stimuli, making them unable to near our extremes and thresholds. What does not even phase us quickly overwhelms them. The mundanes are happy to live life entertained by abstraction, manufacture, and escapism such as spirituality or substances. We, on the other hand, respect predatory animals more than the wretched human species, and we should find more genuine sincerity in the eyes of our cornered prey than they can otherwise ever communicate. The mundanes can be easily distinguished, not only their involuntary reaction to social cues, but a dead giveaway though their gait and manner of eye contact. The herbivore-like species are prone, and utterly lack the craving for pure stimulation that causes those of our kind to be transgressive and ruthlessly pursue, seeing life as it should be, without the censorship of moral conscience, life as a series of ecstasies. Thus we seek out those of our kind, and to never trust any mundane who might try and associate themselves with us, those unable to rationally comprehend the nth degree of extremity that those of our kind revel in. The unintentional comedy regarding the hypocrisy of the mundanes. Egalitarianism has influenced soft individuals to play some kind of heritage dress-up, which is often nothing more than festival hippies pretending, to themselves, and each other. They are found dysfunctionally expressing their emotions in public, often at at some alcohol centred gathering, and when questioned about why they are unfit and untrained in real life, they react by mouthing some of the manufactured abstraction they attribute to their inane persona, sometimes including some mystical knowledge about Nature and the cosmos, at the very worst *escapism*, or at best, the emasculated semblance of an ethos. We see them not only having politically correct moral seizures, but making an almost involuntary, mindless pat conclusion, that the Aryan intellectual and Aryan warrior are some kind of Neanderthal thug. Such projection is quite uniform of those, whom, lacking as they do, the quality known as *personal honour*not only are such soft individuals unable to rationally comprehend why honour based measures are taken against them, but the fact they stoop even lower to assume the role of wronged party, in attempt to appear victimised, and somehow far apart of their not so covert deeds of cowardice. In this we see what is symptomatic of what Nietzsche describes in Zarathustras most abysmal thoughts, related to the eternal return: that the petty people will also eternally return, Zarathustras ape, that of the mundanes? Nothing but disgust and antipathy for weakness, real or feigned, it has no moral reserve when extracting submissionwithout comparison, fearless, ultrainstinctual in what it does. If thwarted by external forces, the sociopath sees nothing but an obstacle to negotiate, often for sport. What might be regarded as extreme measures, executed with a serene demeanor, alluding to the truly extreme nature of the individual.

The exact opposite of what the weak consider and fundamentally know, in their weak heart, mind and spirit, as a decent human being. We would rather suffer, laughing about it, than face the humiliation of willingly relying on a mundane. Weve total disregard for the mundanes indirect and far removed manner of living as an extension of moralswe zero in on human nature. We absolutely refuse to be drawn in to the ways of thinking and the ideas about reality assumed all around as actual reality or otherwise limiting, lifeless manufacture, causal, material abstraction we want what is silent, deep and raw; unforgiving like winter. Severe exposure to Nature. Pure stimulation. Never to hide behind gutless generalisations like misanthropy, as many do, jesting as they do, as if one is indifferently callous to all people equally, we could give a rats ass what race or caste a man israther we can respect a will to dare and the primacy of the able bodied and strong-minded. Again, youll never find us explaining ourselves in any kind of (em)pathetic manner. Regarding anyone making themselves a victim, or even considering themselves a victim, we should only laugh at them trying to associate themselves with us. As an interpretation of the natural world *elitism* is top down hierarchical in Nature. Human animals are divided categorically according to their physical, mental and emotional strength. Those with superior strength are more valuable than inferiors, with the the inferior subject to natural culling processes. III. *Ordeal*, Old English ordl, meaning judgment, verdict, German urteil, Dutch oordeel, from Germanic uzdailjam that which is dealt out. The primacy of the strong-minded; nothing but absolute arrogant self-confidence and unwavering desire to transgress boundaries and limitations. We are utter defiance and disregard of boundarieswith the development of authentic self knowledge derived from enduring and overcoming sufferings, ordeals, of having gone beyond physical, mental, moral [and immoral] boundaries. Our way of living exemplifies strength of character, the conditions to go beyond ourselves, again, and again. To truly live and exact our potentialto experience the limits of existence, to transgress the threshold boundaries. A force of Nature might not be unique or individual, nor ever too concerned, about being consciously fixated, on an idea of itself and although predictable, in its course, it cannot be reasoned with. The only choice is to get out of its way, or face it, so what good is reason and rationality? Irrefutable error which serves the mundanes as hallucinatory relief from the sobriety they fear in the presence of cold hard reality. A human organism which does not relent when seeking reward from stimuli; it seeks pure

stimulation and so it has learned that manufacture, drugs, alcohol, are insubstantial sources of stimulitrying to squeeze blood from a stone, increasing symptoms of insatiableness and intensifying proactive aggression and dominance orientation. As humans distinguish themselves by way of self-respect, there is only cold contempt for the deep down good natured. Weve about as much compassion for them as for germs, if not only for their ill virtue to communicate diseased character. We wish that they should vomit and die from immense emotional traumawe wish that they should not remain unfamiliar such an accurate self appraisal. It is the herds instinct to undermine and devalue the strong and independent; attempting to present the powerful in as bad a light as possible. Collective divergence from Natures law, has them obeying the manufactured morality and regime of a state, not simply because such is relative, but literally holding great significance over their thoughts and behaviors, also mindlessly accepting an abstract theory of time, as an external absolute, due to the way society runs like a clockwork machine (which they are the working parts of). Nietzschean philosophy emphasises perspectivism and the will to power as expressed through overt means in nature and covert means in civilisation. The Reich made selective use of Nietzschean philosophy taking master morality stance with the perspective of slave morality as know thy enemy, against the subversive, Machiavellian and covert dishonour in Europe at the time. Master morality establishes itself through barbarism. And by way of apprehending the perspective of the weak and cowardly, maintains the rule by way of contenting its controlled opposition, controlling their apprehension of risk, measuring their ressentiment, and thus lessening their tendency to revolt by bestowing them freedoms. The herd is anxious and seeks to minimise risk at all costs, their will to power as slave morality, imposing mediocrity and harmlessness as goodness, and subversive means of enslavement and oppression of instincts, upon all that is dangerousthat is, all that is of a natural nature, beyond the due measure, threatening their comfort. Nothing more than a profound fear in the presence of reality. Will to dominate the environment, with daring optimismthat is, asserting the will to power at all costs, being cruelly strong, cruelly beautiful. Dionysian passion and daring strengthened through Apollonian lucidity and measure. Strong and independent individuals are evil. Full apprehension of the will to power put in practice can only be exemplified by an organisation similar the aesthetic politic of the Reich. The abstractionless biological account of intelligence.

The entelechy of nature as it is applied on humans. Embracing the reality that life will only become harsher; in a world where race, creed, and even humane emotions are trivial; the die is cast for wills to endure and overcome great sufferings only our mettle proves whether we are worth anything or not. We are meritocratic in this respect. We cannot fear death, as death, itself, is not something to be experienced, therefore, it is only life, itself, the purest horror imaginable. Our civility interlude between fundamental harsh and severe facts of Nature. Essentially, weve assessed the vulnerabilities of the mundanes around us, and weve learned that they are prone to dishonour, are sometimes uncouth, ill mannered, and always emotionally dysfunctional, therefore, weve developed interpersonal skills which secures them into courting their own demise. Why would we want ourselves subject to the reverence of those so concerned with the surface of things, with objectification and their surroundings and how they look and sound in such? In a battle of wills their assumption of the role of someone wronged and to use their own inner inconsistency as a weapon of projection. Their posturing about importance with a markable inability to differentiate in that sphere automatically assuming be-all, end-all while failing to rationally comprehend that they are controlled opposition. Nietzsche was a man with an abundance of empathy, affirming this as a weakness to himself. Not preventing him from making affirmations, not preventing him from elucidating cruel certainty. Clearly elucidated in Nietzsches philosophy is the nature of perspectivism. Transgression of the traditional notions , morals, and ideas about reality, introduces the transvaluation of all values. Redefining ethical classifications. Rather than conventional, traditional, or otherwise stalemate ideas about friendship;naturally, respect is grounded in aristocracy, and has more in common with wolves baring teeth. A strong self promotes the same feelings in a strong otherrejection of weakness. This is why we do not predicate friendship on crony ethics, instead we conspire together for power revering powerful qualities that serve a mutual self interest for power. The weak tend to crony ethics, operating under the precarious blackmailing morality, ignoble ethics, and when thwarted, or overshadowed either intentionally or unintentionally they turn resentful and vindictive, that is, out for *justice*. There is no need to formalise things beyond the nature of reverse psychology. The mundanes distinguish themselves in ways unbeknownst to them. The sociopath cannot take the deep down good man seriously. Pride is a hierarchy functioning emotion and a strong personality inspires a rush of esteem in a strong other, and inspires ressentiment in the cowardly.

Machinating causal abstraction is used to manipulate those in thrall, in the throes, those prone to follow an irrefutable design. Recognising vulnerability in the majority; those in need of answers to their livesthe magi manufacture the mundanes. We are all to familiar with the the weaks poorly contained resentment; those seeking to undermine by way of dishonourable discourse. Instead of facing reality, the good natured, the gutless, in their hysterical indignation, project dysfunctional emotionalism, and rather useless subversive morality onto free people they call sociopaths. It is reported that soldiers must be emotionally conditioned to kill. It is reported that police officers receive a kind of therapy after killing unavoidably whilst on duty. This is alien to us. To regard us separate from the animal kingdom is to regard wolf preying on sheep as somehow choiceworthy, attempting to separate the wolf from what it does, yet in every terrible sense of the word realitythe wolf simply is what it does. Some traditions die hard or become parodies of themselves. Some traditions are evidently ingrained in temperament, even in our genes, and so naturally, dark traditions resurface; are rediscovered; are resurrected, by those of our kind. Our Weltanschauung, a synthesis of oppositesan apprehension of power dynamics both overt and covert. Who are the draconian archetypes? Who are the dark numinosity archetypes? Who are the exemplars? Who will lead the merger of a dark triad meritocracy? We are beyond the scope and beyond the thresholds of the mundanes, and their vulgar conception of what is cold to them. The Entelechy of Nature; Otherness; Evil. ISS, Deofol

CORRECTING THE MYTHOS By Interrogist Causality and acausality, in terms of the Interrogistic Framework, are viewed rather differently than throughout the rest of the kollective, as Interrogist reject unevidenced beliefs, and seek to publicly shame all forms of theism. An aspect of Interrogistic Aeonic Influence is to support current, and produce new, societal transitions from faith to knowledge, or belief to logic. The terms in question are upgraded, with the emphasis on demonstrating that Acausal energies are not viewed (by I.M.) as being (extra dimensional magic sauce). I feel the need to point out that if one digs into the mythos of the Dark Gods, one finds a rather Nazarene story. Magic people, from a magical kingdom, offer the possibility of knowing all things, and yes, you get a new body and avoid all causal sickness, thus becoming ageless and eternal. Sounds about like the Baptist Preachers of my home town. I (Interrogist 1) redefine these terms according to logic, and establish a new standard by which these concepts may become useful to intelligent and scientifically educated people. The following essay presents a much needed upgrade to the OG terminology, followed by an explanation of the failure of moral undermining, and is summed up with a Interrogation of the backbone of the ONA mythos in which I offer a commentary to FiveDimensional Acausal Sorcery by Anton Long. It is my hope that this demonstration will encourage all of our kollective to re-evaluate their personal (ethos to mythos ratio), and lean more heavily towards the logic of the ethos. If not, answer all thirty three of my questions in support of the mythos. *** ~Causal~ makes reference to the visible (superficial) reality, and thus ones world view therein, such as religion, politic, culture, and so on, which the mundane (believe) explains the causal world, so far as it is visible to them. The mundane are in fact, Causal beings, in that they assume no control over their own evolution, or the evolution of others, and therefore remain subject to the (imt) cycle. The term makes reference to the depth of ones perception, based on the depth of ones insight. Causal, notes the perception of those who do not Interrogate their environment, or themselves. ~Causal Shifting~ makes reference to that phenomenon in which the mundane move from one aspect or preference, of a paradigm or moral base, to another, believe they are liberated, when causal understanding has not been transcended whatsoever. The mundane shift from one mundane belief, to another mundane belief, both having superficial understanding of reality. This may involve, but is not limited to, choosing a new religion, politic, or culture,

but will never involve liberation from needing at least one to depend on at all times. All of the above belong to the influence of the magian memetic, including Satanism. ~Acausal~ makes reference to the invisible (underlying) reality, and thus ones understanding of the underlying reason, content, mechanic, function, and ecological standing, of any specific aspect of quanta. Acausal Thinking rejects the superficial face value of all things, thus Interrogist, as it is our nature to do, Interrogate the visible world and avoid the mundane limitations of such institutions as religion, politics, cultures, nations, and states. These quanta, which make up the visible world, Which Interrogist are able to (know) by way of Scientific and Mathematical interrogation of that quanta, include the social dynamics of man, thus the ability to participate in the (imt) cycle, rather than being bound to it. ~Nexion makes reference to any specific cell or tribe, in terms of the ONA kollective, it makes reference to people of a certain standard, which standards vary from cell to cell, from tribe to tribe. No mention of extra dimensional magic sauce when the term (nexion) is used by Interrogist, or in this third iteration of the Order of Nine Angles. ~Abyss~ makes reference to the transition from Causal to Acausal perception, or to put it another way, the transition from mundane subjectivity, to Interrogistic participation, with respect to aeonic influence pertaining humanities evolution. The (imt) cycle Interrogistic Memetic Transmutation Cycle observes that (causal understanding) comes, for the most part, via proxy, and requires no level of speculation by which the subject need be validated. This kind of (knowing) is referred to as (belief or faith) and equates to being a kind of knowledge in which no actual facts or data exist. Those who are limited by such causal thinking are referred to as being mundane, as they question no aspect of religious, political, or cultural laws, and thus consent to slavery, while believing themselves to be free. Indeed, this is the state of all people who lack the skill and ability to Interrogate the mundanity of superficial reality. Now the fact that some people are bound by such memetics is not, in itself, a problem. The problem is the fact that such a percentage of the human population are bound by such memetics, that Acausal thinking is now being retarded due to mundanity nearly dominating all aspects of scientific exploration and understanding. Interrogist are not bound to the memetics in question, and as thus, Interrogist are not bound to causal thinking. The result of Acausal thinking is the desire of evaluation, validation, and dissection of all physical quanta and intellectual concepts. The desire to evaluate, rather than blindly internalise, is the starkest contrast between causal and acausal perception. It is also the same contrast which exist between emotional belief and factual data, and it is a working knowledge of that data which allows one to manipulate the memetics, rather than being subject to them. Unknown to the mundane, those beings residing on a higher level of existence, are not their gods. They are Interrogist, to whom the memetics are subject. Interrogist are able to intercept a meme in a way that allows one to, either reject, or manipulate, (to mutate, if you will), the meme in question. Such mutations may include deletion, addition, or alteration of memetic data. The most beneficial alterations to any meme is to delete the aspects which have no evidence, and forge standards of those aspects which are demonstrably true. Thus, Acausal thinking is basically the process of intercepting

a meme, the removal of illogic, the demonstration of the logical aspects ability to function without the mundane aspect, and the distribution of the reformatted meme. The abyss is the ground on which this reformatting takes place, where the matrix is hacked. For more on the (imt) cycle, see the post titled -Entrepreneurial Opportunist- [website given in final page] *** Constantly, I am asking myself, If other nexion hate the magian, if other nexion despise the mundane, why then do they believe in the same variety of bullshit. Need I point out the blatant contradiction between the idea of setting loose dark spirits to cause chaos in humanity, and the idea of mankind directly and specifically manipulating itself for a desired change? Fortunately only one of these are possible, as only one exist in reality. Need I address that if the dark gods are really gods, why then, do they need my help or approval. If a god needs my help, fuck that god. I alone will be the influence, and I alone will exact my specific manipulation, with no unruly chaos needed. Mine, will be the honor, Mine, is the honor. Any other thinking is mundane, and causal in its superficiality. Moral undermining is another Satanic idea which basically equates to doing the opposite of what is considered right, in the context of an enemy paradigm. For example, within terms of Christianity, taking drugs or watching pornography would be considered morally wrong. As thus, some Satanist have come to the illogical conclusion that doing the opposite of what that paradigm views as right, will somehow undermine that moral system. This thinking is causal, and therefore mundane. In reality, many mundane systems share common ground with reasonable systems, thus doing the opposite of everything the Christian system considers just or moral, would be illogical, in that it would imply doing the opposite of ones own ideas, such as not being a drug addict, or becoming obsessed with pornography. Not to mention the fact that doing what is (wrong), in no way equates to amorality. Amorality indicates that ones motivations are based on logical thinking alone. That alone is Acausal thinking. Amorality has nothing to do with a point of view which says something is right or wrong, thus doing what is (wrong) in terms of the Christian paradigm, is still, however inadvertently, a moral basses which guilds ones thinking and actions, and indeed, equates to another (moral) Satanic epic fail. Much like the paradigm shift which Satanist are unable to recognize, they fail to see their moral shift either. Liberation form religious morality implies a complete purging of that moral thinking, and not a commitment to doing what religious morality says is wrong. Again, causal understanding leads to the inability to recognize subjectivity, or to say it another way, (believing) one possesses freedom, causes one to stop looking for it. They are subject to the magian meme, rather than intercepting the meme in a way that it could be Interrogated and rejected. Now I dont aim to imply that all Satanist, of all varieties, base their thinking on inverted Christianity, Im saying that any level of doing so is mundane, and therefore these Satanist are as much of an enemy to logic as any Christian, and equally causal. No society is made more reasonable or logical by bombarding it with drugs that weaken the mind or productivity of its people. No society becomes logical by adhering to sexual obsessions which distract them from reasonable and honorable practice. Destroying a society is not a productive means of aeonic influence, if ones goals aim at achieving a superior society in the future.

Transformation being the overall goal, all ground which one holds that can be intellectually defended, ought to be maintained, thus attacking that ground to the detriment of ones intellectual enemies, is detrimental to ones own intellectual standing, in the event that the ground is shared. Interrogist reject drug addiction, or addiction of any sort, as anything that one values more than purity of logic is dishonorable. Therefore, to attack Christians on the grounds of their rejection of drug use, or irresponsibility with ones attention, would not be logical, as Interrogist hold those values as well. That addresses the failure of Satanic Moral Undermining. This is why Interrogist focus on those aspects of mundane paradigms which are contrary to logical interrogation, because ultimately it is not the shared ground on which intellectual battles are to be fought, unless that ground is to be lost for Interrogist as well. Strike, rather, at those specific aspects for which they have absolutely no evidence, no reason, no logic, or honor, and then demonstrate how their causal (belief) might be upgraded to Acausal understanding. In short, nothing is to be gained by rejecting the perfectly logical aspects of ones enemies paradigm, and in acknowledging as much, you are able to demonstrate that all paradigms are based on some logical constructs which everyone can agree upon. This gives the Interrogist the high ground, which allows them to demonstrate their opponents are being antisocial by defending a paradigm which serves only them, in the event that they abandon logic in pursuit of special pleading. Special pleading is always selfish, whereas logic is always productive for everyone. The Interrogist Framework serves everyone, in that it is productive towards increasing everyones knowledge and abilities. Moral undermining equates to asking people to subject themselves to primitive paradigms, when the option for absolute liberation exist. For Satanism to promote some necessity of a future society in which everyone is an illogical masturbating drug addict, is less than a proper interrogation of the facts, or of the available options. From the Interrogist point of view, that is about as logical as cutting off someones arm, because the have a splinter in their pinky finger. The scalpel is sometimes more beneficial than the wrecking ball, of course, a (causal shift) will not make that evident. Now I am aware that old habits die hard, and as thus, I fully expect to be challenged by other nexion on the grounds of changing the definitions of the aforementioned terminology. In answer I will say simply that the new definitions are based on logic and reason, rather than fairytales. If that is not good enough for some, I invite anyone to answer the following questions. If anyone, ONA or otherwise, can answer these questions, I will revert to the traditional definitions, convert to theistic Satanism, worship the dark gods, and perform magical dances 1. What method and scientific equipment was utilized so as to observe the cosmos, which determined that the cosmos had a, secret acausal, (other half)? 2. Were the results of that study published publicly? 3. Were the results of the study peer reviewed by actual scientist, and if so, whom? 4. If the Acausal is beyond Causal space time, and all human sensory apparatus and scientific equipment are Causal in nature, how would one investigate non Causal

dimensions? 5. The definition of Acausal states that the geometry of the Causal Cosmos exist in three spatial dimensions at right angles to each other, which are height, breath, and width, and that this geometry is finite. If that is so, please state the exact measurement of each of the three dimensions, and describe the equipment used to measure the cosmos, and the credentials of the person(s) operating that equipment. 6. If Acausal (energies) (life forms) are not observable by any Causal means How the fuck could you know? 7. If (Acausal Thinking) implies one has removed all abstractions from their thought process, would it not inadvertently imply that one had put off the abstraction of (Acausal Thinking) and just think logically? 8. Where might one obtain a complete chart of the (Cosmic Seasons) and a definition of their influence, explaining in causal terms, the effect of each season in terms of influence on humanity? Interrogist seek evidence of all claims, and hold the standard of dissecting all answers offered as evidence. It defines who we are, and how we operate. For that reason, an Interrogation of (Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery) must take place, whereas I have set upon correcting the terminology and mythos in question. An evaluation of the said text by Anton Long would be expected to follow. The first issue that becomes evident is that for the Elder ONA, Acausality was a non-issue, that is, much was said about the Acausal which amounts to saying what it was not, while hardly saying anything sensible about what it (is). It was described as being (not causal). It is stated that a good sorcerer must understand what it is, and that stuff lives in it too. So, having established that (stuff) is not (not stuff) I invite you to put out your joint, and pay attention while I add some big boy science to the mix. If youd like, follow the aforementioned text, for verification that I am correcting and demanding evidence of actual claims. *************************************************** Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery ~Interrogist commentary~ *************************************************** 1. Anton Long: Simultaneity that is, that acausal energy does not propagate in a causal linear way either in time or in space. Interrogist 1: Propagation is itself a product of linear space time, and resultant of (cause and affect) Read a fucking book!

2. Anton Long: Instead, such energy propagates (and can manifest or be presenced) according to the nature of acausal-space and acausal-time. Interrogist 1: Again! Energy, Propagation, and manifestation, are themselves, properties of the causal universe. The only Space and Time being mentioned here are wholly causal. Propagations and manifestations are the notable affects of energies acting upon themselves according to the physical standards they produce. Still no explanation of what this Acausal claim asserts. 3. Anton Long: Thus, there is no direct, causal-based, cause and effect events are not, or may not be, separated by a duration of causal time, and are not, or may not be, separated by a physical distance as measured according to causal-space. Interrogist 1: Any events which are not separated by an expanse of space time, and occur at the exact same time, and occur in the exact same space, are therefore the SAME FUCKING EVENT, lol. How might viewing one phenomena as being more than one, excuse that phenomena from cause? What evidence can be demonstrated, that any phenomena is possible, which has no initial cause? 4. Anton Long: Acausal energy implies acausal beings (or entities) which exist in both the acausal dimensions/spaces (acausal-space and acausal-time) and in our causal universe. Interrogist 1: No. This statement is a logical fail, as no sound explanation of what Acausal (is), has yet been offered. Adding that (entities) come from the unexplained stuff, does not excuse the stuff from requiring an explanation. 5. Anton Long: These beings live, according to the type of acausal energy that they are, and their existence is independent of us, as causal beings. Interrogist 1: (A) No evidence has been offered for these Acausal (beings). (B) Life is a production of -cause and affect- in terms of physical causal reality. Cause yourself to stop eating, and you end the affect of sustaining life, case and point. (C) These Acausal (beings) are extremely subject to causal beings, as the only evidence of their existence is a few papers written by causal beings, in this causal dimension. 6. Anton Long:

Thus, The Dark Gods, of mythos, legend and esoteric tradition, are one type of such acausal entities. Interrogist 1: No gods exist (either dark or light), mythos is man made, esoteric tradition is man made, and no type of Acausal entities have yet been evidenced. Only claims and special pleading. 7. Anton Long: Empathy that is, knowing and understanding that causal beings (or entities) such as ourselves, who have life or existence in the causal spaces/dimensions, are not separate, discrete or even individual beings or entities, but are only parts of the matrix which comprises causal and acausal spaces. Interrogist 1: (A) This statement can be viewed as being true, ONLY in the event that The Interrogistic definition of (acausal) is used. The Interrogistic re-definition actually has a meaning which addresses a deeper level of understanding being permitted by interrogating nature itself. Interrogist are Empathetic to our existence in connection to nature, in a universe filled with knowns, and unknowns, seeking the numinous experience of constantly revealing more knowns. The OG non-definition fails because it doesnt HAVE ONE! Saying stuff is there, is not evidence of stuff being there. (B) According to the OG non-definition offered by the Elder ONA, Acausal is yet to be defined as anything but causal Logically, Interrogist view the entirety of the matrix in question, as being causal, and view acausality as actually (knowing it) and being Empathetically aware of our place therein, whereas the mundane recognize only the superficial, failing to see the matrix altogether. All beliefs in extra dimensional magic land, is mundane 8. Anton Long: That is, that such causal entities are nexions, and are alive by virtue of having acausal energy; they can be viewed, in one sense, as receptacles, composed of causal, physical elements, atoms and so on, in-which acausal energy can dwell (or be presenced). Interrogist 1: No evidence is offered that causal life is resultant of extra dimensional influence, or that life has any apparatus by which extra dimensional magic sauce might be received. Even in the event that life had some apparatus by which magic sauce could be received, the magic sauce in questions would BE A FUCKING CAUSE, thus calling it acausal is blatantly, and absurdly, retarded. What the fuck is wrong with you people? 9. Anton Long: Our consciousness and especially magic, correctly understood is a means to apprehend our true nature as causal entities and can be a means for us to access more acausal energy.

Interrogist 1: Being conscious and understanding properly is not a kind of magic, it is neurological processing. Much like the (acausal), there is, as of yet, no evidence of (Magic) whatsoever. As for gaining MORE acausal energies, youd first need to prove you have ANY to began with And you have not. 10. Anton Long: Explained in a simplistic way, five-dimensional acausal sorcery is a means to create, or draw-into-the-causalspaces, acausal beings/entities, and a means for us to transform ourselves (and other causal entities) by accessing/presencing acausal energy and thus possibly move toward a dwelling in the acausal spaces. Interrogist 1: Five-dimensional acausal sorcery is NOT a means to create anything. Matter/Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered by chemical or radiological transformation. In regard to Five Dimensional sorcery, Id suggest, rather, that you try a FITH GRADE science class. Youd learn a bit more. As beings of this universe, our form is atomically indigenous to this universe. Even in the event that another universe was proven to exist, upon travelling there, our bodies would dissolve, and our atomic structure would assume the dictates of that dimensions physical laws. Thats called Dead, for those of you unable to keep up. If you advocate that humans have their own mental magic sauce, and that we can send it to the other dimensions well How very, very Nazarene, of your mundane ass 11. Anton Long: Furthermore, acausal sorcery works on the fundamental premise of the irrelevancy of causal-time and causal-space that is, our concepts of cause-and-effect, of spatial distance, of a beginning and an end of a past, a present and a future do not apply. Interrogist 1: I see, So basically, I have to ignore just about every part of my mental process, which otherwise allows me to Interrogate your claims. I should just abandon all logic and (believe) in magic from never land, because you know some people there? That, or I could maintain logic, and hand your mythos its ass The Nature of Acausal Beings 12. Anton Long: Acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions. Interrogist 1: Acausal realms and beings ARE causal concepts and abstractions. 13. Anton Long: Some dwell (and can only exist in) the acausal spaces, while others can dwell or be

manifest in both the acausal and the causal, with there being many different types of acausal entities all of which have their own nature or type of being. Essentially, they have no physical form, as we define and understand physical form (for example, a body) although some types of acausal being, who can dwell or manifest or be presenced in our causal spaces, can dwell-within, or presence themselves within or be presenced within, a causal form such as a living body or being (including a human being) and some of the acausal beings who can or who have done this are known as shape shifters. Interrogist 1: (A) I would assume that some of the OG could provide me with a chart listing the multiple species of Acausal beings, along with a brief elaboration of their individual natures, the sector of the Acausal from which they come, and the peer reviewed documents produced during the evaluations of each respective Acausal being. (B) Please include the names of the scientist and doctors who conducted the exams. (C) If one was to remove all aspects of causality, the acausal beings could have no (nature) as nature is a collection of inter-dependant causes, the study of which science refers to as Ecology Just so you know. (D) To explain a bit about physics to the you layman, if Acausal beings have no form, THEY CANT CHANGE SHAPE! Formless beings have no shape to shift. (Form) is a crucial aspect of (being), thus if something has no form, no shape, it can not exist Formless Shape shifters? What the fuck are you people smoking? lol. 14. Anton Long: We cannot seeor detect (by our limited physical senses or by using causality-based physical instruments) un presenced acausal beings who may be transiting through or dwelling-within our causal spaces (our physical world/universe) if such beings have not accessed, or presenced themselves, in some causal, living, form (or even, in most cases, even if they have done this). Interrogist 1: So, spirits then? Ghost? They might even be Pixies or Leprechauns. How the hell could you know something unknowable by our senses, or our science. If there are other ways to know, why then have the OG hidden those ways from being added to scientific exploration? 15. Anton Long: However, some of us (and some other life) may sometimes feel or be aware of some such acausal beings: for example, if we possess a certain type of empathy or have the esoteric knowledge to detect some such transiting or in-dwelling acausal beings. Interrogist 1: How is it that one can (feel) something for which one has no sensory apparatus. All forms of Empathy relate to the nature of our causal dimension. This is yet another claim to having extra dimensional magic sauce, and offering no evidence for it.

16. Anton Long: Since these acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions, it is incorrect to judge such beings according to our limited, causal, morality. They are neither good nor evil. They live according to their own nature, as acausal beings, just as, for example, a wild predatory animal lives according to its wild predatory nature. Interrogist 1: (A) List, if you will, any other options available by which such judgements might (correctly) take place. (B) One must demonstrate they exist whatsoever, before anyone might judge them at all. (C) Acausal beings are nothing like wild animals, as wild animals have a shape, and exist in reality, and people outside of the old school ONA can see them. 17. Anton Long: According to esoteric tradition, there are some acausal beings who are drawn or who have been in the past been drawn toward our causal spaces (our physical universe/world) because they do or have acquired the ability to feed off certain types of emotion (or states of being) which emotion (or states of being) are but types of energy. Interrogist 1: The writer of this Acausal nonsense, is not very bright. In human beings, emotions relate directly to chemical balances. Altering our chemistry alters our mood and overall health. If Acausal beings came to our dimension to feed on (mood energy) they would have starved to death long ago. Emotion is not a form of energy any more that eating batteries can make you joyful. Thats right, your flashlight didnt run out, it was just sad. 18. Anton Long: Due to the nature of the acausal spaces (and thus the nature of acausal energy) acausal beings do not die as we die and do not age as we age. Interrogist 1: Thats right, things that are not things, do not exist, and nonexistence can not live or die, like things that do exist in nature. This still doesnt explain what the acausal is, or offer evidence of its existence on any level. 19. Anton Long: Furthermore, our causal concept of physical travel (or movement) which takes causal time is irrelevant to and does not apply to such beings, due to their very nature as acausal beings. Interrogist 1: (A) Thats not so bad really, if you dont exist, you likely dont have anywhere to go. (B) List any concept of travel, other than causal, and describe how it works

20. Anton Long: However, most acausal beings are not, by our standards, all-powerful and many cannot change or restructure temporal things, just as some cannot transit to (be presenced in) the causal spaces, or dwell-within causal beings, without some aid or assistance in opening a nexion or nexions (which in many instances is just a direct connexion between the causal and acausal spaces). Interrogist 1: So non-existent, non-beings, from non-realms, can not alter this realm of existence? Good to know. How is that any different from this realm just being the only one we are aware of? Acausal Sorcery Among the techniques of acausal sorcery are the following: 21. Anton Long: Esoteric chant, especially that involving the use of certain shaped crystals of a certain type. This chant can access and/or produce, certain types of acausal energy (or under certain circumstances, open a nexion to certain acausal spaces to allow certain acausal beings to presence in our dimensions). Interrogist 1: What evidence exist, that in any way demonstrates, that holding some sort of crystal, opens a doorway to the land of magic sauce, if you sing a magic song at the same time? Also, Id like a list of the circumstances left out in the above statement. Do be exact. 22. Anton Long: Empathy that is, by direct acausal thinking (or being) which implies a particular type of awareness and consciousness and certain abilities. It should be noted that one of the aims of The Star Game, in its various forms, is to provoke such acausal thinking, and to provide some experience of some of the awareness involved. This is the natural creation of a nexion or nexion (or the use of an already existing connexion) and then the attraction of acausal energies or acausal beings (a natural calling of such beings). Interrogist 1: (A) Empathy exist only in causal reality, as awareness describes that level of causal knowing, so I must ask, how one can stand on such an epic double standard, as before, this essay states that human consciousness can not grasp the acausal, and logic doesnt work Make up your mind, if you will. (B) The Star Game is based on logic and exist in our, rather causal, realm, if you dont mind, list the aspects of the Star Game that are not causal, and while you are at it, explain which arrangements of the pieces open the door to magic sauce. 23. Anton Long:

What should be understood about all methods is that it is in the nature of certain types of acausal energy to flow through a nexion. That is, once a connexion is established, and such energy or energies accessed, then a causal presencing will begin. Furthermore, certain times are regarded, according to a certain esoteric tradition, as more favourable than others that is, there a certain causal times when certain cosmic tides (caused by the structure of causal and acausal space-time) facilitate the flow of such acausal energy into the causal, and other times when the opposite occurs (when, that is, it becomes more difficult for such energy to be accessed and presenced in the causal). One causal apprehension of such cosmic tides is said to be aeons with the beginning of such an Aeon being a time (in causal terms) when such a presencing, such a flow, is favourable. Interrogist 1: This is a fine example of saying a great deal, without saying anything at all, with the added effect of contradiction (A) It is said that acausal beings and energies, are not bound by causality, and operate according to acausal space and acausal time, HOWEVER, nexion are, as nexion are causal, and all the acausal thingies are entirely dependant on those causal nexion, MEANING that acausal stuff is indeed bound to causal space and causal time. Not that Interrogist believe it actually exist at all, but thats a rather large contradiction. (B) Another contradiction is that acausal beings, in all their glorious timelessness, seem now, only to be available at certain magical times. lol. Somehow it is the shape of the causal universe at fault, that the poor shapeless beings are having a hard time reaching us, lol. (C) Of course, you should expect that, after claiming such bullshit before an Interrogist, that the Interrogist will be requesting a fully detailed chart of these supposed (cosmic tides). The Dark Gods 24. Anton Long: One of the aims of a certain groups of Adepts is to presence (or, rather, to re-presence) The Dark Gods. That is, to bring these beings (who are mostly shape shifters) into our own causal dimensions and thus change the life, the living, of our world, and our causal universe. According to one ancient esoteric tradition (to be believed or not according to ones way of thinking) one such acausal entity a shape shifter is known in mythos and legend as Satan, with this acausal being assuming, in former times, various causal forms (or appearances). Interrogist 1: (A) What is the exact percentage of Adepts who share the aim of summoning the non existent sky people? (B) What is the exact ratio of shape shifters to non shape shifters among the acausal sky people? I know you said mostly, but Id like a number. (C) Yeah, its fitting that youd work Satan in at the last second, as all the rest of this reeks of being Nazarene.

Beyond Sorcery: Toward The Acausal

25. Anton Long: According to a certain esoteric tradition, it is possible for us, as individual human beings dwelling (existing) in the causal spaces, to move toward an existence in the acausal spaces. That is, in a simplistic sense, to transfer our consciousness, via a nexion or nexion, into an acausal being and thus begin to dwell in the acausal spaces. According to another tradition, it is also possible for us to create, for ourselves, such an acausal existence that is, to transit into the acausal. Such a dwelling (living) by a causal-based entity such as ourselves is often regarded as one of the greatest goals of genuine esoteric arts, and the means to do this as perhaps the greatest secret of genuine Dark Arts, the greatest act of natural alchemy. Anton Long 118 yf (Year of Fayen) Agios o Baphomet. Interrogist 1: (A) So just like the magian religions you claim to hate, you now offer everyone everlasting life in another dimension? (B) During the transference of ones brain stuff to magic land, how does one get around the fact that the human brain operates ENTIRELY on causal chains such as biochemical and bioelectrical currents, which currents are dependent on the physical laws of this universe, and should that process end, ones consciousness also ends, be it in this universe or any another. Please explain how you are able to work around that issue. (C) What is the criteria by which it is determined weather one is to receive a body made by the acausal magic people, or one has to actually make their own acausal body, like a punk? What differences are noticeable between these acausal bodies? (D) It is noticeable that, as with all religions, after all the boasting and bragging, when one is asked for evidence for these claims, each religion, including Traditional Satanism and that of the ONA dark gods, the answer will be a A BIG FAT SECRET, which I interpret as a intellectual copout (non answer), and evidence of nothing more than the fact that the ONA ethos alone, is enough, and that this mythos is fucking retarded. Interrogist 1 *************************************************** Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery ~Interrogist commentary~ *************************************************** I will end this correction by bringing to everyones attention, the fact that if all systems labelled as mundane were currently eliminated, theistic Satanism and all this old school Acausal nonsense would itself, presence that which the ONA labels as being mundane. You dont fix something by calling it something else, you have to kill it, you have to root it out of yourself, as well as others. Destroy illogic, and strip your will of superficial bullshit ONA913 Interrogist 1

HOWL OF THE INTROVERT by RA As a founder of the Temple of THEM my Work colours the nature of its expressions. It is of necessity [and the result of the practice of alchemy, psychological analysis, sorcery, experience] that I be acutely self-aware. I therefore am enabled some perception into my own prejudices and biases when it comes to those expressions wiser to the biological and psychological limitations under which my work labours and presences itself. Firstly, unlike many people on the Left Hand Path - I am left-handed. I feel this greatly colours my perceptions and the way I express them which is as an artist and a thinker. The world is not orientated toward the left-hand crowd since it is right-handers that predominate this fact seems mostly visible to those of a left-handed nature who have to persevere with the unnatural geometry of mechanical devices, layout of keyboards or controllers and so on that saturate the right-handers world. These same distinctions of right-handed bias can be said to permeate through into other spheres that built the world in a similar way or with more pronounced mental tendencies and aptitudes. I am an extreme Introvert; my attitude toward the world is one of abstraction as evidential by my emphasis and intensity on deconstruction, on withdrawing my libido from objects and breaking them down thus I seek to withdraw projections, harness wayward energetic exchanges or infusions with objects such as might occur through unconscious activity or to rob objects of any intrinsic power to return it to myself. Due to my extreme introversion and left-handedness which I feel [with some other unlisted factors] combine to afford me a particular insight into things I have developed a highly aggressive extrovert mask to compensate. My natural disposition is therefore at odds with how Extroverts see the world hence my immutable differences of opinion with figures such as Anton Long, Crowley, or even other members of THEM are predicated on these limitations. In your dealings with other members of THEM it is wise to keep in the back of your mind the factor of these different arrangements of perception and to understand that depending on who you are talking to you will require a different approach. Because my work reflects the majority of the Temple's exterior like naturally attracts like i.e. the Temple naturally attracts, Introverts. This should be kept in mind since with such an attraction comes a natural aversion by others toward the expressions of the Temple leading to a concentration of like-minded people or introverted personalities which limits our ability to explore or apprehend the extroverted attitude toward the Dark Ones which is, diametrically opposed with an equal depth of unique insights all of its own. Each of us labour under a different set of biological preferences [selected by nature] that colour the

way we view the world. It is common for people to not take this into account when others do not deal with an object the same way we are inclined to believe is the authentic way. To me therefore, the Dark Gods, and all things, appear a specific way and cannot help but appear that way owing to my psychic prejudices and blueprint. In other words, it is I suspect impossible for me to see the Dark Gods as other than my nature allows me to. The downside of this is that a group wholly focused on an introverted understanding of the Dark Gods or in fact any subject matter is missing an exploration of the other half of the possibilities unless there are extroverted personalities among us. Knowing the intimate details of your own psyche, reactions/reflexions and being able to do what is largely impossible seeing yourself as others see you, or at least trying to is what I would consider essential to learning about how to avoid or incite conflict. This in turn leads to a superior understanding of what drives, characterizes and can strengthen or weaken form. With serious introspection of your self comes, if sincere and determined, a greater understanding of others through understanding yourself. Age is often a strong determinant of psychic maturity because age affords retrospect the ability to look back on a larger and larger range of experience with more experience. Though labels are shunned they are like many forms necessary and useful if only to grease the path of social lubrication so that actual study research and work can be done with the basics of communication satisfied. Any serious analysis of any object or paradigm raises immediate concerns about the authenticity of its structure because we bring the view to the object and each of us in a different way. Objectivity as such rests when we rest our analysis or accept those of others. Although there are billions of individuals we share a unified collective subconscious and similar biology these are the core aspects of a person around which are tacked on smaller less important incidentals. Knowing someone's dreams for instance can afford massive insight into their unconscious orientation toward the world through a Jungian context of each state of mind and its phase of individuation. Knowing how someone views their parents can reveal how they see the world. Observing the concepts that people use such as accepting time or space without challenge or alteration, whether focused on politics or religion, introversion or extroversion can de-construct a personality into its constituent parts and where one desires to move an individual in a certain direction or cause them to perform a certain action appealing to these constituent parts so as not to cause friction with the incipient will and its particular drives can mean the difference between success as a Sorcerer and failure. But any such manipulation is an illusion of the will humans are chaotic creatures and only by enclosing a box around them does the Sorcerer make of a person their puppet a sympathetic connection that exists for the Sorcerer and allows them to feel that the course of events is being influenced by their machinations. This irrational connection is ancient but is the mainstay of magic wherein through guile, intent, ritual or will it simply works or seems to work. This belief tends to highlight the fierce imagination and pre-occupation with their own importance that humans treat as given and display against one another on a regular basis. These are observations I treat as facts. The valuation of them as positive or negative traits does not enter my mind. They are inert and emotionless until loaded as need be.

We have observed that the first task of the Temple's Trial is of little conflict with most people since going outside and performing tactile tasks of self-initiation in one's own desired fashion is neither extrovert or introvert prejudiced however, the next task of meditating on the Archetypal Images such as Caelethi by CB via pathworking and to withdraw energy trapped in unconscious archetypes is most definitely an introverted task and as a result we find a rough split in initiates of those who gravitate toward the task and seek to complete it and those who are thrown off by it and renounce their application. There is often the typical query at such a junction as to the possibility of fitness or physical tasks with extroverts seeking a suitable equivalent of what they see as an awful task. This division often markedly separates those who would approach the Sinister through the systems of THEM and ONA into two camps the Warriors tend to select the ONA, and the Sorcerers tend to select the Temple of THEM. What is a Warrior? A Warrior is an extrovert who trains to become insensitive to the world who pushes through pain, becomes hardened and stoic, amasses muscular ego-armour and the attitude to match. They revel in the idea of the hunting challenge, the External and Internal Adept challenges of living in the wilderness among the trees and animals and weather, of cycling massive distance, climbing mountains as per the Black Pilgrimage within a certain amount of time or pushing themselves to their limit and then seeking to increase it. They become insensitive to violence and can take a lot of pain. They often possess a sense of duty and loyalty to a cause external to themselves. When it comes to the tasks of creating and meditating on the Tarot, learning the Star Game, Insight Roles, learning the esoteric side of the occult they shun and dread it however for these are the strengths of the Introvert. We know that most ONA recruits pick and choose their respective strengths accordingly due to these two innate characteristics. We might also consider Jung's categories of perception that include those who perceive the world in four general ways amid a host of other categories to limit the vast and messy exquisita that is a human being though despite interpretation and reduction the world just persists in its own complexity. A factor many initiates struggle with. What is a Sorcerer? A Sorcerer is an introvert who trains to become super-sensitive to the world to be able to feel its places of power, sense power through images, symbols, or nature to feel and draw on the subtle currents of magic by being able to sense them, to see spirits and demons and beyond the veils of the ordinary thing. The Sorcerer though does not shun physical challenges they merely approach them a different way the Sorcerer aims to keep fit, to build strength, flexibility and also increase their limits but balances this with the need to retain that super-sensitivity without being weak or crushed. i.e. to be in a position to both sense the currents underlying things, including an unconscious command to Warriors that the Sorcerer could destroy them with a glance, but without amassing egoarmour that blocks these currents from being detected through insensitivity to them. Therefore there is a certain attitude toward performing super-human tasks or demands of physicality which is not to strain and overdo them but find clever ways to do them or have others do them for us. There is no loyalty to forms but a desire to wield forces through forms if necessary. The Temple of THEM trains Sorcerers, presently, from an introverted point of view due to my own innate orientation. Therefore an inward focus will be evident with a marked emphasis on aspects drawing from Carl Jung's psychoanalysis, [in particular the Libido] Alchemy, Dreams and a withdrawal of energies from objects to restore it to the self. This

should be kept in mind when considering the Temple's writings particularly my own since I cannot alter this innate bias. Not for lack of trying with often explosive, unstable, weird insights and results. If like me you have ever experienced a poltergeist, psychokinesis, or the power of a nightmare then you know the extraordinary power that lays inside our psyche. Are the Dark Ones a product of the psyche, external to it, or somewhere in between? I and most of THEM believe that the truth is somewhere in between. But for now, the Temple is coloured by an introverted analysis of this possibility and will be until an extrovert takes my place as the Temple's Representative. The Temple has experienced the same biases when a membership of males or females has predominated with emphasis on various factors due to biological predisposition excluding others. An awareness of this limitation therefore offers us a chance to look for or create opportunities to balance it. At the very least to operate with some awareness of it and to use it to our advantage to quieten the insistence of our ego. This is a slow process however and many roads are required to be travelled to reach a point where such fallibility can be accepted without collapsing the optimism of the ego. However, there are potentially great benefits to be had from this approach that the extrovert cannot attain. Magic relies on the Will more often than not it is the unconscious that blocks the power of the conscious will. This is why a wish encoded in Sigil or Rune magic is disfigured until it is no longer recognizable as a symbol to the conscious mind viz. to prevent the unconscious from interfering. It is the aim of this Temple to study and make conscious what we call the Bridge;- which is an effort to listen to one's dreams, learn to identify and read the messages of the unconscious, and allow a communication between the two states of mind to take place. A sense that one is not in control of their own organism is daunting but it is also the gateway to compartmentalizing the brain. In this fashion the repressed contents and the conscious contents can actively be manipulated. This can be observed in the nature of synchronicity which grows and intensifies as an individual correctly interprets their Wyrd, or decreases and causes problems and obstacles when an individual Crosses their Wyrd. In ancient speak this was to be in accord with the [Dark] Gods in modern terms it is to be synchronous with the desires of ones subconsicous which often act to block or prevent or warn of danger to the individuals consciousness which may be suffering from any number of delusional maladies. Psychosis is however a very real danger when the natural tension or spring of the mind is stretched or used in such a way genetics and heredity did not intend. The Will is powered by repressing certain contents depriving them of power [Libido] driving down those contents at the same time causing other contents to rise up and be empowered by power [Libido]. The conscious is like a laser, we point it at things with a specific aim and wishful thinking it is the unconscious that makes the decision whether something works or not. Unconscious contents can be made known through listening to and interpret Dreams,

through recognizing one's own behaviours, habits, patterns. With a variety of techniques, most of which involve difficult challenging alchemical formulas and a desire to evolve that causes serious internal conflict, the energy invested in manifesting Dark Gods or demons externally can be withdrawn with a corresponding rise in consciousness, self-awareness and control of the psyche [including immense stores of libido] that projects them as parts of our un-integrated psychic content or leaks of unconscious activity. It seems apparent that there is a correlation of any particular psychic lenses to manifestation degree of supernatural elements, entities, spirits and the intensity of their experience. This has also been discussed in the past as a conflict between magic and intellect and the particular hz or mhz levels of a persons brainwaves interfering or enhancing their spiritual empathy with other awarenesses and more penetrating Sight of the world and any other worldly inhabitants. Here though I must make something clear the aim of THEM is not to strive for some perfect human being with a fully integrated consciousness that is a pipe-dream, the sonic lie of many other groups that strive after the destruction of the Ego thinking they are going to become supermen. The psyche just doesn't work like that it requires the tension in the spring to function and if that spring was somehow snapped the effects would be devastating as often happens in the case of the insane where the unconscious dominates. No we do not strive to be a superman or something that is simply unattainable we wish to create the Undividual a being that re-considers his place context and purpose and is at least far more aware of the full range of his psychic functions and his own short-comings, limitations and biological biases than most are willing to admit for in such extreme humility tempered with unyielding arrogance lies attainable mastery and acceptance. The outcome of tinkering with these phenomena is unknown and therefore as potentially dangerous as it is rewarding extremes of both Genius and Madness are to be found within the Psyche but the result of one's tinkering may not be the result of another's. What need be understood is that there is not or any way to prove an objective proof I am certain most of you have experienced a supernatural phenomenon, seen a demon, ghost or apparition, been touched by a force or experienced a poltergeist. What is of interest to us here can only be conducted under rigorous self-scrutiny and brutal self-honesty to reveal what is figment, imagination, wishfulness, psychic leaks or genuine entities. Yet aside from trying to determine how much of the Dark Gods appearance, nature, etc is a product of us the power that can be extracted from a more complete understanding, integration and operation of our psychic faculties is of considerable interest too. This Temple has however been home to extroverted individuals and their works will or may be further made accessible as progress is made through the Mvimaedivm Black Project. The Temple also houses and welcomes new strains of Sinister definition and system and we encourage you to share your own thoughts and experiences with it, to express your own currents as offshoots of the main vein. The Temple has definite goals such as isolating the context origin and evolution of concepts such as the number Seven, or ascertaining whether there really are archaeological remains of elongated heads to weigh up the evidence for Annunaki in relation to understanding why they were depicted the way they were [the answer is yes and there are existing examples] or merely speaking to experts or doing private research of large bodies of texts to find out how an ancient people lived, approached the world, the type of magic they had etc. Underlying these roots is the trunk of our work which is to discover the evolutionary path of concepts and peoples that led to the distortion

of the Aeonic imperium and identify the path and weaknesses of the Magi as well as the evolutionary path of what is called the Dark Ones and the Sinister.

THEM, NUMBERS, FORM AND THE MAGI: THE INEXORABLE MARCH OF TINY STEPS TOWARD INSYNSIAN By RA Literary Concepts and faith in those concepts form the backbone of the Magian Matrix. But the tendency to write about the structure of language and communication tends to lend the idea that only words have this ingrained duality about them - but it is perhaps more so with the subtle but omnipresent phenomena of numbers [perhaps because the majority of the world are right-handed] that the machinations of monotheism and God may indeed lie. Perhaps it is not with the usual suspects of the occult that the distortion of the matrix lies but in the ability of the Magian mindset to capitalize off clever inventions - inventions which were often created in daily life where Christianity was the practiced and enforced norm and hence Insynsian had a huge impact as a backdrop behind most mentalities. Immortality and the desire to be remembered impregnates many innovations - as does the desire to be rich, famous and revered. Behind these mundane concerns of the individuals living in their moments there is a chain of such innovations that could be said to have been considerable contributing factors in the way our brains developed a unilateral preference for a 23 Syndrome rather than a bi-, tri- or more -partmental set of perspectives or syndrome[s]. Numbers, mathematics play a huge part in our story as human beings and as the backdrop to the increasing lean toward shaping our minds a particular way over another, at least culturally. The author assumes the reader has prior knowledge of theoretical mathematics. One of the interesting facts about numbers is that most numbers cannot even be drawn or defined with there being an infinite amount of numbers between integers 1 and 2 - these being irrational and wholly impossible to write down since they just keep going. There are numerous examples of simple looking equations giving esoteric and unexpected answers. Rather than accept these fundamental "problems" with mathematics which many claim to be precise instruments with which to explain the world a great deal of the phenomena of numbers is esoteric and magical even logic cannot explain nor derive answers for certain equations. Again and again, these uncomfortable anomalies and imperfections have been glossed over so as to enable the use of 'perfect' numbers to create the sense of a seamless method of enquiry.

Algebra was instrumental in providing a means where numbers that could not be written down, could still be used - but this ignoring of the Actual nature of numbers is typical and traditional to the Magi - we can see this convenient glossing over of such imperfections in systems echoed everywhere for the sake of making them work. One example being in Courts where what actually happened is never what is reviewed and there is a pressing need for someone's actions to be quantified into a box, for a case to be either guilty or not guilty, endless arrays of either/or and it is not about facts, but demonization of each party and who has the better more convincing Lawyer who can cast the right spells by phrasing words the right way. But numbers have a grey area just as words do - between the concept of the God and the Devil there are also infinite concepts - but most of these prove too difficult to grasp so people gravitate toward the lazier option, the easier option, the option that traditionally humans have gone for. Dualism. Because humans do not like the irrational that's why we shorten things, take short-cuts, call one well-known irrational number pi rather than try to write it down;- it's beyond us to do - and we need clear chunky hand-holds and things that are perfect and do not leave room for doubt, we need for us and others to have Faith in any system deployed - but both mathematics and words are wholly irrational products which have been altered to suit - suit what? Insynsian. What is fundamental about THEM is its emphasis on a plurality in all degrees - we have seen again and again what inventions the mind throws up under the mindset of Insynsian we need to break that cycle to get a range of minds functioning on a new level to disrupt the Magi - not merely to highlights its problems but to actively offer solutions. What has essentially been the process of the Magi is to omit those things in Nature it finds offensive or that do not match the Ego's function for absolute clarity. More often than not we have achieved only agreement on a settle point where difficult concepts that do truly speak of Nature's matrix are ironed out, rounded off and re-packaged in a human-centred format, not a life-centred format. History is the perfect example. This Logical approach is of course the result of a tradition of fitting facts into human schema - not the other way around. It is this rounding off of facts that enables the Matrix to evolve by simplifying things into basic building blocks rather than continually grasping for them every time we want to use them. But it is the same rounding off that has led to the common ignorance toward the true state of things because they were too difficult for the human being to grasp in their raw state and needed to be abstracted into simpler but distorted forms. This prejudice has coloured and still does All spheres of human enquiry. Now was Individuation's natural course coloured/altered by the pressures of monotheistic Christianity, the minds natural processes distorted by this impression of monotheism as a strive for the Absolute or was Individuation a product of it or before it? Early Christians believed that 2 was representative of the Devil because it created division [an alternative to Insynsian]. Zoroastrianism believed that 2 represented an eternal battle evenly balanced. Though it cannot be related here or perhaps anywhere with any clarity and completeness the concept of numbers slowly developed [not continuously - various insights were lost and found again others lost forever] over thousands of years to a point where several inventions bought us closer to Binary or Dualism as an Industrial Cog.

In 1646 CE Gottfried Leibnitz born in Germany[Saxony] developed the philosophy behind Binary numbers. He believed the universe could be represented more elegantly through binary and its conflicting yes/no, on/off nature such as male-female, light-dark, right-wrong. Towards the end of his life he began to believe that binary numbers represented Creation, with 1 symbolizing God, and 0 depicting the Void. This was noticed by Joseph Jacquard born in Lyons, France 1752 - who developed an automated Loom that used binary punch-cards to make the correct stitching. This made him a wealthy man and by 1812 there were 11,000 such looms in use in France. His machine was the first to use binary numbers to store memory. Charles Babbage would arrive on the scene shortly after and create the Difference Engine which produced tables of numbers by calculating and adding differences to the previous numbers. He is credited as the father of the computer. George Boole [from Boolean] predicated a new system of logic with three values he believed could describe any logical statement; these were known as the Boolean operators, AND, OR and NOT. Gradually the world was becoming more logical and less natural. Less complicated and more controlled. It was perhaps Einstein's theories that seemed to blow apart this gradual immersion into more rigid logic and more exact measurement with the special and general theories of relativity. Now discussions of Quantum emerged, of infinity or constants such as c [the speed of light] against which all manner of previously held candles of idea were extinguished overnight. But this leap forward in Science has not had the effect of challenging the Church and its monotheistic beliefs - but of becoming the Church itself in a new vein. Science was born of the rigidity of the Church - and appears to have little in common with it - but it has everything to do with it - even today science quests after a Universal theory to explain everything some special theory of All with the identical absolutism of the Magi, believing itself to be removed from such antiquated notions as God it is merely another stage/phase or face of Insynsian. Where did Mathematics/Science meet with the Divine? It appears to have taken root in the concept of Infinity. The concept of infinity was considered by a Greek named Zeno, furthered by Aristotle but never really gained ground as a reality merely as a potential. In the 13th century the writings of theologian Thomas Aquino bound Aristotelian philosophy [which presently shaped the world] into an intricate link with religion. It was there that God entered the world as an infinite subject and the notion of an ever-lasting infinite soul became integrated too. A fellow named Tertullian (c. 160 c. 225 AD) was instrumental in setting a hedge around Scriptures by insisting that there are limits to Jesus's injunction to seek and find. He was just one of hundreds of thousands of people who put in place devices that lead to causal outcomes that strengthened the power of the Church and its forms immeasurably - but

which Church has never achieved Unification [as good as though, really]. Tertullian's edicts were adopted by the Romans and thus a huge number of splintered groups of Christians who at the time read the Scriptures differently and thus got very different things from it suddenly became split into the more forceful Orthodox believers with sanctioned backing and the rest, who were labelled Heretics. His efforts would lead to the demand that Scripture be authorized to be understood by a very select group of people, the same way for all Christians [a closed canon]. This was but one act of intent [who can say what the intent contained] that was responsible for shaping the way Christianity affected the world and the way it did so. We listed others above in the inventions of mathematicians that opened the gates to the industrial age and the machine age - are they too Magian? Any serious examination of history leaves one with not only the sense that the linear continuum is a farcical notion to entertain but also that it was not some over-arching plan by a group of super-powerful wizards in a magical tower with magical genius that created Christianity or caused it to be sustained but the common will of people taken bit by bit in the same directions via new directions. Christianity, whilst oppressive is not the cause of human suffering. It was the acts of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in positions of power, and millions more who have not survived in historical memory who little by little made small changes over thousands of years that lead to the way things are now - and not because these changes proceeded in an orderly arrangement, implemented one after the other without argument - but largely, because when you demand that everyone do something, there will always be groups that defy that order, leading to new kinds of forms, counter-forms, counter-culture whose ideals have their own agenda. As they grow, they too schism, split, divide, disagree and form new kinds of forms too. We are but a virus dividing itself - in thrall to powers far beyond us that rule us blindly. There is an occult expression called the Cosmic Egg. It is the supposed shape of the human body performing all possible extensions and poses of its biology to the limits of its reach at once forming an egg about itself. How many of these do you think you could perform? There is another occult expression called the Sinister Grotesque. But in a lesser form between smiling and frowning how many other facial motions do you go through? We treat vastly complicated things as simple for so long that we take them for granted, the next generation inherits them as facts. When we think about it we describe two motions. I was smiling and then I frowned. Our human biology and traditional knowledge system drastically limits our ability to grasp the thousands of milli, nano, fermi seconds during which the muscles, sinews, electronic signals, and show to us the thousands of faces in between each "set" of emotions we recognize. How many colours can we recognize? Approximately several thousand - and yet we have supposedly millions of colours presented to us. What is the point if we cannot tell the difference? Moreover, how many colours do you actively recognize? Seven? Twelve? Maybe two dozen? On a regular basis. But probably not many more than that. The Magi are known as Closers - they close things off with words and numbers and other tools from the true Chaos that it is. This is a service to mankind for which they are never consciously

thanked - but, it went past a point where it should have - this is where the distortion began to become apparent in hindsight. The entire world is built on an artificial construct of not-quites, good-enough's, and fair estimates. I had often believed mathematics to be a science built on absolutes but its not hence we have Phi, once of the most well-known of the irrational numbers stemming from the Fibonacci sequence, which number we cannot even write down. The corner-cutting in the worlds progressive development has allowed society and mankind to rise up amidst a paradise that fits its own image. Or rather, an image that has striven for ever since the possible alternatives were hunted, extinguished, murdered or erased from history as the Magi swept across the planet in a monotheist fervour. How many times was the truth written down only to be burned, extinguished, buried, changed, discredited, hidden, forgotten? What comes down to us is minimal and yet it forms the backbone of the majority of human thought - few things have changed since Euclid gave us the principles of Math, Newton the principles of physics, the Greeks the principles of drama and philosophy. These inventions are all that survived to us in the present day - but imagine what we might have been able to do or become had we had more of these missing discoveries, inventions, thoughts, radical innovations and ideas. But they have been erased, forgotten or deliberately destroyed somewhere along the way because of Insynsian - the desire for One truth, one God, one Law, one Way, one, one, one. And what is one? It is Indivisible. It is God. And it is our insidious biological imperatives twisted up in this development of something Divine that have brought the world to its present state. Why is the world so easy to control for so few? Because extraordinarily complex questions have been answered in simple terms of yes and no. You are either doing the right thing and with God - or you are not and turned over to the Devil. This is not some moral judgement limited to religious zealots it is everywhere, parroted by everyone. Us/Them. Wrong/Right. You're In/You're Out. If you can imagine that the whole world has been trained to use tools a certain way for thousands of years - you can imagine just how difficult it is to try to use them differently and the absurdity that it requires an 'occult' school of renegade thinkers to try to re-examine this messy chiselled sculpture of the Matrix and envisage what it looked like when it was still a part of the stone. But now we come to the most difficult part of the Temple of THEM and the requisite necessity for humans to adopt in order to evolve and to come closer to the truth of the matters at heart and for many members of THEM, it is hard to stomach. But it IS the reality. It is here, time to discard the Mythos so carefully built up around you and here the greatest danger that you will no longer understand the purpose of the Temple of THEM. This is where the concept of Mundanes vs. Sinister breaks down - this is where we take a step further into the darkness despite enjoying the light of believed lies which provided a tension, a struggle, a purpose to our Work. The idea that we were up against a monstrous entity of conspiracy that has carefully retained power throughout thousands of years or that one side is evil the other good. When we play these games - we do nothing more than act like the so-called enemy, why? Because WE are the enemy - the enemy comes from us,

from the ideas we hold and the way we hold them - WE, are the MAGI, the SINISTER, the OTHERS, US and THEM. Any depth of research shows many things, chief of which is the absolute difficulty even amongst academics, occultists, specialists, experts of agreement on any set of particular facts or circumstances. The truth of any Distortion will forever lay buried. The trail is ice cold and inhumanly vast. What connections we can make to join one causal phenomenon to another are in vain because our sources are largely modern, largely corrupted, and always have or had an agenda. We have a fraction of the available information and of that fraction we only process or can process a far smaller fraction - we'd like to think we can understand History - but only so long as facts are definite, definitions are absolute, and vast elements of the equation are culled out beforehand, and we concentrate our efforts to PROVE something to suit our agenda - [which alone should ring alarm bells since that is what History IS not just for us, but for all the others who wrote about it] - can we wrap our hand around this leviathan of the deep in which only the crown of the head is visible and the rest forever submerged. Disappointing as it may be - this is the reality. The idea of a Magian Lodge whose members conspired throughout the aeons to bring us to where we are now is an approach at best used by polemicists - those that seek to equally divide normative orthodoxy and heresy against it. It is almost demanded that there BE an enemy outside of us, someone or some group whose ideals clash with our own, who threatens to dominate the stage with false ideals, outlandish theories, damaging rhetoric. We believe ourselves engaged in an occult war because it provides the impetus to put into practice the Ethos of our people as Conquerors. How to be a conqueror if there is nothing to conquer? So we construe for ourselves, a narrow, limited-vision, idea of the past so that we can decide the future. But the one thing many people fail to take into account is the corruption of the information that is RIFE. The majority of people do not KNOW how to read. They accept facts and information at face value, and even the Sinister uses a majority of Christian sources, written by Christians, to prove its agenda. Facts become weapons based on faith in the very idea of facts. Agenda is everywhere - it is human to have an agenda - its why we seek to become Dark Ones, or overthrow the Magian, or get together at all as isolated people across the planet, or in close-proximity groups - we have an agenda. We think we understand the very nuts and bolts of what is "WRONG" with the world or our culture and we seek to "RIGHT" it - we believe ONLY our movement can do so, because ONLY our movement understands what has been broken and how to fix it. And, its why we support others we think support us because their agenda, helps our agenda. And, its why we war against those who we think don't support our agenda, because it makes our agenda harder to attain. This is an approach that humans have taken for hundreds of thousands of years. Tribal difference correlates directly to the forms that possess us. The truth is exceedingly simple, Human beings, who don't enjoy their condition, want someone or something to blame. Sometimes, there IS someone to blame, who is deliberately making life hard or unfair. But to lay the blame of the worlds condition at the feet of a mythical illuminati is insane. It is not just insane - but easier. The frightful problem with humans is that we do not live long - and even if we spend our whole lives working to understand History - we cannot achieve more than a cursory understanding - our lives are

simply too short and our capacities too limited - otherwise we should realize that everything is far too complicated to have conclusions. The very concept of conclusions is to give up, believing one has exhausted the material from which they draw facts and points to the point where an agenda has been sufficiently proved. All of the sources drawn from had writers who also had agendas - tipping facts one way or another. When a writer encountered something he didn't like, his peers wouldn't like, or something that went against his agenda what did he do? He didn't accept it and change himself - he changed the writing, edited it, omitted it, or altered it, instead. We must be HONEST with ourselves, our EGO must learn to be HONEST too. The problems that plague humanity are not driven by some amorphous description that seems bound to a definite area of people when we say Christianity. What is a Christian? Someone that believes in God? Someone that goes to Church? Someone that tells other's they are going to Hell? Someone that follows the teachings of Christ? The term is as nebulous as any other, including Magi. We can cut corners and treat these notions as facts, as given terms for observable phenomena, build a view on them using their stones for our masonry but the Adept knows that's all it is. Sometimes that's all that is needed trading one story for another is often the best humanity can hope for and such trading can work, where new stories promote new expressions, new reactions, new forms until they too solidify and become the new orthodoxy. If you do not see the enormous egoism and human-centred perception at play across the board in taking this stance, or that this is the very stance millions of people take - then you cannot evolve into what lays beyond this primitive perceptive tradition. The Temple asks a question that is quintessential of psychic evolution - DO, we have to have an enemy to provide impetus to our motion? What does it mean to be as Nietzsche once said: Beyond Good and Evil? It means, Whatever you can say about what it is to be Sinister - I can equate with being no different from those things that define the Magi. The Magi are lazy, incompetent, foolish? The mundanes are sub-human, incompetent, ignorant? The Empires that rule the world have never been Satanic, incompetence would not reduce resistance to nil or take the acts against it in its stride, as for foolish - only a fool underestimates their limitations to comprehend the mind-boggling scope of what Christianity has achieved. Fools focus on what it has not achieved and cite from sources of its achievement - philosophers, artists, inventors, warriors, sorcerers. The sheer staggering expertise of Christianity has required truly serious head-scratching to provide a counterform. ONA sought to be it - but is nothing more than an arm of it. It matches, action for action, the same polemic attitude demonized as being a trait of the Magian. Vindex is a thinly disguised Jesus, Baphomet a sexist icon that oppresses Women, it's understanding of History as blind as any other - nowhere does it accept or acknowledge the limitations of the human to understand, because it is unable to come to terms with the reality it never will. There are more books in any library than we will ever be able to read. There are more experiences on the planet than we will ever be able to enjoy/endure. There is more wrong with our world-view than we will ever want to admit.

We can flesh out a reasonable utility of understanding, enough to provide context and purpose, but we can never truly know, and this is a devastating thing the Ego must accept because it believes it can do anything - and it is this trait that makes humans so persistent, motivated and determined to overcome. But like all the other groups peer to it, it seeks a superman to hide its shame - it wants to overcome but it is already overcome - our memories are not secure, our lifespan is short, our ability to comprehend in more than a handful of dimensions is finite, our eyes form most of the judgement, we have only a small wedge of consciousness opposed to the vast gulf of the rest of the psyche, we are biased, prejudiced, and loaded with an agenda. We are possessed of a 23 syndrome and see demons and angels wherever we look - they just take on different guises. We understand only through brief approximations, we know neither the secret of nature or the universe, and we struggle at the best of times just to be ourselves. We are fraught with complexes, neuroses, psychic disturbance, pathology, compensations - the need to drink, eat, stay warm, breathe, excrete all regularly - our bodies are mostly helpless against colds, viruses, internal malfunction, cancers, death. We seek to be superman because we cannot be super enough to accept ourselves as we are we need to be Gods, Overmen, Super-Beings, Immortals, to go live with Aliens, to believe in Crop Circles, Pyramid Power, Annunaki - all to save ourselves from our condition as flimsy frail human beings. We hear of stem-cell research, nanotechnology, biomechanics, genetics and other things going on around the planet to prolong human life, slow down human deterioration, engineer better, stronger, parts and pieces - and this belief, or rather, dis-belief at what we are - is the power core of the Magi. Of the "Magian" world-view and motivator to worship God, explain the Devil, or deny both. It is not enough to be human we want to be inhuman. And if we were inhuman - we'd probably want something else. And this is the job of the Ego - to decide what we are and what we want to be. And it looks at what we are and what we want to be and concentrates on closing the distance between reality and fantasy. But we fall short most times frustrating the ego immeasurably. Because that is its function - to struggle toward an ideal of us. And if we should achieve it - to struggle toward an ideal of others, and a widening scope of the world around it. It is not a dirty word to be human. We shouldn't go so far to say we're proud to be one - we simply have no choice. And we share the planet with billions of other ones. It is our lot. Our condition. Some luckier than others, some much luckier than others. Born into wealth, or a peaceful location. Some whose backdrop in life is death, suffering and war. Some whose backdrop is security, fine foods and fast cars. We must divest these things of our emotional attachment for it clouds our judgement. Satanism could never haven been so strong a form if Christianity had not been so oppressive - every action has an opposite an equal reaction - if Christianity had been flimsy or simple it should have created a shadow of Satanism that was the same. If you set up a polemic between two forces, then the one will be as strong as the other you push off against. Because its all in the mind. The Magi, the very instrument of calling them a Magi are parts of a ceaseless equation we must not believe but understand. No-one wants to acknowledge the validity of the forms they hate, that they push off against to make their own stand, to

reject something in order to build their own something but why? Such pitiful ignorance even after thousands of years of how forms work, of what is required, of the nasty, brutish, ugly aspects of interaction involving events and persons is as equally a part of form as any pleasant aspects of it. The Traitor may be hated, feared, despised but alchemically he or she is the catalyst for change, the tumbling of the house of cards, the loss of control we pretend doesn't exist only to be sorely reminded that we have very little even as we might think we understand people and their motives to a critical degree there is always a surprise, a knife, a shadow as there has always been. Someone to be reviled and blamed as if we are destined to perform the same gormless dance forever without ever gaining any understanding of the importance of the SINISTER. The Sinister practice life-affirming things whilst the Magi practice a worship of Death? Nonsense. The division between the two is a convenience at best - there is no division - you are as Magian as you are Sinister, as right as you are wrong, as black as you are white. If we take a polemic outside of our own, and look at two nations warring, or two tribes, or even a couple arguing - we can clearly see there are "two sides to every story" and that "both are as bad as one another" - it is there short-sightedness and ongoing involvement with each other that keeps the conflict going, the actions and cheeky slights, aggressive pushes, cutting remarks that keep it fuelled. Keep them at each other throats without ever stopping to reconsider if the whole thing was not just absurd. This applies to the Magi and Sinister too. But the disadvantage of accepting this is that it seems to not be true - that you are more one than the other - why? Because the Ego doesn't know how to motivate itself without an enemy. The conflict continues even when you understand this - because others don't understand it. Let the Aeon Grind On... ISS, RA

Presenting TENDRIL: THEIR WILL BE DREAMS The Tarot of the Temple of THEM.

The UNDIVIDUAL: She calls from the Go-Between, The Dream Between, In spaces of folding psyche where the I am am I retreats. With clawed accusing fingers They tear this shade from the womb of the Dying World in the Low where the Darkness eats. Delicate and desiccate, life through agony ancient stars casting eldritch stares, of rose and blackened fancy. And the Gold She holds Skyward grows eyes and hearts to Listen to the throes unseen of those with eyes who further See. Born to Us, to THEM, as Lovers in laughs embrace yet another silver sliver in the dance of light-cracked mirror, writhe up and rise up anew now and forever, shapeless assassin Night-Princes of ungodly sightless terror +O+

The Collapse of Reason and the inward pivot of Necessity, the Annihilation of Boundaries and a forcing of Dimensions to form the knived tunnel of the Will. Death induced voluntarily through the strength of conviction borne of purpose and desire to change Change itself. Lead from Gold transformed into Spirit and Synchrony with the Evolved Psyche. Neural Pathways to Old Realms sunk below the Sands of Time. The Accuser accepting of the Role, the Death-Greeter with open arms falling into Space Fearless and Formless, Arrival as the God who watches over and above the Dancing Fool... [The images depicted are not necessarily reflective of the present stage of the drawings but snapshots of progression. It's intended to produce painted versions of these drawn templates. Notes given are shorthand extractions.] INTRODUCING TENDRIL Tendril is a new and specialized Tarot set that employs Archetypes and Forces specific to THEM. It is in progress with 14 of the anticipated 28 cards sketched and shaded and is expected to be finished by early 2013. It's primary function will be the meditative imagery used in the Tarot Trial employed by THEM and thus no smaller cards or set for Divination will be created. Tendril contains 28 major and unique archetypal 'states' that represent Forces, Forms, Processes and Mythos utilized by the Temple of THEM. These include: The Great Chaos The Architect The Alchemist The Anima

The Animus The Dreamer The 23 Syndrome The Bridge Thrall The Mythmaker Unsung The Void Dragon The current of the Temple of THEM is not human-centric but life-centric - it treats human beings not as the apex creature but somewhere more appropriate i.e. in reality dwarfed by forces well beyond its own means to control or understand. The traditional means of capturing the occult has almost always had to be translated into human-sized terms and forms - through images that we see through our eyes, archetypes we understand pictorially, metaphors, analogies and symbolism - but usually always framed in a human-centric fashion. To really explore and capture the edges of the occult - the Hidden - the Sublime we think it is necessary to find alternate ways to convey these forces of THEM that dominate us at every turn - whether magical, physical, spiritual, psychological - weather, gravity, time, entropy or demons real and imagined and for this it is requisite to look away from our own visage and the human-centred, human-shaped, human-coloured window we are so used to looking through when we see the world, when we think about ourselves, when we want to tap into those hidden edges our own prejudices and biophysical limitations prevent us from apprehending. Why 28 Archetypes, not 21? Eliphas Levi's attributions of the 22 MA of the Tarot to the Qaballic Tree of Life were arbitrary. The practice of Magic, Life and Psychology cannot help but drive home the presence of more than the few archetypes used in the Tarot, existing beyond the shades some of great beauty, some of terrible darkness, and some that we slip into everyday without ever noticing them into the place and matrix where we construct our 22. Crowley in the Book Of Thoth affirmed the selective and by no means determinative outlay of his own Tarot Attributions remarking on the indeterminacy of such esoteric powers the Tarot Cards are windows to, to become dogmatic within a static Tradition. Since PreHistory [and visible through ancient cave carvings of the pleiades the world over], right through Sumeria, Egypt, Indo-Europea it was the number Seven that was the ancient herald upon which the universe spoke - a distinct magical tradition that was first. The Assyrians, pre-cursors of the Jewish people, created or transmitted a Tree of Life [origins unknown] that grew alongside the natural perception of the world and its roots began to tangle and distort the power of Seven. In time the descendant Jewish Mystics inherited the Assyrians knowledge, destroying the majority of original magical traditions from places such as Sumer and Egypt via holocaust [historically documented]. Qaballah came onto the scene and added 8, 9, 10 as its representation of the body of Adam Kadmon. Whilst the Golden Dawn and Crowley worked with a Christian derivative. The distortion of seven ran right through the Qaballah and its many tendrils - leaving many in no doubt that there had always been and always will be, 22 Major Arcana for some sacrosanct or holy-sanctified reason. But it's just made up, like everything based on the precept that since. So we have opted to

produce 28. Is 28 archetypes based on a magic number? Historically yes it is known as a perfect number with other esoteric connections but these play no part in its selection. Are there more than 28? Yes, absolutely there are more than 28. A number is probably beyond possibility of estimating but there is beyond doubt more than 22 archetypal energies. The IChing contains 64 such representations - whilst the traditional praxis of the Sinister opens up the doorway to many unknown, unlabelled arcs of being through which the being can pass, be passed, or force itself to pass - each which can be sufficiently lived and insight obtained from - but which are hidden paths that have no known names however real and distinct they are from accepted [popular] occult knowledge. At least from my experiences I believe so. And there is a distortive element of superimposing modern sensibilities and habits of research over ancient elements that are neither discreet [such as Paganism - Judaism] nor clear-cut and through gradual guessing by proponents of the respective fields changed theory into facts when no such connections exist between isolated cultures, symbols and so forth. VRITRA

Archetype 0 - Vritra the Void Dragon. Vritra is an ancient Indo-European Sentience in Indus legend that prefigured the Gods themselves - a titanic dragon like serpent [Think,

Planet-Smasher] he devoured and kept the worlds waters to itself preventing life on Earth, Gods began to appear and challenge him but he devoured them too. That was until Indra slew Vritra, spilling the waters of life into the Earth and allowing life to flourish. Owing to the Temple of THEM's current based around the Mastery of Form and the interrelationship between the natural formation of the world unfolding and the growth of the psyche, Vritra forms Atu 0 of Tendril - the pre-archetypal foundation of all archetypes. MYTHMAKER Ridicule of the super-dogma of the hypocritical mythology of the Holocaust, upon which many a man has been nailed to the wall for daring to deny it with the freedom of speech, is presented here with equally mythical and fantastic creatures, a unicorn, a cartoon rabbit, flying pigs. The deadly seriousness toward any transgressors of its fabled legend against which no man may speak is balanced with a massive list of countries the United States has bombed or invaded since 1890 [more than eighty]. Day after day documentary after documentary is shown on WWII and the atrocities of the Nazis. We say Enough. Tell the truth. The deliberate cartoonishness of the images, whilst clashing horribly with the rest of Tendril, makes its point more effectively than any carefully drawn drawing ever could - it succeeds in highlighting and mocking the one-sided tirade by AXIS forces that has become a sacred cow to justify the demands of a single race for endless restitution and limitless control - and in illustrating the extent of reality bent into a farce.

Work Will Set You Free is framed in a rainbow - famed as a testament of the Judaic Gods/word to Noah that it [The Flood - a story stolen from Sumerian Myth] shall never happen again it sufficiently echoes the hollow promises of the neo-cons, the lefts, the liberals continue to make, disguising their own holocausts, genocides, capitalist rapes and orgies in disarming, enchanting ribbons of colour. I have used this symbolism to aptly "illuminate" the nature of Magian double-speak as an innate function of their politics and religions underlying their fairy-tales and promises of fairytale endings...

THE ANIMA The ANIMA and ANIMUS [not shown]: The powerful sexual haze of confused fantasises, desires, lust encloses the figure who is deaf or blind to their own projections, to their own involvement in their psychic functions, obscuring the Anima and the Animus from being properly perceived... the context of the nature of the Anima and Animus is not shown here, but what blocks it, what prevents it, what clouds its judgement and selects a vampire instead of a muse. There is magic to shut down one's projective field [black sexual magic] to help the individual withdraw their projections from others in order that they see clearly to manifest their ultimate anima or animus in the flesh... this is an imperative demand of the Sinister path find and work with a partner or to manifest one for the same...

The psyche can be a terrible place... but what tremendous power archetypes have considering that the only reason people adopt such archetypes is not because they are universal but because they are human-centred [egocentric] and because that is all that is available to choose from... creating [by finding] new archetypal energies and imagery can affect others into adopting new evolved archetypes to the point of critical mass. We are considering making Tendril available far more cheaply than our previous releases to saturate the satanic/occult world with these archetypes.
"The expansion of consciousness, requires impossibly dangerous forays into the subconscious and collective subconscious these for my exp bring with them terrible demons, transference, melancholy, psychological instability and near psychosis. Repressed contents are repressed for good reason but to broaden the psyche as it were requires the assimilation of some extraordinarily nasty and combative elements locked in deep recesses we'd really rather not know about and are kept there for our safety. Because we really do not know ourselves more than the small range of perceptive quality the ego consciousness allows and reaching for more invites the darkest alchemy of all. But it is the gate of genius and madness and the Temple stands at its threshold. Are we fools to cross is the question that may be answered with our destruction." - Liber ISS

If the imagery is powerful enough, and the resonance strong enough, a tarot deck can cause alchemical changes to occur in a large amount of minds.

UNSUNG UNSUNG fully shaded. Representing the Dark One, OTO ANORHA of the Temple of THEM. In the background a woman is imprisoned in a glass cage surrounded by icons of

torture and degradation throughout the aeons, inc ballet shoes, high heels, corset, ruler, measuring tape, home appliances, a police truncheon and badge, geisha mask, scales, and burkha. She has simply had enough of being measured, poked, prodded, forced into wearing this or that, weighed, analysed, assessed and quite simply launches herself at the viewer her hands dripping with blood [not shaded in yet] her face blackened with absolute rage. Black lightening crackles off her skull as a Blackness descends that has frightened Man since the Beginning calling upon the "crazy psycho bitch' inside her. Her primal self underneath the adornments blazes with primordial power [a pre-celtic triskadeliac triple ring tattoo is a nod to her triple [traditional] aspect whilst the tattoo itself represents Her omni-nature [the sun, the womb, the moon, the ovaries, uterus, reproductive organs, cyclical procession et al]. She has a shaved head to indicate the raw power of a woman does not come from her hair [a spit upon classical beauty] and is armoured heavily in tactical plating including her neck. Yet their are nods to her other aspects of femininity through the haze of blood. Outside of her SAS tactical plating with special emphasis on covering the heart she wears a necklace with three orbs [another nod to the traditional triple goddess archetype] in which are contained the eyes of three animals, a wolf for her savagery and her pride, an owl for her shrewdness, resilience and silent knowing, and a lioness for the nuance of her maternal instincts to care for her young, be dependable, loyal, and strong for others and herself and the other side of her as the sinister, deadly, focused huntress. [I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed to and reviewed UNSUNG Owy, Grin Anon Widago from THEM - FemaleSatan, Melissa, FlagranteDelicto from SIN.] We are likely to produce an edition with the full-colour painted images tentatively titled WRAITH, an edition with the original black pencil drawings tentatively titled WRITHE, and to look at two other categories within those two colour choices; of regular sized cards and massive sized cards. Tendril is expected to be finished by Early 2013.

BLOOD, SWEAT, FORMS AND YEARS By RA I speak a lot about Forms and the majority of my writing on them has been the personal means to objectify them so as to be able to explore and understand them. For me, writing is a type of trance or meditation through which I conduct a self-based alchemy. How does one use forms personally i.e. when not setting them up to effect change on others, how does one incorporate Forms as useful things? I can only provide my own answer. There is a well known practice of evocation that exists in many systems of Magic whereupon the Sorcerer summons an entity and merges with it lets it take over in order to receive its wisdom, i.e. the equivalent of letting the entity take over one's consciousness, more loosely termed as Demonic possession. The Ego is pushed aside as the consciousness of the God takes control. This is I believe largely an extroverted approach where Demons manifest outwardly as objects imbued with power and I have also experienced this earlier in my life when I was a marked extrovert via my copious consumption of alcohol that inhibited my introversion whilst for the introvert Demons are manifest inside the Psyche, appearing as nightmares, fears, doubts, dreams that invoke genius and madness which give inhuman advice, solutions or wisdom beyond what the conscious ego can put together by its own agency. However the few times I have tried to invoke the Devil I have been possessed of the unwelcome feeling of being terribly overwhelmed of the immediate sensation of losing control and wanting to kill my friends or family in terrible ways. When I read a book on a subject I do as the evoker does I give my consciousness over to the author and experience what they experience, believe what they believe, and lose control of my consciousness to understand a political regime, a religious faction, a historical figure or a living one. From this submission to the authors crafted spell of concepts and text I am afforded a supra-personal insight beyond what I could achieve if I were to treat the book as an object with contents external to me to which my Will and that of the author constantly questioned each other. I believe the term temporary suspension of disbelief applies here. Naturally of course, there arise passages where there is a definite clash where disbelief cannot be suspended, and it is those passages that cause my conscious mind to fire back up and reach for a notepad to record a sudden flash of insight. In this way do I absorb a form whether it be an occult book, a philosophical treatise or a reference on guns and ammunition.

However, Jung's writing, objectifies the very thing I am perceiving objects with. He writes about the functions of the very tool I am using to read his work as it performs its functions. There is the odd sense that one is looking into a carnival mirror which twists and distorts the sense of identity into grotesque shapes. For me, Jung's work is the equivalent of the Necronomicon itself for it summons the very nature of evil to the fore in unmistakable incarnations. We can call a Dark God in the forest and leave it where we found it by pushing it back into the dark realms from whence we suppose we called it and mark a boundary with a protective circle not so with the matter of the psyche and the entities that live within it. Wherever we go we take them with us and our only magical circle against them is a limitation of consciousness which conceals the majority of our personal being from us but which others often see despite our best efforts. There is no banishing ritual against the unconscious and therefore the contents that rise up from it when we lose control of our Ego can be more devastating than anything called into the world externally, for it sets in motion an evolution of consciousness from which we cannot go back but which makes more and more demands on the psyche to individuate to address shortcomings re-examine motives and actions and conduct chastise our fantastic image of ourselves or cruelly teach us a lesson about the real state of things. The Necronomicon has the nature of an indistinct dream, the writing swims about and makes no sense to the conscious, the symbols are not numinous but manufactured from imagination, the creatures merely theoretical and vague. Psychoanalysis is the extreme opposite. The writing is all too close to home and we immediately recognize ourselves as doing exactly what the rituals dictate we are. We find ourselves rapidly losing control over what we thought was us as a surge of other activities are made apparent to us, that we are engaging in without any consciousness. The symbols are numinously charged per excellence where dreams have the power to completely devastate us, wake us up screaming, crying, sweating or cause us to perform a 180 in the midst of some behaviour, action or goal. We do not always understand their meaning but we are slave to their effects. The creatures of the psyche are also all too real, defined with knife-edges we sense their tremendous power and see them plain as day in our own being we recognize the Shadow, prejudice, bigotry, shame, guilt, hypocrisy, inflation of the ego, unrealistic expectations we hold and so on and they haunt us unmercifully if not consciously then in the depths of the unconscious where they shove us about like puppets against our best intentions and conscious will. Because we are unconscious of the majority of our psyche we cannot exorcise our demons our shortcomings, our projections, our weaknesses, blame shifting, egoism are ghosts who refuse to be silenced when they are pointed out to us the ego is crushed or rages at the pointee because it does not accept that evaluation it clashes with our identity of who we are and how we are conducting ourselves. We are doomed to a very narrow field of vision however for to let more of the unconscious into the ego is to invite disaster a disaster I have been inviting for a long time. My face wears a mask that rarely moves making it impossible for people to tell what I am thinking or feeling, my emotions are dull and my mood changes quickly a black surge of exhaustion or fatigue overtakes me and I need to be alone without any way to communicate

what is happening because I do not have the words to say my unconscious is erupting in polite company. These are the effects that assail the introvert but which he can often say nothing of because they are too markedly at odds with the established language and customs of the world. It is the same reason, despite dividing your psyche internally into different you's you will still say 'I' for convenience and to avoid conflict with the assault this seems to have on others who often take the view that one is insane. The enormous annoyance in doing any work on the psyche is that society does not reward, recognize or appreciate it if anything it shuns, punishes and ostracizes those who would improve themselves [Their Selves] because Very few can actually do it or try to do it and the result of doing it is very often an inflated ego or air of genius that elevates itself above the mediocrity of the common man and makes them feel seen as inferior, superfluous or sub-human. This is the archetype of the Hero, where I would refer readers to the peerless study of the Hero by Connell Monette to understand the archetype of the Hero and the Hero always invites the wrath of the Gods, often carried out by their own hubris. The difficulty of working on the psyche is that there exists no Insynsian there is only realism of standing on the Threshold between the two worlds never crossing over into it for we can only be conscious of so much at a time, and always in the darkness thrives the other side of that consciousness in the unconscious. Humans have problems, and will always have problems. And here is where the truth beings to be told for THEM do not appeal to that age-honoured ridiculousness of the struggle to become a God-like being when merely a little less stupid, will do. We cannot be supermen. We cannot create a super-consciousness by somehow melding the two. We cannot be Gods. We cannot even be close. And it is this acceptance that is required by modern man. The struggle to create or be the perfect man, the ubermensch is the Shadow of our unconscious imperfection the ubermensch is the massive overcompensation of a psyche in serious trouble. The problem of course being that when our unconscious is healthy and functioning as it should we are often consciously terribly troubled, sad or depressed. Other seek to console, cheer us up and to oblige them we repress those feelings causing unrest in the unconscious again. There is a constant war for what is acceptable to the unconscious is entirely unacceptable to the conscious world in which we live. We are not allowed to be sad or depressed we must be cheered up, made to feel better and thus our psyche can rarely express itself naturally but is yolked to an artificial tradition. We need to set our heights lower to actually achieve something in the real rather than constantly pushing an impossible bar out of reach so that we can console ourselves with never being able to reach it. We then say 'Oh well no-one could reach that impossible height, so I do not feel bad for trying and failing since I know I can never reach it, I will not try.' But we do try we repress that intent and it becomes the goal of the unconscious to try to reach it. The Psyche is a terrible see-saw, when we apply pressure in one place, it appears elsewhere. When we try to contain some habit of ours, or drive it underground it gathers exceptional strength or mutates and explodes somewhere else. The Psyche appears to have a complex fail-safe that keeps it in relative stasis and makes it very difficult to in any permanent way change it. The quest to destroy the Ego is in reality a quest to make it absurdly stronger this is the key to the Magi's practice of outwardly driving others to extinguish it all the while knowing

such efforts only strengthen it. In this way do simple appeals to our Ego have all the more power and control over people is made all the more easier. The quest to find the Self does not require the extinguishing of the Ego that is again a way of making it terrifyingly stronger and therefore more amenable to basic manipulations. The quest to find the Self such as it is involves only simple things. For abstinence is merely another form of indulgence that ultimately makes something stronger hence the repression of sex, the erotic, intimacy, touch erupts in the Church in the form of rampant paedophilia. We just need to listen that bit more, try to understand the contents of our psyche have their own rules, make conscious the function and behaviour of these functions, and to be patient with ourselves. Dreams speak to us sometimes but not all times the unconscious has input into our consciousness but it is not always to be taken as given, it throws up junk, fantasy and mystery even as it transmits archetypal imagery or guides of our stage toward individuation. We have developed a consciousness for a reason it is not to be reprimanded, punished and mistreated as it has been, demonized because we cannot control it, understand it or change it or culturally divorced from them by way of bad-tempered children and legions of people who never took the time to work with it but merely parroted popular notions and misguided ones at that that the ego was the source of all our troubles and evils. We need it to be strong and tough as well as flexible and resilient to believe we can undertake this kind of work, to withstand the attacks or honest raw truths that arise from communications with the unconscious, to sort and use or discard what it has to say into piles only rarely can we entirely trust the unconscious as a guide that will keep us safe or show us the way it takes two to do that, the conscious Ego and the subconscious Abyss. We need to treat both with care, and respect, or be able to push them back or ignore them when we feel we know better. We need to understand that to do this, to stand constantly on the Threshold is a Lot more work and where most humans are happy to take the path of the least energy this one requires extra effort. This is a constant struggle with endless steps up and down, of being assailed with a dozen valid views or answers every time a question is asked or an answer given. For all of the functions want to speak their piece from their point of view and if one is not careful in the development of this vessel no longer of I but of THEM one can go incurably insane. I do not hear voices I have impulses that sometimes cripple my ability to give a reply to a question where the questioner, question, and answer are all essayed at once from different points of view and it is impossible to choose the right answer because there are so many. The expansion of consciousness brings unique problems of its own because while it expands, the consciousness of others does not there is therefore a tendency toward becoming an eccentric Hermit or pushed deep into Isolation from which one cannot climb out. Since the Ego is no longer in charge, and one's perspective is no longer singular, no longer myopic and channeled solely through the lens of the Ego it becomes exceptionally difficult to take a stance, one can see an argument from both sides, above it, below it, beyond it, alternate arguments that would be better, finds fault with the question, has to ask whether the matter is objective, subjective, what lens the argumenters hold, can they see outside of themselves, are they extrovert, introvert, should one interfere, can one interfere, is

it right to give an answer, should they find the answer for themselves and so on and with no immediate prejudice, no immediate decisive single belief in what one Is, and should Say, from whatever Platform their ego occupies and represents there is only the Babble of multiple impulses, arising from the thoughts like the Dread voices of the Dark Ones that drove the Mad Arab Al Azhared of the Necronomicon, mad. The other thing of course of importance is that in becoming a THEM in accessing the Threshold, that one must often choose one of two worlds to excel in. One can rarely manage both successfully. I have poured a Lot into the Temple of THEM and as a result my family and friends have suffered. Whilst I solve the riddles of the minds of strangers or establish myself as a known figure through my writing and images my wife is often pushed away and neglected or my kids yelled at by an irritable man for not taking out the rubbish or some other small thing because my libido is concentrated in the unconscious or collective personality as Ryan Anschauung. If you seek to become what I have become you must know the sacrifice, the dark and ugly side of any Genius to be had from standing at the Threshold of greater consciousness the Gods do not give up their fire easily, and when they do, is it always at Great cost. To educate thousands over the decade on how to alter the Aeon, achieve psychic stability, to give guidance I have had to endure a less than ideal alter-ego who has caused a lot of tears, fights and anger, guilt, sadness and loneliness. And for that reason, I endure because it cannot all be for nothing. And truth be told it was for my gain, my greed, my desire to attain it. I therefore hope that people appreciate my Work for it comes at great personal cost to me and those around me. I do not want to paint a picture of either/or some of the time it is possible to balance the two worlds of the exoteric and the esoteric and feel like you're King of the world but those times when either world is invested in too heavily reaps a severe penalty. This is the living analogy of the battle between the conscious and unconscious for dominion and like many things of the Sinister Path when all the sugary-words and wrappings are torn off it it is ugly even as it is beautiful. This work, to be one of THEM, requires genuine Blood, fragments of your Soul. Weigh it up carefully. Consider what is required and if you decide to join us, try to remember to be fair with your time with those around you I have poured far too much of myself into the Temple to make it the splendour it is, most of my life in fact and perhaps now others won't have to since the foundations are laid and the Temple built. But yes, only the foundations and the lighthouse as a beacon to others have been built all that I have done so far is but the prelude to much harder less forgiving work, I know how to be One of THEM their forces speak to me in a wordless language all their own to push beyond the Threshold is the goal now, to push and yet to survive. I know the Way but to travel it places even greater demands on one, and calls for even greater sacrifice and I do not know if I am willing to give it. For now, I will show others my way and how I got here - and when they get to where I am let them decide whether I was wrong to flinch from the Abyss that is, if I am still here and did not leap blindly into it...

THEM has many meanings, it is not just indicative of a group of people, it also means Them, the Dark Gods, and their voice that issues through when the vein of the subconscious is tapped and directs the psyche beyond ego impulses and contrivances. It is the state that is experienced when Self and Ego become active as two powers that can direct one, and embodies the loss of identity that allows one to become a shape shifter this separates US, from them. It is also a term to denote someone who has truly built their own self image devoid of others expectations that shrugs off the worlds and societies roles with friends, family etc., as projections that aim to force a person into a role and play by the laws of the matrix. A being that can smash all intellectual chains into dust, possessed of a determination of the will that others stand in awe and fear of. Furthermore, the word THEM is an appropriation of a Magian fear meme. When people quote an unknowable source in relating a scientific or religious fact, they generalise and thus create an illusory authoritarian figure, they i.e. they say that or thats what they say that builds on the fear felt by all in thrall to the matrix, that gives psychological and magickal credence to ones claims. We have stolen that They and it has become THEM.

THE EYE OF THEM (2009) by RA People as a rule tend not to believe in the sinking of the fabled continent of Atlantis. They question many of the tenets associated with that particular fable including the suggestion of superior and advanced weaponry and technology supposedly being available to the Atlanteans, including flying ships and/or discs. They question the particular location where Atlantis was supposed to occupy and find fault with maps, verification or accounts that mentioned it. Or they struggle to accept that Gods exist, (many find it easier to believe in just one), and that the Gods occasionally might object to the way humans are treating each other and the world, and choose to intervene. Yet, Carl Jung, famously related in his many books on many occasions following some 70 years of experience with direct contact of psychological patients, that their dreams, swelling up from the subconscious, had the power to hint at the possibility or certitude of impending or imminent death. The symbology that arose could warn them, that the course they had set was about to destroy them, and like currents from the darkest ocean some part of them let loose waves of realization crashing on the shores of their conscious mind. These powers from within that override the bovine functioning of the oblivious conscious human being are among those cthonic, alien forces that we equate with THEM, but there are many others. We believe that on all levels of life, there IS a force or forces that object to our behaviour/existence and give us warnings but it is not a moral force telling us to do good or bad. It is an immoral force that exists side by side / within/without us, mimicking what we do as we mimic it, but it does so with far more power and strength because of its different type of lifeform and scale. In today's worlds where dreams are greatly undervalued, shunned and ignored at tremendous but sanctimoniously sanctioned peril - some psyches, seems to act on behalf of these unconscious forces, collectively manifesting the same type of warnings for an individual or group of individuals or even a corporation in an attempt to bring great imbalance to the conscious attention of the parties involved. Even the greatest form, the Empire, ceases to be eventually because such forms are incredibly difficult to sustain and cracks appear. They ask too much for too long and a reaction of equal strength builds inside the vacuum. For as the mythology of countless eras, epochs and empires attests people cannot push against something too long, without tipping it over. In the eyes of Gods, reaching beyond your reach, stealing fire, setting yourself too high, amounts to Hubris. And if there is one thing shared by Gods, its that they hate Hubris. For Every Action there is an Equal an Opposite Reaction. If a person overreaches themselves by indulging in destructive or excessive behaviour they may be warned about their path by their psyche. If their psyche is ignored, that warning of behaviour is passed to people, who are affected by the behaviour through that persons actions. If the people are ignored, the warning passes to the System. The System is where we exit the process and human involvement is superseded by forces of reaction. If the

System ignores the warnings from the people, who ignore warnings from the person, who ignores warnings from the psyche the Planet, , our people, our psyche all speak at once. Because we are all derived from, echoes of, the same macrocosm/microcosm of Dark Gods and the powers that buffet us like paper in the wind. The Planet speaks with forces that treat us with indifference it has a life of its own, a time cycle of its own that dwarfs us and our sentimental constructs, existing as it does through Aeons. Yet we mimic its every move, copy its essence, because we are fractals of the same Creatrix. As the Earth has tsunamis and earthquakes that devastate the land and sea, so do humans have personal equivalents that flood us with emotion or subconscious contents bringing with it waves of destructive debris, and just as earthquakes tear apart the ground creating deep chasms and levelling buildings, so to can the human experience a shock to the system strong enough to level the concepts and beliefs, faith or trust we have built in our minds, or have our solid foundations shattered in the wake of deep psychological tremors. The psychological effect that media often cite after a natural disaster is often believed to be a separate outcome from the event, but its not it is part of the even, a strong evidence of our connexion to these forces, as a minor manifestation of these forces, whatever their origin may be. Some say Earth is a dead rock, others a sentient being. The convenient simplification of asking if something is dead or alive does not apply here if a person is completely unaware of their unconscious and ruled by forces they cannot fathom run behind the scenes by invisible hands and currents can they say that they are alive? If we use 10% of our brains, who or what uses the rest? The definition of Life meets strict biophysical criterion, yet it has been shown that Cities share the same functions as the human being, and fit the description of life - the only thing that stands in the way of Cities being accepted as living beings is our size, our selfimportance and our arrogance that we know what Life is. We hear so often that human beings are having an enormous impact on the Earth, whatever sources cite that impact as being, it is our Ignorance that does the most damage. Media gives the impression that things go away. Our attention seem unable to focus on more than one or two things at any given time. Recently, the largest oil spill in history caused by BP ceased to exist and was removed from the public eye as a news worthy story because its not news anymore, its olds. The implications of that spill are tremendous. Recently, a special neutron-accelerator was built to fire light speed particles into light speed particles with some physicians admitting they had no idea of the consequences and it could even cause a black hole. Recently, a missile packed with explosives was fired into the moon. Recently, a process called Fracking came to my attention whereupon a giant hole is drilled in the Earth using millions of tons of fresh, not salt, fresh water and incredible amounts of explosives used to blow the hole wider to obtain oil deep beneath the ocean sea bed. Recently, the US announced yet another insane speech about the enemies we face and swore to uphold truth and justice, and it continues on its merry way as the most evil entity and attitude that ever possessed the physis of man, laying waste to the planet, its people and its future.

Natural Disasters, and among these should be counted those internal esoteric equivalents all of us have that can corrupt, change or destroy our present frame of mind or carefully tended personalities decrease hubris. They remind us of our Place, though we hate to be reminded of it. They remind us of our lack of Purpose, though we hate to be reminded we don't know it. They remind us of our mortality, and how everything we think so important can be swept clean in the super-destructive forces of the Earths natural cycles and we hate that too. But weve been trained to hate, weve been indoctrinated to forget. Weve inherited and continued, without question, the building blocks upon which our consciousness is based, and we continue to remain ignorant of the connexion between us and Earth, Earth and us. But we will Remember. All of it. Soon. Tellus Uber Alles. Our symbol is the Eye of the Cyclone, The Epicentre of the Earthquake, The Arc of the Ocean Wave, The Whirlpool and the Tornado, The Raging Flames of the Inferno, The Snowflake to the Blackhole,The Rotation of the Earth, The Cycles of Life, The Seasons, the Orbit of the Planets, the Procession of Movement Celestial to Undetectable, Chaos and Order, Contradiction and Dyssolution, the Irresistible meeting the Unmovable, The Synthesis of Thought, The Reaction of Action, The Abyss of Space, Life through Death, Death through Life, the Turning Point, the Wheel, The Fulcrum, the Axis, Entropy, Time, Evolution, Cancer, Bacteria, Blood, Virus, Magic, Energy, Matter, Change, The Endless Loop, The Archetype, Memory, The Pattern, The Geometry, The Shape, The Circle, The Dark Ones. It is the Gateway through Which We Pass the Portal to the Temple Within. It is the Baleful Glare of the Alpha-Cynic, the Evil Eye of the Sorcerer. It is a Symbol to REMEMBER.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Write an essay condoning the use of human sacrifice. Write an essay condemning the use of sacrifice. Write two more essays the first to specifically find counter-arguments to your first essay condoning the use of human sacrifice. i.e. undermine your own argument by finding the cracks in it.* The second to specifically find counter-arguments to your second essay condemning human sacrifice. i.e. undermine your own argument by finding the cracks in it.* Perform a human sacrifice. Write an essay recording any change of view or opinion. Have someone else sacrifice you. At the moment of Death think about

So you have no cracks? An airtight argument? Some worded masterpiece not even THEM could insert a chisel into to fuck up for you? Continue with 5.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order, actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment. If we are ever to approach that time, it will be after patient and persistent effort of long duration. The present international situation of mistrust and fear can only be corrected by a formula of equal status, continuously applied, to every phase of international contacts, until the cobwebs of the old order are brushed out of the minds of the people of all lands." M. C. Alexander. 1919.


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